Episode 117: Butterbeer by the Keg

  • Dumbledore is gay – initial thoughts from the hosts!
  • Eric gives us a full report on MuggleCast LIVE in Australia!
  • We go over each of the questions answered at the October 19th reading in NYC.
  • Andrew, Laura, and Micah talk about meeting Jo. (Yes, life is now complete.)
  • Should Jo have revealed Dumbledore’s sexuality?
  • Why does it matter, and why is it front-page news?
  • This leads into a discussion on the presence of homosexuality and how it is regarded in society, as well as our own experiences.
  • The hosts become quite opinionated when it comes to fans who act as though Dumbledore being gay tarnishes his character.
  • The message of this episode: embrace differences and donĂ•t blindly follow the doctrine that all people must be one way, which is deemed the “right” way.

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