Episode 131: Internal Memos

  • *Gasp* No Andrew or Matt this week!
  • Spielberg rumors still cropping up – Mikey and Eric provide a strong case for him.
  • Jo compares Fudge to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.
  • What will happen in HBP since the Dursleys are cut?
  • Micah says the word “lovers”.
  • How does Mad Eye’s magical eye work on a door?
  • Was Umbridge influenced at all by the locket?
  • Part Two of our interview with Freddie Highmore.
  • Chapter By Chapter: Chapter 14, The Thief.
  • How does Hermione give away the secret?
  • Ron saves the trio unknowingly.
  • We have some in-depth analysis on Grindelwald’s depiction in Gregorovitch’s memory.
  • Can older actors perform stunts?
  • If Slytherin only wanted purebloods, why did the sorting hat want to put Harry in Slytherin along with Voldemort and Snape, who were also half-bloods?

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