Episode #496: Harry Potter Character New Year Resolutions, Iconic Lines We Always Say Out Loud

  • Welcome to 2021 – our 16th year of Potter podcasting!
  • What Harry Potter gifts did we receive over the holidays?
  • Main Discussion: The New Year’s Resolutions of Harry Potter Characters
  • But first… the host share resolutions of their own!
  • Which character shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep?
  • Who might want to regularly check on his Horcruxes this year?
  • Which character should wash his socks? Smile more?
  • From Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix to Neville and Lavender Brown, our Patrons weigh in with their Potter character resolutions!
  • For more fun, we discuss what Harry Potter lines we and fellow fans say out loud? The hosts try their hand at some of most notable lines in the Harry Potter series!
  • Quizzitch: Which actor, who had worked with Chris Columbus before, asked to audition for Hagrid?
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