Episode #317: One Wish

  • Happy Birthday Eric!
  • Callum Turner cast as Theseus Scamander
  • What do we know about Newt’s older brother besides a brief mention in Fantastic Beasts?
  • We analyze the letter between brothers that never made the final cut. Would it have put too much emphasis on Grindelwald early on?
  • What kind of relationship do the two brothers share? Micah and Eric have differing opinions.
  • Isn’t it a bit ironic that Theseus is tasked to track down Grindelwald and its Newt who catches him? How will Theseus react?
  • Theseus and Graves worked together – how close did Grindelwald get to Theseus without him knowing?
  • Is Theseus even still alive? Could he possibly be a Grindelwald supporter?
  • Will the two brothers work together when Grindelwald inevitably escapes?
  • Will Theseus die tragically like the Greek hero for which he is named?
  • We share some more first Potter memories!

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Episode #316: Shaping The World

Slug Club member James joins the show as we discuss some of the best special features on the Fantastic Beasts DVD / Blu-ray (and Digital)!

  • We have very, very few MuggleCast t-shirts still available!
  • The Wizarding World theme park is getting decked out for Christmas!
  • What other holidays/celebrations would listeners like to see?
  • Our main discussion: The Fantastic Beast Creature & Design Features
  • It’s not all green screens and CGI
  • “Honey, what did you do today?” “Oh I dressed up as an erumpant and traded mating calls with Eddie Redmayne!”
  • Dougal the Demiguise is JKR’s favorite
  • “If you don’t like the Niffler, there is something wrong with you!”
  • JKR wanted to have one thing that was “quintessentially” American – Frank the Thunderbird
  • Which begs the question – where were the other American beasts?
  • Shaping The World of Fantastic Beasts
  • Rebuilding New York City, inside MACUSA, The Newtcase, The Blind Pig & more
  • What special features were missing that we would have liked to see?
  • Voicemails
  • Get your MuggleCast t-shirt while supplies last!

This week’s episode is sponsored by Puffs the Play and Canvas People!

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Episode #315: Youngledore

This week’s episode of MuggleCast is brought to you by Puffs the Play! Save 10% on your tickets by using code MugglePuffs at checkout.

  • Grindelwald’s line at the end of Fantastic Beasts gets an explanation (kind of)
  • Cursed Child cleans up at the Olivier Awards. Did they deserve it?
  • The super duper deluxe awesome edition of Cursed Child is coming (in paperback), and Micah isn’t impressed
  • Jude Law has been cast as Dumbledore!
  • We’re headed back to Hogwarts!
  • What other characters can we expect to see?
  • Beard or no beard?
  • Listeners share their thoughts on the news of Jude Law’s casting
  • How deep will the movies dive into the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald?
  • Celebrating 20 years of Potter, listeners share their Favorite Memories
  • Voicemails
  • And a new segment that will rival The Voice

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Episode #314: Mustard

  • We’re back to weekly episodes and patron Sophia joins the show!
  • Andrew is live from Orlando
  • We have a small number of MuggleCast shirts available for sale. Grab yours quick! (Only XL+ sizes are currently available)
  • The Fantastic Beasts DVD/Blu-ray is out and we talk deleted scenes and special features
  • Graves, Tina & that awkward mustard moment
  • Jacob & Mildred
  • The neutered runespoor
  • What happened to Credence boarding a boat?
  • Which of the 11 deleted scenes would we like to see make the final cut?
  • Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins
  • JKR says Fantastic Beasts is why she’s always said “never say never”
  • Heyman, Yates, Kloves, Craig & Jo – the band is back together again
  • Yates was initially hesitant to return to the Potter world
  • Casting A Quartet: what does this mean for the foursome moving forward?
  • The cast discuss Yates’ unique directing style
  • The responsibility of continuing Potter
  • Keep sending in your voicemails: 920-3-MUGGLE
  • Next week: Fantastic Beast Feature Discussion: Characters, Creatures & Design

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Episode #313: Cha-Ching

  • Andrew is back and talks about his time in London!
  • A controversial statement (of sorts) about the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • How did the studio tour compare to Andrew’s set visits back in the day?
  • Another Illustrated Edition is on the way (and it’s probably not the one you think)
  • Patreon Question: What book from the Wizarding World would you like JKR to write next?
  • Our main discussion focuses on the newly released Fantastic Beasts book
  • Newt was a spy for Dumbledore (according to Rita Skeeter)
  • Dumbledore’s relationship with Newt was “more than a schoolteacher”
  • Six new beasts make the cut and one goes missing
  • A key word in Newt’s foreword is changed
  • Our voicemail line is now open and Micah gets generous with our first callers
  • Bonus MuggleCast: New theme park expansion
  • See you in April for weekly episodes and our review of the Fantastic Beasts Blu-ray
  • This week’s sponsors: BlueApron.com/MuggleCast and Mack Weldon (enter ‘MUGGLE’ at checkout for 20% off!)

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Episode #312: Choranaptyxic

  • MuggleCast will be returning to weekly format in April! Thanks, Patrons!
  • An unprepared/underwhelming Oscars acceptance speech
  • Fantastic Beasts now on digital release – new clips abound!
  • The Studio tour is expanding again!
  • Audiobooks, new words and theater nominations for Cursed Child.
  • Listener question: What is your earliest Harry Potter memory?
  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition cover is revealed! Is Ernie Prang related to Dumbledore?
  • The colors remind us of Goosebumps books. Listeners also weigh in.
  • One more early HP experience to note

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Episode #311: 311

  • Andrew’s worlds collide when The Boss’ Harry Potter song finally surfaces! (Sorry, it’s currently unavailable online)
  • Cursed Child auditions are underway – we’re all too tall!
  • Dumbledore casting update
  • Fantastic Beasts is nominated for two Oscars – we’re not holding our breath!
  • Our main discussion takes listener questions on the Fantastic Beasts core four
  • How will Newt factor in to the larger wizarding war and the Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald battle?
  • How much does Jacob truly remember? Will he make it out alive? Will he be more than the silly sidekick?
  • Did Jacob and Queenie have a family? Quentin Kowalski would seem to suggest so.
  • What will Tina’s new role be? Will she take Graves’ position? And possibly lead U.S. magical forces against the growing threat in Europe?
  • What was the relationship between Tina and the real Graves like?
  • Can Queenie turn off her powerful legilimancy abilities? How does she handle all of that information? What other talents can wizards and witches be born with?
  • How can Queenie use her powers in the war to come?
  • We announce The Slug Club – a brand-new level for patrons! Visit our Patreon to check it out and pledge.
  • PO Box update (thank you to everyone who sent us mail) and our voicemail line is returning!
  • In Bonus MuggleCast we discuss a potential LEGO Harry Potter movie after Voldemort had a big role in the LEGO Batman Movie.

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Episode #310: Snowplowicus

  • We review the new House editions of Philosopher’s Stone from Bloomsbury
  • Andrew reveals his true allegiance(s)
  • Kreacher has passed on at age 666
  • What tweet about a popular Fantastic Beasts theory did J.K. Rowling like three times?
  • Zoe Kravitz talks Newt and Leta
  • Fantastic Beasts Mailbag
  • We theorize a bit more on why Newt left Hogwarts
  • Was Dumbledore a target of Grindelwald’s from the onset?
  • Will Dumbledore be portrayed in a less than positive light in future films? Will his relationship with Grindelwald be showcased at all?
  • Chances we get a Tom Riddle cameo? What other families/characters can we expect to run into?
  • What will happen to Credence in the next film?
  • The creepy Death Cell inside MACUSA
  • What exactly happens to witches and wizards born to No-Majs in the U.S.?
  • The Dueling Club and Make The Connection return!
  • In Bonus MuggleCast we offer updates on the original trio. Plus: Does Dan really want to do a Cursed Child movie?

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Episode #309: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • We pay tribute to the late John Hurt
  • The truth behind Never Sever Us
  • The Rubbish Bin on JKR’s site returns… with a Cursed Child focus
  • Follow The Spiders – what does it mean?
  • The Fantastics Beasts DVD/Blu-ray gets a release date!
  • We listen to the deleted scene featuring the Ilvermorny house song!
  • Eddie Redmayne will read the new Fantastic Beasts audiobook
  • We revisit Fantastic Beasts: Jeanna compares the screening in Chicago to the final product
  • Jacob’s fiancee
  • How the big Grindelwald reveal went down
  • Theme park expansion rumors abound in Bonus MuggleCast

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Episode #308: Published

In our first episode of 2017, Andrew shares recent stories from the real Wizarding World, and surprises Micah and Eric with news about his hit fan fiction, Never Sever Us.

New year new me

A photo posted by andrewsims (@andrewsims) on

  • Andrew’s now a published author! (Photos of the book are at the bottom of this post — Thank you, Kendra!)
  • …and has tasted hot Butterbeer!
  • …and has traded houses to become a Slytherin!
  • What does it mean that Grindelwald was a seer?
  • The new Fantastic Beasts covers have been revealed!
  • We dive deep into the launch of JKR’s new website (which definitely has a nostalgic feel)
  • Jo answers some FAQs about Fantastic Beasts and we analyze
  • Why couldn’t Newt just apparate to the USA? Why did he go through No-Maj customs? Why couldn’t Newt ‘accio’ all of his beasts safely back to his briefcase?
  • Why isn’t Veritaserum used in interrogations?
  • Why did ‘revelio’ undo the effects of the Polyjuice Potion?
  • Why didn’t Harry Potter develop an Obscurus?
  • Twitter Question: What uncommon element(s) from the HP books or films do you want to see become important in the FB series?
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Never Sever Us photos: