Quizzitch LIVE: The Prisoner of Knowledge – Sunday, April 26 at 11 AM ET!

Join the MuggleCasters for our third live trivia event this Sunday, April 26 beginning at 11 AM ET (4 PM GMT, 8 AM PT)!

In Quizzitch LIVE: The Prisoner of Knowledge, the hosts of our Harry Potter podcast will be asking multiple choice questions about Harry Potter book canon. We don’t want to spoil the types of questions you’ll be asked, but you should brush up on things like who’s been sorted where, and the numbers within the series.

You will receive 100 points for correctly answering each question, and you will not lose points for incorrectly answering. A smattering of questions are worth 200 or 300 points.

Like last time, the MuggleCasters will be hosting a live stream as the game is played. If your primary device is a mobile phone, we recommend readying another device to get the full Quizzitch Live experience — one device for watching the stream, and the other for participating in the game.

Our live stream will begin at 11 AM ET, and the game will begin at 11:15 AM ET. Links to the stream and game will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (in the bio), and Patreon on Sunday around 10:45 AM ET. This game is open to everyone. You do not need to be a Patron.


The top five winners will be invited to have us order them an edition of a Harry Potter book they do not have (limit $50 in value per winner). Be it an Illustrated Edition, a House Edition, or a foreign edition, we want to help you complete your collection!

See you Sunday!