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MuggleCast 629 Transcript


Transcript for MuggleCast Episode #629, ‘Goblet of Fire’ Movie Commentary Track!

Andrew Sims: Hi, everyone. This episode was recorded on Friday, September 22, and since then, legendary actor Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in the last six Harry Potter movies, died on September 28. We will talk about his legacy on a future episode of MuggleCast, but we wanted to give you a heads-up that our thoughts on his portrayal in this movie were recorded prior to his passing. And Laura has an important reminder for everybody.

Laura Tee: Just wanted to give y’all a final reminder about the 2023 MuggleCast listener survey. This is your last week to complete the survey if you haven’t had a chance to so far. It will close end of day this Friday, October 6. Again, we want to know what you love about the show, what you think we could be doing better, and what other content you’d be interested in us branching out to into the future. We’re also asking anyone who supports us on our Patreon about y’all’s experience so that we can continue to improve on the content that we’re providing over there, and the survey is open to everyone whether you’re a Patreon supporter or not. Again, you can find links to it through our website, our show notes, and across our various social media channels. Thank you again so much to everyone who’s completed the survey so far, and thanks in advance to anyone who’s able to get their response in before October 6. We really couldn’t do the show without y’all.

Show Intro

[Show music plays]

Andrew: Welcome to MuggleCast, your weekly right into the wizarding world fandom. I’m Andrew.

Eric Scull: I’m Eric.

Micah Tannenbaum: I’m Micah.

Laura: And I’m Laura.

Andrew: We have a special episode for everybody today. We have yet to do this. It was released 18 years ago, and we’re finally getting around to doing it: our Goblet of Fire movie commentary.

Everyone: Woo!

Andrew: This is partly to get us all on the same page for our Goblet of Fire Chapter by Chapter series, which will kick off next week, actually. And this is going to be great, probably for listeners too, because inevitably, when we’re doing Chapter by Chapter, we bring up the movie! So we’re going to go in having just watched the film, and we’ll be ready to talk about it over the next billion weeks as we go chapter by chapter through Goblet of Fire because last time I checked, there are about a billion chapters. So for those listening, we will not be playing the audio from the movie; you have to bring your own copy of the movie to this commentary track, so maybe pause now and go find a copy of Goblet of Fire. This is the standard edition, no advertising either, so if you if you want to watch it through HBO Max, for example, you can’t watch it with the ad tier; you’re probably going to fall out of sync with us. So where to sync up with us so we all are watching the same thing at the same time? Hit play on the movie, and then once the camera goes fully through the WB logo, that’s when you hit pause, and that’s where Eric, Micah, Laura, and I are all paused right now on our own copies. So again, once the camera is fully through the WB logo, hit pause. For me on my digital edition, that’s at the 19 second mark of this movie. You will see a skull. And maybe if you feel like it’s a little out of sync for you, then you can back up and try again. But this isn’t going to be a perfect sync; it might be off by a second or two, but that’s okay. It’s kind of impossible to time this perfectly. Even the four of us won’t be timed perfectly, probably. [laughs]

Laura: No, I know, because as soon as you said there’s going to be a skull, I was like, “Well, I don’t have a skull.”

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: No, it’s me, you guys. I’m here. Hello.

Andrew: Oh, I get it. Once you see the Eric Scull. That’s when you’re at the right point.

Eric: Yes, yes.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: But let’s get started because we have much a motion picture to get through, to watch and enjoy, over the next two and a half hours. So on 3! On 3! We’re all going to hit play.

Micah: On 3?

Eric: On 3, not the imaginary fourth beat?

Laura: Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Micah: What?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: You have the wrong movie up. Tell me you have the wrong movie up.

Eric: What happened?

Micah: That’s why you didn’t see the skull.

Laura: Yeah, no, I totally had Order of the Phoenix.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Laura!

Eric: It would have been funny. We would have seen how many minutes in she got before she’s like, “Wait a minute, what?”

Andrew: It would have been like 30 seconds, I bet, or maybe even less, like 10 seconds.

Laura: [laughs] So sorry for this delay.

Eric: Look for the skull. Wait for the skull.

Andrew: You know, we all have shots ready, and I think Laura maybe took hers a little early.

Laura: Yeah, okay. No, no, I definitely did not as a matter of fact.

Andrew: So while Laura gets the movie ready and while everybody gets their movie all synched up…

Laura: I’m ready.

Andrew: Okay. All right. So on 3, we are going to press play. 1, 2, 3.

Laura: All right.

Frank Bryce and the Riddle House

Andrew: And Laura, you’re seeing Goblet of Fire, not Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner, Order…?

Laura: I am seeing skulls and Nagini, so I think I’m in the right place.

Andrew: Oh, that was your dreams last night, Laura. We’re talking about the movie right now.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: All right. Well, now that the film has rolled, maybe we should share because this is only about a half hour away. What shot did we bring for the commentary? A shot of alcohol, and we did this because of course in this movie there’s that iconic line: “Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire? Did ya put your name in the Goblet of Fire?” Dumbledore said not so calmly. So because it’s such an iconic moment in the history of the Harry Potter fandom, we thought we should have a shot ready for that?

Eric: See, I misheard what the directive was. I thought we were waiting for the actual calmest line delivery in the movie, and we each take shots at different moments depending on what we think the calmest line is because it sure as shit ain’t “Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?” Sorry, are we allowed to swear?

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Anyway, it’s unhinged. It’s Friday night.

Andrew: It is. But yeah, so I have Gray Whale gin. It’s a favorite gin of mine.

Eric: Looks like Frank Bryce is preparing something.

Andrew: [laughs] He was like, “Wait, what? I want in.”

Laura: I have Angel’s Envy, which is a Kentucky bourbon that is aged in wine barrels, so it’s got a very nice flavor.

Andrew: Very nice.

Micah: Do you think they repurposed the maze for what he’s walking through right now?

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: I think so. He’s got to watch out for the branches.

Laura: That’s so funny.

Andrew: Some budget cuts.

Micah: I have Powers Iris whiskey.

Andrew: Okay.

Eric: And I have an old standby, Woodford Reserve rye.

Andrew: Everybody’s got something a little fancy!

Eric: A little fancy. I just have this around the house.

Micah: Go big or go home.

Eric: Yeah, we never would have done this if we did a Goblet of Fire commentary in 2005.

Micah: Yes, we would have. We just wouldn’t have advertised it publicly.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: This would all be sitting here bathtub in a hotel room somewhere.

Eric: Would you guys want to live in the Riddle house? These wood-paneled walls, sweeping staircases… kind of creepy.

Andrew: Absolutely positively not. I get scared very easily. I mean, I love this type of thing for Halloween season, but yeah, no. I also have on closed captioning to help with today’s commentary because between here and y’all…

Micah: I think it’s necessary.

Andrew: It is.

Laura: I agree.

Andrew: There’s lot of talk about that, too, on the Internet. It’s getting harder to hear movies.

Eric: Yeah, there’s that Scooby-Doo image, I think it’s Velma. She’s on the ground looking for glasses, but it says, “I can’t hear without my subtitles.”

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Laura: Yeah, that’s relatable.

Micah: I want to say, I’m fairly impressed that Frank Bryce is not totally freaked out yet.

Eric: Well, he was expecting children. Turns out… oh man.

Laura: I really love that they kept that in the movie.

Eric: Which?

Laura: The whole Frank Bryce introduction.

Eric: There was a lot they didn’t keep, though. He didn’t hear the whole plot.

Laura: Right.

The Quidditch World Cup

Eric: It reeks to me of the bare minimum because you need to see Barty Crouch once before you see him at the end. Harry is already at the Quidditch World Cup.

Micah: I love how Ron pulls up the sheets as if he’s covering his boobs.

Eric: I sleep like that.

Laura: [laughs] Well yeah, they’re trying to communicate that he’s starting to catch feelings. He’s self-conscious.

Eric: This is a great moment in the book, the Portkey. He’s always hanging out in trees.

Micah: No matter the franchise.

Laura: Well, he’s not sparkly in this one.

Eric: Well, that’s as good an entrance as any.

Laura: My favorite effect is about to come up where they’re arriving at the World Cup from the Portkey, and Cedric and two others just come fluttering down. [laughs] I think it’s so hilarious.

Eric: Like they can choose it. Like they can choose their landing.

Andrew: I’m going to say something people probably aren’t going to like: I have never really been a fan of the Quidditch World Cup in the book or movie.

Laura: Oh, I loved it in the book.

Andrew: I guess maybe part of me just flashes back to reading this the first time, and I was just like, “I’d rather be at Hogwarts than at this thing.”

Eric: I think for me, it’s an opportunity for world building without stakes being super high. I mean, they do get high with a Death Eaters later, but you get to see all these cultures and kind of…

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: That’s such a tacky shot.

Micah: Are those the Cliffs of Moher? Or not?

Eric: They’re Dover, maybe.

Andrew: Robert Pattinson was practicing his tacky flying through the air for Twilight in that shot.

Eric: Amazing.

Micah: But come on Andrew. Sports, bro.

Andrew: Spider monkey! Yeah, exactly, like Paraiso Flower said.

Eric: I think they filmed Broadchurch over by those cliffs.

Micah: Oh, there goes the house-elves.

Andrew: Blink and you’ll miss ’em.

Eric: I do like the low flying broom people. That’s fun.

Andrew: That is cool.

Laura: I do feel like they captured the environment of the Quidditch World Cup really well. This is very close to what I imagined when I was reading it.

Eric: I agree.

Andrew: It is exciting.

Micah: But I forget, Laura, do you know how many chapters about the Quidditch World Cup takes up in Goblet of Fire? It’s more than we think, right?

Laura: Yeah. They don’t spend all that much time on it in the movie.

Eric: There’s the line I’m drinking to. Hang on. It’s about to get it… not the “Feet off the table.” Not that one.

Andrew: Oh, “I love magic.”

Eric: “I love magic!” There we go. Who doesn’t love magic?

Micah: Cheese.

Andrew: What you were just saying, Laura, I think that was part of the reason why I was turned off by it when reading, because it’s longer in the book.

Micah: It’s like camping.

Eric: I gotta get my trusty Fantastic Beasts stopwatch out and figure out how much gameplay we actually see. I’m going to time this.

Andrew: And understandably so that it moves so quick in the movie.

Eric: Oh, Jason Isaacs!

Laura: Aw man, he’s my favorite.

Eric: I missed Jason Isaacs in Harry Potter all throughout the third movie, and I’m so glad he’s back.

Micah: I love how he says, “Don’t boast,” but he just made his rain comment.

Laura: He’s so good. I know that Jason Isaacs did play Captain Hook, but I will say sometimes his portrayal of Lucius gives me Captain Hook vibes.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: Fair enough.

Laura: And it’s not a bad thing, it’s just funny.

Eric: Yeah, I mean, Jason Isaacs is famous for villains.

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Micah: And these actually are really good seats. No?

Andrew: Oh, I see what you’re saying.

Eric: Micah, you’re the sports guy. What do you think one of those seats would fetch in today’s economy?

Micah: Well, this is an international event, right? That doesn’t happen very often. So even though I’m inclined to say because they’re so high up that they would be cheap, I don’t know. A couple 100 euros.

Eric: Yeah, so kinda like not a cheap seat in the house? And they’ll always sell out no matter what. Very aggressive.

Laura: I just have to say, this stadium makes my anxiety triggered, I think because it looks so steep.

Eric: Yeah, this is the thing you pay to go see in Chicago where you go out on the glass ledge and you can look below you, the ledge at the Sears Tower. That’s what this is. That’s what Fudge is standing on.

Laura: Awful.

Eric: That was actually a good shot. Everything tracking wise, on Robert Hardy, I think his name is.

Laura: Oh, and hey, look, no game.

Eric: Oh, 3.48 seconds. He said, “Let it begin,” and then it was something else.

Laura: I guess we can’t hold it against Hogwarts Legacy. They didn’t even want to do Quidditch in the movies sometimes.

Eric: At least they didn’t over-promise and under-deliver.

Laura: Right.

Micah: Is that Ginny’s one line in the movie?

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Yeah, blink and you’ll miss it.

Andrew: When we were hanging out with our patrons the other day in our Slug Club hangout, we were talking, I think, a little bit about how I remember it being reported that WB was seriously considering splitting this movie into two. Right?

Eric: Yeah, it was definitely the first time they really, really thought about it.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: They should have. I think it really would have been an improvement. You could have even retconned, you could have explained the Marauders even though that technically is Book 3 stuff. You could have made up for Movie 3’s failings, and shortcomings, I should say, if you had split the fourth one.

Micah: I never really liked how this all played itself out because it would be so easy for somebody to find Harry. Am I the only one?

Eric: No, you’re right. It’s definitely so easy.

Andrew: So easy?

Micah: Yeah, once he gets kicked in the face here.

Laura: [laughs] And they’re like, “Oh, yep, round glasses, scar…”

Micah: All these people are running around him and none of the Death Eaters come across him. Even before Barty Crouch, Jr. shows up.

Eric: Well, they burned it down.

Laura: Is that how it happens in the book? Does Harry get knocked out? I don’t remember.

Eric: I think there is a lapse in time. They get separated and they’re all looking for each other. I will say, this scene in the LEGO game slaps. This level of the LEGO game where everything’s on fire and you’re at the campground. It’s one of the better levels.

Laura: Oh, is David Tennant not doing the weird tick thing yet?

Andrew: We wait with anticipation.

Micah: Oh, now they show up. How convenient.

Eric: Confirmed, David Tennant is scared of redheads. “Not a ginger.” Oh man. Harry’s scar hurts for… oh, okay. Hello, Aurors. Thanks, Hermione, for not explaining anything.

Laura: [laughs] Is that another line they took from another character?

Eric: I bet, yeah.

Laura: That didn’t sound very convincing, Harry.

Micah: No, it didn’t.

Laura: Like, “Oh, uh, over there…”

Eric: “I saw your son tonight, Barty.”

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: “I only saw his tongue.” Okay, a little ominous, a little foreboding.

Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive

Eric: Oh, they’re leaving Hogwarts. [laughs] Doesn’t the train usually go the other way?

Laura: I will say, I feel like I’m remembering one of my main critiques of this movie, which is that the transitions feel very choppy.

Andrew: Do you think that’s partly because they have so much to cram in?

Laura: Yes, 100%.

Eric: I think it’s also because we know what goes between the scenes. I think for the average movie goer, it’s probably fine.

Laura: Yeah, I’m sure it is.

Eric: People who don’t know the Quidditch World Cup wasn’t hours before the train to Hogwarts. But otherwise, I completely agree.

Micah: Oh, yeah.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: We were all thinking it. Micah said it.

Andrew: What I’m thinking is it’s so cool that you get to be on this train now in Universal. And they did it perfectly. It’s wild that they actually let you go on this train there. [laughs]

Eric: It’s really cool. It’s a shame Emma Watson couldn’t make it. But other than that…

Andrew: Ah, for the narration, the video you’re referring to?

Laura: Well, Dan didn’t either, right?

Eric: He at least get a sound alike.

Andrew: Yeah, just the person they got to play Hermione was not a good choice

Laura: No. Although, I felt like the person they got to play Hermione sounded maybe a little bit more like… shoot.

Micah: Isn’t that where Dumbledore is buried?

Laura: Yeah, I think so.

Andrew: I think that’s right, yeah.

Eric: Not yet, but yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Too soon.

Eric: Unless he’s time traveling.

Micah: You know that guy. You never know.

Laura: I thought she sounded a lot like the Jim Dale interpretation of Hermione.

Eric: Oh! I wonder if they got Jim Dale to do it.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh my gosh.

Laura: They were like, “Do you just want to play the shadow too? We’ll just get you in there.” Wow, we’re already off. Here they come. Hagrid!

Micah: Air traffic control Hagrid.

Eric: Add that to his CV.

Andrew: I do love that shot, though. I think that’s fun.

Eric: It’s a cool shot.

Micah: It is well done. I wonder if he was drunk.

Eric: Who’s driving that carriage?

Micah: I think the person driving the carriage is drunk.

Eric: Yeah, I was going to say, it’s hard to believe it’s the best and brightest in there.

Andrew: The best and brightest.

Laura: Is this the first movie in the series where we really started getting very tonally dark?

Eric: Uh, yeah. I mean, I really argue that Azkaban holds that, but yeah, it’s next to impossible to see some of these shots.

Andrew: [laughs] Classic Filch moment as well.

Eric: Why?

Andrew: Look at all these long-haired students.

Micah: The dude can barely breathe. Get him a Stairmaster or something he can use on the side.

Andrew: Is he not climbing stairs every day at Hogwarts?

Micah: I mean, but he needs help.

Laura: Listen, he may come across as pathetic and defenseless here, but we know for a fact that he murdered two very prominent Starks, so don’t underestimate him.

Andrew: Oooh.

Eric: Yeah, and he did it without ever getting up from a chair.

Laura: Right.

Micah: Well, three if you count the baby that was on the way.

Eric: Oh, that is too soon.

Laura: And the baby who was going to be called at Eddard. Yikes. So, interesting change here, them making Beauxbatons and Durmstrang just single-gender schools. In the books, they weren’t.

Eric: Right, and Chloé had a good point about this in our meeting recently too, that it diminishes…

Laura: Oh, they fart butterflies. [laughs]

Eric: Yeah, wow, totally remember that in the books.

Micah: Wait, you don’t, Laura?

Laura: Wait, what?

Micah: Fart butterflies?

Laura: No, I don’t. You can ask Marc. He’ll confirm. I definitely don’t. [laughs]

Eric: I would like a cannon movie explanation for why Gabrielle and Olympe are dressed differently, but everyone else is in blue, but oh well.

Andrew: I’ve always loved these entrances.

Eric: I mean, they’re momentous.

Andrew: Right. And the music.

Eric: Yeah, the score is actually really good this whole movie. It’s one of the best scores.

Andrew: Of course, they brought this over to the theme park, these little shows, these entrances.

Eric: I feel bad for the floor.

Laura: I like how Krum is just like, “I don’t have to be part of the performance.” [laughs] I wonder how long they practiced.

Micah: Now, was that a phoenix to honor Dumbledore?

Eric: Oh, maybe.

Micah: Meanwhile, my guy can’t even get a chariot or anything to take him to Hogwarts. He’s just slogging through the mud.

Eric: I feel like Brendan Gleeson would walk to Hogwarts.

Laura: He’s like, “Don’t worry, I got ’em covered.” Same.

Eric: Wonder who could outdrink the other.

Laura: Or death.

Eric: [laughs] I mean, look at ice cream. That ice cream is stacked so tall.

Andrew: It’s incredible.

Laura: Yeah, the desserts are unparalleled.

Eric: I bet the second you take one of those scoops, it replenishes.

Andrew: Totally. Thank you, house-elves down below.

Laura: Yeah, all because there’s some poor house-elf waiting below in the kitchens just being like, “Ugh.”

Andrew: But we won’t learn about him in this movie. Oh!

Laura: “House-elves? What elves?”

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Why does the Hogwarts ceiling suddenly deliver plot information to us?

Laura: So that we can all sit here and go, “That’s suspicious.”

Eric: I guess so.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: The people who haven’t read the book: “That sure is suspicious.”

Micah: Or were not invented until Goblet of Fire.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: Look at McGonagall being all nervous to hype up the fear.

Eric: Yeah, that’s definitely what’s happening. 100%. If you get McGonagall to gasp, you know you’d better watch out. Where’s his chair? They knew he was coming. Maybe it’s bubble juice.

Laura: Let’s make it really clear.

Micah: Early on. Now, what was the reason for portraying Barty Crouch, Sr. this way? Is he just nervous?

Eric: You know, add that to the list of things to ask the director. But yeah, I mean, both Crouch, Sr., and Bagman, who’s not in this movie at all, were very differently characterized in the book. And Barty Crouch, Sr., though he’s not necessarily a good character, made some really important choices that later blow up in his face and you don’t really get that.

Laura: Yeah, I don’t know if they were trying to go for him being kind of broken because of everything that happened with his son. Maybe they were choosing that interpretation.

Eric: I like that.

Laura: Because what parent wouldn’t be completely shaken to their core to find out that their child is basically a fascist of some sort?

Eric: Fair enough. Nowadays, a lot of parents are accusing their kids of joining cults. Oh no, I’m sure this is aboveboard.

Laura: Hey, speaking of cults, he was in one.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah! And yet Dumbledore embraced him moments ago and was like, “Igor, old friend.”

Eric: Four if you count your mother.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Andrew: I do love this performance. It’s such a good performance.

Laura: He’s great.

Eric: It’s really good, yeah. If you’ve seen Brendan Gleeson do other stuff, it’s crazy because he’s also so good in that but it’s different.

Andrew: Yeah. It’s just one of those… and I hate to be the Hollywood person who’s like, “This performance in this movie is just amazing,” but some performances just stick with you and this is one of them.

Eric: It’s visceral! He threw the chalk.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Andrew: And with the magical eye and the scar, it’s just like, oh yeah.

Eric: Yeah, whoever animated the eye was not the same person that did Dobby because it’s so much better.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Eric and Micah laugh]

Micah: And is this fully replicated in the books too? Because we know Ron’s fear of spiders.

Eric: He does show them, yeah, each of the curses, but…

Laura: I don’t remember what he uses them on, though.

Micah: Is that even a spider?

Eric: I’ve always wondered that. That is more like a…

Micah: It’s gross, whatever the hell it is.

Eric: Oh, poor Crabbe. If I had one of those land on my head, it would lead me to smoking.

Laura: This is so good.

Eric: I love the mime hitting where like, they couldn’t actually hit each other. The music here again…

Laura: This was so well written. Good grief.

Eric: Is this the one movie that Steve Kloves didn’t do?

Andrew: I thought it was Movie 5.

Eric: Oh, you’re probably right, because that was David Yates’s first movie and he brought on a guy he had worked with before.

Andrew: Oh, did he? That was why?

Eric: Yeah, they had worked together exclusively as a writer and director team.

Andrew: I see.

Eric: I think that’s right. I’ll look that up.

Micah: Yeah, was it Mike Goldenberg?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that does sound right. Do you guys remember one of my biggest mistakes on MuggleNet?

Eric: No. I’m sure you’re going to tell us.

Andrew: I’m trying to remember. I just remember it was a big mistake. I think I misreported something about Michael Goldenberg or something like that. Whatever I did, I screwed up bad. Like, it was just wrong news-wise.

Eric: Oh, no.

Andrew: And I remember WB being really mad at me. The publicist I worked with was not happy with me. So what they did to respond to whatever the screw-up was – I really wish I remembered – was they had Michael Goldenberg do an interview with the Leaky Cauldron. [laughs]

Eric: Oh no!

Andrew: To set the record straight. Do you remember that? And I remember being on vacation at the time, and I was just like.. it ruined the vacation. I was just so embarrassed that I’d screwed up.

Eric: Andrew, I forgive you.

Andrew: Oh, thank you. I can finally find peace.

Eric: That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe they did that. But okay, Michael Goldenberg, who wrote the Green Lantern film with Ryan Reynolds, okay, also wrote the Peter Pan with Jason Isaacs, hello, as Captain Hook, Laura.

Laura: Connecting the threads.

Eric: And he wrote Contact, which is probably the best movie. Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey. It’s incredible. That redeems him for me.

Laura: There it is.

Micah: Does your soul rip when you kill a spider?

Eric: No, that’s not the same. I think it’s human souls.

Laura: Right, only human souls matter, Micah.

Eric: Basically. I like the Escher-esque stairs in the back. They go up the other direction.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, Neville. Never going to be the same.

Micah: This is where Luna yells at Harry later on in the series. I don’t think they ever did a very good job, though, of explaining how messed up this actually was. I mean, we do get the trial flashback in the Pensieve a little bit later on, but it’s just not overly explained the level to which it’s messed up.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Right. And in the books, even though this scene in the movie that we just saw where Moody comes and gets Neville is like, sort of tender? In the book, Barty Crouch, Jr. really does guide and mentor Neville and Harry. It’s a big deal that the first person to ever tell Harry he should catch Dark wizards was a Dark wizard. I would actually argue that in the book, his motives and loyalties are a lot more nuanced than they are in the movie. I don’t know if you guys would agree.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, I’m excited to read the book through that lens because it’s been a while since I’ve read Goblet.

The Goblet of Fire

Eric: Same, I’m looking so forward to it. All right, whose hair is longer right now? Hermione’s or the twins’?

Andrew: [laughs] It’s got to be Hermione, but I like the joke.

Eric: Only because hers is curled. Yeah, so if she straightened it…

Micah: It’s close.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Because it’s curly, I think that she’s got the upper hand.

Eric: Yeah, if you straighten it, it will be longer.

Laura: Yeah. They’re not too far behind her, though.

Andrew: We’re getting close, aren’t we? To the moment? You said it’s at 35 minutes in; we’re currently at 30.

Eric: Yeah, it’s going to be Halloween. It’s going to be Halloween in like, three seconds, and then…

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: And then there’s going to be another Quidditch World Tournament and then we’re going to be back.

Eric: This is fun.

Micah: Now whose hair is longer?

Eric: Oh, that’s fun. Whose beard was longer?

Micah: Do you all remember, there’s a really great story from… I think it was the reunion special with Mike Newell. I forget which twin told the story or if it was Mike himself, where he really had to show them how to fight each other.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Micah: And I think he ended up breaking his ankle or there was… he had some serious injury as a result of that.

Eric: You can just tell that he was very hands-on with the actors. Because there’s a moment where Snape just thwacks Harry and gives him a concussion with a book for no reason in this movie. That happens in this movie.

Micah: Oh, he bruised his ribs. That’s what the Discord is saying.

Laura: Snape does a lot of things for no reason.

Eric: Yeah, but that’s no excuse. This movie, he is absolutely unhinged. Book Snape would never.

Andrew: We also need to remember something, and that’s that we had heard over… I can’t remember when, but we heard that Mike Knoll was not a good director to the cast.

Eric: Oh, I didn’t… really?

Andrew: Yeah, didn’t we hear that?

Laura: Yeah, I think I remember hearing that he wasn’t anyone’s fave.

Eric: Oh man.

Andrew: I just vaguely remember him being really hard on the kids? Here I go again misreporting things. Here comes another exclusive with the Leaky Cauldron. [laughs] No, I’m kidding, but really, I really do remember that.

Eric: I just remember they were really excited because it was the first British director which, hello, you’re on Movie 4?

Micah: Oh, please. The cast was all British. Mostly.

Eric: Yeah, I know. What is that written on?

Micah: It looks like a mini hand fan almost. They’re all very specific to the school, except Hogwarts.

Eric: Just a piece of parchment.

Micah: [laughs] It’s just a piece of parchment.

Eric: There’s nothing more Hogwarts than hard work.

Micah: I like what Court said, it appears to be a coffee filter.

Eric: Oh, that’s right.

Laura: Dumbledore in this moment is like, “Oh, thank God Harry’s name didn’t come out of the Goblet.”

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Why does it say “WIZ”? Oh, “TRI” is on one side, “WIZ” is on the other, and “ARD” is on the other. This has never happened before.

Micah: I hate those hand motions in front of his face. They’re so stupid. Sorry for being critical.

Eric: Well, the thing is, every director had a chance with these movies to put their own spin on the series, so you don’t have the level of consistency between films that you will with the TV show.

Andrew: Ugh, let’s hope. I mean, that’s a 10-year project.

Eric: Yeah, but they’re going to lock that crap down. They’re going to have everybody picked for directing for years in advance, because the quality suffers when…

Micah: Aw, emo Ron.

Laura: The hair just goes so well with the emo state.

Eric: I agree with that.

Laura: I love how… [laughs] We’ll have to compare this to book Dumbledore.

Eric: There are no words. He’s so pissed that he doesn’t say anything. And he glares.

Micah: Right, like Harry did it.

Laura: Oh my God.

Eric: Cool tracking shot, though, of the students.

Micah: So why isn’t it renamed the Quadwizard Tournament? It doesn’t make sense.

Andrew: Ooh! Because this isn’t going to happen again, that’s why.

Micah: Yeah, that’s true.

Laura: Moody is like, “Yeahhh.”

Micah: He’s like, “I did it, I did it…”

Eric: All right, everybody, pour your shots.

Andrew: I did, and my drink, the ice has already melted. It’s all ruined.

Eric: Oh, I’m sorry, Andrew.

Laura: See, Andrew, that’s why you have to get the rocks. That’s what I have in mine. [laughs] Here it comes.

Andrew: Whoo! Drink!

Micah: All right, cheers.

[Glasses clink]

Andrew: Cheers to Michael Gambon. And whoever wrote that line. “Angrily.”

Eric: If Harry were holding a shot right then at that moment, it would be all over the floor. I don’t think you can… you just go up and put the name in, don’t you? That’s it. The goblet takes it from there.

Micah: Oooh.

Eric: That was dark.

Laura: And see, it’s so funny how layered all of this is with Barty Crouch, Jr. because in that moment, he’s on the surface, reminding Karkaroff that “Hey, everyone knows that you used to be a Death Eater.” But really ,what he’s saying is “You betrayed Voldemort. And I’m gonna get you.”

Eric: That’s amazing.

Micah: That shot?

Eric: Yeah, that was a great Caption Contest week when I screenshotted that. There was one recently with Amos and Harry and the top caption was, “Harry, get in my backpack” because it’s so big. Oh, there’s that level in Hogwarts Legacy, the best part of the top tower.

Andrew: I always love these scenes where all the staff are involved too. Just watching all the adult actors work with each other, like when we were…

Eric: This is acting.

Andrew: Right, this is acting.

Eric: With a capital A.

Andrew: [laughs] When we were getting towards the end of Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter by Chapter, I think I said on air, I still remember leaning forward in my seat watching Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time, being so excited seeing Alan Rickman and David Thewlis and Gary Oldman working together, and really, the trio took a backseat. And for at least a few minutes, it was really focused on the adult actors, and I just loved that.

Eric: That’s a great point.

Laura: I just want to call out McGonagall here mentioning, “We can’t just let him compete. He’s not a piece of meat.” And Dumbledore is over there like, “Well… I don’t know about that.”

Eric: I can’t wait to get to that chapter in the book because they say the Goblet of Fire is a magically binding contract, but Harry ultimately did not put his own name in. So I don’t care how many Confunduses you throw at that thing. The fact that you can’t get out of it is BS. Between that and the second task where they may or may not have actually killed Harry’s friends… it’s a real thin plot sometimes.

Eric: Go cry about it, Ron. Oh, good comeback, good comeback.

Laura: Ooh, naughty word. You can tell they’re teenagers now.

Andrew: And whenever they say bad words, or when in Harry Potter we get “Not my daughter, you bitch…” Oh, look at who it is!

Eric: Look at her chew the scenery.

Andrew: But then when parents say like, “Hey, I don’t think that you cursed on the show,” I was like, “But they said that word! So we’re allowed to.”

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Rita Skeeter

Andrew: Oh, let’s talk about this set that they’re at right now. This is probably… I think Eric joked about a repurposed set at the top of the movie. This set has been repurposed like no other. It was the Room of Requirement, it’s the Trophy Room…

Eric: This becomes the Room of Requirement!

Andrew: I feel like there’s one other. I’m trying to remember. But I just remember this…

Micah: Well, wasn’t it just the Trophy Room? Or is it still the Trophy Room?

Eric: And it’s the Slug Club hangout.

Andrew: This is the Trophy Room.

Eric: It’s the dining room for the Slug Club, where Neville serves drinks. You can tell by the half columns. Yeah, Miranda Richardson is insanely good. And even she manages to be shortchanged, I think, by the scripts. There is a lot more to her, obviously, in the books, but I would give this an eight out of ten pass for character adaptation.

Micah: Yeah, it’s very impressive, the actors who join the cast in this film.

Eric: Even just for one-offs. I want whatever that material is that she’s wearing. It’s like a velvet, but it’s like a satiny kind of… it’s really cool.

Eric: A little bit of, dare I say, the S word tension here between the two of them.

Micah: I think that’s part of her shtick, though.

Eric: Yeah, to be a little flirty.

Micah: She’s very flirtatious.

Eric: That’s a good point.

Laura: She really embodies this, and it’s such a disappointment that they didn’t do anything else with this character after this movie.

Eric: Yeah. I could see her being superimposed onto something during Movie 7 with the “Life and Lies” book haunting Harry. Like if she does like an interview or something and it’s posted in Times Square – or sorry, Piccadilly Circus. Good use of that full-scale model of Hogwarts.

Andrew: You know what, and I’ve said this before, even about Movie 1, it still holds up. These visual effects, all of them. And I don’t know if it’s because… I guess it’s the money they put into it. I mean, obviously, it looks amazing here. But I mean, even with Movie 1, all the special effects, they really do not feel dated to me. Maybe just because we grew up with these movies… I don’t know. I’ve always been really impressed.

Eric: Fun fact, it actually took 18 months for all the bird droppings to be gathered and placed here.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I hate bringing up the Wizarding World so much, but they did a great job with the owlery. Down to the bird droppings. That’s what made me want to say that.

Eric: Remember when you used to be able to actually send a letter from the theme park? And it would be owl stamped or whatever. I never actually utilized that, but it was a pretty cool feature at the time. Damn, he’s bleeding.

Laura: Yeah, why is that owl such a jerk?

Micah: I think the owl actually did bite him.

Eric: The owl actually took Hedwig’s lines, because Hedwig is always nipping on Harry.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Laura: They took all of Hedwig’s good lines gave them to this owl.

Andrew: Teenage tragedy.

Eric: Good old MinaLima really coming into prominence, in advance of the educational decrees in the next.

Andrew: Oh, that’s an interesting point. I mean, they’ve been involved with all the movies, but I guess they really started standing out with all the newspapers and the signage.

Eric: No, that’s exactly it. Yeah. I think they did do even the Hogwarts letter, the first Hogwarts letter in the first movie.

Sirius in the fire

Laura: Oh, here’s your favorite CG, Andrew, that really doesn’t hold up.

Andrew: Oh, I spoke too soon, didn’t I? This never held up, from day one.

Eric: No, you’re right. You’re right. It doesn’t. For what this cost to do in CGI, they could have flown Gary Oldman here, had him stay in the best hotel in England, and had him just be part of the site.

Andrew: It was just a very bad choice. That’s what this comes down to. They decided “We’re going to have his face sort of…” It’s almost like… I don’t know what the toy is called, but you put your hand into the thing with all the spikes, and then you look at it on the other side. It’s like that.

Eric: Yeah, it’s like, magic something something. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Well, the thing is, in this book doesn’t somebody forget their coffee and Molly Weasley puts it through the fire and gives them a sip of the coffee or something? It’s so much cooler even in the book.

Micah: Does that happen in the first chapter with the Dursleys?

Eric: I think it’s when they’re first finding out about Aurors and Mad-Eye. At the Burrow, whoever is telling the Weasleys about Mad-Eye is given a biscuit or something extra from Molly. Listeners, correct me if I’m wrong.

Micah: The Other Minister is saying that she feeds someone toast.

Eric: Yeah, there you go. Well, Gary Oldman in this scene is all toast.

Andrew: [laughs] What would happen if you’d roasted marshmallows over top of him? Would it taste a little like him?

Eric: I wonder if he’d taste it.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: You’d stick it in his mouth. “Shut up, Sirius,” you stick the marshmallow down his mouth.

Micah: They did improve it for Order of the Phoenix, though, didn’t they?

Eric: Yeah, it’s more like your image, I think. I really do appreciate this moment in the book. There’s months of trying to catch up with Sirius and get one-on-one time with him, and it’s destroyed when Ron comes down and it feels like such a huge moment. They did it okay in the movie, but again, the buildup is great because Sirius is the only person Harry can confide in during this time. I don’t really think he spends a lot of time with Hermione.

Harry and Neville by the lake

Eric: Neville, you’re being interested in nature again.

Micah: I do love the Harry/Neville bonding.

Eric: Harry complains that Neville is excited about nature? That’s the bonding. This sells teenagers to me more than any other scene.

Laura: We’ve all had a moment like this, right?

Micah: I’m totally on Harry’s side here, though, because… yeah, see, she gets mad at Harry, but Harry’s not the one she should be getting mad at.

Eric: It’s nice that they brought Bonnie Wright along for this scene.

Laura: I know.

Eric: The idea that Hermione and Ron have replaced Harry in the trio by bringing Ginny in and Harry’s just found Neville. [laughs] Oh, the flower.

Laura: Ouch, Hagrid. Geez.

Eric: Man, what would this have been like if Charlie were here?

Andrew: [laughs] Little fun fact, when I was in TV tech, my TV tech teacher brought this up to me when he was talking about filming angles and whatnot, and you guys might know this, too, but I’ll just share it for the listeners. You’ll notice they always shoot Hagrid, and here with Madame Maxime, at a lower angle. And it’s always to make them look taller than they actually are. It just gives you the impression that they are taller than they actually are. And you’re also thinking about how you’re watching Hagrid from, really, a lot of the time, the trio’s point of view, who are, of course, significantly shorter.

Eric: The Discord really likes that fact, Andrew.

Andrew: Aww!

Eric: Yeah, it’s forced perspective. They do it in Lord of the Rings with Gandalf being so much taller than the Hobbits too.

Andrew: Right. Yeah, exactly.

Laura: I think they might have done some of those same angle tricks in some of these earlier movies because there was a period of time where Emma Watson was taller than Dan.

Eric: Yeah, they would have them stand on egg crates too. You can’t tell because it’s not a full body shot, but yeah.

Laura: I know, because girls can’t be taller than boys, even though at this age they usually are.

Eric: Yeah, except Ron is taller than anybody in the books.

Laura: Yeah. Not in the movies, though. Not movie Ron.

Andrew: Stephanie said, “Where’s Charlie? Yes. Hashtag where’s Charlie?

Eric: Charlie should be there subduing the dragon.

Eric: “Potter stinks.” Hey, listen, it’s just hygiene issues. There’s no bathrooms here. Come on, guys.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Aww, Hufflepuffs are dicks.

Andrew: And he is one, ladies and gentlemen.

Micah: Hope they enjoyed their two minutes of fame. And by that, I mean two seconds.

Eric: Yeah. I can appreciate that Cedric isn’t like the other Puffs, and he’s like, “You guys, come on.”

Micah: They’re friends; they went to the Quidditch World Cup together.

Andrew: Folks, there will be justice for Hufflepuffs in the TV show, I am confident.

Micah: They already got a whole movie series and they…

Andrew: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Laura: Well, that wasn’t Hufflepuff’s fault.

Micah: That’s true.

Andrew: And the reason I say that is because the Internet society was definitely more critical of Hufflepuff back in the day. It was just the running joke. And it still is, to an extent, as Micah is illustrating here. But now people accept Hufflepuffs as cool. And of course, they’re right.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Sorry, the gin is starting to hit. I’ll be honest. You think about the merchandise you see in stores now. Remember when it used to only be Gryffindor merchandise? That was it.

Eric: And Slytherin.

Andrew: All fans of Harry Potter just want to be Gryffindor because that’s where he is.

Eric: Or their enemy.

Andrew: [laughs] Or their enemy, yeah. But these days, you really do see all four Houses represented, and that’s great. It took them way too long to realize people actually identify with other Houses and to profit off of that. But they are now, and that’s why I think in the Harry Potter TV show, you’re going to see a lot less Hufflepuff hate even though the books are guilty of it too, from time to time. We’ve been calling it out in Chapter by Chapter. That’s a marketing opportunity.

Eric: I think it’s such a balanced thing because the reason that the Hufflepuff… as long as they take time to explain exactly what you said – I think it was Micah – that two seconds of fame for their guy… they’re just feeling that if Harry did cheat, he did it and it undermines the glory that they would have had. So yeah, they’re awful to him, and it’s not forgivable, but it is at least understandable.

Micah: Part of it is, I think that it took them so long to get a visual representation of a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, right? Because we don’t really see Hufflepuff fully represented until Cedric comes along. We don’t see Ravenclaw really fully represented. You can throw Cho in there, but it’s really Luna, right? So you’re talking about not just them coming along in the books, but coming along in the movies, and you don’t get that until the mid 2000s.

Eric: Yeah, that’s fair. And then most of the time when they do Ravenclaw merch, it’s still got a friggin Raven on it instead of an eagle.

Laura: Oh my God, tell me about it. Ticks me off.

Eric: Real Ravenclaws, that has to really piss off.

Laura: It’s very irritating.

Eric: That’s a cool prop, I’ll just say, the leg. That’s really cool.

Andrew: It is, yeah.

Micah: Just like Cormoran Strike.

Andrew: [laughs] He’s terrifying.

Eric: Oh, that sounded kind of like Brendan Gleeson in that trunk.

Micah: What a contrast this is from when Harry was in Lupin’s office just a year prior. [laughs] The dude’s taking off his leg.

Eric: Well, and then Umbridge in the next… this is the same office with all the kitten posters. It’s supposed to be. I really do appreciate this.

Laura: He’s like, “Don’t make me spell it out for you, man. What are you good at?”

Eric: “I need you to survive so that you can die.”

Andrew: Ohh.

Eric: Cool. It’s just cool. That’s just very cool.

The first task

Andrew: Here we go, the Quadwizard Tournament. Very exciting. One year only.

Eric: Why is the stadium so far away from Hogwarts?

Andrew: For real.

Eric: Who’s getting up there? I’m taking my broom to get to the broom stadium.

Andrew: How do the competitors get there? They have to hike up a mountain? And compete?

Eric: Listen, it’s the stairs. It’s all those stairs. They trained well.

Andrew: I always really liked this “Potter” jacket too. I feel like I had it at some point…

Eric: Out of the New York shop, they do that those custom jerseys now where you get your name printed on, and I wanted to get one. This is a good shot.

Andrew: God, I really do not intend to, but I think they sell this flight outfit at the Wizarding World parks, or they did for a time.

Eric: I appreciate the photographer character.

Andrew: Justice for him. I hope he makes it to the TV show.

Eric: Same actor.

Micah: There’s Krum’s one line of the entire movie.

Eric: I do appreciate that he sees her for what she is.

Micah: Well yeah, that’s the only time he says anything. [laughs]

Eric: “Did you sneak into this tent?”

Laura: He’s like, “Miss Granger, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?”

Micah: Actually, there’s another great line coming from Barty Crouch, Sr.

Eric: Is it “Chinese fireball, oooh”?

Micah: It is, yeah.

Eric: I like the little puff of smoke that comes from the bag. That’s probably one of the coolest little effects.

Andrew: This is a fun little game scene exercise.

Eric: The dragon got an upgrade in the movie. In the book it’s the Common Welsh Green. There’s nothing common about this, we’re just going to call it Welsh Green.

Andrew: Do y’all ever think about how they’re going to have to redo all of this for the TV show?

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: That’s why they can’t. They have to focus on the other stuff.

Andrew: This isn’t like… David Zaslav I think, or WB, was like, “This is a 10-year series.” No, this is 20 years. This is a 20-year series.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Laura: We’re all going to be in our 50s by the time they finish.

Andrew: Yeah, some of these scenes will just… they could be an episode on their own. There’s just so much to explore.

Eric: All right, now the dragon has woken up from a deep slumber. Oh yeah, I should have started the timer for how long we see other people’s tasks. Zero seconds.

Micah: Is this the same tent they used at the beginning of the movie?

Andrew: You’re hellbent on these repurposed sets.

Micah: I’ve got to imagine, right? From the Quidditch World Cup?

Laura: Yeah. Hey, I mean, given how much they had to spend on special effects, they probably were re-using sets.

Micah: I would, yeah.

Eric: Not to plug the Caption Contest again, but there’s one where I superimposed the Mario brothers in this arena.

Micah: Super Smash?

Eric: The live action with Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. It was really funny.

Micah: Did they repurpose the Quidditch World Cup for this scene? Or Quidditch?

Eric: The stands are reminiscent… oh, maybe.

Micah: From the first two films or three.

Andrew: That just reminded me we get a shirtless Harry scene in this movie.

Laura: Oh, that’s right.

Andrew: Which was a big deal to me at the time, and probably a lot of other people of course.

Micah: With a 40-year-old MILF next to him. We’ll talk about that.

Andrew: All right, I think we need to cut off Micah from the… are you still drinking, Micah?

Micah: No, I had like two sips.

Eric: We got another Maggie Smith gasping shot. Everybody’s little noisemakers and stuff is really cute.

Andrew: I wonder if they’ll do special episodes. You know how with Stranger Things there’s a 45-minute episode and then all of a sudden there’s an hour and 20 minute episode? I wonder if they’re going to do that with Harry Potter.

Eric: That’s a good point, not rope themselves into a minute count.

Andrew: Yeah, just like… only an hour per episode, sorry.

Eric: Yeah, if you look at even The Mandalorian, it’s doing anywhere from like a 35-minute episode to much longer. A lot of them are 50, but there have been short ones. Oh, and The Last of Us did that too. There was a really, really short episode. It’s because now that they don’t have commercial breaks in between the show, you don’t need to constrain it to fit the hour.

Micah: So I wasn’t a big fan of this scene; I don’t know how you all felt about it. Because this is not book canon.

Eric: Well, I can appreciate that the stakes seem high, and the view of the rooftop of Hogwarts is an area I would have always wanted to see, but logistically it’s a nightmare, right? Because it’s like, wouldn’t there be wizards whose job it is to go after the dragon? Like Charlie Weasley himself would be the one that has to like reign that guy in. I don’t know. This is just beyond the acceptable level of threat for Harry.

Micah: I mean, I understand why they did it for the purposes of a movie. It makes it way more exciting than what happens in the book.

Eric: I wish I could do this in Hogwarts Legacy.

Micah: Hey, you never know. There are dragons flying around.

Eric: I do really guy…

Laura: It’s giving Forbidden Journey.

Eric: I’m glad you pointed that out, Laura. It’s very much the same shot or same height.

Laura: See, this is how I know I’m an adult now, because I’m watching all of this damage be done to the shingles of Hogwarts castle, and being like, “Oh my god, how much it would cost to replace all of that…”

Micah: Well, Filch has to take care of it. I hope he likes heights.

Laura: [laughs] Probably. Man, Dumbledore did him dirty.

Micah: I guess there’s also the point if you went through the effort to create this dragon, then you need to do more than just have them square off in that little an arena.

Laura: True.

Micah: Oh, he’s going after the Elder Wand!

Laura: Wait, doos the dragon die in the movie? Do they kill off the dragon?

Eric: It was just trying to protect its baby. Dragon rights, y’all. Again, another boring task for everyone involved. Why is his broom steaming? Oh, I guess…

Laura: Because the dragon bit the end of it.

Eric: Right.

Laura: Wait, so the dragon just died? Is that what we’re supposed to think?

Eric: Yeah, and Harry got its baby.

Laura: That’s so messed up.

Eric: I appreciate that even the portraits are psyched right now.

Andrew: Yeah, I was just going to say that too. [laughs]

Micah: Kiss of the Irish.

Eric: This is very, like, Stanley Cup.

Laura: [laughs] I love the faces of these portraits.

Eric: Hogwarts is an auditory nightmare.

Micah: Dude, where were you? Bathroom?

Laura: He’s like, “Yeah, but man, you’re supposed to be my best mate. I don’t care what everyone else is doing.”

Yule Ball lead-up

Eric: I really appreciate the table placement settings. All the set dec.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Spit take!

Andrew: Another iconic moment. “How much toast is on those tables?” John says. Not enough! I love toast. [laughs] “Me, myself, and I,” Rita Skeeter.

Laura: I had forgotten about Nigel. [laughs]

Micah: Do they have cereal boxes on the tables at Hogwarts?

Eric: Yeah, that was in the Exhibition. Micah, for how often you’ve been to the Exhibition, I’m surprised you don’t know this. They did cereal boxes.

Andrew: That’s a sore subject for me because when I was very fortunate to go to the Order of the Phoenix or the Half-Blood Prince set… I think it was the Half-Blood Prince set. There were multiple requests from the press to be able to film – just interviews, I think – and record, and they said, “There are so many people wanting to bring their own devices, we will record and film things for you.” And we thought, “Okay, great, that’s way easier.” Well, so they record the interviews for us and it’s great. Then we go into the Great Hall, and they’re like, “You guys can film stand ups, these little introduction videos for your own websites.” And so they let me hold a box of that darn cereal!

Eric: Oh my… so you have a picture of that?

Andrew: No! Let me finish this story. So I do my stand up. It’s great. Melissa from Leaky does it, other press that were there do it. We’re all so excited, right? We have video of us on the set. So cool, an active set. Well, they never gave us the video. Who knows why? It’s probably sitting in an archive somewhere. But it bothered me for so many years that they would not give us the video of us on the set because we of course thought it was the coolest thing. That is going to be a pro-shot video of us on the set.

Eric: Andrew, just wait for the 30th anniversary. You’re going to see your stuff up there.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: You signed the release 18 years ago. Just wait.

Andrew: But that’s why the cereal is triggering, because… [laughs]

Eric: I think they’re Owl-O’s. I can look at it later, for Steph, because she was asking.

Micah: Well, you have other things from the set, don’t you?

Andrew: No comment.

Eric: Do you mean to tell me…? Andrew, after you made that huge kerfuffle about Michael Goldenberg being the director for Order of the Phoenix, they still invited you to the set for Movie 6?

Andrew: [laughs] I’m abstaining from this discussion right now.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: I have no comment here. In fact, I didn’t even hear what you said. It broke up for me. But it’s fine, because we’re moving along.

Eric: They still invited you to Movie 6 after you screwed up on Michael Goldenberg coverage?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, wasn’t that nice of them? Second chances. If they only knew what I did. I blew it again with them.

Micah: The eyes on that cat. And I’m talking about Mrs. Norris.

Eric: I’m dying at Micah’s clarification there.

Laura: Aw, Neville.

Micah: I will say, the score by Patrick Doyle is very well done.

Eric: Yeah, it’s probably the best score all-in. Between “Potter Waltz” and “Neville’s Waltz,” they’re really good.

Micah: Neville’s got shoes too.

Laura: I would totally go to the ball with Neville. He’s like, I think, the ideal date for the Yule Ball.

Micah: Oof, Ravenclaw looks rough.

[Laura laughs]

Micah: Like they’re going to bite his face off. No comment.

Laura: Wait, what? What happened here?

Micah: She ate something out of his beard.

Eric: You know, just like in the book?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Ooh, Krum. He may not say much in the movie, but his actions speak louder than words.

Eric: Krum never skips leg day.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Alan Rickman is such an icon.

Micah: It’s tough because Snape doesn’t really play much of a role at all in this movie. He is in one of the deleted scenes during the Yule Ball.

Laura: He’s got rizz.

Eric: What’s rizz?

Laura: Oh no, we have to have Chloé on. Eric, I’m giving you homework.

Eric: See, Snape… it just doesn’t make any sense. Drama. It always looks like he’s trying to shove their face into pie, but there’s no pie.

Laura: Harry and Ron needed chiropractic care after this year.

Eric: Pulverize me, Snape.

Andrew: Whoa, look at that circle of stones to the right. Did you see that? That’s in Hogwarts Legacy too.

Eric: Yeah, there’s a term for that. But they’re awesome. I really like those.

Andrew: “Stonehenge” is the term.

[Laura laughs]

Micah: Druid circle?

Eric: Yeah, Druid circle. Stonehenge is an example. Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly it, Micah.

Laura: No, they’re all Stonehenge.

Andrew: [laughs] I just call them all Stonehenge. Oh, look at Stonehedge! I didn’t realize that was here in America.

Eric: Oh, it’s totally a thing, though.

Andrew: Oh man. Too relatable, this scene.

Micah: “Sorry”? He said it very clearly.

Laura: Ugh, the secondhand embarrassment. Oh, the swell of heartbreak.

Eric: You know, Harry should just go back to that Druid circle and do a Merlin challenge. He’ll feel much better.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I got a little tired of those in Hogwarts Legacy. They’re fun.

Eric: There were a lot of them.

Andrew: And I think they were going for what Zelda has with the Korok seeds, and so I liked it from that angle, but it was just more work than the Korok seeds in a lot of cases.

Eric: I just hated how it’s the only gateway to get enough pockets for your clothes. Like, you need to hit every one or you can’t carry a fifth hat.

The Yule Ball

Eric: Yeah, it’s fine. Just make Parvati and Padma in the same Hogwarts House. That’s cool.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: That’s okay, I think the biggest crime is about to be the outfits that they got put in for the Yule Ball. It’s been pretty notably chronicled online that people of Indian culture looked at that and said, “What the hell?”

Eric: Oh man. I’ve always liked Harry’s. You can get this outfit on Hogwarts Legacy, actually.

Andrew: Yeah, that was a nice touch.

Eric: That’s real fun. Because they’re from what, the 1880s or something? And that’s exactly when Legacy is set.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh, that’s perfect. I didn’t think about that. I just kind of considered it an Easter egg. But yeah, you’re right.

Eric: I think in the books Ginny is like, “They were last fashionable in the 1800s.” It’s a fun reference.

Andrew: I just feel terrible for Hermione. In this case four. Quadwizard.

Laura: [laughs] I love how casual she is about it.

Andrew: And she’s older! She’s repulsed!

Laura: She’s not that old.

Andrew: Yeah, “repulsed” was a strong word. Sorry, Ron. Everybody’s looking great. Wasn’t this always exciting in school?

Micah: Except Ron. I feel bad.

Andrew: Well, yeah. But it was always so exciting to see everybody dressed up in high school for prom.

Eric: I agree. Like, people that you know, who are only ever in regular school clothes, do it up a little? Yeah, I agree.

Andrew: Or even, honestly, weddings today. It’s like, “Aw, you guys really dressed up!”

Eric: I was about to say, “That’s childhood,” but yeah, that’s life.

Andrew: I’m just wearing gym shorts 99% of my life these days.

Eric: To weddings?

Andrew: [laughs] No, no, the 1% where I don’t is weddings. Every other time…

Eric: Well, now there’s stretchy formal wear. It’s like that business…

Andrew: Yeah, I’ve seen some of that.

Eric: Yeah, that stuff is great.

Andrew: It’s like the work from home type thing, too, like maybe you want to dress up a little bit, but yeah.

Laura: Andrew, if you want to wear basketball shorts to my wedding, that’s fine. I don’t care. Come as you are.

Andrew: Oh my god. Don’t say that, Laura.

Eric: I’ve always wanted a job where I could wear a suit every day. I think that would be cool.

Andrew: You want a job where you can wear a suit every day? Careful what you wish for.

Eric: I always did.

Andrew: Ask Micah what that… well, you don’t wear a suit. But I think people would disagree with you there.

Eric: I’m sure it would get old fast, but I’ve never had it, so that’s why I want it.

Andrew: It’s like me saying like, “I love work from home!” But, and I have said this before, “But I want to go to an office.” Meanwhile, Laura and Micah are like, “You’re insane.” [laughs]

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I just want to see people.

Micah: You can come to my office and work if you want.

Eric: It’s always fun at Micah’s office. He gets us little passes.

Andrew: [laughs] For you, Micah?

Micah: Yeah, for me. You know, we were talking about Patrick Doyle earlier. I would say next to “Hedwig’s Theme,” this is probably the most notable score in the Harry Potter franchise.

Andrew: I would agree with that.

Eric: Although, wait, because Nicolas Hooper comes in with a lead pipe in the next one for the Room of Requirement and the Umbridge theme. Those are actually more widely used at the theme park and stuff.

Micah: What’s with the ferret?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Because it’s fun.

Micah: He transformed Draco back.

Eric: Well, no, then he redid it. Draco is now having lap time.

Micah: Yeah, because we don’t see Draco in this scene.

Eric: No, Draco’s not here.

Micah: It’s a good point.

Laura: So I just want to…

Andrew: Oh! Are you going to ask about the song?

Laura: I want to call… oh, well, we can talk about that in a second. I just want to give props to the chat because people have started calling Karkaroff “Rasputin.” [laughs]

Micah: He is. I mean, basically.

Laura: And the thing is, I was thinking the same thing when I saw him at first, and then I look over at the chat, and I see Casey being like, “Rasputin is back.” [laughs]

Micah: I wouldn’t be very surprised.

Andrew: I’m sorry, I don’t find that very funny.

Laura: You don’t?

Andrew: Go ahead, guys. Go ahead.

Micah: No, I was just going to say, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rasputin inspired his character.

Laura: Oh, yeah, I agree.

Andrew: Okay, I love this song and I’m not apologizing. “Can You Dance Like a Hippogriff,” I’m referring to it, in case it’s not clear for the listeners.

Laura: Listen, we danced to this song at one of the Yule Balls. I was very, uh…

Andrew: [laughs] Excited.

Laura: Inebriated.

Andrew: Okay. It’s a good song. We didn’t get enough original songs, outside of the score. We didn’t get enough original songs. We didn’t get any, really, besides this one.

Eric: Well, unless you bought the soundtrack. You can’t really hear it. I never learned this song or the lyrics.

Andrew: It’s catchy. It’s upbeat. It’s rock! They put it in a Harry Potter movie! I mean, I guess I came to like any non-score song from the Harry Potter movies, like the Deathly Hallows one.

Eric: Yeah, I was going to say, brackets now. Is this better than “O Children”? Or does “Dance Like a Hippogriff”…?

Andrew: Well, they’re very different, right? I’m not playing “O Children” at a dance, but I am playing “Can You Dance Like a Hippogriff.”

Eric: Fair enough.

Andrew: Man, this was all too real with all the dance drama and being hung up.

Laura: Mmhmm. They actually captured that very well because thinking back on high school dances, there was always drama like this. Somebody was always up in some drama.

Andrew: John C. listening live says “O Children” is better. I respect that choice. I remember when that song came out with the movie, I was very into it. I think I bought it on iTunes at the time.

Micah: “They get scary when they get older.” [laughs] That’s such a parent thing to say.

Laura: Yeah, the gaslighting in this moment is…

Micah: Go Neville.

Laura: … very relatable, as someone who experienced being a teenage girl

Micah: Ooh, Hagrid trying to cop a feel.

Eric: “Hagrid, my eyes are up here. No, higher. No, higher.”

Micah: Oh, graveyard time.

Laura: Yeah, they’re like, “Well-mannered frivolity over.”

Micah: Well, they also cut the other scene, as I was mentioning, that Snape was in because he goes into all the carriages to break up all the make-out seshes.

Laura: He would. He’s just salty because he never had a make-out sesh.

Eric: Too soon. “Are you the ghost of Christmases yet to come?” And now, audience, remember there were these two men.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Once upon a time…

Laura: Oh hey, that’s like the thing that was in the sky.

Eric: I have a temporary tattoo of those. So cool.

Micah: Quick, go make sure Mad-Eye is in his bed at Hogwarts.

Eric: The sweat glistening off of his cheek. Real cool. Shiny shoes.

Micah: “Yeah, when I was making out with your future wife.”

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Aww, Neville. See, optimal date for the Yule Ball.

Eric: More girls got to get on that.

Egg clue

Andrew: This bridge gets a lot of airtime in the movies, doesn’t it? It’s on the Studio Tour, too, which is cool.

Eric: Yeah. I like it.

Micah: It gets serious airtime in Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

Andrew: [laughs] Yikes. Wait, what are you referring to? It being blown up?

Micah: Yeah. Boom.

Andrew: Wow. No, but you’re right. [laughs]

Eric: And the LEGO games.

Andrew: Laura, did you ever play the LEGO games? I know Micah and Eric are huge fans.

Laura: Oh yeah. Yeah, I did.

Andrew: I couldn’t get into them.

Micah: Andrew, get ready.

Eric: Try again. They sell them for like six bucks on PlayStation Network.

Andrew: Oh, I know. I own them. I just… ugh.

Eric: Yeah, you need to be in the right mind space. The parody is really, really good. Or like, fun commentary. When you’re playing, you can tell that the people that loved the stories made them.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: But there are years that go by that I don’t play a LEGO game because it is a very specific humor that you have to be in the mood for.

Laura: The way he delivers this is so weird.

Eric: It’s good. I love that he’s awkward, that he’s allowed to be the school champion on the one hand, and a really awkward person on the other. I appreciate it. It’s like, “Potter, remember those Potter Stinks badges?”

Andrew: Oh, this is the scene you were referring to. [laughs] I was like, “Wait, what am I…?” Yeah, this was a big deal. Shirtless Harry Potter, hello. I don’t care who you are.

Eric: That mermaid is ripped.

Andrew: Speaking of ripped, let’s return our attention to Harry Potter.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: Did this bring about any kind of awakening for anybody in 2005?

Andrew: [fake coughs] No, no, no…

Eric: I was just polling the audience.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Laura: He wasn’t singling you out, Andrew. He just wanted to know.

Andrew: I’m just playing.

Eric: I said anybody! I literally want to know, anybody.

Andrew: Was it an awakening moment for me? I honestly can’t remember. Did I enjoy it? Of course.

Micah: Clearly Myrtle is enjoying herself.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, me and Myrtle. Myrtle more than me.

Micah: And the reason why I brought up what I did earlier on is because… and I think Shirley Henderson has spoken about this, but she’s 57 years old now, which means how old was she when she did this scene with Daniel Radcliffe?

Andrew: Probably about 20 years ago.

Eric: Yeah, 39 and he was 14?

Micah: Yeah, so…

Eric: Still, you can’t tell.

Micah: No, you can’t, but it’s slightly awkward. [laughs]

Eric: I do like… okay, it is awkward. I really don’t think Myrtle is that flirty in the books. Is she?

Laura: I think they definitely vamped it up for the movie to make it more awkward.

Andrew: Yeah, and entertaining. It’s just entertaining.

Eric: They have a lovely singing voice.

Micah: And I don’t think they give the full clue here.

Laura: No, they don’t.

Micah: And Harry immediately makes a connection that makes no sense at all.

Eric: “Are there mermaids in the lake?” Well, if you can’t have house-elves, at least you get Moaning Myrtle. The little bubbles. That’s really funny.

Micah: I mean, she says, “Almost all of Cedric’s bubbles were gone,” and then she looks down in the water.

Laura: I think that was from the book, actually. She did say that.

[Eric laughs]

Micah: Really? That’s what gave it its PG-13 rating.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: Some frightening imagery and a lack of bubbles.

Laura: I just want to know, did they provide an intimacy coordinator for this scene?

Eric: Was there a safe word?

The second task

Eric: Professor McGonagall is going to kidnap you. You’re always talking about nature, Neville. You suck.

Laura: As a matter of fact…

Eric: A book that thick, you know there’s a way to do that.

Micah: I just don’t like how they cut Dobby out, but I know house-elves are expensive.

Andrew: Just wait for the TV show.

Eric: It was his agent. His agent suggested that he renegotiate his contract and it all went to hell after that.

Andrew: Ahh, too much. It was too much.

Eric: He was too big for his britches.

Micah: I mean, it does build a stronger bond between Harry and Neville for Neville to provide the Gillyweed.

Eric: Yeah, the closeness between Harry and Neville in this is really apt considering their comparisons later. This is probably the best Matt Lewis movie besides Deathly Hallows, ff course. Of sorts. A living, breathing human!

Laura: What is everyone’s favorite task?

Eric: Book or movie?

Laura: Let’s say book.

Andrew: As somebody who has never loved the water levels in Mario, I’m going to say first of all, this one’s off the table. I think the dragon one, actually, for me.

Eric: It’s creepy, it’s dank. Yeah, I agree, not this one. Isn’t the dance called the unexpected task? The Yule Ball is a fourth task, basically.

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Eric: Then I would cheat and say the Yule Ball. But otherwise, it’s probably the first one. I never understood the sphinx riddle. Meg had to explain it to me like 15 years later.

Micah: In the book, I like the maze. In the movie, I actually like this task, because I don’t like the dragon chase scene, and I don’t like how the maze is done in the movie. It just lacks everything that’s in the book.

Eric: This looks cool.

Micah: This takes you to a new place you’ve never been before.

Eric: That’s true. And it’s right in your own backyard.

Micah: They could have thrown the squid in.

Eric: Yeah, the squid should be here.

Laura: I do feel like I… and we’ll see about this when we read the book. I feel like I remember the second task being my favorite, so we’ll see if that still holds true.

Eric: I’d be interested. I just can’t get over whether they were really in danger or not. We’re told that the champions are in danger; that’s why they age restricted it this time. But it seems really weird to take Ron, Hermione… just because Hermione is Viktor’s Yule Ball date, she then is the person that he has to save? And if he were to get caught or captured, what happens to her? Anyway, stuff lurking in kelp is scary.

Laura: Yeah, I think that they explained that in the book at the very least.

Eric: I don’t think they do.

Laura: They’re like, “Did you really think Dumbledore would actually let anything happen to them?” Because of Harry’s panic and feeling like he needs to save Ron and Fleur’s little sister.

Eric: Well, it’s an open question because Dumbledore isn’t like, “Yeah, Harry, you’re safe. I never would have…” Dumbledore did a lot worse.

Laura: That’s very true. He’s like, “More pigs for slaughter.”

Micah: Now I’m going to ask another question: Is that repurposed for the veil?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh my God, stop reaching. Officially reaching.

Eric: I love this thread. Is this repurposed for the Newt scene in the second Fantastic Beasts where he’s in the basement with the kelpie?

Micah: Hmm, probably.

Eric: Or is that the third film? Hey, look, they’re…

Laura: Oh man.

Andrew: This always got me.

Eric: How are they breathing?

Andrew: This is so mean and unfair. I don’t like this one bit.

Laura: I just am struck by how bad these models are.

Andrew: But Laura, it’s deep underwater and they’re passed out. That’s why they look that way.

Eric: Madame Tussaud’s was busy.

Andrew: [laughs] Madame Tussaud’s was busy. I do know what you mean, though. They do look very waxy. And I guess it’s like, why? Why do they look that way? Maybe it was intentional, just to make them look passed out or whatever this is?

Laura: But look at Cedric pulling Cho. Watch this move. It’s so bad.

Micah: Yeah, make sure her head doesn’t fall off.

Laura: They’re like, “Nope.”

Eric: What the hell is her deal? Uh-oh, what don’t they like? Go Krum. Man, it’s a good thing Hermione is not conscious for this. “The time must come where you can choose to do the right thing or the easy thing.” She’s like, “Why am I wet?”

Laura: Yeah, why is she waving? [laughs]

Eric: You know, if somebody waves at you, you wave back. It’s just courtesy. That CGI effect doesn’t get enough praise. I think it’s really cool where his head turns back.

Micah: I’m telling you, that’s the veil. See, Lupin should have thrown a few of these in his tank when he walked out at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban.

Eric: Yeah, what are they?

Micah: They’re grindylows.

Eric: I thought the grindylows have a long, spindly hand that you break. These are those alien creatures from Men in Black. Poor Harry.

Laura: He’s like, “Perfect.”

Eric: “I still want to know if you put your name in the Goblet…”

[Laura laughs]

Eric: That’s a fun moment. Guess they were grindylows. “We have some last-minute points.”

Laura: Get ready for some favoritism, y’all.

Andrew: Yay, second place! Runner-up!

Eric: First is the worst, second is the best.

Laura: What was up with Nigel?

Eric: Isn’t he a stand-in for the Creevey brothers? But why would they not just have the Creevey brothers?

Laura: Just have someone they had already cast? Yeah. Well, you could say that about other characters in this movie.

Eric: Was the Creevey kid doing Spiderwick or something? Yeah, I don’t know.

Laura: Was that him?

Eric: I don’t know.

Micah: Feels like such a disservice to not learn this story in full.

Eric: I mean, it is a really cool part of the book that we’ll definitely spend time on in the show.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Laura: He’s just like, “Son?”

Eric: “My son used to lick his lip like that.”

Laura: He pulls an Amos and he’s like, “That’s my boy!”

Eric: Oh man. Too soon.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Too soon, Laura, yes. Too soon.

Laura: It hasn’t even happened yet!

Andrew: Yeah, it’s too soon! Exactly! We’re like, 40 minutes away from that probably.

Eric: What about the Marauders, Hagrid?

Micah: Ruh-roh.

Eric: What a way to go in the book.

Micah: This just feels too on the nose after what just happened.

Laura: Yeah, I mean… it’s not the only time in the movies that they make it fairly obvious who the bad guy is.

Eric: I mean, did you catch the lightning when he first walked in?

[Laura laughs]

The Pensieve

Eric: Oh, there was some real fire there.

Micah: There’s about to be a cat fight.

Eric: That was well-synced, the door opening to Harry’s hand.

Micah: Well, it’s good to see Fawkes again.

Eric: Oh shit.

Andrew: That bowl is, let’s say, one short because of a certain somebody.

Laura: Oh, yeah?

Eric: Are they really sharp-looking?

Andrew: Why are you asking me that?

Eric: Did you ever…?

Andrew: No. [laughs]

Laura: I was going to say, it sounded like you were implying that you took something.

Andrew: No, no, definitely not. No way.

Micah: Harry does. He drops some.

Eric: They all look CGI. They don’t look like they’ve ever existed.

Andrew: If they felt wooden, I wouldn’t know. I’m just looking at it.

Eric: Okay. That’s a fascinating conjecture.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I don’t know how it feels in your pocket either, but I would assume it’s pretty pocketable, just looking at it.

Eric: I love everything about this whole conversation.

Andrew: This movie is very blue. The Pensieve, the Goblet…

Eric: I did notice that, yeah.

Andrew: Even the start of it was giving blue.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, even if you look at all the marketing for this movie, everything is blue and gray tones.

Andrew: Do you all remember the comma drama? Which rhymes, but…

Eric: Yusuf Kama?

Andrew: No, no, remember there was a poster that was like, “It is our…” No, what was the poster? There was a poster for Goblet of Fire, and there was a tagline, and all of us, MuggleNet, Leaky, being readers, book nerds, grammatical hawks, we were like, “That poster is missing a comma.”

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Goblet of Fire poster. Let me see if I can find it. Already, not the same poster. But yeah, trust me. There was drama. There was drama.

Laura: I mean, that definitely sounds like something we would have done.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: This set decoration is really cool. That’s a hint.

Andrew: Stephanie is asking, “Is this set repurposed in Order of the Phoenix?” Micah, your thoughts, please?

Laura: Probably.

Micah: Believe so, for Harry’s trial.

Andrew: I think that’s spot on, yeah.

Micah: He’s like, “I saved the best for last, bitch.”

Laura: “I’ve got the mic drop.”

Eric: I met him. Good guy.

Laura: [laughs] Rita’s face. Yeah, I feel like you do see the actor playing Barty Crouch, Sr., you do see a switch here in the way he portrays the character.

Micah: There’s the tongue, so if you don’t know now…

Laura: I know. They’re like, “Just in case you didn’t notice that weird thing.”

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: If you took 40 bathroom breaks. Why does he look like he’s about to pass out? What’s wrong with Dumbledore here?

Eric: There’s so much wrong with Dumbledore here.

Micah: Or he’s constipated?

Eric: It’s too many licorice snaps.

Andrew: Oh, here we go again. Didn’t we just have a conversation? I’m just kidding.

Micah: About what?

Andrew: About Dumbledore. I mean, not tonight.

Micah: There’s the Deathly Hallows.

Andrew: I know we’ve spoken about this until we’ve been blue in the face – pun not intended with how blue this movie is – but I really do love Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore. Sorry.

Laura: Same. I’m right there with you, Andrew. I do not stand for this Michael Gambon slander.

Eric: It’s awful. It’s really bad.

Andrew: No, Eric, you, I think, have been really critical. Haven’t you?

Eric: In 6, he gets it. Movie 6.

Andrew: Oh, but this movie you don’t like?

Eric: No, no. Movie 6 it finally clicks for me and it clicks hard. It really clicks hard. I love him in Movie 6. But before then, no, absolutely not. He gets the worst direction. He doesn’t have a clue. It doesn’t work.

Andrew: Well, okay, so I’m willing to meet you there with Goblet of Fire because like I mentioned earlier, I’m like, “No.” From what we heard, I think not the favorite director.

Eric: The line delivery, like, “Don’t you all have studying to do?” in Movie 5. It’s like, “What? What? Who is he and why is he asking that?”

Andrew: That’s too much, yes. But shouldn’t you blame the screenwriters for that? Yes. Basically what we just said. I don’t think we can blame Mr. Gambon.

Eric: Well, that’s true of any performance, right? These are the shots that they kept. These are the directions that they were given. But no, I mean, because isn’t the question, “Don’t you love Michael Gambon as Dumbledore here?” Also a question about the writing, the directing, the sound that’s going on? So I answered the question.

Micah: Totally. The challenge is, though, that in Richard Harris, you’re dealing with somebody who read the books and took the part for his granddaughter. Michael Gambon, I’m not sure why he took the role but he was very clear that he never read the books. I think that factors in. You don’t get a true sense of Dumbledore by not reading the books.

Eric: I do love this little repurposed Ollivander set in the background that ended up becoming…

Andrew: I was not expecting this commentary to be so heavy on the repurposed set discussions. I think it’s right, I just wasn’t expecting it.

Eric: Look, it’s the same ladder!

Andrew: “The same ladder.”

Eric: [laughs] “I wonder when I’d be seeing you, Mr. Potter.”

Andrew: What exhibition is that a part of now, I wonder?

Eric: I do think that Goblet of Fire is when Alan Rickman looked the best as Snape.

Andrew: Interesting.

Eric: For some reason, something about the uniform and the little white sticking out of the sleeves.

Andrew: And the hair? The hair is a little different.

Eric: The hair and the face. It’s not too wrinkled. He ages a little bit from this point forward, but I think this is the best he’s looked.

Andrew: Of course, I feel like by the end of the series, and I’d have to look at side-by-side photos, but I do feel like Snape’s hair gets a little longer over time. Maybe a little more disheveled? Even looking at him now, it’s ever so slightly… it needs a comb.

The third task

Micah: Uh-oh, here we go.

Eric: Whose boy?

Andrew: Ugh, I’m not ready for this. I need to use the bathroom. Maybe I’ll use it during the “My boy.”

Laura: No.

Andrew: No?

Laura: Oh, look at Amos. He’s so proud.

Eric: He’s championing his son.

Andrew: He’s so excited. Nothing’s going to go wrong.

Eric: They’re doing the Macarena.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: When should I use the bathroom? Y’all tell me when I should use the bathroom.

Eric: Go now.

Andrew: Go now?

Eric: Yeah, you’re not missing anything with the maze. Go now.

Laura: Yeah, nothing happens in the maze, actually. Have y’all seen the meme-ification of the Hogwarts band and this song?

Eric: No.

Laura: So on TikTok it became a trend where people talk about some traumatic event happening, like “Finding out that such-and-such person I really love died,” and then it was like the Hogwarts band just comes on.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: “Now remember, boys, if the cup turns out to be a Portkey, send sparks.” Using that well-known spell. Look at the art in the background, the emblems for Ministry of Magic.

Andrew: I’m back. I’m ready for heartbreak.

Eric: “People change in the maze. When roots spring up and grab you, you become a different person.”

Laura: He’s talking like they’re going out on a nine-month wilderness expedition.

Eric: Oh yeah, they’re going to be done in 20 minutes.

Andrew: You might even even become a vampire.

Eric: You might be naked and afraid.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Laura: And yes, Legalize Gillyweed, the spectators did just sit in the stands a whole time. I think we’ll talk about this when we read the book, but like, what were they doing? They just sit there and stare at the maze?

Andrew: Even this terrifies me. The joy of the outside, the start, to the depths of the maze. Just such a beautiful juxtaposition.

Laura: I like how Dumbledore is like, “That’s a little sus, but…”

Andrew: [laughs] “Eh, Voldemort might be in there somewhere, a bad Portkey, whatever.”

Micah: Look, it’s the repurposed entryway to Malfoy Manor.

Laura: [laughs] Andrew is going to kick Micah off the stream.

Andrew: Nothing can stop me now because pizza just arrived for me. I’m eating for the main event.

Eric: Oh, man. What kind of pizza?

Micah: Shirtless DanRad and pizza. You’re all set for the night.

Laura: How can you eat pizza at a time like this?

Andrew: Domino’s handmade pan, the only way to eat Domino’s. Whoa, way too much pepperoni.

Eric: What are the toppings?

Andrew: Just pep. I’m just a pep guy.

Eric: That’s cool. I respect that. Elegance in simplicity. I did a home video of the maze scene with some neighbor kids and I had this shirt.

Andrew: I feel like this one, too, is at the Wizarding World park.

Micah: We did the maze at Magic at Play.

Eric: You guys ever search for Christmas trees and you feel like that? They’re everywhere. They’re all around you. How are you going to pick the right one? That’s me every December.

Laura: We have a fake tree, so I don’t get that experience. I’m allergic, unfortunately.

Eric: How can you be allergic to Christmas?

Andrew: Don’t you like joy?

Laura: No.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: No, actually, Christmas is my second favorite holiday. Halloween is number one.

Andrew: Wait, wait. I think – if I may speak for you, Laura – Laura’s birthday is very close to Christmas. Is that why you don’t like Christmas? Because it takes away from the real…?

Laura: [laughs] I mean, it does take away from my birthday for real, my entire life. But no, I mean, I actually really like Christmas, but I like Halloween just a little bit more.

Eric: Do you already know what you’re doing this Halloween?

Laura: No, isn’t it on a Tuesday or something lame this year?

Andrew: It is.

Eric: Yeah, well, usually the weekend before would be the weekend where everyone goes to parties.

Laura: Yeah, we might be going to visit some friends, but I don’t know.

Eric: I love the idea where it’s like, if it’s a Tuesday, Laura just doesn’t celebrate her favorite holiday.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Well, what I mean is…

Andrew: She celebrates it once every six years.

Eric: Yeah, six out of every eight years she just sits home.

Laura: Well, okay, nobody’s work closes for Halloween, unfortunately.

Eric: No, it sucks. I’m working Halloween. It’s awful. Not looking forward to it.

Laura: I should take off on Halloween. Screw it.

Eric: You should, just to stick it to them.

Andrew: Okay, you heard it here first, folks. Laura will not be working on Halloween.

Eric: That’s Fleur being repurposed. That is insane.

Andrew: I mean, you’re off work by the time Halloween, the real fun begins. Right? So I would take off November 1, I think, and then party.

Laura: Yeah, that’s true. And then you do Day of the Dead on November 1, a two-day celebration.

Eric: Who’s collecting the people?

Micah: Well, and since Harry did that, shouldn’t Harry be the one taken out?

Eric: Well, isn’t it just now they know where to find her decomposing body?

Micah: I guess?

Eric: This reminds me of the mazes in Link, in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom with the wind tunnel going through the labyrinth. Except you don’t have that boss-ass music.

Micah: What’s interesting is we see all three of the Unforgivables in a very short window here.

Eric: That’s fun.

Micah: Because we presume Krum is under are the Imperius Curse, right?

Eric: Yes, except in this movie it’s showcased as glossy eyes, which they should have carried over to later.

Micah: But we also see the Cruciatus Curse coming up…

Eric: And the death curse.

Micah: … as well as Avada Kedavra. Yeah, should’ve let him stay there.

Eric: Yeah, would have saved his life to be a little selfish.

Laura: Yeah, you would’ve come in real clutch there, Harry. You go die, but no, you’re all noble and stuff…

Eric: “Harry! This adaptation really sucks!” The vines. Well, lucky he didn’t Cedric with that… “Harry, the plot’s got me.” That’s a great moment of truth there. Honesty. That’s very Harry, actually. I really like that. Oh no, the maze is back. The good news is I like all of the other movies that came after this much better.

Andrew: Only up from here.

The graveyard

Eric: That said, everything from this point forward is awesome. Voldemort’s return could have been so many things, and they had to get it right and they do. It’s just so tingly.

Laura: Tingly, huh?

Eric: Yeah. You tingling yet?

Laura: Not yet.

Eric: Wait for it. No like, Ralph Fiennes coming into the role, having just been given a body. It’s real cool.

Andrew: New body, new me.

Laura: Yeah, he’s good. I will say I felt… and we’ll see how I feel when we watch the scene. I felt like he leaned a little bit too much into the snake motif.

Eric: Somebody had to.

Laura: Like, I get it, but it just felt a little cartoony.

Andrew: Well, some of us are very comfortable channeling a snake.

Laura: What do you say, Andrew?

Andrew: Some of us are very comfortable channeling a snake. That’s just the area we like to work through as actors.

Laura: [laughs] I see.

Andrew: Update, I wolfed down three pieces of Domino’s handmade pan pepperoni and I’m full.

Laura: Did you unhinge your jaw like a snake to do it?

Andrew: Basically. Yeah, that was me putting the first slice in. I was really going down on it.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Sorry, we’re missing critical scenes right now.

Laura: This is supposed to be a family friendly commentary.

Andrew: There was nothing wrong about what I said.

Laura: No, no, not at all.

Micah: How is that unwillingly given?

Eric: Well, he’s dead. He can’t consent.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: Not just flesh. He put a little bone in there too.

Laura: You know how much force it would take to cut off your own hand?

Eric: Not with a really sharp knife

Micah: I mean, let’s be real, what he honestly needs is a nose, not a hand.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: Yeah, the way that’s shot is pretty cool.

Laura: This is all because you let him get away last year, Harry.

Eric: Yeah, doesn’t that feel great, Harry?

Laura: He’s sitting there right now being like, “Dumbledore said that letting Pettigrew go will have made all the difference!”

Andrew: Right? Harry is too good.

Eric: I love how Voldemort is 20% cauldron right now, because the cauldron disappeared too.

Laura: I do like how it’s giving him robes, so he’s not nakey.

Eric: Yeah, otherwise a Death Eater would have to do it. They’d have to be like, [whispers] “My Lord, you’re nakey.”

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Specifically using the word “nakey” too.

Eric: It’s real good.

Laura: Oh, Micah, Cassie is calling out that that was recycled CGI.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Ain’t that the truth.

Laura: Looks like Lupin’s wolf.

Andrew: Well, and honestly little baby Voldemort, it looks just like him in Deathly Hallows.

Micah: Well, actually, the transformation of Krum from the shark back into Krum was reminiscent of Lupin transforming to a werewolf.

Andrew: Oh, I thought you were going to say Sharkboy and Lavagirl, the movie.

Eric: There’s no way that Ollivander gave that bone wand to 11-year-old Tom Riddle. There’s no way.

Micah: Ralph Fiennes is so scary.

Laura: He needs to get his nails did, that’s…

Micah: Which one?

Laura: Well, both of them…

Micah: Both? They could go together?

Laura: [laughs] I was thinking about Voldemort. Yikes.

Eric: Why can everybody fly?

Laura: I liked the way they did the costumes for the Death Eaters in this movie. They changed them, didn’t they?

Eric: Well, the pointed hoods never come back.

Laura: Yeah, they were like, “Oh, it’s a little too KKK, I guess.”

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I was just thinking that too. It is always interesting to see how things evolve in the series, like these costumes. I’m trying to think of other examples. There’s definitely been others. Obviously Hogwarts, but… I don’t know.

Laura: He’s like, “How do you know? You were out in the forests of Albania, man.”

Eric: Tell him about the diary, Lucius. Man, Wormtail gets no love.

Laura: He looks so happy right now. Voldemort is like, stroking his hair.

Micah: There’s your manicure, Laura.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Metal manicure. Touches him with his foot, I love it.

Laura: Eww, and look, he needs a pedicure too!

Eric: I love it so much. I just picture that scene from Dumb and Dumber where they use a saw to give them pedicures, like a grinder.

Laura: He needs one.

Eric: Voldemort looks so fresh.

Laura: I know, he gets rougher over the course of the movies, which makes sense.

Eric: He’s not even that pale, but it looks like new skin in the moonlight. Maybe it’s that translucent quality, sore so than a white pigment.

Laura: Yeah, I think that he also just gets more haggard-looking over the next few movies.

Eric: I agree. He definitely looks like Hagrid.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: They’re both screaming. He just kissed his own Horcrux.

Andrew: [laughs] Kissed his own Horcrux.

Eric: By a bumbling idiot. Now, this is straight from the book, forcing him to bow. That’s why this scene…

Andrew: Isn’t it so exciting whenever there’s something straight from the book? It’s like, “Yes! Yes! They did the thing!”

Eric: Yeah, it’s so rare in this movie, but they couldn’t skip this. This is why this scene works, it’s so close to the book.

Andrew: I do love the goblet glowing in the background the whole time too. I think I maybe mentioned this on air before or after recording, I had the Goblet of Fire from the noble collection. I don’t know where it is. I wanted to take my shot out of that, but I just couldn’t find it. That would have been cool. Maybe I sold it on eBay. I don’t know.

Micah: I forgot about all these close-up shots of Voldemort. They are really good. And to the point you were talking about before, that gleam?

Eric: Yeah, Ralph Fiennes is good consistently the whole series, but I think there’s something very special about now. This is the man that these Death Eaters are all familiar with. But Harry isn’t. And it’s also strong from a Harry perspective. This isn’t just him having things happen to him. He’s choosing. I hate how every spell became this way, though.

Laura: This is one of my biggest pet peeves. They turned everything into Priori Incantatem.

Eric: It only happens once.

Andrew: I totally agree with what you’re both saying, but it is cinematic.

Laura: And that’s why they stuck with it.

Eric: I appreciate it’s like molten lava-ey.

Andrew: And I guess… [sighs] Did they need to do it as many times as they ended up doing it? No, but I’m just thinking about the average person seeing this movie, not reading Harry Potter.

Laura: For someone who’s not a book reader, yeah.

Andrew: It’s almost like a car race. Like, who’s going to get there first? Who’s going to get to the other end first?

Eric: I can appreciate that when this first started happening, you see Voldemort look up kind of like, “What? What’s going on?”

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: James? “Dad?”

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: “My boy!”

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: “I’m his boy.”

Micah: Frank doesn’t get any lines?

Andrew: He’s Frank.

Micah: Frank Bryce.

Eric: Yeah, no, nothing.

Andrew: No, I said, “He’s Frank.” He’s just Frank. That’s why he’s not getting any lines.

Laura: He’s just chilling. Is he a Ken?

Andrew: [laughs] He’s Ken, yeah.

Eric: I think in the book Frank Bryce is like, “He was a wizard, that man,” or something?

Laura: I do love that whole “No!” Yeah, see, the Hogwarts band is unhinged. How do you not see that there’s a literal corpse?

Eric: Could be sleeping.

Andrew: Maybe he’s just exhausted. Yeah, like, “Whoa, can’t believe that just happened.” This is like… I mean, shocker. This is just such a horrible scene in a good way.

Eric: All right, I’m going to try and listen to it and not turn away.

Andrew: I need to use the bathroom again. Just kidding.

Eric: Not yet. Okay, right now, Harry, court martial. How did he ask you to bring his body back if he was already dead?

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Fudge actually a man of action there in that moment. The damage is done.

Micah: Classic politician.

Andrew: Everybody sit down. I’m so glad this was all revisited in Cursed Child.

Eric: Yeah, they picked the absolute…

Laura: I mean, I have to say right now, I feel bad about making that joke earlier now.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Laura, it was perfect. It was perfect.

Laura: I agree. I still feel bad about it, though. I wouldn’t change it.

Eric: Okay, let’s be clear. Yeah, all right.

Andrew: I would.

Moody’s office

Eric: “Professor, do you think I might get my arm looked at?”

Micah: It’s also very strange that he just doesn’t take Harry somewhere else.

Eric: Well, isn’t that what tips Dumbledore off? Because real Moody never would have separated him like that. “Careful, Professor, the last time somebody tried to fix my arm…”

Laura: And it was the Defense Against the Dark teacher too.

Andrew: This is all very triggering for him.

Eric: Somebody forgot his potion just like somebody forgot the full moon.

Andrew: Not again!

Laura: Sensing a trend here.

Eric: At least they have the consistency between the Polyjuice being the bubbling of the skin that goes back. That effect, while off-putting, remains consistent. The eye pops out soon.

Andrew: So creepy how interested he is in the details.

Eric: “Neville Longbottom, the witless wonder.”

Andrew: He did a good Hagrid impression. You’ve got to give him that.

Laura: Oh, this is an incredible performance.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean, I’m talking about the character jokingly.

Laura: Oh yeah, but I just mean, even thinking about the very short snippet we get of him in the courtroom scene, he’s playing Moody completely differently in that scene, which is another tip off that Moody is not Moody. Did he just lick it?

Micah: Probably, yeah.

Laura: Gross.

Andrew: My movie has just become increasingly out of sync with y’all.

Laura: Really?

Andrew: I didn’t pause it or anything but I’m a little behind. The lick happened like five seconds after you guys. Darn digital edition.

Eric: It’s a frame rate thing. I’ve never understood how that happens exactly, but it’s weird.

Andrew: Well, this is too nerdy, but there’s 29.97 and then there’s something else, and… blah, blah, blah.

Eric: The Veritaserum really went straight down the hatch there. This is a cool thing.

Micah: I loved how they stopped to get Veritaserum before they came to rescue Harry.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Maybe Snape has just been carrying it around this whole time.

Eric: Didn’t he threaten Harry with it?

Andrew: I mean, would you put that past him?

Eric: There’s just normal Brendan Gleeson! Not Harry. This is like a Mission Impossible movie. They take the mask off.

Andrew: I like how they’re so shocked that somebody could be posing as someone else.

Laura: Right, because we’ve never seen that before.

Andrew: [laughs] And here’s this series’ Johnny Depp moment.

Eric: Why does Dumbledore bring Harry’s wrist forward as if to honor a magically binding commitment when Barty Crouch is just like, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”? You don’t need to show him yours. What happened between them?

Laura: Well, I mean, they probably worked together at some point.

Micah: I was just going to say, the interesting thing they left out of the movie, too, is that in the book, you see Dumbledore and Snape – more specifically Snape – in the Foe Glass, which would indicate that Snape is an enemy of Barty Crouch, Jr.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Which proves that Snape is “good.”

Eric: That’s a great point.

Andrew: I thought this was another good Michael Gambon moment.

Eric: This was fine.

Andrew: Fine.

Micah: The lines aren’t great.

Andrew: This part, yes, a little too heavy handed.

Eric: He’s always screaming.

Micah: That’s the thing. It’s over delivered.

Laura: But it’s funny because his delivery wasn’t like this in Prisoner.

Eric: Well, what does he say in Prisoner? “Good night”? That’s about it, right?

Laura: I mean, we hear a little more from him, but point taken. That said, it really feels like a product of the direction and the writing.

Eric: Yeah, Movie 3, I think they were a little self-conscious about the casting so they were like, “Less is more.” Movie 4, more is more. Too much is more. But again, they nail it in 6.

Laura: I agree.

Andrew: This part was good, though. “Celebrate a boy who was kind and honest.”

Eric: I like the ceiling.

Laura: And honestly, because of what happens in Cursed Child, we know that this was the best thing to happen, I guess. If Cedric had lived, he apparently would have gone to the Dark side.

Andrew: Yeah, it was for the best. Absolutely.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Laura: Unless you don’t accept that as canon. Cursed Child? We don’t know her.

Andrew: I think the angry moments of Dumbledore… we’ve basically spoken about this tonight. You can just blame Mike Newell. I would just put the blame squarely on him, having heard previously he was not the cast’s favorite director. A little too heavy handed in general, I think.

Micah: But this moment that we’re watching right now is much better.

Andrew: Yes. That was an iconic line. “Dark and difficult times lie ahead.” It was a minute ago for you guys, but it just happened for me.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Is this the movie that ends with them on the Astronomy Tower?

Laura: No, I think that was 6.

Eric: They’re at the top of the school, though, because the carriages take off or something.

Micah: I think they’re just here in the courtyard.

Eric: Harry gets the Firebolt out.

Andrew: Something ends on the Astronomy Tower in Movie 6, Laura, but it’s not the movie.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: It’s the upcoming ride in Orlando. Oh, they put Gabrielle in normal clothes.

Micah: I think 6 does end on the Astronomy Tower, though, with Fawkes flying away.

Laura: Yeah, it does.

Eric: Yeah, right here, isn’t it? Okay. You guys got me. This is the entrance courtyard.

Laura: To be honest, I feel like the vibe right now is too cheerful.

Eric: Did the Durmstrang ship just fire a cannonball at Hogwarts?

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Micah: It was to honor Cedric.

Andrew: It did look like it was directly at the school.

Eric: The smoke trail, yeah, if you follow that line, half of the hospital wing is gone.

Andrew: [laughs] “There hasn’t been enough trouble this this year; let’s fire a cannon at the school as well.”

Eric: I knew you were trouble when you floated in.

Andrew: “Thanks, y’all. We’re not coming back.”

Eric: Why did she say that so cheery?

Micah: She just got a little make-out session before Krum left.

Andrew: She’s in love.

Eric: Harry can’t tie a tie. Harry, next time, try the double Windsor.

Andrew: Butterflies. Yeah, it’s not a great knot.

Eric: I appreciate that you and I appreciate that.

Andrew: I can’t tie a tie, fun fact about me.

Eric: Really? After all these years?

Andrew: Always.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: I’ll teach you.

Andrew: We should rank the ending shots of the movies sometime. That’d be fun.

Eric: This is pretty good.

Andrew: This one would not – oh. [laughs] I was going to say, this would not rank high.

Eric: No, because the ship sinks and then the camera pans up to the sky as the… it’s cool.

Andrew: The ship sinks? Is the camera going to tilt up? Is that what you mean?

Micah: It descends.

Andrew: Oh, oh, it goes down. I was still thinking about that cannon.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: Sorry, yeah, it fires a few more shots and then Hogwarts retaliates. Flitwick gets up on the rafters.

Andrew: And again, I’m 10-15 seconds behind you. [laughs]

Eric: I’m sorry.

Andrew: No, no, it’s not your fault.

Micah: The movie is over for us already.

Andrew: Well, there we go. That was Goblet of Fire.

Eric: Wow.

Micah: We should rank the endings of the films.

Andrew: That would be fun, right?

Eric: That one was good

Micah: Prisoner of Azkaban is probably worst, honestly.

Eric: Yeah, freeze-frame is…

Andrew: Yes, in part because I went to the bathroom for the end of that movie the first time I saw it. I didn’t think it was about to end. Then I came back and it was over, I was like, “Whoa.”

Eric: Is there an after credits?

Laura: I don’t think that was a thing at this point in time.

Eric: It was in Movie 2.

Micah: Yeah, they did in Chamber of Secrets.

Laura: What was in the after…?

Eric: It’s Gilderoy Lockhart’s book cover of Who Am I? in the storefront of Flourish and Blotts.

Laura: Oh, that’s right.

Andrew: Well, that was a lot of fun. It’s always nice to sit back and just talk about what we’re watching.

Eric: I’ve got to say, doing the commentary with the Discord watchers audience was really cool.

Laura: Yeah, this was great.

Andrew: Thanks, everybody who joined us on Patreon tonight. It is a Friday night. It’s almost 11 p.m. Eastern, so we appreciate those who stayed up late on a Friday.

Micah: We’ll see you in 12 hours.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Yes, we are recording in 12 hours from now. It’s a Muggle Mail episode, so there’ll be less cognitive load, I feel. But so that leaves us, gang…

Micah: Oh, I set them up with some tough questions, though. Don’t you worry.

Eric: [laughs] I would expect nothing less, Micah. Thank you.

Micah: And a bonus MuggleCast, which is actually about Goblet of Fire.

Eric: Oh my God. I think I have to go to bed.

Andrew: Yeah, we will wrap this up. I just want to give everybody a brief little recap here. We have done movie commentaries for Movie 1, 3, 4, 6, and 8, and then all three Fantastic Beasts movies. So we still have Chamber, yep, and then Order of the Phoenix.

Eric: 7, 5, and 2. 2, 5, and 7.

Andrew: Yes.

Micah: Wow, we’re all over the place with these.

Andrew: We really are. Let’s make a mental note, let’s do Order of the Phoenix before Order of the Phoenix Chapter by Chapter.

Eric: That’s settled.

Laura: Great call.

Andrew: In another like year from now.

Eric: Hey, we’re blessed with content.

Andrew: We are. Thanks, everybody, for listening. Thanks for your support. If you have any feedback about the movie or anything else we discussed today, you know where to find us., click on “Contact.” I don’t have all the usual notes pulled up, but you know the drill.

Laura: Yeah. Also, don’t forget to take the 2023 MuggleCast listener survey. Whether you’re a patron or not, the survey is open to everyone through October 6. Help us improve the show. Thank you so, so much.

Andrew: Thanks, everybody, again, and we’ll see you next time. Goodbye.

Eric: Bye.

Laura: Bye, y’all.