Quizzitch Live: Fantastic Beasts and the Suitcase of Fun — How To Play

Join us Saturday, April 9th at 11 AM ET for the latest installment of Quizzitch Live!

Compete against fellow Wizarding World fans in a free, real-time trivia contest. This time the questions will be primarily focused on the world of Fantastic Beasts, so study accordingly! Here’s how it works:

Prizes: We will PayPal or Venmo you $40 to pay for two tickets to see The Secrets of Dumbledore in theaters. In addition, we will match the $40 prize with a $40 donation to one of the four below charities. You pick which one you want the donation to go to!

There areĀ two links you need to have open and in view to ensure you get the best Quizzitch Live experience:

  1. Game Pad — This is where you will see the questions and answers come in, and where you will submit your answers. The faster you submit correct answers, the more points you’ll receive!
  2. YouTube Stream — This YouTube stream will feature our commentary as the game is going on. You will also see the questions and answers here, but you must primarily keep an eye on your Game Pad to answer the questions! The questions and answers will appear on your Game PadĀ first, due to a delay in the live YouTube stream.

Our stream will begin at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT, and the game itself will begin 10-15 minutes later.

If you can’t make the game live, that’s okay! You’ll be able to watch the stream after the event. We will also be releasing this Quizzitch Live as an episode of MuggleCast on Tuesday, April 12th