Episode #495: Taste-Testing Harry Potter Themed Drinks, 2020 Year in Review

  • As 2020 comes to a close, we’re so thankful to have all of you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
  • To celebrate the holidays, the hosts each pick a Harry Potter-themed cocktail of their choice and taste test live on air!
  • See who comes out the winner as Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah battle it out for the title of Heads Up champ!
  • Main Discussion: 2020 Year in Review. From Grindelwald’s recasting to J.K. Rowling’s tweets to Hogwarts Legacy and Harry Potter at Home, we reflect on the most notable Potter moments of 2020
  • And on top of it all, we celebrated our 15th anniversary!
  • Muggle Mail covers some thoughts on our gizmos and gadgets episode, a defining chapter for Molly Weasley and more!
  • Chicken Soup For The MuggleCast Soul
  • Quizzitch: The Fizzing Whizbee is said to contain parts of which Fantastic Beast?
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