Episode #486: Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Review, MuggleMail, and Games!

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  • Quidditch Through the Ages gets a fully-illustrated edition by Emily Gravett. We dig into the book and share what we love about it!
  • The new edition has an illustration on every page, and nearly 3 times the page count of the original book, plus — Andrew’s confirmed — unique paper stock.
  • Are there bits in this new book that weren’t in the original? The hosts discuss Emily’s impressive world building, and how it feels like a history book.
  • What are our favorite new illustrations, and where does this version rank among other illustrated books?
  • Debate Segment: Is Quidditch a dumb or amazing sport? Be sure to vote in our polls on social media later this week, to help us determine who won the dbeate!
  • MuggleMail addresses more plot holes. How does Lily’s love protection work? Why did the portkey take Harry back to the maze? We finally get some satisfying answers.
  • The hosts play a game: Avada Kedavra, Imperio, Love Potion with characters from Fantastic Beasts!
  • Quizzitch: Who was the seeker for the Irish National Quidditch team in 1994?
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