Episode 129: Pensive Possibilities

  • We discuss what we’re most looking forward to about Half-Blood Prince and what we think may be cut.
  • Small update on the East Coast Tour.
  • Vote on Podcast Alley…or else!
  • Muggle Mail on movie intermissions, cliffhangers and Chapter 10.
  • Interview with Freddie Highmore.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Chapters 11 and 12.
  • The hosts draw some excellent comparisons in these chapters to Nazi Germany.
  • The story begins to take on a very dark tone.
  • We analyze the argument between Harry and Remus from both perspectives – sorry Harry, seeing this one from just your point of view doesn’t cut it.
  • One listener writes a very good defense of Lupin.
  • Kreacher and the saucepan: finally some comedy!
  • Jo shows just how good she is in her revelation that Umbridge has the locket.
  • What is up with this plan to infiltrate the Ministry? Micah doesn’t buy it.
  • Snape named Headmaster of Hogwarts – was he there to actually protect the students?
  • Why does Hermione keep nagging Harry to close his mind? It actually helps him!
  • Chicken Soup.

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