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MuggleCast 209 Transcript

Show Intro

[Intro music begins]

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[“Hedwig’s Theme” plays]

David Heyman: Hello this is David Heyman and I’m the producer of the Harry Potter films and this is MuggleCast.

[Show music begins]

Andrew: Hello everybody! [laughs] Welcome to MuggleCast Live, September 22nd, 2010 and the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I was released and joining me via Skype is Micah Tannenbaum. Hello, Micah.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Micah?


Andrew: Oh great, Micah. Don’t tell me you just crashed too?

Micah: No, I was just on mute. Sorry.

Quick Trailer Roundtable

Andrew: Oh, good job, geez. Okay, well, at least that wasn’t my fault. So anyway, welcome everyone to the show. Matt’s going to be joining us in a little bit. So, Micah, have you watched the trailer yet? [laughs]

Micah: Yes, I was actually able to watch the trailer once. I’m going through it right now, trying to pick out some things. But I do have to say, I am really impressed with this trailer. A lot of people were concerned about Part I not living up to the action of Part II and I think there’s plenty of action in this trailer. What about you?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. And, you know what? You are absolutely right. That was one of the initial concerns and I think W.B. has absolutely proven everybody wrong, there is a lot. And we learned that the split is so late in the book that we actually see – there’s plenty of action to put into Part I.

Micah: Yeah, absolutely, and I think with this trailer they really did a great job focusing in on that action. There’s no question about it. And I really do think this is shaping up to be a good movie.

Andrew: Well, thanks everybody for tuning in. Now, if you remember last time, our last trailer show, we basically just went through the trailer scene-by-scene and talked about every little thing. So, Micah, if it’s okay with you, I think we should just do that same thing again.

Micah: If we don’t encounter anymore technical difficulties then, absolutely, let’s do that.

Andrew: Actually, I wasn’t even going to give you any option.

Micah: Oh.

Andrew: I was just telling you what’s going to happen.

Micah: Oh, okay.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: See, this is what everybody doesn’t hear when we record not live.

Andrew: I take out my whip and I crack it on the MuggleCast news desk and I say, “Micah! This is what we’re going to do.” Okay, so, let’s get into it. I’m just going to load up the trailer right now and we’re going to go scene-by-scene. Maybe for old time’s sake we should watch it all the way through first?

Micah: Sure. You’re going to play it for everybody?

Andrew: Yeah. I don’t know if you’re going to be able to hear it though.

Micah: I can press play at the same time. How about that?

Andrew: All right. Start it at the beginning. Everybody watching on UStream will be able to see it just fine through UStream. All right Micah? On three hit play.

Micah: All right.

Andrew: You’re going to want to mute you’re copy because you’re going to hear it through my computer. Okay? One, two, three. Now, this is my favorite part. This vibrant green is the best color they’ve chosen for the warning – okay, here we go.

[Micah laughs]

[Deathly Hallows trailer plays]

Andrew: All right! So anyway…

[Trailer continues to play in the background]

Scene-by-Scene: W.B. Logo

Andrew: Get this off. I mean you can’t watch that trailer and say that there is not enough action in Part I. There is plenty to go around. So let’s start right at the beginning and just like we did for the last trailer – that major one that included both parts, we are going to discuss every little scene that we see. Okay, now we start with the W.B. logo here, and I think this is my favorite W.B. logo. Isn’t it your’s, Micah?

Micah: Oh yeah, the logo is great. It reminds me of all the pictures.

Andrew: Didn’t Eric complain last episode about the way that W.B. logo swooped in – it was very odd.

Micah: I don’t think Eric ever complains about anything.

Scene-by-Scene: The Ministry

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, so first scene is of the Ministry. We see them in the long main corridor. This is where everybody comes in via fireplace and we see Rufus Scrimgeour right at the front. And this is actually, I think, the first time we’re getting a glimpse at his voice, right?

Micah: Yeah, I think so.

Andrew: And he sounds pretty good. He doesn’t sound as bad as Barty Crouch Jr. did in Goblet of Fire, I was severely disappointed by that when I first heard his voice.

Micah: It was a little weird.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: And all the twitching that he did.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. And we get the shot of the back of him again and we hear him say the following:

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “These are dark times, there is no denying.”

Andrew: [laughs] And you get the good look at his face. And I love the way that he drones on. “These are dark times, there is no denying.”

Micah: Yeah, and the other thing is, I think this is exactly how the movie opens up, from what Eric and Emerson told us…

Andrew: Did they say that?

Micah: …is this scene. I believe they did. Am I making that up?

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: If they didn’t say it on the podcast I think Eric told me this is how the movie opens up.

Andrew: Okay.

Micah: So you’re getting that very ominous tone right from the get-go.

Scene-by-Scene: Dumbledore’s Tomb

Andrew: So then we get the look at Dumbledore’s tomb, which is – it looks like – [laughs] I’m sorry, but what’s going on here? Why is Dumbledore’s tomb the bottom of a Jenga puzzle?

Micah: [laughs] Yeah. I kind of was trying to think what puzzle to call it, but that’s probably the most accurate. I think maybe LEGO Harry Potter got a little bit of a deal in this whole thing.

Andrew: Oh no! That’s exactly what it is. Oh. Not good.

Micah: But yeah, it looked a little bit weird, like they were opening something out of The Da Vinci Code.

Andrew: Yeah. I – now of course I don’t have the description off the top of my head, but – from the book – but surely J.K. Rowling did not describe it as a basic rectangle standing with two smaller rectangles underneath of it.

Micah: Probably not.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: But you would think that wherever Dumbledore would be buried it would be very secure and only somebody who is as intelligent and as well-versed in magic as Voldemort would be able to open his tomb.

Andrew: Yeah. Okay, so that’s disappointment one of this trailer.

Micah: But they’re a little too close for comfort there, though.

Andrew: What do you mean?

Micah: In that shot with – it’s very ominous, very eerie – of Voldemort hanging over Dumbledore.

Andrew: Oh, okay. Right. So we get to…

Micah: Did I jump ahead?

Andrew: Yeah, you kind of did. [laughs]

Micah: Sorry.

Andrew: The shot of Voldemort sticking his head into the tomb face to face with Dumbledore. And this was the preview we saw at Comic Con. We saw this shot. This is what I was trying to describe to you a few weeks ago. And I think it’s fair to say this is one of the eeriest scenes that has ever hit the Harry Potter films, am I right?

Micah: Yeah, absolutely. It’s just – what happens? Is this the exact same shot that they showed you, there wasn’t any more after it?

Andrew: No, this is it. We saw…

Micah: He didn’t say anything?

Andrew: During the Comic – we didn’t hear him say anything, I don’t think. During the Comic Con preview we just saw this shot right here of Voldemort and Dumbledore. A little bit wider, but – [laughs]. I wonder – okay. Do you think that’s actually Michael Gambon, or is that a fake…

Micah: It may be fake.

Andrew: I’m thinking it’s fake, too. Because if it wasn’t, if it was a real Michael Gambon, he totally would have done a couple joke takes where he just wakes up…

Micah: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: …and just laughs.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Micah: I was thinking that, I was thinking that Michael Gambon wouldn’t take that scene too seriously at the very beginning…

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: …he’d be making the directors waste a lot of different takes and money, so.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. [laughs]

Micah: Maybe it was a prosthetic Dumbledore.

Andrew: Yeah, I think so. I think so. My set report will reveal that information in due time.

Micah: Oh, okay. I’m glad to hear that.

Scene-by-Scene: Trio Standing Around

Andrew: So [laughs] you know what we do – I do have to admit – what we do get a lot of in this trailer and in pictures that we’ve seen released, and the past two trailers is we get a lot of Harry, Ron, and Hermione standing in the middle of nowhere. Now, granted, that happens in the book, yes – and this was the concern, like you brought up at the top of the hour, Micah, or ten minutes ago. People are worried that there won’t be enough action, and so we see this shot of Harry standing on a cliff, I believe this location was also used for the Pixar film “Up” And we see a tent in the background, presumably Ron and Hermione are in there, but what do you think is going to be going on during these scenes when Harry’s just standing around?

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Micah, you’re on your mute button again. You really need to stop putting that on your earbud.

Micah: No, no, what happened was I tried to bring up the UStream here, and an ad blasted on through the speakers, so I figured you didn’t want to have to listen to that.

Andrew: Oh, okay. Well thank you, you’re very thoughtful. But did you hear what I said?

Micah: No. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Harry – what are they going to be doing during these scenes when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are standing in the middle of nowhere? For example, the shot I have up right now, at twenty-one seconds in, Harry is just standing on the cliff, on the rocks, staring around. There seems like there’s going to be a lot of these during the film.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: So…

Micah: I think that’s – that’s probably what a fan’s biggest concern is going to be going into this film, is having too much of these types of moments. It is a little bit worrisome, I’m sure David Yates did a great job mixing them in, but I…

Andrew: As long as they’re all one to five seconds…

Micah: …I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Andrew: …they can’t be too long.

Micah: Yeah. The hard part is, though, for a large part of the beginning of Deathly Hallows, this is what is going on, though. They’re traveling around from one place to another.

Andrew: Right.

Micah: I know Eric said that what made it was the fact that some of the places that they go to have these great landscapes, so I don’t – to me, that’s not going to help me like that scene any more, just because they happen to be in a really nice place.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: [laughs] So…

Andrew: “The scene sucks, but at least it looks cool.” [laughs]

Micah: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: And if you’re just joining us, thank you for tuning in. It’s Micah and I here. We’re discussing the Deathly Hallows trailer that was just released about forty five minutes ago. Of course, the Internet is in a frenzy over this trailer. I presume, Micah, it’s the final trailer we’re going to be getting for Part I, right?

Micah: I would say this is probably it. Yeah, I don’t see anything else coming around, maybe a short thirty second…

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: …deal, but they’ll probably chop up parts from this. I really don’t think that they can give away that much more at this point.

Scene-by-Scene: Hermione, The Burrow and Dumbledore

Andrew: Yeah, so then we see Hermione and Hermione is just – this is another one of those shots that I was talking about – Hermione is just standing there looking a little emo. Then, next shot we get – this is actually – something about this shot I really like – it’s Ron standing in front of The Burrow and he’s sort of just all alone, and you can see Mrs. Weasley and Ginny in the background, and there’s something very artistic about it. There’s nothing else really to say about it, but…

Micah: Now, this shot that you have up now of the river. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh, what about it? It’s a split second long.

Micah: No, I was – I was just joking.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh, okay. Moving along, a couple quick flashes, then we get to ghostly Dumbledore and it’s a very brief shot and we saw it in the TV spot so that was really nothing to…

Micah: That’d be cool on a ride, to have ghostly Dumbledore pop up…

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: …as you’re on the roller coaster or something.

Scene-by-Scene: Harry and Hermione in the Cemetery

Andrew: Yeah, well, if recent news is to be believed, then hopefully we will be seeing a double in size Wizarding World theme park but we’ll save that for another episode of MuggleCast. As we move along, we get to Hermione and Harry in the cemetery looking at James and Lily Potter’s grave. What does it say at the very bottom? “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” Aw, isn’t that nice. Now, I hope – has everyone gotten a good look at the grave yet? Because we want to make sure there are no issues like there was the Goblet of Fire grave scene when there was a major mistake on that that Warner Bros. had to fix. Do you remember that?

Micah: Yeah, yeah I do.

Andrew: Right, okay.

Micah: Little bit of a conflict, yeah.

Andrew: Oh my gosh, I noticed Harry has stubble and facial hair! [laughs] This really is a road movie, ladies and gentlemen.

Micah: Well, he is what? Twenty in real life?

Andrew: Right.

Micah: So, I would hope that he does.

Andrew: I’m not saying that’s a surprise.

Micah: Oh.

Andrew: It’s just that they always are shaved, [laughs] but this is a road movie.

Micah: Well, yeah, they’re on the road man!

Andrew: Tough times. I don’t know, but Hermione’s got that giant bag that you could put a…

Micah: Hermione doesn’t have any stubble going on, which is good.

Scene-by-Scene: Two-Way Mirror

Andrew: We’ll have to check to make sure in the hi-res version, but as of right now, it looks like no. Okay, so then we get the close-up shot of Harry and he’s looking into the two-way mirror and you see Aberforth in it, but it totally looks like Michael Gambon. [laughs] Do you think?

Micah: Yeah. Do you remember when Harry first looks into it, he thinks he sees Dumbledore?

Andrew: Right.

Micah: The Dumbledore that he knows, so perhaps, they did use Michael Gambon for that scene.

Andrew: Well, that’s what I was just thinking. Are we seeing this through Harry’s perspective, so we actually do see Michael Gambon?

Micah: It’s possible, because the next scene is Dumbledore falling off the Astronomy Tower.

Andrew: Yeah, and you see the blackened hand. Of course, this is a clip from Half-Blood Prince. I can’t remember the dialogue that was happening at this exact moment.

Micah: He looks comfortable there though.

Andrew: Dumbledore falling? [laughs]

Micah: He looks comfortable.

Andrew: Have you seen the end of the movie?

Micah: Yeah!

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: Well, when you’re dead, I mean you are kind of comfortable.

Micah: He’s not, he’s not – yeah, I guess.

Andrew: I mean, you can’t show any emotion.

Micah: You’re just kind of floating out there.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort Casting A Spell

Andrew: Yeah, I guess. And then, we see Voldemort, he’s casting a spell [laughs]. And honestly, he’s doing it oddly, I think this is when he has, uh – who does he have? – could this be when he has Bertha Jorkins? I think this is when Bertha Jorkins is standing there, or is floating in the middle of the air. Or [Charity] Burbage! Thank you, to everyone in the chat. I’ve got my books mixed up. We’re doing Goblet of Fire Chapter-by-Chapter right now. And I’m very confused. But, okay, so that’s probably what’s going on in this spot. And Matt is joining us.

Recorded Voice: The person whom you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.

Andrew: Hello Matt!

Matt: Hello everybody.

Andrew: Hold on. Let’s get you on camera, to make sure you’re actually here. Oh, look, he is actually here! Welcome to the show.

Matt: Oh thanks.

Andrew: You’re actually just in time because Micah’s in New York City where there was just a power outage, so the power just died where he is.

Matt: Oh, nice.

Andrew: So, it’s just you and me.

Matt: So you’ve been by yourself?

Andrew: No, like literally ten seconds ago, he left.

Matt: Hasn’t New York already suffered a power outage too?

Andrew: Uh, they’re suffering it right now.

Matt: No, but they did before, a tornado hit them or something.

Andrew: Ah, that’s right, maybe they did. But this is not the WeatherCast, this is MuggleCast, so lets get back into the trailer here! Matt…

Matt: Okay, I haven’t seen it yet.

Andrew: Well, good, you can play the role of the person who hasn’t seen the trailer.

Matt: Great. Can I play the role of the person who’s seen it though pretty soon?

Scene-by-Scene: Old Footage

Andrew: [laughs] Yes. So, we get the shot of Dumbledore. And – or sorry, Voldemort – we talked about that. We get to a shot of Harry. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is from the Order of the Phoenix.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Because – and somebody brought this up on my Twitter feed – there’s a couple of times when they actually reuse clips. And honestly, it’s kind of annoying. Micah, welcome back.

Micah: Sorry about that. We had a huge thunderstorm come through here, and, of course, the power goes out after the fact, not during.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: So, I think tonight is just a technical nightmare all across the board.

Andrew: I think it is too.

Matt: Hey Micah!

Micah: Hey Matt, what’s going on?

Matt: Nothing much, just chillin’.

Micah: You chillin’?

Matt: Apparently, there’s a trailer that just got released too.

Micah: Really? I had no idea.

Andrew: All right, so we’re at 40 seconds in, if you’re following along at home. We see a black crow. Or is this an owl? [laughs]

Micah: It’s Hedwig, charred.

Scene-by-Scene: Birds, Symbols, & Snakes

Andrew: [laughs] We fixed her, she’s free! But she’s charred. So, I guess that’s a hard call. I think that’s some sort of bird. I’m assuming it’s an owl.

Matt: Can I just watch this freaking trailer or something?

Andrew: Yeah, watch it to yourself.

Matt: Okay, I’m going to watch it to myself.

Andrew: Okay, so then at 41 seconds, we get a shot of the – we see the Deathly Hallows symbol, and then we get a shot of Harry. This trailer’s just full of [laughs] random, quick, one-second shots. We see the snake. We see Ron on the ground. We see the Gryffindor Sword. These are all, keep in mind, these are all happening second by split second.

Micah: Yeah, they try to sneak things in there.

Scene-by-Scene: Fire

Andrew: Yeah, but nothing really too discussion worthy, which is why I’m moving through it pretty quickly. We see Harry on the ground. It’s…

Micah: What’s the fire in there? Can you close in on the fire?

Andrew: The fire, I think, is when they – it’s in Hogwarts when Draco sets the fire, isn’t it?

Micah: Okay, well, is it all from Part I or…?

Andrew: Oh, yeah, you’re right.

Micah: Or are they slicing in clips?

Andrew: You see the snake, so…

Micah: Could it be at Lovegood’s home possibly?

Andrew: Yeah, it could be. You see some shrubbery outside.

Micah: Anybody in the chat? Any ideas?

Andrew: Some people are saying it’s – yeah, they may be right. Bathilda, when she turns into Nagini, when she turns into a snake.

Micah: She can turn herself on fire?

Andrew: I don’t know – that is – maybe she knocks over a lamp or something, and it catches fire! Then we get the shot of Harry. He’s just laying there on the ground. And then we get – who’s house is this? Is this Hermione’s? No.

Micah: Where are we now?

Scene-by-Scene: Malfoy Manor

Andrew: At 45 seconds in, we see the mansion.

Micah: I’m trying to bring the stream back up, but that stupid ad is playing again.

Andrew: I’m sorry. We’re at 45 seconds in, where we see a mansion.

Micah: Is it Malfoy Manor or not yet?

Andrew: Oh, that must be it, yes. I think this is the first time we’re getting a look at the outside of it, though, in the trailer, which is why I didn’t pick up on it immediately.

[Matt laughs]

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort and Snape, Umbridge

Andrew: But it’s kind of odd. You see these two – Malfoy Manor, the front lawn, it’s like they have two Christmas tree farms on either side of the front gate, and they’re closed in. They’re just sort of sitting there. Kind of strange. Okay, so Voldemort – and then we see this great shot of Snape talking to Voldemort, and he says the following:

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “…infiltrated the Ministry.”

Andrew: Well, let’s rewind that so we can hear that properly again. Snape says the following:

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “We have infiltrated the Ministry.”

Andrew: “We have infiltrated the Ministry.” And then we get our first look at Umbridge! I’ve been looking forward to seeing her for so long, and she’s in a very white pink.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Micah, your analysis on the white pink.

Micah: It still doesn’t make her look…

Matt: Dobby!

Micah: I can hear the trailer in the background…

Andrew: That’s probably from Matt’s…

Micah: The playback.

Andrew: That’s probably from Matt’s mic.

Micah: Yeah, I’m getting some playback.

Scene-by-Scene: Magic is Might

Andrew: Okay. So, at 48 seconds in, we get to the shot of the “Magic is Might” statue. Now, this is the first time we’re getting a look at this, too. It’s in the center of the Ministry of Magic, and we see what looks like Muggles holding up the statue. It’s very eerie because – and this is obviously a very intense visual.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Micah, are you there?

Micah: Yes, I’m here.

Andrew: Do you have anything to say about this “Magic is Might” statue?

Micah: Yeah, it’s definitely creepy. That’s for sure. And the picture you showed before with Umbridge looking hot in that pink dress, that was creepy, too, because you saw how everybody was lined up. It almost was reminiscent of what you would see in a movie that would have parts of the Holocaust in it. You know, the guy that’s there with the clipboard, ready to check people in. And then you see this statue of, like you said, these Muggles supporting the “Magic is Might” statue, and we got a really good shot, a good photo of this statue, at least the top part of it where is said “Magic is Might,” earlier today.

Andrew: Right, and at the bottom here of this shot, at 48 seconds in, you can see some Ministry officials running towards a wizard or two, towards the bottom of the shot. Do you see that? If you scroll back and forth, you can see them moving at the bottom, and it’s hard to tell who exactly they’re chasing after, but…

Micah: Oh yeah.

Matt: Well, there is a chase scene in the Ministry.

Andrew: Yeah, I wonder if this is – oh, I guess this is Harry and Hermione. Could it…?

Matt: Well, isn’t it right after that shot when Harry does a spell towards the camera? I mean, it could be in sequence because right after that, they start running.

Micah: Now, who are these people next to Umbridge? One of them is Pius Thicknesse, who took over.

Andrew: Is one of them Ludo? I think the guy on the far right is Ludo?

Micah: Ludo’s in Goblet of Fire. I don’t think he’s in…

Matt: Ludo Bagman?

Andrew: I’m trying to remember – oh, somebody…

Micah: There’s Yaxley.

Andrew: Yeah, Yaxley, Thicknesse, and some people are saying – I don’t know. Nobody’s really sure. Thicknesse.

Matt: Thicknesse. Yeah, Thickness?

Andrew: Runcorn. People think it’s also Runcorn. And we haven’t seen these actors yet, so I guess we would have to go just by what’s happening in the book.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: But Umbridge looks good, and it’s refreshing to see Umbridge. I mean, you can tell Imelda Staunton, who plays her, she’s still got it. She’s still got that smirk.

Matt: She’s thrilled to be there.

Andrew: She’s got that smirk, that hair.

Micah: Somebody in the chat wants to know if you’ve read the books, gosh.

Matt: No, God – dang, she’s right.

Scene-by-Scene: Ministry Officials

Andrew: Okay, so then we get the shot of the Ministry officials, and like Micah said, they got their clipboards, they’re checking people in presumably. And they have that red armband around their shoulder on the left, I noticed. Micah, what is that reminiscent of?

Micah: Nazi Germany.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Now, I’m wondering if that was described in the book – with the red arm bands?

Micah: You know, I don’t remember the arm – I don’t know if that’s something that Yates added to the film. I remember Eric talking about it when he did the short podcast with Emerson after they saw the film, and I forget – he said there was something on them, I forget what it was though.

Andrew: Maybe he was talking about that because that stands out! That was the first thing that I noticed in the wide shot that they were wearing those.

Micah: Mhm.

Andrew: Presumably, they have little “m”s on them.

Micah: Yeah, yeah. Maybe that was it.

Andrew: So then we see a shot of the trio and they’re walking across the giant hilltop again with these scenic shots…

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: …so we’re not sure what they’re going to do with all these, unless it’s going to be a nice long montage of all the scenic shots.

Matt: Well, isn’t it in the book – a wizard is supposed to be sitting on a whole bunch of Muggles?

Andrew: Yeah, we talked about that before.

Matt: Was I not listening to it?

Andrew: The statue.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: When you were watching the trailer.

Matt: Sorry.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort and Nagini

Andrew: So we get past those shots then we see a shot of Voldemort and he’s petting Nagini. [laughs]

Micah: Yeah, that was a little creepy, a little weird.

Andrew: And you see his nails. He needs to wash out his nails or something, it’s about time. Then Voldemort – to get back up to speed here, let’s hear what Voldemort is saying.

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “I must be the one to kill Harry Potter.”

Andrew: So, Voldemort says that and then it kicks off into another montage of fast action clips and we see Nagini – what’s the correct verb – slithering down the table, [laughs] and you can see quite a few people in the shot. We can see Snape, Draco, his father, Bellatrix, Narcissa, and a couple other unknowns.

Matt: Purely shot for the sake of 3D though.

Micah: Is that Yaxley across the table from Lucius? Because we just saw him in the Ministry right?

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Micah: Because it’s Yaxley that chases them down and ends up on the foot – the doorstep of Grimmauld Place.

Scene-by-Scene: London

Andrew: Yeah, you’re right, and speaking of that we’re going to get to one of those shots soon. We see the trio – this is actually kind of clever, this will be a cool entrance – we see a shot of them Apparate into London, and as soon as they Apparate in they’re right in front of a bus, [laughs] and it looks like in the next shot you see them back away just in time. [laughs] That’s kind of funny.

Micah: That would have been a bad end to the movie.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, it would have been. So then we see a couple shots and they’re like “Oh my god, I cannot believe we just Apparated in front of a bus. Go figure!” So then we see a couple more shots and these were seen in the original teaser trailer too.

Matt: Right.

Scene-by-Scene: The Dursley’s House

Andrew: And then we get to Grimmauld Place, and Harry lets Mad-Eye in. This is, of course – oh no, no, no.

Matt: No, this is the Dursley’s home.

Andrew: This is the Dursley’s home, right.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Because I was going to say, wait, he’s dead. Okay, so they get into the Dursleys’ home, and this is where we see the Dursleys’ home is evacuated, the Dursleys have left. As you can see, none of their furniture or kitchen appliances are – they’re nowhere to be found.

Matt: Because they just moved.

Andrew: And the layout of this house – correct me if I’m wrong – this is different than what we saw in Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets.

Matt: We never see the left side of the living room.

Andrew: But look where the kitchen is in relation to the living room.

Matt: Well no, it’s – it’s not directly next to each other. I mean, it’s – they’re two different rooms.

Andrew: They’re next to each other in the trailer though.

Matt: Are they? Oh.

Scene-by-Scene: The Seven Potters

Andrew: Yes, I’m looking at 1:05. Okay, so then we get our first look, finally, at the seven Potters and this too was in the Comic Con – Comic Con preview. But it was so fast you couldn’t even see. [laughs] You couldn’t – you didn’t have a good chance to look at what was going on. So we see – so we see, of course, the seven Harrys and this looks good. It looks real. It doesn’t look – it doesn’t look digitized, it doesn’t look fake.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: And in a couple of interviews Dan Radcliffe commented on, you know, some really cool technology, apparently that they used to create this scene where the camera just replicated the shot seven times and then they – they were able to, you know, do seven takes. Of course, it – it took multiple takes for each shot so – for each Harry. Micah, any comments about this?

Micah: Yeah, like you guys said, it looks really cool. I’m trying to make out who’s in the background. It looks like Lupin, Hagrid…

Andrew: And Arthur.

Micah: I can’t – and Arthur, yeah.

Andrew: Hagrid’s head is just… [laughs]. He’s just…

Micah: Just clears the ceiling.

Matt: Hitting the ceiling, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly [laughs].

Matt: It looks good. Harry looks really good in a female shirt or blouse. That – that has to be Fleur.

Andrew: Yeah. In the blue?

Matt: Yeah.

Scene-by-Scene: The Wedding

Andrew: Yeah. Okay, so moving along, we see the exterior of the wedding – the wedding scene, because we see the Burrow…

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: And then there’s the long pink carpet and then the party tent. And you can see Mr. Weasley’s shack there, too, off the left.

Matt: Yeah, and the barn.

Andrew: Yeah. That made an appearance. So this is the – the scene where we hear Kingsley say the following:

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “They’re coming. They’re coming.”

Matt: Oh, I was so excited.

Andrew: Now that’s – that’s definitely not how I pictured it in the – when I read it in the book. Was it for you guys?

Matt: Well it’s not what he says. I mean he says “the Ministry has fallen, Scrimgeour’s dead, they’re coming.”

Andrew: Right, well hopefully they – they included those other lines.

Matt: Right.

Andrew: They were just – they just cut it down for the trailer.

Micah: It didn’t sound like Kingsley though.

Andrew: You don’t think so?

Matt: I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Kingsley to really connect it too, unless they do like an obvious, oh that’s Kingsley’s patronus.

Andrew: Well maybe you see him sending it.

Matt: Hopefully.

Andrew: So then we get a good look at the wedding party. Or, I mean, everybody who attended the wedding party. Oh wait, at 1:11 you see somebody’s head in the Patronus but – and that does not look like Kingsley.

Micah: I’m trying to make this out.

Andrew: Do you see what I’m – I’m looking at? 1:15, there’s this screaming head.

Micah: They brought back the shrunken heads? No.

Andrew: No, it’s definitely not.

Matt: Is it not his patronus?

Andrew: Oh some people are saying it’s Scrimgeour dying. I guess so, the nose looks a little – it doesn’t – you know what it looks like, it looks like Jim Dale, to be perfectly honest [laughs]. But…

Micah: Yeah, it does.

Andrew: Oh they’re saying it’s Fudge. Some people are saying it’s Fudge. But it doesn’t really look like him either.

Matt: Is Fudge even credited in this film?

Andrew: Grindelwald…

Matt: Is he an actor?

Andrew: A lot of ideas going on in the chat on Ustream.

Micah: Well, no. Grindelwald isn’t dead yet.

Andrew: Greyback. Pettigrew. Ehh…

Matt: Pettigrew?

Micah: Well, there is this scene later on I was trying to figure out who Voldemort and Pettigrew were going after.

Andrew: Well, somebody brought up in the chat a good point. In the USA Today article they have a bit of dialogue and they say it is Kingsley saying ‘They are coming’, so it’s definitely him saying it.

Matt: Yeah! Why wouldn’t it be. It’s him in the book.

Andrew: Well, because Micah said it wasn’t.

Matt: Oh. Micah.

Andrew: Okay, so…

Micah: What? What did I say?

Andrew: No. Nothing.

Micah: He’s making shit up. I shouldn’t [laughs] have said that either.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: But we’re live, and you can’t edit anything out.

Andrew: So we get to – I just want to go back for a second and look at the party scene. We see all the attendees seeing the Patronus come in, and we see quite a few people here, and this is at 1:10. We see Hagrid, Ginny, Ron – jeez who else do we see? Fleur, Bill, perhaps Arthur.

Matt: That’s going to be such an awesome scene. They’re going through all the tunnels and stuff.

Andrew: Somebody said – oh yeah, there’s Luna right there in the dress. I think that – we see her back at least. Madame Maxime, of course right next to Hagrid [laughs] looking very tall as always. So the Patronus scene again with the mysterious head that we have no idea who that is…

Micah: Maybe we can ask Eric at some point later for the next episode and get a little clarification on what’s going on there.

Andrew: Yeah. Then we see the shot of Hermione and Mrs. Weasley, and they’re staring at the Patronus looking all scared. [laughs] Oh, Mrs. Weasley. She looks great. [laughs] She looks so terrified, and look at that – who’s that behind Mrs. Weasley? It’s Aunt Muriel. Dun duh duh duh dah! First look. This is at 1:12 if you’re following along at home.

Micah: So did you always plan on intro-ing her like that?

Andrew: No. It sort of just came to mind.

Micah: She – I don’t know – I don’t think she would like that kind of intro.

Andrew: Dun duh duh duh dah! First look. No?

Micah: Yeah. Maybe.

Matt: No.

Andrew: We then see Harry, and he’s looking outside of the wedding tent and then the shot up into the clouds, and it’s – I presume it’s – yeah – Death Eaters showing up sending spells at the wedding. Now the way the trailer sets it up we see Hermione grabbing on to Ron. We see Harry. Then we see Lupin say ‘Go go go’…

Micah: Is that Draco?

Andrew: Where?

Micah: Behind Ron and Hermione in that shot.

Matt: Oh. I’m trying to see.

Andrew: No.

Matt: No. It’s not.

Micah: Okay. Looked like him for…

Andrew: It’s a very – he’s got the same hair, but it’s not.

Matt: It seems like – in the book it seemed like it happened so fast, but in this they’re going to like linger for a bit and show some damage.

Andrew: Yeah. Oh and look who it is. It’s Fred! Is it? Oh wait no. Who is this with – is it Fred? It is Fred, he’s got the headband around him. I was so looking forward to seeing the missing ear. Aw.

Matt: I’m sure you’ll live Andrew. You don’t want to see a disfigured head – wait what are you looking at? Because I’m looking at the feed and I’m not seeing anything. I’m seeing Lupin holding Harry.

Andrew: Yeah, but in the background right to Lupin’s left. Oh George. George. Sorry I get them two confused. George is the one with the missing ear and you see him right here at 1:17 and he’s wearing the headband, which kind of disappoints me I was hoping we’d just see this giant gaping hole in the back of his head.

Micah: Yeah the easy way to remember it is that Fred’s dead.

Andrew: Fred dead. Right

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: That’s so sad.

Andrew: Jeez. Okay so we see Harry and Harry’s obviously – there’s Ginny right here so this is when Harry’s trying to run after Ginny, but Lupin insists that no you must go, you must run and this is the one scene that gave me chills in this trailer out of [laughs] Lupin’s got kind of a funny face on him.

Matt: No!

MuggleCast 209 Transcript (continued)

Scene-by-Scene: The Motorbike

Andrew: As we move along here then we see what we saw in the TV spot Harry and Hagrid on the motorbike on the road and now people were looking forward to seeing them flying and at this point it just does not seem like they will be flying it seems like all the actions going to be going on down on the road which I guess…

Micah: Really?

Andrew: Well yeah I mean…

Micah: You’d think at some point they would go to the air. I mean wouldn’t that be kind of weird to be driving down the road and you have Voldemort coming in your rear view mirror?

Andrew: But then again you – yeah, but then again wouldn’t be awkward if like what happens is Hagrid like oh wait I forgot this thing can fly [laughs] and then he shoots up into the air?

Micah: Yeah, you’re right. What – are they driving on the correct side? I guess so because – is that like a middle lane…

Andrew laughs

Micah: …that they’re in?

Andrew: No.

Matt: There is no wrong lane when you’re riding Sirius’ bike.

Andrew: No.

Micah: No, no I’m saying…

Andrew: It’s just a two lane one direction road.

Micah: Right I know its opposite in Britain, but it looks like – I guess I didn’t see the other cars going the other direction on the left I just looked at the empty lane on the right.

Andrew: Oh I see you’re saying.

Matt: I mean they do fly. I mean we do see them flying together, but maybe…

Andrew: I guess only when Voldemort starts coming after them.

Matt: No, I don’t think necessarily think it’s going to be that long…

Andrew: Oh, wait!

Matt: …while they’re on the road.

Andrew: Actually you do, they are very hard to see but look, you can see Death Eaters back here. Right above the cars, the people on UStream can see my mouse moving but right towards the top you can see people on brooms flying in.

Matt: Maybe it’s the same people, maybe it’s the other Potters.

Andrew: No, no, they’re Death Eaters. They’re black cloaked and they’re just riding by themselves.

Micah: Well we know they go to the air because we see the scene where their wands connect.

Andrew: Yeah, eventually. We were just wondering when they go up in the air.

Micah: This looks cool, you know. I think that this will be a much liked scene that’s been added to the film.

Andrew: Yeah, I think it adds a lot to it when – this is classic film making when all the action is happening on the road and they’re swerving in-between cars, we see it in every Bond movie, we see it in ever Bourne movie, we see it in every action movie.

Matt: Do you think this is early on in the chase or do you think it’s later on? Because they find them, they obviously already flew because that’s how they meet all the Death Eaters in mid-air.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, maybe and then they land on the ground.

Matt: Right, they try to find a way to maneuver them.

Scene-by-Scene: Running

Andrew: So, I’m moving ahead here. We see the trio running through the forest and the snatchers are going after them, we see Harry saying something. Let’s rewind a bit and find out what Mr. Potter is saying to us all.

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “Nobody else is going to die. Not for me.”

Andrew: “Nobody else is going to die, not for me,” that was a pretty big line in the book I thought.

Matt: Mm, it’s a pretty big promise.

Micah: Oh, what happened to Hermione?

Andrew: What’s wrong with Hermione?

Micah: I don’t know where you are in the stream right now…

Matt: She cast a pretty big spell. That was kind of cool. You see Hermione running full sprint but she cast a spell behind her, she can multitask, she’s Hermione.

Andrew: That’s some spell, she hardly – she just throws it back there and boom. It looks like the roots from the tree sort of came out from under the ground and [laughs] attacks them. So then we get to Grimmauld Place – what were you going to say Micah?

Micah: No, I was just going to say she doesn’t mess around.

Andrew: Then we get to Grimmauld Place and we see, as someone is saying in the chat ‘Dumbledust’ but it’s very brief we only see the dust swarm.

Micah: Yeah, we saw them earlier didn’t we, right?

Andrew and



Andrew: Then there’s the shot of Harry – sorry Ron, he’s in the barn. [laughs] What barn, you may ask? I have no idea.

Matt: Now is this the sick Ron? Like the one that he leaves back home?

Andrew: No, no, no, no.

Matt: Oh. Do they even keep that scene?

Andrew: Um…

Matt: Or do they just skip it?

Andrew: I don’t know, I don’t know, we haven’t heard anything. That would be another question for Eric as he has already seen it.

Matt: Oh okay.

Andrew: We see Harry and Ginny and then we see Death Eaters flying through the sky. This is of course the “Seven Potters” scene.

Micah: Well the scene before it, that’s when Lupin attacks him right?

Andrew: Oh right.

Micah: Asks him to identify himself.

Andrew: Yeah. We saw stills from that a couple of weeks ago. What you don’t see in this shot right here is Arthur, or sorry…

Micah: Lupin.

Andrew: Lupin. [laughs] Lupin about to walk in and he name checks him, but I think also if the caption is to be believed, I believe on the caption when W.B. released this still from the scene, it’s them getting in a fight. I think. [sighs] Maybe, I think this might be when Harry and Lupin have that little fight about Lupin taking care of his kid.

Matt: Yeah, but that’s at Grimmauld Place. That does not look like Grimmauld Place.

Micah: Yeah, this is at the Burrow, I think, when Harry comes back.

Matt: Yeah, this is when everyone comes back.

Micah: From the Seven Potters.

Matt: Because Ginny is there.

Andrew: Oh, when you see Hagrid is there. Isn’t this Hagrid right behind Harry? You see his hand.

Matt: Well Ginny wouldn’t even be there at Grimmauld Place when he and Harry get in the fight, with Lupin and Harry.

Andrew: Okay.

Matt: It’s just the Trio and Lupin.

Andrew: So then we see the Death Eaters riding the Thestrals, and we see one of them get blown up. I wish…

Micah: I think – well I would have guessed that that was Mad-Eye getting killed, but I don’t know that they put that in the film based on what Eric had to say. I think he said you find out after the fact. Once they all arrive at the Burrow, that Mad-Eye was killed.

Andrew: Well this definitely isn’t Mad-Eye getting killed, because you see he’s wearing a mask.

Micah: okay.

Matt: No, that’s a Death Eater.

Andrew: Right, right.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: You see the Death Eater. But I wonder – Oh, this is Kingsley. You can totally see this is Kingsley right here. He’s wearing the clothes you saw in Order of the Phoenix as well.

Matt: Kingsley’s got style.

Andrew: So that’s how I recognized him. Cool. So that’s one of the first times we saw something like that. Then this is when the music cuts out, and Harry and Ron have their little fight.

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays]

Harry: “You think I don’t know how this feels?”

Ron: “No, you don’t know how it feels! Your parents are dead! You have no family!

Hermione: Stop!

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip ends]

Andrew: Oh my God. [laughs]

Matt: So much drama and gossip, Potter.

Andrew: And you hear a little [gasps] from Hermione. [laughs] So this should be – honestly, I think this should be one of the more emotional scenes in all the scenes. Seeing Harry and Ron actually fight, it will be pretty emotional, I think. Pretty stunning.

Matt: Pretty climatic.

Andrew: Pretty heart-aching.

Matt: I’m excited for this fight because this is the only fight you ever get to see Ron and Harry do. Harry kind of has a little crying scene with Ron in Book 5, but you don’t get to see them actually have an all out fight against each other, so it’s going to be interesting.

Scene-by-Scene: Dobby

Andrew: Skipping ahead a bit, we see Dobby, our first look at Dobby! He’s looking good.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: What, Micah?

Micah: No, no. Go ahead.

Andrew: No. What? Please, what were you laughing about?

Micah: Nothing. Matt laughed too.

Matt: What is wrong with Dobby? He looks nothing like he did in Book 2.

Micah: Yeah. I was going to say that. He looks like he’s in that Defense Against the Dark Arts room, too.

Andrew: He does. [laughs] That’s what I thought too.

Matt: Yeah. He doesn’t even – I don’t know. It just doesn’t look that good.

Andrew: Well you know what I think it is? To give Warners Bros. the benefit of the doubt, I think it’s been ten years. They’ve absolutely have had major advancements in CGI. So I think if anything he looks better – he’s going to look more real.

Matt: Well no, it’s not that – it looks like he’s obviously CGI’d in that scene. It doesn’t look like he’s really…

Andrew: Mmm, that’s not fair though because the shot’s not moving, there’s no…

Matt: Well maybe it’s not done. Maybe they haven’t finished it yet.

Andrew: Yeah, this may not even be finished. They may have just added that stupid background just for the trailer.

Micah: Right. Now this is in Malfoy Manor, but is it possible they reused the Defense Against the Dark Arts set in this room? Because that looks really familiar…

Matt: It wouldn’t be the first time.

Micah: The set.

Andrew: But it’s just – I see what you’re saying – it’s that little…

Micah: Balcony.

Andrew: Right, right, but wasn’t – there was a staircase leading up to the one in Chamber of Secrets – at least one of the balconies, so.

Micah: Yeah, they could have removed it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: No, they don’t need just one balcony in this entire movie series. They probably added another one, too.

Andrew: So we get a title that says, “This Fall”.

Micah: Somebody asked, “Why’s Dobby still wearing the pillowcase?”

Matt: Yeah, I was wondering that. Doesn’t he get a tea cozy for a hat or something, too? In the past ten years – or we’ll say eight years – hasn’t he developed some type of clothing?

Micah: I would think so.

Matt: Yeah, get some socks or something.

Andrew: It’s hard to say.

Matt: Oh, Dobby.

Scene-by-Scene: Pettigrew in Malfoy Manor

Andrew: So we see “This Fall” title and then we see a shot of Voldemort and Pettigrew – Pettigrew’s got the silver hand it looks like. Oh, and this is Ollivander! Is this the…

Micah: I don’t think it’s Ollivander.

Andrew: You don’t think so?

Micah: I…

Andrew: I would almost say this is Malfoy Manor. Now I don’t…

Micah: This is underneath the…

Andrew: Underneath Malfoy Manor.

Matt: Yeah, this is the cellar. That’s where they throw everybody down.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Because you see the staircase behind Pettigrew.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Now I don’t particularly remember – some people are saying it could be Gregorovitch, too.

Micah: I don’t think it’s Gregorovitch because you see that scene of Gregorovitch backing up in his wand shop in the other trailer…

Matt: This is obviously – oh, sorry, go ahead Micah.

Micah: Doesn’t he also kill Grindelwald?

Matt: Yes, but at least in the book we don’t really get a very good glimpse of what’s going on – we just see him dying. Like, “I know what you’re here for and I don’t have it.”

Andrew: Someone said this also may be Harry’s vision of what’s going on in the Burrow.

Matt: That’s what I think, too!

Andrew: I think that makes the most sense.

Matt: It makes the most sense because he does see Voldemort torturing Ollivander. And so they may just add a couple clouds around just to make sure he’s – so it’s obviously looking through his mind or something.

Andrew: Well see how the camera’s kind of drifting? I think that sort of gives you a good enough idea that it’s sort of like a vision. Okay, so – alright, we figured that one out. Yay. [laughs]

Micah: Hopefully.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] We see Harry riding on the motorbike – what did I say with that TV spot, Micah – do you remember?

Micah: What’s that? Say that again.

Andrew: Do you remember what I said – Harry and the motorbike scenes when we talked about seeing this during the TV spot? I said we’re going to see these stupid shots of Harry on the motorbike over and over and over again, and this is totally what we got in this trailer. They’re not going to stop.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: I really don’t mind as long as they keep away from the Hedwig scene. I want to be surprised.

Scene-by-Scene: Grindelwald

Andrew: So then we get to a shot of Voldemort and the picture is skewed, it’s stretched out, and this has happened before, and looks at this, this shot is stretched out too. Now who’s this? Is this Gregorovitch?

Micah: No, I think that’s Grindelwald.

Andrew: This is Grindelwald, okay.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: You see in the – on the rock, is that a chain? Because he’s in prison, remember.

Matt: Yes.

Micah: And this is all during the Elder Wand search.

Matt: That’s why he’s happy, because he knows that he came to a dead end.

Andrew: Oh, yes! Perfect! So then that was that – was that the shot of Grindelwald we were talking about earlier?

Matt: No, that was Gregorovitch.

Andrew: Ah, I’m so confused.

Micah: You mean the shot in the cellar?

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: I think you were right, I think that…

Andrew: That was Harry having a vision.

Micah: …was Ollivander.

Matt: Yeah, no, the one in the cellar was definitely Ollivander.

Andrew: Oh, okay. All right, very good. This is pretty exciting seeing this all finally come to life. So then we see Bill and Fleur on top of a Thestral arriving at what looks like The Burrow, with tall grass around it.

Matt: Yeah, there is corn, and grass looking stuff.

Andrew: We see a title called “Can Live.”

[Matt laughs]

Scene-by-Scene: Back to the Ministry

Andrew: We’re in the Ministry, we see the Magic is Might statue again with the Muggles holding up the two wizards and then we see – this is also in the Ministry – you can see Harry’s transforming back, you can see Harry’s glasses, and it almost kind of looks like the suit’s a little too big for him.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: Hermione is too right? She’s transforming also.

Matt: It looks like Hermione’s halfway through transforming.

Andrew: You think so? That’s totally her face though.

Matt: It is her face but she’s looking kind of aged. Like her skin is kind of droopy a bit.

Andrew: Her hair is disappearing, it’s shrinking away.

Matt: Yeah. I think she’s in mid-transformation.

Andrew: Yeah, they probably all are. Probably all are. Now we see a few Death Eaters and I’m looking at – on the left side here – trying to figure out what that is.

Matt: That looks like the eagle that led up to Dumbledore’s office.

Andrew: It does, but it doesn’t have its…

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: …yeah.

Micah: What are you talking about? In the top…

Andrew: Top left, at 1:46.

Micah: …above the Dementor?

Andrew: Yeah. Very far left.

Matt: Well this is definitely probably where what’s her face – Imelda Staunton’s character – Umbridge…

Micah: Umbridge.

Matt: Where she’s – [sighs] questioning the wife of one of the officials at the Ministry. You know, when they’re being surrounded by Dementors? [pause] Do you know the scene I’m talking about?

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. Do you think this is the scene?

Andrew: Could be. It’s hard to tell.

Micah: Yeah, I’m trying to see what that is, but…

Andrew: It doesn’t matter, it’s just…

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: So then we see Snape and – a very brief shot of Snape, and it looks like he’s about to cast a spell. Or he’s flinging them away like, “Get away! Get away!”

Micah: Do you think…

Matt and


“Stop it! Stop it!”

Micah: Is that protecting Malfoy Manor or do you think this is the Silver Doe? I know he does it in Dumbledore’s office.

Matt: Yeah. I don’t know what this could be. Maybe when he’s defending – maybe they moved him getting defended off of McGonagall before he flees.

Andrew: I think it is Malfoy Manor…

Matt: Oh no, that’s Part II.

Andrew: Because when we see the wide shot of Malfoy Manor, you see the giant grass walls.

Matt: Oh yeah! You’re right! And the white pillars.

Micah: Yeah. Because I know – what was I going to say – because the book actually opens with him and Yaxley walking around Malfoy Manor.

Andrew: Yeah. So skipping ahead a bit, we see Bellatrix with what looks like a whip. And we talked about this before…

Matt: What is with her?

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: So she’s got a whip and she’s got the Gryffindor sword in her other hand – she’s holding onto it. So this is obviously when they were trying to get it from her.

Micah: She’s looking for a good night.

[Matt and Andrew laugh]

Scene-by-Scene: Lovegood’s House

Andrew: And then we see – oh, the poor Lovegood’s house under attack! And we see [laughs] Xenophilius standing on the front steps and his knees are buckling in. He’s just – you can see the look of hopelessness coming out of him.

Matt: What a weirdo.

Andrew: And then…

Micah: Why would they go back to the same thing they did to the Burrow? I mean, wouldn’t it have been just as effective to have the Death Eaters show up at his doorstep?

Matt: Didn’t they do that in the book?

Andrew: It’s just filmmaking-wise, it’s just cinematically…

Micah: Yeah, I know…

Andrew: [laughs] It’s a poor innocent home sitting in the middle of nowhere. It couldn’t possibly be safer.

Matt: Well, in the book the [Death Eaters] come in through the front door. Let’s just burn the place down and destroy it! [pause] I think it’s – I don’t know…

Scene-by-Scene: Dobby Again

Andrew: So then we see the inside of the house being destroyed, and we get the quick shot of Harry on the ground. And we saw a still of this shot released by Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago if everybody remembers. And again, the shot, they’re coming down – the house is coming down. Black again. Ron and Hermione, arm-in-arm. Let’s hear what happens here.

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “Help me!”

Andrew: I love that line: “Help me! Help me!”

Matt: Oh, god. So sad!

Andrew: Well, hold on. Wait a second. Is this – no, it’s not Harry – what is he asking for help for?

Matt: Dobby’s dead!

Andrew: Oh, I was thinking that he was burying Dobby right here…

Matt: No…

Andrew: But Harry does that on his own.

Matt: He’s dying at that point. He’s screaming – he’s saying [whispers] “Harry Potter”…

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: …before he dies. He’s dying!

Andrew: So what are they going to do?

Matt: Well, maybe it’s just a reaction. When there’s someone dying right in front of you and you don’t know what to do, don’t you cry out for help?

Andrew: Hermione’s like, “I’m sorry! I don’t have a spell for this one for once.” [laughs]

Matt: Awww.

Andrew: Okay. So, yeah. Pretty emotional. I thought for a second this was Harry burying Dobby, and I was going to be upset because of course, in the book Harry does it on his own. And that’s when Kreacher has that wonderful change of heart. So then we see Harry throwing a Patronus in the Ministry, it looks like.

Matt: Yeah. Hermione’s still – I think Hermione’s not quite changed at all yet.

Andrew: And it cuts to a shot of Lucius and he’s in his own home. This is not Harry casting that spell. It’s just how they edit these things for the trailer. So he sort of flies upward, whatever is happening.

Matt: That looks like a Dobby spell.

Andrew: Then we see Ollivander. We’ve seen that shot before. We see Harry and Hagrid on the motorbike. We see Ron going in the water grabbing – well, trying to reach for the sword. And then we see Harry, Ron taking the sword. A lot of – these are a lot of the shots we had seen previously. We see Voldemort casting a little spell. And this – this is Tom Riddle right here. It’s got to be, right? At 1:58 – you can’t see his face, but we see the Tom Riddle hairdo.

Matt: That’s just – that’s just a shot from a previous film.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: That’s totally from Chamber of Secrets.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Because they do that a lot – why do they do that in these trailers?

Andrew: I don’t know. And then at the two-minute mark you would think, “Oh, it must be done. The trailer’s two minutes long – we’re done.” No, not yet! We see the shot of Voldemort, and this is from Order of the Phoenix which is so frustrating. And you see them stretching out the picture because they don’t have anything else to fill this moment in the trailer with, which is so…

Matt: So not only are they going to add an old scene, they’re going to try and fool us by obscuring the way the screen is.

Scene-by-Scene: Final Moments

Andrew: To fool us, but we won’t fall for it.

Matt: By stretching the screen.

Andrew: We see a close-up shot of Harry zooms into his eye. Black.

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “It is mine.”

Andrew: “I have seen your heart, and it is mine.” We see a great shot of Voldemort sending up a spell in the air, and it cuts to – it cuts to the Harry Potter logo. So go figure. It’s Voldemort all along who keeps creating this Harry Potter logo.

Matt: Of course.

Micah: [laughs] Well, this is the protection, right? Or the “protection” that’s around Hogwarts that he’s shooting up into the air?

Andrew: Well, no, no. It looks like that, but it just turns into the giant “P” from “Harry Potter”, so I think – I don’t think…

Matt: They just added it?

Andrew: Yeah. You’ll see the shot of Voldemort sending the spell up into the air, but I think that’s when Voldemort’s standing on Dumbledore’s grave.

Micah and



Andrew: With the Elder Wand. So it’s just an effect.

Micah: Oh, okay. I see what you’re saying.

Andrew: So that’s the trailer – Part I of the epic finale, November 19th. Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, it will be in 3D theaters everywhere so you can see the snake come right at you.

Matt: I don’t want Dobby’s death in 3D.

Andrew: Well, then you can watch it in 2D.

Matt: Fine! I’ll go see it in 2D.

Trailer Roundtable

Andrew: So again you’re listening to MuggleCast Live. We’re talking about the trailer. We just went scene-by-scene through the entire thing picking apart the difficult parts, the parts we absolutely recognized. Micah, what were some of the stand-out scenes for you in this trailer?

Micah: Stand-out scenes – I definitely like the scene at the wedding when the Patronus or whatever that was showed up to the wedding to warn everybody, kind of the insanity that ensued afterwards. Seeing Harry running over trying to get to Ginny, everybody scrambling, I like that. I like the scenes also with Voldemort in them. Voldemort and Snape, Voldemort obviously going after Ollivander down there in the cellar. But again, I don’t think they gave a whole lot away as far as the Deathly Hallows were concerned. We didn’t see much of that. The focus of the trailer was kind of all over the place.

Andrew: It was. It was a lot. But that’s what they – but the final trailer, I think, is always a mash-up as much as possible. They explain having – I mean, what were some of the key points in this trailer? They ran through the Ministry – well, the Ministry, you sort of got the idea that the Ministry – things were going awry at the Ministry. You see that Voldemort’s after Harry, obviously.

Matt: Yeah. They don’t really go too much into the plot.

Andrew: You get a good look at the wedding, though – or the wedding after-party, at least. You know what’s still really bugging me, though? A couple of things are still bugging me. One, that damn shot of Dumbledore’s grave and it’s just a rectangle. It’s a box. It’s a Jenga puzzle as I said earlier in the show. I really hope they do something else with that because right now it looks – [laughs] I just don’t get it! What is that? UGH!

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: It looks like a LEGO piece.

Micah: That’s what we were saying earlier. LEGO Harry Potter got a little cut.

Matt: Oh my god! Micah, did you know that I have that game?

Micah: Yeah, I heard you got the game.

Matt: So much fun! I’m on Year 4 right now.

Micah: Nice.

Andrew: I think another stand-out thing for me was Umbridge, seeing her for the first time. I think that was…

Matt: That was great!

Andrew: I said on the last episode I’ve been really looking forward just seeing her. Period.

Matt: She just has that presence.

Andrew: Yeah. And if you guys remember in Order of the Phoenix at the beginning of the film, her dresses were a light pink, and as the film went on they got darker and darker to sort of reflect her anger. And I wonder if they’re going to do that here. Of course, you don’t see Umbridge as much in this movie, but maybe you see the colors change a heck of a lot quicker.

Matt: I hope this movie is going to be so great we won’t even notice what color her dress is.

Andrew: The Nazi Germany red armband, that was another thing that definitely stuck out for me.

Matt: Honestly, I think the only thing I keep thinking about is Dobby. He’s been absent this entire series since Movie 2. Now with his triumphant return, that’s all I can think about right now.

Andrew: Micah, any stand-out scenes for you?

Micah: Yeah, I said definitely the wedding scene and Kingsley’s Patronus. I liked seeing the chase scene. I’m interested to see – we talked about it a lot like how they do that with going through the traffic and then having to go back to the air and how they work all that out.

Matt: The Seven Potters looks really great, too. Just the opening scene with all of them together.

Micah: Yeah, definitely.

Matt: Because we’ve been waiting to watch – to see anything from that scene.

Micah: Yep. You know, a lot of Voldemort’s interaction with the Death Eaters also – with Snape in that opening scene and also with Lucius, to see how he treats him. We – I know, Matt, you said it looked like a Dobby spell that knocked him backwards, but I almost wonder if Voldemort kind of picks on him a bit like he does in the book. Because doesn’t he take Lucius’s wand from him at one point because he can’t use his own against Harry?

Matt: Like a little slap in the face.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, I could see that.

Andrew: Maybe that’s what’s going on. Let’s see, what else, what else?

Matt: Well, we’re just talking about stuff that comes from our mind, right? Like things that stood out. I’m really happy that Fleur is back. Just the fact that she’s in this film just makes it all the more legit. Because she’s not that big of a character, except for in Deathly Hallows because she gets married, but just the fact that they got the same actress to come back and everything, I think it’s really nice.

Live Calls

Andrew: Well, now we want to hear your thoughts about the film for a few minutes before we wrap up the show. You can call in 1-218-206-2442, that’s 1-218-206-2442. When you call, please mute your stream and please have something to talk about, because if we answer and you have nothing to talk about, then it’s kind of a little strange. Hello Roxanne!

[Caller says something]

Andrew: Roxanne?

Matt: Roxanne…

Caller: Yes?

Andrew: Hi! Welcome to MuggleCast Live.

Caller: Hi! [laughs]

Andrew: What are your thoughts about the trailer?

Caller: I think it’s very nice. I liked it. All my friends are on Facebook and are like, “Ah! It’s so amazing!”

Andrew: Were there any stand-out scenes for you?

Caller: You know what I thought [stood] out particularly? Is when they go to the Ministry and you see Umbridge there and then you see a guy – he looks like a soldier checking the people.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: I thought that was really cool.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. We were talking about that earlier. It sort of has that Nazi Germany feel.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: And I think it’ll be interesting to hear what David Yates and everyone has to say about that in upcoming interviews, because I think they’re going to have a lot to say about that.

Caller: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: Any other stand-out scenes for you? Any complaints?

Caller: I just – I don’t like how they reused the Voldemort scene. I thought that was a little tacky.

Andrew: I agree. I agree.

Matt: Yeah, it would have worked without it. I mean, they didn’t need to have that scene in the trailer. It just didn’t do anything.

Caller: Yeah. And then the wedding scene, it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it, but it was still – I like the whole tent thing…

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: It was pretty nice.

Matt: Yeah. Where were they exactly? It looked like they were on some dried-out volcano because it looks like they were in Hawaii where the tent was. At least…

Caller: I know.

Matt: You know what I’m talking about?

Caller: And the Burrow is usually all weeds and stuff and then it was grass.

Matt: Yeah. Well…

Andrew: Well, I think that was the way it was in Half-Blood Prince, too.

Caller: Oh.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: I’m talking about that scene where it’s obviously the trio’s hiding place because it kind of zooms in. It’s early on in the trailer and then you see all these black tar-ish kind of flooring. It must be near a cliff or something, but it looks like they’re right near a dried-out volcano that was extinct or something.

Andrew: Mmm.

Caller: Yeah.

Matt: You know what I’m talking about? It just looks kind of weird.

Andrew: All right. Well, thank you for calling in, Roxanne.

Caller: You’re welcome.

Andrew: All right, bye.

Caller: Bye.

Andrew: You have to hang up. For some reason I can’t.

[Caller hangs up]

Andrew: Oh, thank you. Don’t forget the number 1-218-206-2442. You can also Skype the username “MuggleCast” if you’d like to do that as well. Hello, Courtney! You’re on MuggleCast Live.

Caller: Hello.

Andrew: Oh no. Hold on – hold on a second. Oh sorry, I lost her. Skype can be so weird sometimes.

Matt: Yes.

Andrew: I’m getting Micah back in here first.

Matt: You cut off Micah?

Andrew: Yeah, I cut him off. Sorry, Micah.

Micah: That’s all right.

Andrew: Hello, caller. You’re on MuggleCast Live. Pie-ly, is that how you…?

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi. Pie-ly, is that how you pronounce your name?

Caller: I’m sorry?

Andrew: Pie-ly? Is that how you pronounce your name?

Caller: Yeah, that’s Piely. [pronounced “Pilly”]

Andrew: Oh, Piely. Where are you calling from?

Caller: Yeah. Mexico.

Andrew: Oh. Well, thank you for calling in.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: What do you think about the trailer?

Caller: Oh, I loved it. I loved it.

Andrew: What was your favorite part?

Caller: I loved the Seven Potters.

Andrew: Yes.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Caller: Yes. I like that I was able to tell apart everyone.

Andrew: Really? Could you tell us the order? We will challenge you right now…

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Hold on. Let me bring it up on the – well, I don’t know if you can see the live stream right now.

Caller: Ah, yeah.

Andrew: But okay. Here, I’m going to put it on the live stream. Left to right, let’s hear them. Come on.

Caller: Fred, George – or I don’t know, George, Fred.

Andrew: Right. [laughs]

[Caller laughs]

Caller: Mundungus.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. Okay.

Andrew and



Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Ron and Hermione.

Andrew: Very good!

[Andrew, Matt, and Caller laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, I guess Fred and George were the giveaways on the left because they’re wearing the same thing.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Just a slightly different color.

Matt: Well, yeah. They also look at each other in that kind of mischievous smile.

Andrew: Oh yeah. And Hermione’s looking very worried on the right.

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Andrew: I didn’t notice this the first time, but if you look at the Ron/Harry, so to speak, his mouth is open a little bit like, “Duh!”

Matt: And his shoulders are pushed back.

Andrew: Yeah. Oh yeah, Dan did a really good job with that, getting those down. And actually in an interview with him that I did with a couple other fan sites a few weeks ago, he talks about that kind of thing. And hopefully the transcript from that will be up as soon as W.B. lets us release it. But yeah, so Dan Radcliffe did a really good job of getting everyone down.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: You can see…

Caller: Yeah, it was amazing.

Andrew: You can see the look of disgust on Mundungus’ face.

Matt: No, he looks just so uptight and worried. You couldn’t pull a needle out of his butt with a tractor.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah, his face was kind of a giveaway.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Andrew: You’re right.

Caller: Oh. Also I was going to say that you were talking about the scene where Lupin was like attacking Harry.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: I think it was when Harry gets to the Burrow and Lupin is trying to see if he’s the real Harry.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right.

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Caller: It might be that.

Andrew: Yeah. We have it up on UStream now. Yeah. No, I think you’re right. Well listen, thank you for calling in.

Caller: Thank you for answering my call.

Andrew: No problem. And have a nice night there in Mexico.

Caller: Thank you. You too.

Andrew: Bye.

Caller: Bye.

Andrew: How many more callers should we…

Matt: I don’t know. Like thirty?

Andrew: Thirty? I’m afraid we don’t have time for thirty, but here’s another one. Hello, Vicky!

Caller: Hi! How’s it going?

Andrew: Hi! Good! How are you?

Caller: Sorry, I’m just going to mute my stream for a second.

Andrew: Okay. I called Piely back accidentally.

Caller: There we go. That’s better.

Andrew: So what did you like for the trailer? Hi, Piely. You’re back.

Caller: Oh, hi!

Andrew: Sorry. I accidentally called you. You can hang on the call if you want. [laughs] Or you can go. It’s up to you.

Caller: [laughs] I’m going to go.

Andrew: Okay. Thanks.

Caller: Bye.

Andrew: [laughs] Bye. I don’t get it. Skype is so buggy. Anyway, Vicky, what did you think of the trailer?

Caller: I thought it was good. I actually liked the tomb.

Andrew: Liked the two what?

Caller: The tombstone.

Andrew: Oh, the tomb!

Matt: The tomb.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Now why do you like it? That’s not how it’s described in the book, is it?

Caller: Well, it’s described as a very simple, marble, white…

Andrew: Rectangular.

Caller: Yeah. It was just really described as something very simple. And white marble, so I don’t know. I don’t think Dumbledore would want something very complicated and elaborate.

Andrew: I guess. I just think he deserves it, but…

Caller: Yeah, but I know in the book it was described as very simple and just a marble, white kind of tomb.

Andrew: Okay. I still think it’s out of the game Jenga. Have you ever played Jenga?

Caller: It does look like a Jenga block.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: I agree. [laughs]

Andrew: Maybe this is new marketing for Harry Potter Jenga.

Caller: Oh.

Andrew: Or Dumbledore tomb Jenga.

Caller: I can see that happening. But also, I was going to comment on the fact that Harry wasn’t disguised at the wedding.

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Caller: He was supposed to be Barney. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh right.

Matt: Yeah. He’s supposed to be the cousin.

Caller: But I almost think it’s better that he’s not Barney at the wedding. I think in a cinematic – it looks better on film.

Matt: It would have taken too much time though to explain why he has to change and everything.

Caller: I also didn’t like how he was disguised in the book either. I just – I don’t know.

Andrew: I think it’s – and it’s also just easier to understand. So that you don’t get confused.

Caller: I think they’ll have a lot more – I mean they can do more between Harry and Ginny during that as well if he’s actually Harry.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: And it’s not going to be the first time they do that in this film especially since we see the scene with Harry and Hermione who aren’t changed at Godric’s Hollow. And they are supposed to be transformed into different people and they aren’t in this film, so I guess just for the sake of explaining it and getting any confusion made, they’re just going to have the actual actors.

Caller: Yeah. I figure it’ll just look a lot better on film as well to have them.

Matt: It’ll just keep the pace going, too.

Caller: Yeah. Although it would be funny to see him as a fat ginger, but…

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: All right. Well, thank you for calling in, Vicky.

Caller: Yeah. Thanks a lot for taking the call.

Andrew: No problem. Where are you calling from, by the way?

Caller: I’m actually from Canada, in a small town in Ontario.

Andrew: [sings] “O Canada!” All right. Well, have a good evening there in Canada.

Caller: All right, you too. Bye guys.

Andrew: All right, bye bye.

Matt: Bye.

Andrew: There’s Vicky.

Matt: Where’s Micah? Is he back?

Andrew: Yeah, Micah’s back.

Micah: I’m here.

Matt: Okay, sorry.

Micah: You just left me on hold last time.

Andrew: Yeah, Skype is acting very strange, so I may have to deal with more strangeness from that, Micah. So please bear with me.

Micah: It’s all right.

Andrew: Let’s take another caller now. Hello, Angeline!

Caller: It’s Angie.

Andrew: Angie! You’re on MuggleCast Live. Welcome.

Caller: Hi! Thank you.

Andrew: What do you think of the trailer?

Caller: I liked it, but I can’t remember if the part with the Lovegood’s house is in the second part or the first part. So I’m kind of upset that if that part is from the second movie, or from the second part of the book, that they included it when it’s supposed to be in the first part.

Andrew: Mmm.

Matt: I think it is in the first part.

Caller: Okay, then I like the trailer a lot. Either way I like it, it’s just that one part.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: I couldn’t remember, so I was like, uh… [laughs]

Matt: No, that is in the first part, because they discuss the Deathly Hallows – the story of the brothers.

Caller: But he goes there, I thought, after they leave Shell Cottage, and then – I don’t know. But I think…

Matt: No, they go to Gringotts after the cottage. Because Hermione transforms into Bellatrix at Shell Cottage.

Caller: Okay, that makes sense. And then, the scene where Bellatrix looks like she has a whip, I think that’s her wand and she’s trying to do that spell, the binding spell. Like where in Order of the Phoenix you see Umbridge binding the centaur. I think it’s that same spell.

Micah: So who would she be doing it on? Hermione?

Caller: Probably. Or to anyone, if it’s after Ron and Harry break out of the cellar with Dobby’s help. She could be just trying to get hold of anyone since she’s already summoned Voldemort.

Matt: Hmm.

Andrew: Well, good theory. Good theory. Hopefully we’ll find out. Well, thank you for calling in, Angie.

Caller: No problem.

Andrew: Where are you calling from?

Caller: Chicago, Illinois.

Andrew: Oh, represent. Okay, have a good night there.

Caller: Thanks.

Andrew: Bye.

[Matt imitates Skype sounds]

Andrew: I had to disable the Skype sounds.

Matt: Awww!

Andrew: And we’re going to give…

Skype Lady: Please enjoy the music while your party…

Matt: “Party is reached.” Oh, we don’t even know what song they were going to play!

Andrew: Here, we’ll hear it again.

Skype Lady: Please enjoy the music while your party is reached.

[Classical music plays]

Matt: Ohhh!

[Echo of what was just said is heard from caller]

Andrew: Hello?

Eric: Hello?

Andrew: Eric! [laughs] What do you mean – you of all people should know to mute your stream before you pick up the call!

Eric: Uh, I’m…

Andrew: So Eric, welcome to the show here.

Eric: Hey guys, how’s it going?

Andrew: Hey, what are you doing?

MuggleCast 209 Transcript (continued)

Eric Clears Up A Few Things

Eric: What am I doing? I’m sitting in my car in the parking garage at school. I’ve seen the trailer, and now I’m watching you guys just chilling at your dual desks there.

Andrew: Okay, so what did you think of the trailer? Having – now you, of course, for anyone who doesn’t know, have seen the film. You got into a screening in Chicago, and so do you think that the trailer does a good job of representing the film?

Eric: I think so. I think this trailer feels different to me than the other trailers for other films. It’s not just a simple montage, there’s a lot to it. I have two complaints that I jotted down while watching it, which was – I don’t know if you guys have talked about this yet on the show, I’ve only been listening for five minutes – but my first observation rather was Dumbledore’s tomb looks – to me it looks low-tech. Did you guys – and sure, it’s only supposed to be stone, but it looks like…

Matt: It came from IKEA.

Eric: …unfinished. Yeah, it looks like an IKEA, exactly. Have you guys been over this already?

Andrew: We’ve been talking about this actually, quite a lot. I’m very disappointed with this tombstone. Now, didn’t you see it in the movie?

Eric: Yeah. Well, remember in the movie some of the effects were unfinished. So I figured, “Hey, obviously that’s going to be more detailed in the film, when it comes out.”

Andrew: Oh, right, so now…

Eric: Now in the trailer I see, no, it really is just a rectangular stone. And it’s unmarked – it’s on an island somewhere. Now it just feels like they moved Dumbledore’s body off to an island somewhere to be away from the grounds of Hogwarts. I don’t know, I don’t get it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Maybe they don’t want everyone to see what kind of tomb they gave Dumbledore.

Micah: Yeah, I said it looked almost like a Da Vinci Code or Indiana Jones

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: …type of tomb. Like you press something…

Eric: The Ark of the Covenant.

Micah: Yeah. You press something in the wall and it slides open. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just – it’s weird.

Andrew: I just think for someone who’s such an epic character in the series, he deserves at least a regular looking tomb – one that’s shaped properly.

Matt: Disrespect for Dumbledore, jeez.

Andrew: But we won’t dwell on it too much. Any other things, Eric?

Eric: Yeah, the other observation was just the sequence of events in the trailer. Okay, they’re running all around long before they show the wedding scene where Kingsley’s voice is heard, “They’re coming, they’re coming!” and the tent at the Burrow is set ablaze. That happens long after they’ve been running and running and running, and I feel like it would have been a lot better if they’d positioned the scene – all the running should not have happened until the scene at the wedding, because that kind of sets it afoot. And honestly, they’re showing them running through London and all that long before they have a reason to run. So it feels kind of disjointed. I don’t know, it feels like the order of the trailer is just wrong.

Andrew: Right.

Matt: Okay. Well, I’ve got a question for Eric, since he’s seen it. Since we’re talking about Kingsley, what is with his Patronus?

Eric: What do you mean?

Matt: Like, we don’t see it. What is that?

Eric: Well…

Matt: Like, we didn’t really see anything.

Eric: Right. I guess it would’ve looked weird if it were a talking penguin and not just an orb. What is Kingsley’s Patronus? Do you guys remember?

Micah: It’s a lynx.

Matt: It’s a – oh, that’s right.

Micah: Isn’t it a lynx?

Matt: A lynx, yes.

Eric: Yeah, a lynx, not a penguin. My bad.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: A penguin?

Micah: Can you see Kingsley Shacklebolt having a penguin as a Patronus?

Matt: It’s just waddling around, “The Ministry has fallen, the Ministry has fallen!”

[Micah laughs]

Eric: An Emperor penguin. They’re the ones that take care of the kids, just like he takes care of the Order by warning them. No, look! He – obviously, that’s – I think that’s what it is. We haven’t seen a Patronus being used as a communication tool in the films, so I feel like they kept it as an orb so that it could convey its point and leave. You know, if a lynx came into the room…

Andrew: It’d cause a scene.

Eric: And, not to mention a white, billowing object – yeah, I think it would look too much like the silver doe that they have to show later in the film.

Matt: Right.

Micah: Well, what exactly happens there? Because you can see somebody. We’re not exactly sure who that is, though.

Eric: Who’s – what?

Andrew: In the orb – the Patronus orb, we see a picture of someone. We see somebody’s head and we were all trying to figure out who it was. And my best guess is Jim Dale, but that just doesn’t make sense.

Eric: Oh, weird. Can you bring that up on the screen so I can see it?

Andrew: Yeah, I’m trying to right now.

Matt: I just had an idea. Do you think that maybe he – it’s almost like a video recording of what’s going on where he’s at at the moment? And maybe it’ll just – the orb will clear out a little bit and then will show Kingsley talking to his wand or something and it’ll show people running in the back?

Andrew: Maybe.

Matt: Like we saw it just starting to dissolve into what is happening.

Andrew: Here’s what I’m talking about, Eric. There’s this little face right here. Oh! Hold on. Right there.

Eric: Oh!

Andrew: And it’s hard to tell who it is. It doesn’t look like Kingsley, it…

Eric: That does look like Jim Dale!

Andrew: Yeah, it looks like Jim Dale.

Eric: That’s so weird. It is – and it’s coming out of the orb, isn’t it?

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Exactly. And the head’s in pain.

Eric: And it’s not like – yeah. I feel like maybe it’s…

Micah: It’s not Scrimgeour, either.

Andrew: Yeah, some…

Eric: Maybe it’s just extras.

Matt: Yeah, I don’t think it’s anybody.

Eric: Maybe it’s extras and it’s from the set of the Ministry where his Patronus – that’s odd. Very, very odd.

Andrew: It’s the great trailer mystery. There’s always at least one of them. Ah, people – some people are saying it’s Nicolas Cage. I think that’s a reasonable…

Micah: That makes sense.

Matt: No, there’s too much hair.

Andrew: [laughs] Barty Crouch, Jr. I don’t know. None of those are standing out at me.

Micah: Well what about those other characters we were kind of up in the air about? I mean, we figured some of them out, but I don’t know if Eric can kind of confirm them?

Andrew: Eric, the characters at the Ministry – I’ll put them up on the screen here. You see Umbridge, you see Yaxley, you see Thicknesse. But can you correctly identify those?

Eric: What? Who’s who or what?

Andrew: Yeah, who’s who.

Eric: Oh, yeah. The guy on the far left right behind Umbridge is the character that Harry turns into…

Andrew: Oh, right.

Eric: …so, that would be…

Andrew: [laughs] I just forget…

Micah: It’s not Runcorn, is it?

Eric: Yeah, Runcorn – Albert Runcorn. Although I can’t – wait, isn’t – I feel like Ron is – yeah, anyway, so then in the center is…

Andrew: Yaxley.

Eric: …the man at the – yeah, is the man at the Ministry, and then Thicknesse, or his assistant, is the man to his left. And of course, Umbridge you know. And actually why I like this is shot is because you can see the statue behind them…

Matt: Right.

Eric: …of the Muggles being oppressed.

Andrew: Right, right. It’s a very striking statue. I hope the – what’s that company called, that sells all the Harry Potter products?

Eric: Noble Collection?

Matt: Necca?

Andrew: Noble Connection!

Matt: Oh.

Andrew: Yeah, I hope they make a life-sized version of this statue, because I would absolutely love to…

Eric: Yeah, I would absolutely love to buy that.

Matt: Or a paperweight.

Andrew: Or a paperweight, yeah. I’d love to have a…

Micah: Now, what about that cellar shot? Can we bring that up?

Andrew: Yeah, Eric, we were talking about the cellar shot. We see Pettigrew and Voldemort coming after somebody with longish hair.

Eric: Yeah – yeah, bring it up, for sure…

Andrew: There it is. Right there.

Eric: …but it reminded me – I’m still not seeing it just yet, I feel like there might be a lag, but…

Matt: There it is. There it is.

Eric: …I do want to say, before we – oh. Yeah, it’s…

Andrew: Is that the vision? It is Ollivander?

Eric: Yeah, it’s Ollivander. And it looks like it’s in a vision, I think…

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: …that Harry has. But speaking of Ollivander, I feel like they’re really getting a lot of use – or maybe overuse, of that shot where Ollivander looks up towards the camera, and he’s terrified.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I feel like that’s in all of the trailers so far. I’m really tired of seeing that, because Ollivander has almost zero screen time in this film, and…

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: …they’re really getting – you see that, and it’s like, “Oh, I’m anxious, Ollivander’s getting hurt.” It’s great to see him back, but they’re really “yeah, look at that terrified look.”

Andrew: Enough’s enough.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: Yeah, enough’s enough…

Micah: Show more Dobby.

Eric: …we get it. Yeah, show more Dobby! Dobby’s appearance in this trailer is my favorite part of it, because everything about Dobby is just so matter-of-fact, like, “Humph! You shall not harm Harry Potter!” It’s awesome.

Andrew: Well, we wanted to ask you about that scene. Where does that shot take place?

Eric: I don’t know, it’s hard to tell because it’s just Dobby in front of a black background, what am I going to do?

Andrew: [laughs] Well, did you see it in the movie? Do you remember that at all?

Eric: I would say it happens at Malfoy Manor, which – the whole place is dark.

Matt: There’s only so many scenes Dobby’s in in this film.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Well…

Eric: Actually, they – remember they did add scenes that weren’t in the book, I don’t think. Or at least, Dobby shows up a little earlier in the film, not just at Malfoy Manor before he dies and it leads up to his death. He is at Malfoy Manor, you can see that there’s a balcony…

Andrew: Right.

Eric: …and the tapestries, but yeah, columns and pillars. Yeah, he is – I believe he’s actually rescuing Hermione, or leading an advance on the offenders, either prior to or right after Hermione is tortured by Bellatrix.

Andrew: Yeah. We thought it was in Malfoy Manor, it’s just hard to tell. We thought – it reminded us of the Defense Against the Dark Arts room, with the balcony. And then I was thinking, “Well, maybe this scene just isn’t finished, they threw in that background shot just so – just because they don’t have the actual camera shot finished.”

Eric: I know what you mean. [laughs] Oh, we’ve got two – I know what you mean because it reminds of that – I guess its called the Astronomy Tower but it’s not the Astronomy Tower in – it’s where Lupin and Harry have his first Boggart lesson…

Andrew: Mm.

Eric: …in Prisoner of Azkaban in the movie. You know, where it’s all like that balcony and the steps leading up to it, but it’s – they redid it for Movie 6?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: We have two questions in the comments, one of them says, “Does Dobby look weird?” Did you guys talk about this at all? Does…

Andrew: Yeah…

Eric: …Dobby look a little weird?

Andrew: Matt and Micah actually don’t like how he looks. But I disagree…

Matt: Well, no! No no no no no. I love the way that he’s designed…

Andrew: [laughs] Designed.

Matt: Yeah, well…

Andrew: What is he…

Matt: Well, no…

Andrew: …a robot?

Matt: I mean he’s – he obviously does not look the same as he did in Chamber of Secrets. That – they added more features, more detailed features on his face. I’m saying that the CGI does not look it would – it’s finished yet. It looks obviously like it’s – he is a CGI character in that scene.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: Is he too pale for you?

Matt: No, he just doesn’t look finished. Like, they did in Chamber of Secrets, the finishing product – he looked like he was in that scene with Harry hitting himself with everything. He just does not look…

Micah: Well, does he…

Matt: I don’t – it just doesn’t look as clean. He doesn’t…

Micah: Is he supposed to look like – better because he’s not chained up anymore, he’s not a slave anymore? He’s kind of…

Eric: Regained some of his complexion?

Micah: …been free for the last couple of years?

[Eric laughs]

Micah: Yeah, so he’s a little bit – got a little bit of weight put on…

Andrew: Well, I guess my issue was that he doesn’t have enough wrinkles. He doesn’t look as – he doesn’t look…

Micah: He’s not as stressed out!

Andrew: …as aged.

Matt: [laughs] Yeah!

Andrew: Yeah…

Matt: He’s not stressed! [laughs] He’s not getting the crap kicked out of him!

Andrew: Yeah! Well, I guess that’s it then. [laughs] Despite the – but there’s still a question about why he’s wearing the pillowcase, why isn’t he wearing actual clothes. Yeah, I think the issue is they just can’t just make him look too adorable, because then people will love him too much. Like, if he was wearing real clothes – like, say there was a line of House-Elf clothes, that you go to Oshkosh – House-Elf-gosh. And there’s this whole line of House-Elf clothing.

Matt: Go to The Gap.

Andrew: He would just look too adorable! You’ve got to make him look kind of crappy.

Matt: Well, isn’t the whole point of him wearing clothes is – kind of correlates to the whole S.P.E.W. thing? So I mean, there really is no point for him to wear clothes since they didn’t add the whole S.P.E.W….

Andrew: Yeah, I mean…

Matt: …plot.

Andrew: …this is how audiences will recognize him. This is how he looked in Chamber of Secrets. So…

Eric: Right. Except, I wonder if people will make the connection that Dobby was actually the Malfoy’s elf, so he knows Malfoy Manor far better than anybody else.

Micah: Mhm.

Eric: I was waiting for that connection to be made in the film, say Lucius or Narcissa or Draco or Bellatrix even giving him a look, like “Hey, I recognize you, elf.” I’m not going to say it didn’t happen, I’m just really excited seeing this, I want that confrontation.

Matt: All right.

Micah: Now can you confirm Grindelwald? I know we pretty much did that, but we wanted to make sure.

Eric: Yeah, he shows up in – I mean, I believe…

Micah: Well, we had a picture of him, somewhere.

Eric: I saw those photos earlier.

Andrew: Yeah. So anything else to say about the trailer Eric?

Eric: Oh just those things. I feel like the order of events is a little messed up. But what are you going to do? It’s kind of really late in the game to get a trailer, so…

Andrew: Right.

Eric: I’m happy that one has existed, let me just say that…

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: You’re welcome, Eric.

Eric: …because I was worried that there wouldn’t be one for just Part I.

Andrew: Well of course one existed. Come on.

Eric: Well you know, take it off the list! It’s really late and they’re running before something blows up, but whatever. What are you going to do.

Matt: Well its the one and only trailer for Part I, I mean at least we’re not going to get that spoiled.

Eric: What I loved about – actually, remember the title card that said, what? “Only one can survive”? Or “Only one can live”?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: The prophecy? I love that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: That was awesome.

Micah: The other thing I was going ask you, though, is that this trailer didn’t really seem to touch on the Deathly Hallows at all, or the Horcruxes. I know this movie really only one Horcrux gets destroyed, but there’s really none of that in the trailer at all.

Matt: Right.

Eric: Yeah, which is – I kind of like that because I don’t want the whole movie ruined before I see it, but – by a trailer. And, also those scenes in which they’re searching for Horcruxes, and learning about the Hallows are very – the way that they’re shot is that if you were to show any of that scene you would have shown it all. It would have ruined it because – like, for instance, when we see – the shots that we’ve been showing in the trailer of them running around London, when we see that, when you guys see that in the movie you’re going to recognize it, “oh yeah I saw that in the trailer,” but if it’s a fast-paced scene and there’s a lot going on and so it’ll be cool to see it in the context of the film. However, if they were to show Mr. Lovegood explaining the Hallows or Harry talking about Horcruxes with Ron and Hermione, that would be – the whole scene would be ruined because they dwell on it quite a bit in the film, and the scenes are heavy and weighted with anxiety and emotion. And to show that in the trailer would really kind of ruin it in the film, I think.

Micah: Yeah, we did – you do get the scene of Ron destroying the Horcrux and the brief underwater scene, and then Voldemort at the end of the trailer talking about seeing Ron’s heart and being able to eat it, or – I don’t remember exactly what he said, but that’s a line from the book. It’s not – it seems like its directed at Harry but it’s actually directed at Ron, its the locket speaking. That line, you know what I’m talking about? That line at the end of the trailer?

Eric: Which line?

Andrew: It sounds like this:

[Deathly Hallows trailer clip plays] “I have seen your heart, and it is mine.”

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah, see, that’s the locket right?

Eric: Yeah, yeah. That’s the second time they’re doing that where it sounds like he’s talking to Harry but he’s not!

Matt: Oh, that makes sense…

Andrew: Very deceiving, as usual.

Matt: …because I was thinking, “Where is that going to be in the movie?”

Micah: Yeah I thought he said, “eat his heart,” but whatever.

Matt: Yeah, I mean jeez.

Andrew: It actually sounds eerier than it did in the TV spot. The TV spot version sounded less – ghostly, I guess you would say.

Eric: Yeah. I feel like they’re either still playing with that or their playing with it to screw us up because it sounds like – or I think it’s made to sound like he’s talking to Harry, but he’s not.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: It should sound ghostly though because…

Andrew: Right.

Micah: …it’s not like Voldemort is present.

Andrew: No, I agree.

Eric: Well they’ve elongated the face crawling across the screen. I know, Andrew, you were saying that that was the scene from The Order of the Phoenix but I guess it’s not anymore. Did you talk about that at all?

Andrew: No no, it still is. That’s still there and it still is. I hope they just put that in the trailer just because the effects aren’t finished yet or for some reason they felt the need that that kind of shot had to be in there. But that was still from Order of the Phoenix. They had a few of those where it was really stretched out.

Eric: Ah huh.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Well I know Snape sitting with the Death Eaters and saying, “We have infiltrated the Ministry,” that was kind of cool.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: It was. It was. We were talking about that earlier as well.

Micah: And what about – what spell is he casting there in the trailer, Eric?

Andrew: Who?

Eric: When?

Micah: Snape.

Eric: When what?

Andrew: There’s a quick shot of him what looks like he’s walking up towards Malfoy Manor. Is that what you’re talking about?

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: Oh. Yaxley, I think it is, surprises him? Apparates right next to him or comes down from the sky and Snape is, I guess, just raising his wand in defense.

Andrew: He’s sort of like…

Micah: Oh, okay.

Andrew: He’s sort of like, “Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Get out of here!”

[Micah laughs]

Eric: Oh, there? Yeah. He’s probably just opening the gates or – to the Malfoy area. You know those darn peacocks, they can’t get enough of their Snape.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: He needs to A.K. them to get them to leave him alone.

Matt: What?

Show Close

Andrew: Very good. Well, we’ve been at this for close to two hours now so we are going to start to wrap it up. Thanks everyone for dealing with the technical difficulties towards the beginning. It’s been a lot of fun. Of course we are going to have a lot more to come on upcoming episodes of MuggleCast. What episode is this technically? 210?

Micah: 209.

Andrew: 209. So 210 and beyond will be filled with much more discussion about this trailer and hopefully we’ll get some other great Deathly Hallows video content to talk about as well, whether it’s clips or TV spots.

Matt: The entire movie?

Andrew: Or the entire movie leaks online? That would be fun. All that, all that to look forward to. People in the chat are requesting that they get the easy button, so here you go.

[Andrew pushes the Easy Button]

Micah: Do you still have the Trump bobble-head?

Andrew: No. He broke.

Matt: Awww.

Andrew: All of my fun toys have gone away.

Matt: He’s been fired.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: He doesn’t bobble anymore? So he just hangs his head?

Andrew: No.

Matt: He doesn’t have a head.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Well in recap – to wrap up the show today, my friend Enrique Iglesias, he wrote a song just for the trailer tonight, because he was so happy with it…

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: …so I will play that now to send us all off. [laughs] What, Micah? What’s so funny? We’re friends, okay? Leave me alone! [laughs]

Matt: He just doesn’t know it yet.

Andrew: Thanks everyone for listening, Eric, thanks for calling in at the last minute there.

Micah: Thanks to the 2000 people who listened to us.

Andrew: Yeah, we had a pretty good turnout today.

Matt: Yay! Well it’s a pretty big day.

Andrew: Yeah. All right, Enrique – [laughs] – Enrique…

Matt: Enrique!

Andrew: …play us out!

Micah: Your amigo, “mi amigo.”

[“I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias begins to play]

Andrew: Ah, yes. This is for Laura, too.

Eric: It was good to talk to you guys.

Andrew: All right.

Matt: I thought you were going to play “Bailamos.”

Andrew: Goodbye, everyone!

Micah: That’s a man singing?

Andrew: [singing along] I like the Deathly Hallows trailer, it’s really good.

[Song plays out the show]