Transcript #202

MuggleCast 202 Transcript

Show Intro

[Intro music plays]

Andrew: All right. Good evening everybody. Look at this. What a Monday, what a Monday folks! Ben and Matt here with me. Hello gentlemen.

Matt: Hello.

Ben: Hello Andrew.

Andrew: Ben it’s been a while since I’ve seen you in the studio. It’s quite a pleasure as always to look at your face.

Ben: Likewise.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: And on Skype we have Eric Scull and Micah Tannenbaum. Hello gentlemen.

Micah: Hello.

Eric: Hey.

[Intro music ends]

Andrew: And how are you guys doing?

Micah: Awesome.

Andrew: Great! Well guess what? There is a lot to talk about today. We have this amazing new trailer and first I have to say thanks everyone who is tuning in on UStream. We have a thousand people listening right now.

Micah: Wow!

Andrew: “Gosh! I thought Harry Potter was all over.” There was a lot of hype leading up to this trailer I have to say because Warner Bros. announced it a few days ago. We had heard some rumors that it was going to be coming with Eclipse and it finally came. And prior to the trailer being released I was pretty much shaking out of nervousness because I feel like there is so much riding on this trailer. Everybody was twittering about it. Everybody was crashing MuggleNet. It was such a big deal. This is – I have to say I think this is one of the biggest trailers, and one of the best trailers we’ve seen for a Harry Potter film. Eric Scull would you agree with that?

Eric: I wouldn’t go that far Andrew. It’s got its moments.

Andrew: But what – but not ñ never mind I don’t want to talk to you. Micah Tannenbaum…

Micah: Yes.

Andrew: …you surely think this is the greatest trailer ever.

[Ben laughs]

Micah: Surely I think this is the greatest trailer. No, I agree with you. This is interesting to me that they were able to take both parts of Deathly Hallows and market them so early. I’m a little bit surprised that they went ahead and put so much of Part II into this trailer.

Andrew: Yeah. Absolutely. And…

Eric: But you’re excited about that? See that’s what I don’t like about…

Micah: Yes and no.

Eric: That’s what I – I mean that’s – I think that raises some serious questions.

Andrew: Well the good news is that this means that we’re going to have another two and a half minute trailer dedicated solely to Part I, I would think. Right?

Eric: Don’t count on it.

Andrew: Or are you worried, Eric, that there’s not enough good stuff in Part I so they have to combine the trailers?

Eric: Well I’m just worried – look I – I just – I was expecting a solely Part I trailer with today’s release and there’s a lot of Part II but it just makes me think that up to the day that Part I is released they’ll be doing trailers like, “Tomorrow Harry Potter: Part I“.

Matt: Eric, this is the first trailer though. And it…

Eric: Yes.

Matt: The trailer is The Deathly Hallows.

Eric: It’s not…

Matt: It’s not Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. It’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer.

Eric: Right and…

Matt: It encompasses…

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: …the entire movie.

Ben: Well Eric, Eric, look at it this way though…

Eric: Once again I thought this was – once again I thought this was advertised as being Part I and I was very excited for Part I. We’ve had these specials where they’ve shown us footage from both films and don’t get me wrong, a lot of it looks really epic and the way that they were able to merge the two films together into one trailer is great but I was expecting and I think I – I’d be a little bit happier if it were just footage from Part I because I want to get excited. I want to be able to separate the films and be able to get excited about each of them. The fact that there’s two movies at once, I don’t know if they’re insecure, I don’t know why they have to keep marketing that there’s these two major films coming out. I mean I just – I question their motives here.

Trailer: Voldemort and Harry in the Forest

Andrew: Well let’s get into the breakdown of this trailer. We have a list of a million different scenes. I mean they packed a lot of content up here. First of all, it opens up with someone telling Voldemort, “No sign of him, my Lord.” And we see the trio walking through the countryside river. And then Harry begins his walk in the forest towards Voldemort, and this was a very drawn-out scene. I mean they dedicated a good 25 seconds to just this part of the film, and it is Part II. And I mean – I have to say, Dan Radcliffe as an actor has gotten – has become an amazing actor. I mean can you imagine filming this scene with all the build up, all the lead up to this moment? This is one of the most epic scenes in the film.

Eric: It’s kind of creepy.

Micah: Right, yeah. It is creepy, but at the same time I thought Harry was going to walk up to Voldemort and say, “Gotcha,” and everyone was going to laugh.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: I mean that’s what that scene looks like. He looks very uncomfortable and obviously so, but I don’t know. A little bit of questionable there.

Andrew: Well, and then we see Harry – well, we see Voldemort casting the Avada Kedavra spell. And then…

Ben: Why would you show that, though?

Andrew: You disappointed by that? Too soon?

Ben: Well, yeah. I mean, everyone was talking about how they didn’t want to see too much in this, and I feel like that was kind of pushing the envelope. And I just wanted to comment on what Eric said about why wouldn’t they make this just the first part of the trailer? I mean, this first part – this trailer just about Part I. And I think it might have something to do with the fact that the end of Movie 1 may not be compelling enough for them to make a really exciting trailer about it, so they’re trying to get everybody excited. And marketing it as one package probably makes sense.

Andrew: That’s what I’m thinking.

Eric: Yeah. I understand, and I’ve also heard the argument that they’re showing us both parts to sort of keep it up in the air where the split will be, to kind of make it ambiguous. And I just wonder if that were the reason why – how long they’re going to just keep it up. Because I’ll be excited about the films no matter what. I think this trailer in showing us parts from both films has shown that they’re both going to be really good. I don’t really particularly care where the split’s going to be except to say that I would like to start focusing on a single movie.

Trailer: Gringotts

Andrew: So when he casts the Avada Kedavra spell – jump right into the action. And one of the first scenes that you see is Harry, Griphook and Bellatrix in Gringotts.

[Eric and Matt laugh]

Matt: That’s an awesome scene.

Eric: This was cool.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: This was cool.

Andrew: Yeah. Why did you like it, Eric? Finally, something positive out of you.

Eric: It’s only a second long, but they’re riding in the mine cart and that’s just – I don’t know.

Micah: Griphook’s bald, did you see that?

Andrew: He’s balding. I mean, I don’t…

Ben: He’s going bald. I didn’t know that goblins suffered from male pattern baldness.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: That’s news to me.

Andrew: Well, maybe it’s because they’re moving so fast and the wind is just pushing his hair back.

Eric: Ben, Ben – when 800 years old you turn, look as good you will not.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: This is true.

Matt: It’s also the only scene that we get to see Hermione as Bellatrix, too.

Andrew: Oh yeah! Actually I was just going to ask, why – because Bellatrix looks awfully worried and that’s Hermione, right?

Ben: Emma does a great Bellatrix here.

Andrew: Yeah, she does.

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: This is the role that she’s been waiting for.

Andrew: Warwick Davis, by the way – of course, this is him playing Griphook – he was so excited for this trailer. This is the trailer, he confirmed on Twitter today, this is the trailer that he – that they showed everyone on set on the last day of filming. So…

Ben: It looks like he’s wearing – it looks like Griphook’s wearing a cast iron bra or something.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I don’t know what that thing is, but it looks kind of funny.

Andrew: I know exactly what – I think it’s in front of the motorcycle or in front of the little cart thing – it’s rear-view mirrors or something. I don’t know.

Ben: Well, you don’t get much of a view of the chest.

Matt: Yeah, it’s right on his chest.

Andrew: [laughs] But those aren’t actually on his chest, are they?

Micah: It’s pointing down at Bellatrix, that’s what you can’t see.

Andrew: Oh!

Micah: Griphook’s got a bird’s-eye view.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Oh my God!

Eric: Oh God!

Micah: Who else is in this cart with those two?

Ben: It looks like Ron.

Micah: It’s hard to make out. Or those three?

Andrew: Maybe Ron…

Ben: Is that Ollivander behind him?

Matt: Well no, they put one of the Impervius curses.

Ben: Imperius curses?

Matt: Yeah, Imperius curses. I’m sorry, jeez.

Ben: Who’s behind the goblin there? Is that…

Andrew: We’ll never know. He’s hiding.

Ben: But who in the books? Can someone in the chat tell us? I can’t remember. Who else went with them?

Andrew: Who else was there?

Matt: The goblin – Travers.

Andrew: Travers, Of course. The other one.

Eric: Doesn’t – don’t they have to disguise themselves further? It’s not just Bellatrix that goes in.

Andrew: Right, right.

Eric: She is like, “And oh it’s my cousin too!” [laughs]

Trailer: Ollivander

Andrew: So moving along. We then see a shot of Ollivander and he’s looking very, very weak and tired. And I think we saw that shot very briefly in one of the earlier trailers.

Matt: Yeah.

Trailer: Motorbike

Andrew: But so nothing to say there. I’ve got to say, this next shot, this one really got me excited. Harry and Hagrid on the motorbike.

Matt: Well, Hagrid’s unconscious!

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We – I didn’t notice – well personally, I didn’t notice at first when the screen shots were revealed that you see that Hagrid’s just sort of laying there and Harry’s stepping out of his little passenger thing and holding the handles. Now – [laughs]

Ben: Isn’t this kind of funny because in the first book Hagrid is carrying Harry, the sleeping baby along and this is kind of like things coming full circle.

Andrew: Yeah! Yeah, you’re right.

Ben: Harry’s steering the sleeping Hagrid. Saving his life.

Andrew and Matt: Awww.

Andrew: Awww, you’re so right, Ben! Awww, that’s so cute. So I’m just thinking how Hagrid’s holding on – I don’t know – I would totally fall off if I was up in the air flying on a motorbike.

Ben: Well, you would think if you would weigh around 1000 pounds that your mass might carry you backwards, but.

Andrew: Exactly! So why wouldn’t you fall off?

Matt: It’s magic. It’s magic guys, it’s magic.

Trailer: Shell Cottage

Andrew: All right, well yeah, that’s besides the point. So then we get to Shell Cottage and we see Hermione and Ron and I guess this is…

Ben: Look at Rupert, looking a little scruffy there.

Andrew and Matt: Yeah.

Matt: He’s getting come facial hair, look at that.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Yeah he totally is. Well you see, they’ve been on the run for a while, so they haven’t had much time to hit up the Cheap Cuts – Great clips! That’s what it’s called.

Ben: Yeah, Emma looks pretty distraught there.

Matt: Well, Dobby just died.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Oh, okay.

[Matt laughs]

Trailer: Hermione

Andrew: So then – okay. And then we see this shot from – we saw this in one of the earlier trailers too – again – Hermione walking away. Is this – do you guys think this is her dropping her parents off in Australia or is this her putting – ruining her parents memory? What do you think this point was, at one minute one second in?

Matt: I don’t know.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Didn’t we talk about this on another live show that we thought…

Eric: Again with Hermione and the mansion.

Matt: Harry was with her under the Invisibility Cloak or something?

Andrew: Oh, right. Some are saying, I think they’re right, some are saying that this is a real shot of Emma in real life going to Brown University.

Matt: Oh right, right.

Andrew: That makes sense. Yeah.

[Eric laughs]

Matt: Oh, memories.

Eric: She wouldn’t come back for the seventh film unless they did that.

Matt: It’s a short documentary.

Andrew: Filmed on location? [laughs]

Matt: It’s a short film before the film.

Trailer: Apparating

Andrew: All right, so moving along. Then we see Harry is on the ground and I think we realized that this is when they just apparated. Right? Out of London?

Matt: Yes.

Andrew: Yeah, that one was…

Matt: This was when Ron gets spliced.

Trailer Title: Finale

Andrew: Right, so that one was pretty obvious. Then we get the title, “The finale of the world wide phenomenon.”

Ben: That accurately describes it. But Eric, right, it’s only the first part of the finale. They should have made that clear, right Eric?

Matt: The first finale of the world wide phenomenon.

Trailer: Hogwarts Protection

Andrew: Someone Photoshop this! And then we see Hogwarts all protected with its spells.

Matt: Is it getting destroyed though?

Andrew: No, no, no. This is the ñ oh right the protection getting destroyed, right.

Ben: Oh, I was about to say looks like Hogwarts from Hell.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Eric and Matt laugh]

Matt: Hell’s fury.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, I don’t know, what do you guys think of the special effects?

Matt: Well we got to see – it basically is the conclusion of what we saw in Half-Blood Prince when the Death Eaters were trying to get into the castle. That there was that big, dome force-field around Hogwarts…

Andrew: Right.

Matt: …so this is the same dome force-field getting destroyed.

Andrew: Yeah, no I know this is in the books, I’m just wondering visually how it appears – because you know they’ve had some blunders over the series. They, of course – Sirius in the fireplace never looked so hot. I know our first reactions to this when it appeared in the MTV montage was that it was relatively – it’s like, “Huh?” I thought it was a country at first. It looked like a country.

Matt: Like a globe?

Ben: It looked like a globe.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Ben: Actually, that’s the ozone layer and those are all the holes.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: They’re getting very environmentally conscious, Ben. They feel like they’ve had precious few times to put out their messages.

Matt: Hogwarts is going green.

Trailer: Hogwarts Express

Andrew: Right, exactly. And then we see a Death Eater stopping the Hogwarts Express.

Eric: Ah, yeah.

Andrew: Didn’t somebody say…

Eric: That was part of the montage too.

Andrew: Who do you guys think this is? Did someone say Ca – oh, Yaxley. Yaxley or Carrow – the Carrows, one of the two.

Matt: I think it’s – I think it might be Yaxley.

Andrew: But I’ve got to say, this is a pretty cool shot because we’ve always associated the Hogwarts Express with, “la dee da dee da, joy! The kids are going back to Hogwarts,” or, “Ah, it’s the end of the year, all is well.”

Ben: And this guy is just taking a crap on their joy.

Andrew: Right, exactly. He’s standing right on the tracks, stopping the train, and…

Micah: What if the train just ran him over?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: I know! Why do they have to slow down?

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Well, obviously, he’s using magic…

Eric: The Hogwarts Express does not stop for anyone.

Andrew: That would be so funny though, and you would think – well, this gets into some book analysis – but you would think they would put some protection around the Hogwarts Express to make sure that nobody is going to stop them!

Ben: Well, but with Dumbledore gone, that’s something only Dumbledore would think of.

Eric and



Ben: And with Dumbledore gone, no way.

Trailer: Harry’s Wardrobe

Andrew: All right, fair enough. So, then we see a shot of Harry doing a quick head turn.

Matt: All sweaty and distraught.

Andrew: Yes. He has some dots on his head. He has a nice corduroy jacket on, I noticed.

Matt: Oh.

Andrew: Must be from – could be from American Eagle…

Matt: American Eagle.

Andrew: Right. Or Top Shop.

Matt: Or Banana Republic.

Trailer: Gregorovitch

Andrew: All right, then we see a title, “The Motion Picture Event of a Generation.”

Matt: Okay.

Andrew: And then we see someone in – I guess this is – is this Ollivander’s?

Matt: No, I think it’s Gregorovitch.

Andrew: Oh right, of course. Yeah, we saw this picture earlier. He looks good.

Micah: He looks scared.

Andrew: Yeah, he does.

Matt: Yeah. He looks like he’s been better.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: He’s seen better days.

Matt: [laughs] Yeah. He’s seen better days than being attacked by Voldemort.

Trailer: Hermione’s Hands

Andrew: And now this shot – we’re going to have to spend a couple of minutes on this one. This is the shot, of course, after they apparated. Hermione has got her hands up. When we saw this shot on the Half-Blood Prince DVD in the Deathly Hallows trailer Hermione’s hands were very clearly covered in blood. This is now not the case. As you can see they are squeaky clean and it’s actually pretty apparent that you can tell they digitally cleaned the hands up.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: What happened here? Are they concerned that they were going to get an R rating?

Matt: Well, I think it is just for general audiences.

Andrew: You mean like the trailer?

Eric: Showing…

Andrew: Showing blood in the trailer?

Matt: Right. In the trailer, not in the film. Because it is obvious they are going to keep the blood in the film. I think it’s just for general audiences watching the trailer.

Andrew: So you think it will come back?

Matt: It will definitely come back.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: I mean, do you know how expensive that is? They have to do that frame by frame. By putting up – by clearing up all the blood.

Andrew: Right. So why would they waste their time doing it on the trailer?

Matt: Because it’s only like a second.

[Andrew sighs]

Micah: Yeah. And wasn’t Ron also…

Eric: I think showing…

Matt: Yeah. Ron was a lot more covered up with blood than this picture right here.

Andrew: I don’t know. I don’t know. This is worrying because I feel like there is so much action and death in the films that they might be considering like, “Oh my God. We’re going to get an R rating and we don’t want that.”

[Eric laughs]

Ben: Maybe there is enough blood elsewhere that they don’t want to waste their blood capital…

Andrew: [laughs] Blood capital.

Ben: …on Hermione’s silly hands.

Matt: There’s a rule that you can only have a certain amount of blood…

Andrew: Right.

Matt: …and they probably already had it. They used it up.

Andrew: Oh, of course. Okay, I was thinking something earlier – something else we thought – Oh! Hedwig dying. I mean some people are speculating that they decided not to kill Hedwig.

Ben: Poof.

Andrew: Right. Didn’t go poof.

Eric: That would be nice. Mercy killing.

Matt: The owl has to die.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: But don’t tell Jo that, she’ll be like…

Ben: Can the feathers explode in redness? That would be cool.

Matt: I’m sure Jo would have done something if she heard about that.

Andrew: You must kill.

Eric: Yeah, she would be like, “You got to do it.”

Matt: You must kill the owl!

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: The owl gets it.

Trailer: Dragon in Gringotts

Andrew: Well, so I certainly hope – now this is a bit worrying to me. Although part of me – it’s just the nerd in me got excited when I noticed a little difference between the two trailers. That’s just me. Okay and then we see the dragon entering Gringotts. This looks like the lobby because you can see all the…

Matt: Tellers.

Andrew: The teller stations. The tellers are long gone. They’re totally not there. There was a small interview in USA Today with producer David Heyman about this shot and he said they purposefully made him look this pale to give the whole effect of how he was deep within Gringotts for so long.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So I thought that was a clever idea although I never knew dragons could actually get tans from being outside.

Matt: Usually you get – you grow skin from ultraviolet radiation too. Maybe that’s how it is with their scales.

Eric: That is a good point.

Andrew: Oh wow, you guys are so smart.

Eric: Actually, just before the dragon escapes, there is this text that floats across the screen. It says, “The Motion Picture Event of a Generation.” I’m glad that somebody realized that this Harry Potter series was the motion picture event of a generation.

Andrew: Yeah, well, they’re really hyping it up. This is the epic-ness of all…

Matt: Well, how is that not true though?

Ben: Well, that’s until Breaking Dawn comes out next year.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: And that’ll be the new…

Eric: Well, are they calling it Breaking Dawn, though? Because I heard, aren’t they doing special tickets for “The Next Edition of the Twilight Saga?” It’s not specifically Breaking Dawn: Part I that they’re advertising? It’s really weird.

Andrew: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Micah: I don’t know. I thought that wasn’t even necessary. I don’t think you needed that in the trailer.

Andrew: Well, I think…

Eric: “The Motion Picture Event” – I think that sets up the “Part I. Boom! This November. Part II. Boom! Next July.”

Matt: Yeah, so there you go, Eric!

Andrew: Yeah. I think – but, I think it sets up the…

Micah: So you do like the trailer!

Eric: No, I don’t! I think it’s – I think they should have stayed – I don’t know. I’m so conflicted because my favorite part of this trailer is the scenes from Part II with the Death Eaters all in the hollow just looking at Harry, but…

Andrew: I think…

Ben: But that’s in the second part.

Matt: Eric. Eric…

Ben: Eric, you can’t have it both ways, man.

Eric: Eh.

Matt: You’re talking crazy.

Andrew: I think this title card, “The Motion Picture Event of a Generation,” is really to get the point across that, “Look guys, this frickin’ movie franchise has been around for ten years now. Uh, we’re going to make two awesome final movies.”

Micah: Give us an Oscar.

Ben: We are a big deal, folks, is what it says.

Trailer: Ron with the Sword

Andrew: Yeah. All right, so, like I said, you see the dragon. Then you see Ron, in a cutaway shot. He’s looking – he’s crawling on the ground and he’s looking up…

Eric: He’s scared of something.

Andrew: Yeah, scared of something.

Micah: It looks like he has the sword there, though. In the bottom right?

Andrew: Yeah. You’re right, he does.

Ben: Eric, Eric, this is a perfect caption contest picture here, man.

Eric: Yeah, he’ll be like, “What did you do, Ray?” And Ray will be like, “I’m sorry. It’s a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.”

Micah: Wow.

Eric: Ghostbusters joke. Ghostbusters joke.

Andrew: Oh.

Matt: Okay.

Eric: Wow.

Matt: I’m up to speed now.

Andrew: All right.

Matt: So this has to be when he destroys the Horcrux, right?

Andrew: Yeah, probably, because we see another shot of him swinging the sword.

Matt: Right. I mean, how many times does Ron have a sword?

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. And Harry says, “Do it, Ron!” when he swings the sword in this trailer.

Andrew: Okay. And then the next shot is a shot of…

Trailer: Voldemort and the Death Eaters

Matt: My future desktop background.

Andrew: …Voldemort.

Eric: Yeah, tell me about it!

Andrew: And all the Death Eaters. We see Voldemort, of course, in the front, then we see Bellatrix and a bunch of other people.

Matt: I’m so happy they’re not wearing masks.

Eric: I was just going to say, where did they lose their masks? Did they cut back?

Andrew: Oh.

Matt: They don’t need to hide anymore.

Ben: Yeah, they’re out of hiding.

Eric: Oh. Wow.

Andrew: Also I think this really helps bring out the emotion.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: You know, because these Death Eaters, they’re a bit crazy. And we needed to see Bellatrix’s gorgeous face.

Matt: Yeah, I was getting tired of the masks anyway. I wanted to see the Death Eaters.

Andrew: Right, exactly.

Eric: You can only reinvent the mask so much.

Matt: Right.

Andrew: Anything else to say about this shot? It’s a pretty cool shot.

Matt: It’s an awesome shot.

Andrew: We’ve never seen this large of a group of Death Eaters.

Matt: Especially Voldemort just like slowly grinning when he gets closer.

Eric: Yeah. That’s pretty impressive.

Ben: Voldemort’s mouth looks like my grandma after she takes her dentures out. Just saying.

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: But she has hair though, right?

Andrew: Can you do the face right now on camera, Ben?

Ben: I really can’t, because you have got to have no teeth.

Andrew: Just cover up your teeth with your lips. Yeah, like…

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Everyone is LOLing in the chat. You’re so right, Ben.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Eric: I like…

Andrew: Were you going to say something, Eric?

Eric: Yeah. Right after Ron and Hermione are walking backwards and Ron is casting a spell?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I think this is at Hogwarts because you can see the rubble and an archway that’s down at the ground and I know there were pictures that were released earlier, prior to this trailer. They were screen caps from the trailer and I don’t know if you guys want to talk about that, but obviously there’s a scene coming up really fast where it’s Harry and Voldemort in a bunch of rubble, and some people were speculating, “Is that the Great Hall?”

Andrew: Well, some people in the chat are thinking this is when Fred dies. And I think that would…

Eric: Oh…

Andrew: …make sense because you see Ron visibly upset and Hermione’s obviously awestruck…

Eric: Right.

Matt: And there’s a lot of rubble around them, too.

Andrew: Right. And I see – actually, I do see an ear in the background there, so this is definitely the scene. [laughs]

Matt: Aw, too soon…

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: That’s – bad joke.

Andrew: Somebody photoshop that, please? Put a giant ear in the background and it’ll be amazing. [laughs]

Eric: Well, now there’s a Death Eater on a broom and he’s wearing a mask – oh, I guess that’s to conceal his identity – I don’t know. But yeah, they are out in the open, so that makes sense.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Why they wouldn’t be wearing a mask…

Ben: Oh, Eric, here’s the part you’re waiting for.

Eric: What?

Matt: The next part.

Trailer Title: 2 Parts

Andrew: Oh – “Presented in 2 Parts.” Now, I’ve got to say – I did not like this title card, like – I don’t know, something about it, it’s just so…

Matt: It’s – I think it’s the number.

Eric: Yeah…

Ben: Yeah, there’s no space between it.

Eric: …there’s no space.

Ben: It’s like “2Parts.” It’s like one word.

Andrew: Like 2Pac.

Ben: Yeah, exactly.

Eric: Yeah, exactly, exactly. “Presented in…”

Matt: “Presented in 2Pacs.”

[Andrew, Ben, and Eric laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, and I – why do you have to – I don’t know.

Eric: Again, it’s – beating it around – I just don’t know why they’re doing it.

Matt: It’s hyping it up, it’s the first official trailer.

Eric: [sighs] Yeah, but we’ve had three previews now…

Matt: Yeah, but it hasn’t been mainstream.

Eric: Some of those scenes…

Matt: People haven’t seen it on their computers.

Eric: Yeah, I agree, and I’m watching it now in HD and I love how it looks, but, I mean, some of the things, like Harry laying in the – on his back in the forest are included in this. We’ve seen them before in the other previews and it’s almost like – I don’t know exactly when that occurs, but it’s good to see. I just – I really wish they would – again, it’s kind of mismatched. “Presented in 2 Parts.” Oooh, wow! You know…?

Andrew: [laughs] “Wow!”

Eric: [laughs] Wow, two parts!

Andrew: When I’m in the theater…

Eric: Did you guys see this?

Matt: Well, I mean, Eric, do you honestly think that everybody knows that this is going to be in two parts?

Eric: Yes!

Andrew: Not everybody, not…

Eric: This is…

Ben: Not everybody has their homepage as MuggleNet.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Right! No one’s seen – I mean – I’m surprised they showed so much. I mean – I was hoping – I was thinking that they were just going to show everything we’ve already seen just in one big complete trailer but they showed a lot of new content.

Andrew: Hmm. But – yeah.

Eric: But how much – for how much content would you say – do you think is in Part I that they’re not showing?

Matt: I don’t care.

Andrew: There’s definitely more from Part II here I think. Right? Than Part I?

Matt: Well, it’s definitely showing the entire climactic battle scenes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: But they just finished filming production what, a couple of weeks ago?

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: So this is probably like most of the stuff they already have completed.

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric: So – guys, what’s the scene with Filch? He looks very happy about something.

Andrew: Well, hold on. Let’s keep going in order here.

Matt: No. Let’s go in order.

Trailer: Death Eater on a Broom

Andrew: We see a Death Eater on a broom and he’s sort of flying away so I guess he got hit by a spell. Although it looks kind of goofy because like you don’t see anything…

Matt: No. I think he’s halting like he’s stopping because maybe that’s when…

Andrew: Ooh…

Matt: …Voldemort starts catching up to them.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. It kind of does look like he’s pulling back on his broom a bit too. All right, cool. And then we see this shot of Ron who is absolutely…

Trailer: Wet Ron

Matt: Wet.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: What do you guys think this is? It looks somewhere – oh! The Ministry. You could see The Ministry in the top.

Matt: Right.

Andrew: But what’s – oh, oh! Was he transforming back?

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah!

Eric: Oh.

Micah: So that’s Yaxley, right? Behind him?

Andrew: Yeah, must be.

Micah: Isn’t Yaxley the one who chases him down?

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah and it looks like Hagrid minus 200 pounds on the right side.

Matt: Right. I think that’s actually a – is that a woman? No, it is a man.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Okay.

MuggleCast 202 Transcript (continued)

Trailer: Bellatrix with the Knife

Andrew: Okay, so that’s pretty – Yeah, look at that sweat on his face. Hmm. Poor guy. And then we see a cool shot of Bellatrix and she’s got a really twisted face and it’s sort of just like “Wahhh!”

[Eric laughs]

Matt: Well, it’s like, “I’m going to kill you.”

Andrew: Right.

Matt: It’s the last look you see before you die.

Andrew: Is this – what – who – what – this – what do you think this is?

Matt: No, I’m positive this is the dagger when she kills Dobby with…

Andrew: Oh, really?

Eric: …before they Apparate, because she’s throwing something, and she throws a dagger at Dobby before they Apparate.

Andrew: Oh, no. Oh, you’re right. Oh, no! Oh.

Eric: We already had a good shot of her killing Sirius. Now, we’ve got a great shot of her killing Dobby.

Andrew: [laughs] Why does she get all the great shots?

Matt: Because she’s just awesome.

Trailer: Filch

Andrew: Okay. So now we see the shot of Filch. What did you want to say about this? We see some kids locked up behind him.

Eric: Oh, that’s why he’s happy.

Ben: It’s his dream come true.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: So – so wait. This is actually – this gives me great hope. Obviously, again, not until Part II, or maybe this has to show…

Matt: Which one is it, Eric?

Eric: …what’s going on at Hogwarts, because Filch locking kids up, the Carrows, Snape ruling the school…

Andrew: Oh, right. Okay.

Eric: Because if the kids are locked up in the back and he’s walking away smiling, that doesn’t – do you think that particularly happens during the final battle scene, or is this – does this – is this proof that they’re actually going to show some of what’s going on at Hogwarts while the trio are out in the woods? I mean…

Andrew: I think they do…

Eric: …I’m hopeful.

Andrew: Yeah. I think they do have to show some stuff at Hogwarts, even though they made it pretty clear Part I is going to be a big road movie. I think…

Micah: It’s a road opera.

Andrew: Road opera, right.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: I think that they have to go back to Hogwarts because they have to remind the viewers what’s going on back at the school and kids like to see the school.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: So that there’s less catch-up, too.

Andrew: Right, right. So you’ve got to go back to the school. I do not…

Micah: I don’t know.

Andrew: I do not want to see two hours of them in the forest.

Micah: But in this particular scene, though, it looks like the kids are busting out right at the very end. There’s that loud…

Matt: Well, maybe…

Micah: …bang.

Andrew: Oh, right.

Matt: Yeah. They’re probably getting rescued by the D.A.

Andrew: Oh, maybe.

Eric: Oh, and he gets – oh, and Filch – yeah, Filch gasps at the last minute. He’s like, huh?

Andrew: Yeah, he puts on a goofy face. Oh, okay. Oh, that’s cool. So that’s the kind of cool stuff I think we’ll be seeing in Part I, just how Hogwarts is so different now.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Trailer: Harry and Hermione in the Forest

Andrew: So moving along, we see a shot in the forest. Harry and Hermione getting a good workout. And…

Matt: What scene is this in the book?

Micah: Looks like a Snatcher scene.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah…

Eric: Running from…

Andrew: …totally.

Matt: But do they run from the Snatchers? I forget.

Andrew: Yeah, they do because…

Matt: Oh…

Andrew: …they are coming…

Matt: …right.

Trailer: Dumbledore’s Grave

Andrew: …after them quite frequently. And then we see this shot of Voldemort and he looks like he is standing on something. He is shooting a spell into the air. What is he standing on, guys?

Matt: Umm.

Eric: Could it be the ruins of Little Hangleton? Of the – when he discovers that the Horcrux is gone?

Andrew: Ooh.

Eric: Or wait, are there going to be Horcruxes in this movie or not?

Andrew: [laughs] I…

Matt: No, there are only going to be Deathly Hallows.

Eric: Because I feel like they might have to make three movies to show all the backstory of the Horcruxes. That has been left out.

Micah: Could he be on Dumbledore’s grave?

[Matt gasps]

Andrew, Ben and Matt: Oh!

[Everyone talks at the same time]

Matt: Yes!

Ben: The Elder Wand.

Matt: Sparks.

Ben: That’s the sparks.

Andrew: Tomb.

Matt: Yes!

Ben: Yeah.

Matt: He has his wand. Oh my god! That is…

Eric: Man.

Matt: …epic.

Andrew: Oh, what an asshole!

Micah: [laughs] You can’t say that!

Matt: You can’t say that on the show! You got to edit that out.

Andrew: Sorry. My emotions took over me. Oh, that is nice. Well, they have him in a little patch of trees right there.

Matt: Oh, that is nice he is…

Andrew: Unless…

Matt: …standing on Dumbledore’s grave…

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Matt: …with his wand.

Andrew: No, but this is the first time we are seeing Dumbledore’s grave. It’s nice that they keep him nice…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …and shaded during the day.

Matt: I love how in the book, he just shoots out sparks. Here, he is conjuring up a lightning storm.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, that…

Ben: The Elder…

Eric: …is true.

Ben: …Wand is quite powerful.

Matt: But that is not the Elder Wand. [gasps] [whispers] Spoilers.

Andrew: Now, wouldn’t that – yeah, it’s a bunch of lightning strikes. It’s very interesting.

Eric: Yeah.

Trailer: Harry and Voldemort

Andrew: [sighs] All right. So moving along, we see a shot of blackness. And then there is this beautiful scene between Harry…

Eric: I love it.

Andrew: Harry and Voldemort.

Ben: They are about to make-out.

Matt: Oh my god!

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: It is – Micah was saying this is very potentially homoerotic. Is that…

Andrew: Micah!

Eric: Is that real, Micah?

Andrew: Stop…

Micah: I didn’t…

Andrew: …it!

Micah: …say that! What are you…

Andrew: All right.

Micah: …talking about?

Andrew: Here, let’s listen to it real quick because it’s pretty cool.

[Andrew plays clip from the trailer]

Matt: [as Voldemort while the clip plays] “I want to kiss you, Harry.”

Andrew: Matt, you ruined it.

[Matt and Micah laugh]

Andrew: [laughs] I thought that was actually it for a minute because it went with the music personally. All right – or perfectly. Here we go.

[Andrew plays the same clip]

Andrew: Oh my gosh! So that really kicks off – this trailer is basically in three parts. It starts with this shot of Voldemort, and then more action. And then this little dialogue between Harry and Voldemort sets off the third part where – more action. So, what do you guys think of these lines between the two?

Ben: I mean, the way Harry – the way he said it, I don’t know. It kind of seems lame to me, the way that Harry is, like, [as Harry] “Because I have something worth living for.”

Andrew: Hmmm.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: It kind of reminds me of the first film when Harry is in the end, there – when he is fighting Voldemort. And he is all, like, [as Harry] “Albus Dumbledore will never have left this school as long as those here are loyal to him.”

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Or whatever. I don’t know. It just sounds kind of corny.

Eric: Yeah. Or Lucius Malfoy. In Chamber of Secrets, he says, “Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.” He is, like, “Don’t worry. I will be.” But this almost didn’t sound like Dan and I’m wondering how much can you possibly sound like yourself when Voldemort has got his hand on your mouth. [laughs] He can’t really talk. Voldemort has got these long claws and he is kind of holding Harry’s jaw. I don’t know. It’s kind of gross. But I liked the dialogue here better than – previously in the trailer, Voldemort is, like, “Harry Potter, the boy who lived.” It’s the same line. He uses it every movie when he meets Harry. “Harry…”

Andrew: Right.

Eric: “…Potter, you’re the boy who lived.” But now it’s, like, “Why do you live?” And that’s cool. That’s interesting. And wow, Ralph Fiennes really doesn’t have a nose.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: And a lot of people in the chat are pointing out his gorgeous nails.

Matt: Oh, they are…

Andrew: His lady nails.

Matt: …completely manicured perfection. I love the veins on his forehead. I mean, they keep getting bigger and bigger with every film.

Andrew: Yeah. And you see the back of his head? It looks like…

Ben: It looks like there is a road map drawn on there.

Matt: I know.

Andrew: [laughs] It is the London Underground, actually.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Oh, right. Right, right.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: That’s Dumbledore.

Year of Harry Potter

Andrew: All righty. So, let’s move along here in this trailer. You’re listening to MuggleCast Live. Matt, Ben, Micah, Eric and myself are all here. Fifteen hundred people listening to us talk about the trailer. Like I said at the beginning, this is quite the…

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: …epic trailer. I mean, this is really – Warner Bros. actually said today that this is the “Year of Harry Potter.” And they are so right when you think about it.

Ben: So if that’s…

Eric: [laughs] That’s like…

Ben: …the case…

Eric: That’s like…

Ben: …is this the…

Eric: …a title card.

Ben: Is this the “Beginning of the end,” Andrew?

Andrew: Ben, I think you could argue that. Yeah. But I think it started technically with the theme park. They were counting that even though – it is actually the thirteen months of Harry Potter because the theme park opened up June 18th. And Part II comes out July 15th? So – 2011.

Ben: Oh…

Matt: Okay…

Ben: …wow.

Matt: …so the year of Harry Potter give or take a couple of months.

Ben: I mean, for us it’s been like the decade of Harry Potter.

Andrew: [laughs] Right.

Matt: Right.

Ben: But we’re just weird.

Trailer: Gringotts and Hogwarts

Andrew: [gangster voice] W.B., where have you been in the year of Harry Potter? [normal voice] All right. So anyway, then we see another shot of the dragon. And he is jumping off the entrance of Hogwarts.

Matt: No…

Andrew: The giant…

Matt: …Gringotts.

Micah: Gringotts.

Andrew: Gringotts.

Eric: No, it’s…

Andrew: Sorry.

Eric: …Gringotts.

Andrew: Sorry!

Eric: It’s Gringotts.

Andrew: God, I misspoke! Ugh!

Matt: Geez.

Andrew: I’m just kidding, guys. I love how you correct me. And…

[Eric laughs]

Trailer: Crowds from the Forest

Andrew: …then we see a giant group…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …of people running out of what I guess is the Forbidden Forest. What is this scene? Is this all the student – all the Hogwarts…

Matt: They look like…

Andrew: It looks like a mix of people.

Matt: Yeah. I don’t know.

Micah: Well, I think this would be that scene where everybody joins together from I guess you would call it ‘the good side,’ with the house elves and everybody else? I don’t know.

Eric: Well, when they do that, aren’t they running from Hogwarts? This seems more like they are running from the forest. Or maybe they are running into a clearing.

Matt: Well…

Eric: But then that means they…

Matt: They are running…

Eric: …made it past…

Matt: …from…

Eric: …the giants.

Matt: …Hogwarts I think. You are right, Eric, because they are going downhill and Hogwarts is uphill.

Andrew: No, but – no, no. They are running uphill. Well – no, no.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: The scene right – okay, this is a bit confusing. There is the one shot where they are running on flat land. And then they start running uphill. But then the next shot, you see them running downhill.

Matt: Or maybe…

Andrew: So… [laughs]

Matt: …it is two opposing sides.

Andrew: It could be.

Matt: Or maybe it is just not in sequence. Maybe…

Eric: They are all…

Matt: …they ran down before they hit the end of the – I mean, it doesn’t matter. I mean, we’re talking about the groups, right?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: I don’t – I think if I had to choose, I would say this had to be the good guys because they are not all dressed the same. And the Death Eaters…

Eric: They are all wearing…

Matt: …tend to have a unison of…

Andrew: Right, they are all wearing the same clothes.

Matt: Yeah.

Trailer: Voldemort and the Death Eaters

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. So, [laughs] that’s a pretty cool shot. And then the next shot we see is Voldemort and all of his Death Eaters but this shot is during the day, so they can’t be the same scene.

Eric: Earlier that day?

Andrew: [laughs] Maybe. [laughs] Everyone is just running around in large groups…

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: …all day. [laughs] And again, we see Ben’s grandmother with teeth covered, mouth wide open.

Micah: Well, who is on the ground in that shot?

Matt: Some…

Micah: If you go back to it…

Andrew: A dead…

Micah: …for a second.

Andrew: …Hogwarts student.

Matt: Yeah, somebody is dead.

Andrew: Yeah, that looks like Hogwarts…

Eric: Oh wow.

Andrew: …attire, right? Sweater with a collared shirt underneath?

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Or if…

Eric: That’s somebody…

Ben: …they are not…

Eric: …dead.

Ben: …dead, they are about to be.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Death by trampling.

Matt: Death by Death Eater trampling.

Micah: Poor Colin Creevey.

Andrew: Oh!

Matt: Oh!

Eric: Oh!

Matt: Poor…

Ben: Well…

Matt: …Nigel.

Ben: …he is annoying anyways.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: So then we see “Part I: November 2010.” And then there is this shot which is definitely from Part I. It is the trio walking through London right after the wedding.

Ben: Yeah, after the wedding.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. Emma Watson’s looking pretty nice. Don’t you think so, Ben?

Ben: Quite nice. Red. Red is the fiery, passionate color.

Andrew: Red is her…

Ben: Just saying.

Trailer: The Seven Potters

Andrew: Red is her color, totally. And then we see – this one is a bit hard to make out. It is a few people on brooms.

Matt: [gasps] Oh my god, it’s…

Eric: Somebody…

Matt: …not Hedwig…

Eric: …is going down.

Matt: …is it? It’s not…

Eric: Somebody is…

Matt: …Hedwig.

Eric: Yeah, that is Hedwig [laughs] going down…

Andrew: Where?

Eric: …in a burst of flames.

Matt: On fire.

Andrew: Not!

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: No way.

Matt: [laughs] Oh my god.

Andrew: No.

Matt: It’s…

Andrew: Stop!

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: That’s not – no. They wouldn’t do that!

Matt: [laughs] I don’t know. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Andrew: Everyone in the chat thinks it is Hedwig.

Micah: Could it be Mad-Eye Moody?

Andrew: I hope it is Mad-Eye instead.

Ben: No, that probably is…

Matt: No.

Ben: …Hedwig. They probably…

Matt: That’s not Hedwig!

Ben: Hedwig went up in flames!

Matt: It’s a spell!

Andrew: No!

Matt: Hedwig can’t…

Eric: But immediately…

Matt: …burn that much.

Eric: Okay, immediately after that, somebody goes by on – it looks like a Thestral. Was anybody – were they really – yeah, they were riding Thestrals too during “The Seven Potters.”

Matt: Yeah.

Ben: Wait…

Matt: Look…

Ben: …wait…

Matt: Look…

Ben: …how can you see the Thestrals?

Andrew: Yeah, where?

Ben: I don’t see any Thestrals.

Eric: Okay, it’s not a dragon. And it’s too small to be a dragon. Right after the ball of flame that may or may not be Hedwig. At 1:48 and 1:49.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. Yeah…

Eric: There is…

Andrew: …those are totally…

Eric: …two people…

Andrew: …Thestrals.

Matt: It’s Kingsley.

Ben: But how can we all see the Thestrals? That is not how the Thestrals work.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Andrew: Well, for the movie we’re going to wear our Thestral goggles so…

Matt: Well, we all…

Andrew: …we can all…

Matt: …did see somebody die before this movie, so we’re allowed to see the…

Ben: Oh…

Matt: …Thestrals.

Ben: …that’s right.

Eric: We saw Cedric.

Ben: [singing] “Remember Cedric…”

Andrew: If that is Hedwig, I – something…

Matt: It’s not Hedwig. I was just….

Micah: Could it be the…

Andrew: No, but…

Micah: …motorbike spinning out of control…

Matt: No…

Micah: …or something…

Matt: …it is…

Micah: …like that?

Matt: …a fireball.

Micah: So?

Andrew: From…

Micah: The…

Andrew: …what? Though – but something is clearly falling. If you look at the end, you can see a…

Matt: It’s going…

Andrew: …glimmer…

Matt: …after…

Andrew: …or something.

Matt: …something. I don’t know. It better not be Hedwig.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Matt: I’m going to really…

Eric: Jo was, like, “For your treason for trying to not kill Hedwig, now you have to take her down in a ball of flame.”

Trailer: Ministry of Magic

Andrew: All right, so we do – then we get another shot of the Ministry, and – does anyone know who this is? Is this – oh, is this…

Micah: Yaxley?

Andrew: Yaxley?

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: I was going…

Eric: That’s the…

Andrew: …to say…

Eric: …go-to. Who is that?

Andrew: …Kreacher.

Eric: Oh, it could be Yaxley.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: No.

Andrew: I was going…

Micah: It’s the…

Andrew: …to say…

Micah: …same scene from earlier in the trailer.

Ben: Oh, yeah. That is that blonde-haired…

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Ben: …weird looking dude.

Andrew: All right.

Matt: He’s got a nice vest though.

Andrew: Do you guys…

Eric: Okay…

Andrew: …know – a little side fact.

Matt: Oh.

Andrew: They – of course they built the set for Order of the Phoenix. They built the Ministry set. They rebuilt that gigantic thing for Deathly Hallows. I mean…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …isn’t that insane?

Matt: Hallows.

Andrew: Hallows.

Ben: Well, when you have several hundred million dollars…

Andrew: I know. But…

Matt: To spend.

Andrew: …it’s just – what are the – I don’t know. I mean, obviously they have to do it all the time. But I just…

Eric: Well, it…

Andrew: …thought that is…

Eric: It houses…

Andrew: …really impressive.

Eric: It houses a Horcrux.

Micah: Somebody in the chat said that is Glenn Beck.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Ben: That does look like him.

Andrew: Someone else said George Washington. I think they are both pretty accurate.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: George Washington and Glenn Beck’s love child.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Trailer: Bathilda Bagshot

Andrew: And then we see a child’s room, and…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …of course…

Ben: This is Bathilda Bagshot.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Wait, no.

Matt: She is…

Ben: That was…

Matt: …looking good.

Ben: Was it Bathilda Bagshot?

Andrew: Well, it is Nagini. But…

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: It was Nagini inside a – wearing a Bathilda suit. Why is the child’s room there? Was that in the book? I know…

Andrew: No.

Eric: …Bathilda…

Matt: No…

Eric: …was…

Matt: …it wasn’t.

Eric: …really old. Bathilda is a very old lady and her house kind of smells…

Matt: I hope…

Eric: …like…

Matt: …they didn’t move…

Eric: …rotting…

Matt: …this scene…

Eric: …old lady.

Matt: …to the Potter’s house.

Eric: So, it’s like a daycare center where…

Andrew: Well…

Matt: I hope this isn’t Harry’s nursery or something.

Andrew: Yeah. I remember in the book, it was described as being very – it was a very old house.

Matt: Right.

Andrew: And it was a…

Eric: Smell.

Andrew: …mess, I think.

Ben: Well, maybe she has grandchildren.

Andrew: But it is so well lit too. I don’t know.

Eric: It is a…

Matt: I swear.

Eric: …little too well lit.

Matt: They may have moved it to Godric’s Hollow or something.

Eric: But watching the snake attack Harry is awesome.

Matt: [laughs] Rawr!

Andrew: Do we actually…

Eric: Because that is…

Andrew: …see – oh, yeah. He bites – yeah. That’s pretty awesome. Ouch.

Matt: Let’s watch that again in slow motion.

Andrew: [in a bad Australian accent] Crikey!

Matt: Rawr!

[Eric laughs]

Matt: [in a worse Australian accent] That’s a big fella.

Andrew: Yeah, he takes him down too. If you…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I see a little…

Matt: It is a girl.

Eric: You see his…

Ben: And…

Eric: …foot up…

Ben: …when he gets…

Eric: …in the air.

Ben: …wrapped up like that, how is he going to escape? Come – oh wait, Hermione comes in and saves the day, right?

Andrew: This is a major nerd moment, but you can totally see an editing – a graphics issue right here. At 1:50 you can see Harry’s head and half the snake. They didn’t complete that.

Matt: And there is a hole in the wall. They didn’t cover that up.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay, so – yeah, he takes him down. That’s a pretty hardcore [laughs] scene.

Eric: Yeah, his feet are up in the air. That is… [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: That is pretty awesome.

Andrew: Oh, and he’s got…

Matt: He’s wearing…

Andrew: …the locket.

Matt: …the necklace.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, I was just going to say.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Nice.

Andrew: Oh, some people are saying this is Sunnyside from Toy Story.

Matt: Oh!

Andrew: I think this looks kind of like it.

Matt: Okay.

Eric: I haven’t…

Andrew: Toy Story

Eric: …seen that. How is Toy Story?

Andrew: Oh, excellent.

Matt: Amazing.

Eric: Very good.

Andrew: Then we see a shot of Harry, and he is looking all rawr, rawr, rawr!

Matt: “Kill it Harry!” Or, “Kill it Ron!”

Andrew: And then we see Ron throwing the sword down on the Horcrux. Pretty cool.

Eric: Or is it a snake? It looks – everything looks like a snake now…

Andrew: Nah.

Eric: …to me.

Andrew: That is a tree trunk.

Trailer: Room of Requirement

Ben: Part II.

Eric: All right.

Andrew: And we see Part II.

Eric: July…

Andrew: And then we see…

Eric: Oh!

Andrew: Oh, okay. Wow! I haven’t gone frame-by-frame yet, so this is all…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …very exciting to me. So, this is obviously the Room of Requirement.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: At 1:53. [laughs] We see – oh, look at that! Look at the lamps from…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Isn’t that Evanna – that was Luna’s party.

Matt: Yeah. Oh, and look, we see the queen from the chess set right behind them.

Andrew: Yeah, and I guess that’s a rook right there.

Eric: Oh, that’s awesome!

Matt: It’s almost like an homage to all the films.

Eric: The chess set. Yeah, they had all this stuff in storage. That was actually…

Andrew: Right.

Eric: They didn’t need to find a Room of Requirement. They just…

Matt: This is…

Eric: …had all this.

Matt: …actually the storage room at Leavesden Studios.

Eric: It’s actually Leavesden. Yeah, yeah. They set it on fire.

Andrew: And then we see the other shot which is lower to the ground, and lots of fire. We don’t see Draco or Crabbe or Goyle.

Matt: Not yet.

Andrew: But that’s all right.

Micah: They are coming.

Andrew: In the trailer?

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh man.

Matt: Oh-ho!

Andrew: I clearly did not…

Matt: Hold on…

Andrew: …watch this enough times. [laughs]

Matt: …to your sides!

MuggleCast 202 Transcript (continued)

Trailer: Voldemort

Andrew: So then we see Harry again. We see Voldemort doing something. What do you guys – he is setting a spell. Okay, he is on a rock.

Matt: Wait, wait.

Andrew: Oh, and he is…

Micah: There is…

Andrew: And you can see…

Micah: …Bellatrix.

Andrew: …Hogwarts. And you can see Hogwarts in the background. Is this maybe when he is sending his message? “You have till midnight to send Harry Potter.”

Matt: Well no, you see Hogwarts in the background, so he is probably destroying the…

Andrew: Oh, the forcefield?

Matt: Yeah. Or – yeah, the forcefield around Hogwarts.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Because…

Eric: Oh.

Matt: Because after that, his Death Eaters start walking up behind him.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Because after that, his Death Eaters start walking up behind him. Because…

Andrew: Right.

Matt: That’s why he’s smiling, because he’s marveling at his work for destroying it.

Andrew: Oh, okay. And we see Ron, and then we see Harry and Ginny kissing!

Eric: She pulls him into the kiss, she’s…

Matt: Yeah, she’s taking charge.

Andrew: Yeah, right, oh yeah.

Eric: She’s like, “There are students running everywhere. It’s haywire! My brother might have just been killed! Lets kiss!”

[Matt makes kissing noises]

Eric: Snape…

Ben: And she’s like, “You taste like Voldy!”

Andrew: Now was this…

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Dude, he’s like, “Harry?” – [laughs] – “Where have you been and why do you smell like snake?”

Andrew: Was this in the book?

Matt: What, the kiss?

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: I don’t know.

Andrew: At Hogwarts when they’re running around? Because there’s something related to this shot that I think I heard about on set, but I can’t say anything yet.

Matt: Well doesn’t she kiss him goodbye before they fight?

Andrew: Yeah, maybe. If not, they can only add that.

Eric: But that’s in the Room of Requirement, I thought.

Andrew: Right, yeah.

Micah: Uh-oh, Snape…

Andrew: If I were a betting man, I would have guessed they added the – one of the actors in that shot decided to add that to be part of the moment, because he really felt it in that moment.

Matt: Oh, it was Bonnie.

Trailer: Snape

Andrew: [laughs] Moving along, there’s a shot of Snape, and he’s up against a window, like “Whoa…”

Micah: If you play it, you can actually hear what sounds like a snake.

Andrew: Oh, okay. Here, lets play it. Everyone be quiet. Matt…

Micah: Or maybe I – it’s just the whole snake thing that’s been going on…

Andrew: Here we go.

Micah: …and I made that up.

[Trailer clip plays]

Andrew: Nah, that was totally you.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: I didn’t say anything.

Andrew: No, no, I – that was totally…

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Trailer: Diner

Andrew: …Micah’s head – in Micah’s head. So then we see a shot in a caf – in a restaurant, it looks like. Oh, so this is probably…

Matt: The cafe scene.

Eric: Part I?

Andrew: Yeah. This is…

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: …definitely Part I. This is on Tottenham Court Road, probably. Right?

Matt: Oh yeah.

Andrew: When they’re in the restaurant – or when they’re in the cafe?

Eric: Mhm.

Andrew: Some people are saying it may have been the tubes. Who knows? We’ll find out soon.

Matt: Well, no. It’s the scene when – right after the trio Apparate from the wedding, because he notices there’s a Death Eater there and he casts a spell on him.

Andrew: Right.

Ben: And they’re getting paninis, apparently, because…

[Micah laughs]

Matt: Hot paninis.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Ben: Hot paninis.

Micah: Well, why didn’t they keep it consistent, though? When they show that graphic “Part I,” why didn’t they show scenes from Part I and then “Part II” show scenes from Part II?

Eric: Yeah, because that’s another thing…

Matt: Because I don’t think anyone’s going to make the connection. If it fits well with the trailer then they’re going to…

Eric: They’re trying to make it ambiguous so that we don’t know where the split is.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Eric, I don’t think anyone’s caring which one’s the first part and which one’s not. They’re…

Ben: Unfortunately, they didn’t make the trailers to please Eric Scull.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: I know.

Trailer: Draco and Blaise

Andrew: All right. So moving along here, we then see Draco and – I can’t remember that guy’s name, right below him. But it looks like…

Matt: Oh, Zabini.

Eric: Blaise?

Matt: Blaise Zabini.

Andrew: Blaise, yeah. And then I think that…

Ben: Wait a second, where’s Crabbe?

Andrew: Oh!

Eric and Matt: Oh!

Eric: In jail.

Ben: Aw.

Matt: Oh, he’s indisposed at the moment.

Andrew: Yeah. In case anyone doesn’t remember, this may be a good refresher. Crabbe has been removed from the film after he was busted for marijuana possession – the actor, of course.

Matt: The actor.

Ben: Oh, they caught him with more than possession. They caught him growing stuff.

Andrew: Right, right.

Micah: So they threw Blaise into the Room of Requirement?

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] And he got a nice big raise.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. Lucky Blaise. Lucky Blaise.

Matt: He’s going to be set ablaze. Oh!

Trailer: Hogwarts Exploding

Andrew: All right, and then we see a shot of the trio looking up. And this looks outside, because then it cuts to a shot of Hogwarts exploding.

Eric: Yeah, talk about incomplete shots or sets. This is pretty cool, but it’s over very quick and I think that they’re hiding that – it looks like a set lighting up. Isn’t this when the set actually caught fire? Do you think this was…

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: …that? Because it looks out of control, or like fireworks. I don’t…

Matt: It’s supposed to look out of control, though. I think it looks awesome.

Andrew: Yeah. It may – I bet it’s a lot of special effects as well. This isn’t – we’re going to see a lot more of Hogwarts. They’re going to digitally enhance it so we see the school – all the school – up in flames.

Matt: Yeah. I’m glad they’re only showing really quick glimpses, because I don’t want to see too much…

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: …of Hogwarts on fire.

Eric: I feel like if they show you kids – I feel like that’s – that counts as showing you too much.

Matt: Right. Well, I mean also…

Eric: Just because it’s over quick…

Matt: …we won’t see this part of the film until next year, a year from now.

Eric: Yeah. [sighs]

[Matt sighs]

Eric: I know, Matt. I know.

Trailer: Harry and Voldemort Dueling

Andrew: [laughs] Then we see another shot of Hogwarts, and things are going crazy. And then it goes black, and then we see Harry and Voldemort in the courtyard, dueling. Now there are dead bodies everywhere, the school is in shambles. What a gorgeous shot, but also – I mean…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …wow.

Matt: Isn’t there supposed to be a crowd around them?

Andrew: Well here’s the other thing. Of course, in the book it’s in the Great Hall.

Matt: Yeah, right.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So…

Matt: Maybe that is the Great Hall.

Eric: How restrictive is that?

Andrew: No, that’s not the Great Hall.

Matt: Okay.

Eric: That’s not the Great Hall.

Andrew: You see the grass there. That’s definitely an – the outdoor…

Matt: It’s not real, the grass.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: So is anyone disappointed by this? That’s it’s not…

Eric: No.

Andrew: No, Eric? Why not?

Eric: Because the tables – too much happens in the Great Hall, you know? I think there’s too much – there’d be too many tables to leap over, you wouldn’t be able to see people. I think setting it in the outdoor courtyard with bodies further intensifies it, and also reminds me of the Deathly Hallows U.S. edition cover – Mary GrandPre, I…

Andrew: Which we thought was outside. [laughs]

Eric: Which we thought was – we thought – when we saw that, “Roman ruins or ancient – where are they? Could they be in the Department of Mysteries?” I think we did a live UStream show then, too. I think it was called “Cover Cover.” And we were just talking about where it could be. Well this looks more like that, and I kind of really like that. Because, evidently, the scene that Mary GrandPre drew was in the Great Hall, but it looked kind of like it was an outdoor coliseum, and I think this is…

Matt: Because the ceiling looks like outside. That’s why.

Eric: Right.

Matt: But…

Eric: Yeah, that’s true.

Matt: I wouldn’t have much of a problem with this if it was surrounded by everybody who was in the fight.

Eric: It’s too dangerous.

Matt: Because that’s what I loved most about this scene, was because it was so open that – I mean, it wasn’t just Harry and Voldemort anymore. It was like the entire wizarding population of this area who was involved in this fight. It’s the big climactic scene and they were all involved in it, so there was nowhere to hide for Voldemort.

Eric: I think it…

Matt: It was just them two together.

Eric: I think it ups the stakes. I think it ups the stakes, because if, say, Harry fell, There would at least be 150 people there to try and get Voldemort.

Matt: Exactly. But…

Eric: And…

Matt: No, but there’s nothing they can do. They have an audience. That’s what, in my opinion, makes this scene so great, was that it wasn’t so personal. It was a big – it involved everybody.

Eric: I mean, in the book – and the good thing about this scene in the book is Harry calling Voldemort Tom, and insulting him like that.

Matt: In front of everybody, yeah.

Eric: In front of everybody. Being very cool. But I almost think that showing him and Voldemort alone like this really ups the stakes for Harry, and just kind of shows him really becoming a decent wizard, like we haven’t seen.

Micah: Yeah, I disagree. I think that they should have kept it in the Great Hall, just because, what Matt was saying before, you had so much action going on around them, it was almost like rapid fire. And you had what was going on between Bellatrix and Molly Weasley. There’s even scenes where Voldemort is dueling against McGonagall, and Slughorn, and Kingsley, and all these other people, and I’m just hoping all of this doesn’t get lost because Harry and Voldemort run out to the courtyard to go duel against each other.

Matt: “Let’s take this outside!”

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: Exactly. And then everybody shows up after the fact. So…

Eric: That’s a fair point.

Micah: …I’m kind of hopeful that they didn’t destroy all of that other stuff. And, I mean, we know that there are certain scenes that are going to be in there, but I don’t understand the need to take it outside other than…

Eric: I think…

Micah: …for the scenic look to it.

Eric: I think too much happens in the Great Hall in the films. Everything from…

Andrew: I think that’s a good point, too.

Eric: …choosing the names from the Goblet of Fire, to hugging Hagrid at the end of Chamber of Secrets.

Matt: Yeah, I agree. A lot does happen on the Great Hall, but it all happens in the Great Hall. You can’t – just because…

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: …you’re tired of it doesn’t mean that you…

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: …can change the location.

Eric: Yeah, you’re right.

Micah: Unless it burned down the night before and they weren’t able to use it.

Matt: Right.

Eric: Well that’s the thing. Showing Hogwarts in this state of ruins makes me really giddy about having them – then that means they have to show it get this way, almost.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s true. I mean – I think Part II – I think we’ve heard this before, that a good portion of Part II is just going to be the battle, and if they’re dedicating – let’s say, 45 minutes to an hour of the battle, that’s a lot of time for a lot of stuff to fall apart at Hogwarts.

Matt: Well, maybe Harry and Voldemort get caught up in the film in a big epic battle, and then it just eventually moves throughout the castle.

Andrew: Yeah, that could be true, too. I think – that would be cool, because you’re seeing Harry and Voldemort duel throughout the castle. It sort of, again, brings things full circle. All these climactic – all these iconic sets that we’ve seen over the years, and Harry and Voldemort…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …are just destroying them both.

Eric: I want to see the Chamber of Secrets again.

Andrew: Yeah, oh yeah!

Eric: That happened off scene in the books – in the book, and I think that should be a scene in the movie.

Matt: Why do they always do Priori Incantatem? I mean, this is the third time and it only happens once.

Andrew: [in a funny voice] Because it looks like Christmas, okay? Just let it be, gosh!

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: So then we see…

Eric: Wow.

Andrew: And something else to point out here is that Voldemort and Harry are both on their knees.

Matt: Oh my God!

Andrew: Is there a song we can sing here Ben? Something about knees, “I’m on my knees.”

Ben: I don’t know.

Andrew: “I’m on my knees.” Bono from U2 likes to talk about kneeling a lot. [laughs] Anyway.

Ben: [sings] “Kneel…” They’re on their knees because the moment is just so powerful, they couldn’t even stand it anymore, you know?

Andrew: Right, right. It makes you shake at the knees.

Matt: But the fact is – this is what really bothers me, I didn’t say yet – but Harry has the – if this is the scene that we’re talking about, Harry’s in possession of the Elder Wand. There is no way that Voldemort has that much power to sustain the power of the Elder Wand.

Andrew: But you have to create this climactic scene where it’s just building and building and building for the film.

Matt: But it wasn’t supposed to be a climactic scene.

Eric: Well, Harry’s not the owner of the Elder Wand. It’s Draco still, isn’t it?

Matt: No, but no, he has it in his hand. Well, if this is the big ending scene where Voldemort dies.

Eric: Yeah, so I’m saying it doesn’t – Harry’s power is reduced as well, because he’s not the proper owner of the Elder Wand. When they’re…

Micah: Yes he is. He disarmed Draco.

Matt: Yeah, he disarmed Draco so he’s in possession of it.

Eric: Oh, sorry. My bad.

Micah: No, but – I mean, the whole scene takes place so quickly, maybe this is a way to draw it out a little bit more. In the book, it’s very quick. Harry reveals himself, calls him Tom, and then kills him. So…

Andrew: Yeah. All right, so I think we’re just about done with this trailer here, as we see…

Eric: Oh, oh!

Matt: Oh no.

Andrew: Oh! Yes, no?

Eric: No?

Andrew: Is it just me, or in this trailer – it turns a little black and white, like the color? All you see is the color from the wands. You don’t see – oh wait, never mind, I just got a little excited, I’m sorry.

Micah: That’s the same Harry from earlier in the trailer, maybe that shot was after he killed Voldemort, that we saw way back.

Andrew: What shot?

Eric: Do you have a time stamp?

Andrew: Of him casting the spell?

Micah: No, no, no. Of him in that jacket that you brought up, remember?

Andrew: Oh, yeah maybe. I mean it was a long day, you know, the battle.

Micah: Let’s see where…

Andrew: And finally, we see the title, Harry Potter

Micah: 1:11.

Andrew: 1:11, all right let’s look at 1:11. Here we go.

Matt: One second, guys, we’re just going to go back a little…

Andrew: Oh yeah, that’s totally in the courtyard sort of thing. He’s turning around, and he sees Voldemort, and…

Matt: And he’s like, “Do it…”

Andrew: “Oh my God, let’s Priori Incantatem!”

Matt: One more time?

Eric: [whispers] “Harry!”

Ben: [sings] “One more time…”

Trailer: 3-D

Andrew: So then we see the title card, and we see the P from Potter sort of swoop in, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, “Complete the journey in 3-D…”

Eric: And “Complete the journey in 3-D.” Oh…

Matt: Okay, how awesome, though…

Ben: Oh, okay. I am not completing the journey in 3-D. Sorry.

Andrew: When Ben watched it the first time, what did you say? [laughs]

Ben: I was like, “No, thank you.”

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Ben: “I will not be needing to do that.”

Andrew: And David Heyman had some comments today about the 3-D thing. And they said it’s not going to be over-the-top 3-D, it’s going to be – did he say “elegant 3-D”? I’m not sure. So I guess it’s just not going to be too over the top.

Matt: Well, because it wasn’t shot in 3-D. That’s probably why.

Eric: Look, I trust Heyman. I really do trust David Heyman.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: But this title card, the “3-D” keeps growing. Look at that, it’s growing with the clouds. The other words aren’t getting closer. Just the “3-D” is getting closer.

Matt: I don’t know.

Eric: And then it fades. And then they say, “In IMAX 3-D and 2-D theaters.” So it’s like…

Trailer: Music

Ben: How badass was the music?

Andrew: It was badass.

Matt: Very cool, epic. It was the most epic trailer of all time. For – at least as Harry Potter goes.

Andrew: Well…

Matt: I’m just going to say it.

Andrew: Let’s talk about – do you guys think – I mean, John Williams has to come on now, right? He went to the theme park, he was sweating in that 90 degree humidity…

Eric: Well don’t forget that the guy, the composer “Andre Desplait,”” called…

Andrew: Alexandre Desplat.

Eric: …John Williams’ – Alexandre Desplat – called John Williams’ music underutilized in the Harry Potter films. When this trailer opened, I thought it was John Williams. And then I was like, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute, no. It’s not John Williams, but it’s somebody who really appreciates his work.” Because – I guess the way it opened, it really sounded like, at first, like it was kind of something off John Williams, but it’s not. And I just think that having this composer Desplat…

Matt: Well, the composers don’t do the trailers.

Andrew: Right. They hire a separate company.

Eric: So are you saying this music is completely unrelated to the music we’re going to hear?

Andrew: Of course. Yeah, we never see…

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: And in a way, it’s almost disappointing because the trailers get us so excited partly because of the music, because it’s so epic.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: But you never hear that stuff in the film, unfortunately.

Matt: No.

Eric: What about – “Hedwig’s Theme” has been in trailers.

Andrew: Well, yeah.

Matt: Of course they add “Hedwig’s Theme”, but they do that in every trailer.

Eric: But that’s been in trailers before.

Andrew: It’s iconic.

Matt: But it’s a different company that does – it’s a trailer music company that does this.

Andrew: Yeah, we know for a fact…

Eric: I feel like this…

Andrew: No, we know for a fact that it’s separate because we did a report a few weeks ago. Some trailer company website had posted saying “Hey, we’re working on the next Harry Potter trailer.”

Matt: This was so epic, though, on so many levels, especially the music. [sighs]

Andrew: Right, okay. So that’s about it for our trailer discussion. If anybody in the chat wants to bring up anything else – I mean, we went through that thing pretty much frame-by-frame. [laughs] It took us an hour, but we did do it.

Ben: We did it!

General Thoughts on the Trailer

Andrew: Let’s talk about overall thoughts. I mean, like I said at the beginning, I think this has to be one of the greatest trailers to date, and I think it’s proven by the fact that we just spent an hour talking about it.

Matt: I want to see it again.

Eric: I don’t think that means it’s the trailer at all. I think it just means it had a lot of scenes we’ve been eager to see.

Matt: No, it wasn’t a trailer; it was a journey.

Andrew: Awwww.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Wow. I think it would be a lot different if they just had shown Part I. I don’t think we would have been able to discuss it for an hour.

Ben: I don’t think it would have been as compelling had they just shown Part I.

Micah: I agree.

Ben: Eric, if you want to see a trailer that just has one film in it, wait until after the first film comes out. And then I’m pretty sure the second trailer – the trailer for the second part is probably just going to have…

Eric: You know, Ben, you’re probably right. You are probably right.

Matt: The trailer for Part II is going to have all Part I parts.

Andrew: [laughs] So I think it’s really exciting to be able to see such a – it felt like a really long trailer, but it was only two and a half minutes and that’s pretty standard for a trailer. When do you guys think we’re going to see the next one?

Matt: Uh…

Andrew: I mean, Part I comes out in November, so what…

Andrew and Micah: August?

Matt: August, maybe.

Andrew: Jinx! Yeah, I think August.

Micah: And that will be solely for Part I.

Andrew: Right, and you know…

Eric: No, no way.

Andrew: I have to say, this really raised the bar in terms of Harry Potter trailers. Unless you…

Eric: I could do without the title cards.

Andrew: Eric may be right. They may not do a Part I trailer.

Matt: I think they might.

Eric: I just feel like they should have already. I feel like if they were ever going to do just a Part I trailer, I feel like the time has passed.

Matt: No, I think…

Eric: Because we’ve been getting – it’s not sneak peeks to what’s up and coming. They did both films even in the DVD sneak peeks. It’s not – I understand they were filmed together so it’s slightly different, but I really don’t…

Matt: They should…

Eric: There isn’t even a parts I and II. It just says Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as if it’s one whole thing.

Matt: Right. It’s not previewing Part I or Part II, it’s previewing the entire story. I think they are going to have a Deathly Hallows trailer for Part I. Maybe not as long as this one…

Eric: But they’re two separate films.

Matt: They’re two separate films, right, but this is the trailer for both parts. This is like the introduction. If you read – if you go by what the quote said in the trailer, it’s like “This is the movie event of the generation,” or all that stuff. It’s hyping you up because it’s coming, it’s finally here! I believe they’re going to have another Part I trailer just strictly for Part I so you know what you’re going to see.

Eric: Basically, that’s what I’m saying, too. If W.B. wants to make me happy, I just think that further down the line, we should get a really intimate view of Part I. Just Part I, none of this – the final battle looks awesome! I have no problems with it, but I don’t want to see it yet. I want to see Part I stuff. I want to see what kind of movie that’s going to be, because frankly I’m curious and I think that they’re focusing far too much on Part II, which is still over a year away.

Harry Potter at Comic-Con

Andrew: Well, there are some other Harry Potter news stories to talk about. We found out today that Warner Bros. will be doing a presentation at Comic-Con and it will include content from Part I presumably – well, maybe Part I and Part II

Eric: Really?

Andrew: Yeah, it was reported by the New York Times. They said Warner Bros. was going to do this. They’re also going to be screening some Green Lantern material, I think…

Eric: Ooh.

Andrew: And they’re doing this in Hall H. By the way the article was worded, it seems like they’re doing it in Hall H. Hall H is the major event space at Comic-Con. That probably means there will be stars at Comic-Con – Harry Potter stars.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: And probably a couple of crew members, too. If I were a betting man, I’m going to put my money on Heyman, Yates, Radcliffe, Grint…

Matt: Watson?

Andrew: Well – see, I don’t know about Emma anymore. She’s pulling at my heartstrings. I mean, she didn’t show up to the theme park opening, so…

Matt: She did go. Maybe she just didn’t want to go again.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Maybe she put on some weight recently and she couldn’t ride the Forbidden Journey, so she just decided not to show up at all.

[Ben sighs]

Micah: I think other things she had might have prevented her from riding the Forbidden Journey.

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, she’s got Brown, she’s got…

Matt: School. She’s got a man, she’s doing music videos. She’s in demand right now.

Andrew: Exactly. So Comic-Con is July 22nd to the 25th, something like that – late July. I just bought a Saturday pass today. Hopefully – we don’t know what day during Comic-Con the Harry Potter panel will be happening, but we know it will be sometime. I bought the Saturday panel – or Saturday ticket in hopes that it will actually be Saturday, but who knows. I’m not going to get my hopes up too much.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Andrew: In some other news LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 came out. Micah obviously has talked about this game a lot, and Micah, you got your copy the other day. How was it?

Micah: It’s great. It’s not out here in the U.S. yet – it will be out tomorrow – but it was released in the U.K., and it’s really a great game. I recommend anybody who is into the Harry Potter video games to go out there and get a copy.

Andrew: Very cool. Yeah, I’m going to be getting it once it’s released, I think. I’m excited!

Micah: Well, when it came on Saturday, it was actually addressed to Andrew Sims.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh, was it?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: You know, it’s illegal to open mail addressed to me. I could…

Matt: That’s a federal offense.

Ben: Andrew’s dad could come and smack you.

Andrew: [laughs] Smack!

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: But yeah, it’s great game play, really true to the story, and it’s very funny. I haven’t played any LEGO games before this, but I understand that comedy plays a big role into the games that they make and they definitely did a great job with this.

Matt: Have you beat the game yet?

Micah: No, no.

Eric and Matt: How far are you?

Micah: I have gotten into Year 3. It takes a lot of hours to dedicate to get through this game. It’s much better than EA Games, that’s for sure.

Eric: Micah, what did they say about multi-player when you went to the interview? Can you jump in as a multi-player anytime during the game?

Micah: Sure.

Eric: Okay.

Micah: Yeah, you have that ability. It splits screens, and you can play as two different characters. You’re always with usually Ron and Hermione so those two are always available to you and there are over 160 playable characters that you can unlock throughout the course of the game and you need those players to be able to advance in certain levels. So you can’t just solely play as Harry, or Ron, or Hermione. You have to use these other characters.


Andrew: Cool. All right, also one more – well, two announcements. First one: we need to send out a birthday wish, an actually very belated birthday wish to Taryn Parker. Her birthday was on April 30th, and she had won in the Helping Haiti Heal raffle. She won a birthday shout-out from MuggleCast, and we’re so sorry that it passed. It was sort of two months ago, but Happy Birthday Taryn! Everybody say “Happy Birthday, Taryn!”

Ben, Eric, Matt, and Micah: Happy Birthday, Taryn!

Ben: Wow!

Matt: Yay!

Ben: Better late than never.

Andrew: [laughs] Exactly. Also, if you want to have one heck of a Harry Potter summer, just in a couple of weeks, we recommend going to Infinitus 2010. Registration is actually closed, so I’m just going to say this: boy, are you missing out! [laughs]

Matt: Oh my god.

Ben: If there’s a will, there’s a way, people.

Matt: Isn’t it the most people going to a convention is this one?

Andrew: Well, they sold out registration – I think they sold out registration. They sold out of tickets for the party in the park. That’s going to be a mega event. We’re going to be going to it. It’s going to be a ton of fun, so I guess – this is weird – for the first time in like ever we can’t say “go register for Infinitus 2010.” [laughs] But visit for lots of information about the Harry Potter conference.

Ben: Find a way to get in. Just find a way.

Andrew: We are doing a Harry Potter podcast, and more details will be announced about that soon.

Matt: Oh, it’s exciting!

Ben: Oh my gosh.

Matt: OMG – sorry.

Show Close

Andrew: Hey, thanks everyone for listening. We had close to 2,000 viewers at the peak here, just about ten, fifteen minutes ago…

Matt: Nice.

Andrew: So thanks everyone. It’s great to know that you all are really into Harry Potter and caring about what we think about it, and this show will be online if you want to listen to it again.

Matt: Yay! There are two Harry Potter trends on Twitter.

Andrew: Yeah, I know. Harry Potter is trending well. We didn’t get MuggleCast to trend but we didn’t try so…

Matt: The Deathly Hallows trailer is the top one.

Eric: Andrew, what’s with MuggleNet here? I just get this trailer info. Can I get the regular MuggleNet back with the old news stories that I…

Andrew: Not right now! We had to switch to a special because it was loaded…

Eric: Hang on. Special? By special do you mean limited?

Andrew: Thanks, Eric. Thanks a lot.

Eric: Do you mean easy on the server?

Matt: Do you mean special as in it’s just the trailer that’s the most epic?

Ben: He means special like you’re special, Eric.

Andrew: [laughs] Simple, simple. “Special” meaning simple, Eric…

Eric: Reduced? Economy? It’s the economy MuggleNet?

Andrew: Well, quite frankly, MuggleNet would not load all day so we had to switch to this or else the site would have been completely down.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: And I’m surprised this survived. [laughs] So visit, you can watch the trailer again and again and again, and the regular site will be back. Maybe we’ll put it back up tomorrow night – or sorry, tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. So again, thanks everyone for listening, it’s been a really fun show. We’ll have a new episode out again in a couple weeks. As you all probably know, we put an episode out every other week.

Ben: And how do they get a hold of us, Andrew?

Andrew: Visit for lots of information about the show. You can contact us there, you can follow us on Twitter

Ben: Yeah,

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: You can…

Eric: Is there an underscore or a hyphen in that, or…

Ben: Or it’s just B-E-N-S-C-H-O-E-N, that’s how…

Andrew: You can also visit our Facebook page at

Eric: I was hoping…

Andrew: No plug for your Facebook, Ben?

Ben: Oh, my Facebook? [pauses]

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Ben: Just to put that out there, I used to be and then someone stole the domain…

Andrew: Oh no!

Ben: So…

Andrew: And you can also – again, everything you could want is right there on Thanks again everyone for listening…

Ben: Andrew, say “BobFail”. People want you to say “BobFail”.

Matt: Oh yes.

Andrew: A BobFail to everyone! Actually, this show did not have any BobFails – it went very well. We had a short power outage right before we started the show, but other than that, it went great.

Matt: Yay.

Andrew: Again, BobFail to you all. BobWin. BobWin.

Ben and Matt: BobWin.

Andrew: So again, [laughs] thanks everyone for listening – I’m kind of stalling because I can’t decide what song I want to play…

Ben: How did we lie? Everyone’s saying we lied about something. I don’t know what we lied about.

Andrew: What did we lie about?

Matt: Oh, about it being a bad show.

Andrew: No. [laughs]

Matt: I don’t know.

Ben: That was easy.

Andrew: They’re taking…

Ben: They want the easy button. Hit it.

Andrew: All right, here’s the easy button.

[Andrew presses the easy button]

Andrew, Eric, and Matt: Yay!

Ben: Woo! And everyone’s pissed because you started early, Andrew. I am too, actually, because…

Andrew: Oh, I’m sorry…

Ben: …I was in the middle of something, and you were like, “Get over here right now.”

Matt: I was going to eat.

Andrew: Well, we decided to start at 8 PM Eastern instead of 9 PM, because what are we going to do, wait around for two hours? We wanted to get our reactions as quick as possible.

Eric: I think it was because PotterCast was also on UStream at the same time, and we had to not let our listeners wander over there.

Ben: Oh, I got a promo on PotterCast before I left my apartment.

Andrew: Oh good. No wonder we have so many listeners.

Ben: Oh, John put the camera on me, he was like, “What do you think, Ben?” And I was like, “Oh, for my thoughts, tune in to MuggleCast here in about an hour!”

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: And he switched the camera away really quick…

Eric: Ben, you win – that’s a BenWin like that. Ah.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. Well, listen everyone, thanks again for listening. We really appreciate your support. We’re glad you all had a great time. I don’t know what song to end with, so can I take some requests?

Ben: Oh. Can you end with…?

Eric: Romance – “Bad Romance.”

Matt: “California Gurls.”

Andrew: I don’t have that.

Ben: Can you end with…?

Eric: “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa.

Ben: Yeah right.

Andrew: What?

Matt: Yeah, no.

Ben: Yeah, no, Eric Scull. Can you just go and throw on a – throw on…

Andrew: How about…

Ben: “…Beautiful Day”?

Andrew: Yeah, I was totally going to do a U2 – how about – can we do “Vertigo” since it involves kneeling?

Eric: Oh no, we can’t do “Vertigo.” That song has made too many appearances on MuggleCast.

Andrew: No it hasn’t.

Ben: Yeah it has.

Andrew: Has it?

Eric: Yes it has.

Andrew: All right, fine. Fine.

Matt: How about “Bulletproof”?

Andrew: No, too late. “Beautiful Day” it is.

[“Beautiful Day” by U2 begins playing]

Andrew: So, thanks everyone for listening. It’s been a beautiful day in the Harry Potter fandom.

Matt: Hedwig, no!

Ben: Hogwarts is in ruins.

Eric: [laughs] Hogwarts is in ruins.

Andrew: Thanks everyone for listening. I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I’m Ben Schoen. [pronounced “Show-en”]

Eric: I’m Eric Scull.

Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I’m Matt Britton!

Andrew: We’ll see you next time for Episode 203. Bye-bye everyone, have a good – have a good night.

[Ben sings along with music]