Episode 249: Unfollowed

  • Mikey B. returns to the show!
  • Dan Radcliffe has been on a tear lately with interesting comments about Potter, his personal life, and more.
  • Harry Potter VS Twilight according to Dan.
  • Does he really want to be Harry Potter again?
  • Could we notice the Half-Blood Prince scenes he was, in his words, “dark in the eyes”?
  • Emma Watson may be joining a horror film, and she’s also lined up a project with Yates.
  • Favorites: Person you’d like to play in a Potter film.
  • Main discussion: Harry Potter and the Oscars.
  • We start off the talk with an e-mail from a reader who thoughtfully explains why it won’t win.
  • What do we feel Potter actually deserved?
  • Why no noms in the main categories?
  • E-mails address Hogsmeade and the Two-Way Mirror.
  • Check out our sister podcast Glee Chat! And coming soon: a Game of Thrones podcast!

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Episode 207: Mother Knows Best

  • We discuss the newest reviews of Deathly Hallows, Part 1.
  • The trailer for Deathly Hallows, Part 1 is complete, but when will WE see it?
  • This week’s Chapter by Chapter segment focuses on Chapters 4 – 6 of Goblet of Fire.
  • The Dursleys can never have a peaceful encounter with wizards.
  • How typical of Harry to have a crush on his best friend’s sister.
  • Lots of hints about the future for the Weasleys in this chapter.
  • Why can’t Mrs. Weasley embrace her son’s interest in starting a joke shop instead of fighting it?
  • Jo shows here you don’t have to be academic to be successful. And to follow your passion!
  • … but there are some limits.
  • Some support for Mrs. Weasley and why she may be right to worry about The Twins’ future.
  • A bit of talk about the business side of running a joke shop.
  • In Chapter six we learn about more than just one mode of wizard transportation.
  • What’s our favorite mode of magical transportation?
  • We bring the use of Portkeys to a whole new level.
  • The awkwardness Amos creates.
  • The first mention of the Lovegoods! But we won’t see them just yet…
  • Matt predicted the Deathly Hallows split spot on Episode 140.. we replay the clip!

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Episode 188: BobFail 2009

  • It’s time for our 2009 Year in Review episode!
  • The term BobFail is created on the show as Micah tells the story of putting a USA Today writer in his place.
  • The 2nd Annual MuggleCasties Awards are here!
  • We ask listeners to vote LIVE as we announced each category on the air. We then read the results and discussed if we agreed/disagreed with the consensus.
  • Best Harry Potter Video? Most Interesting Potter star on Twitter? All questions are asked and answered!
  • Who will win this year’s JK Rowling award?
  • What were the 7 biggest Potter stories of the year?
  • We recall the best MuggleCast moments of 2009.
  • We host a trivia contest where winners receive copies of Half-Blood Prince on DVD!
  • What things do we have to look forward to in 2010?

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Episode 187: Magic is Muscle

  • News: Potter top Twitter trend, HBP screening, DH filming update and more.
  • We touch briefly on the SS and CoS Ultimate Edition DVDs.
  • Laura and Mikey give their thoughts on the DH trailer.
  • Muggle Mail includes Harry and the Sorting Hat, petrified people, wizard genetics, and health at Hogwarts.
  • Chapter by Chapter returns with Chamber of Secrets 13-15.
  • Is there a secret to each Chapter 13 in the Potter series?
  • Does Harry have a Horcrux moment when he first encounters Riddle’s diary?
  • Why doesn’t the Trio just present all their findings to the staff instead of getting into more danger?
  • Did Dumbledore sense the presence of a deathly hallow in Hagrid’s hut?
  • And did the governors really believe Hogwarts would be safer without Dumbledore?
  • Also, why is Chapter 14 called Cornelius Fudge? We don’t think it makes much sense!
  • Was Malfoy asking Snape about the headmaster’s position foreshadowing to DH?
  • Were the students really safe being escorted around by professors?
  • We meet Aragog. Hagrid continues to underestimate the danger of certain creatures.
  • Ford Anglia to the rescue! Did it grow a mind of its own?
  • Thanks to everyone who vote for us at the 2009 Podcast Awards!

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Episode 184: Dear Emma

  • The cafe where JKR started Potter reopens – how should they recognize Jo there?
  • Auditions for the Wizarding World are coming up and Ben submits his audition.
  • Andrew’s story of proposing the Dumbledore’s Tower of Terror ride to Universal execs.
  • Deathly Hallows filming updates galore.
  • Ben debuts a brand new Top 10 List.
  • Chapter by Chapter highlights Chamber of Secrets Chapters 7 – 9
  • Hedwig holds a grudge against Harry. She needs to get over it!
  • A mini debate is sparked over Quidditch teams and what brooms they use – should all teams use the same brooms? “Broom Equality!” cries Andrew.
  • Listener Feedback addresses last week’s hot topics.
  • What if JK Rowling secretely released her next book under a different name?!
  • Ben writes a letter to Emma in attempt to make his feelings be known.
  • We’ve been nominated at the 2009 Podcast Awards! Thank you!
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon contest winners can be found at this link.

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Episode 177: The Astronomy Tower of Terror

  • MuggleCast is back in a pre-recorded format and we’re all about Half-Blood Prince today!
  • Micah gets us up to date with all the news over the past few weeks.
  • How’d Half-Blood Prince perform in the box office? Why did hamsters beat wizards in the second week?
  • Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVDs… is it too soon?
  • Theme Park news and Half-Blood Prince give us a new idea for a ride at the upcoming theme park.
  • Azkatraz recap! We had a ton of fun meeting and hanging with the listeners!
  • Our 4 year anniversary is coming up very soon. We discuss how we’ll celebrate.
  • MuggleMail addresses listener reaction to Half-Blood Prince.
  • The rest of our show goes through lots of Half-Blood Prince talk. Best film? Best acting? Scariest scenes? What did WB miss? We talk about it ALL!

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Episode 173: Mad Times

  • The best trailer yet? If not, where does it rank?
  • The hosts breakdown the trailer and analyze the new scenes.
  • The Unbreakable Vow, the Quidditch Pitch and the Dark Mark.
  • Harry and Ginny get closer while Ron takes a beating from Hermione.
  • There’s a lady in a London scene who looks absolutely petrified.
  • Slughorn yelling, Katie Bell attacked and a wand tribute.
  • Draco gets some airtime: what’s with the whiny voice?
  • Snape’s story finally exposed! “It’s over!”
  • Does WB President Alan Horn sing the hit song ‘Circus’?
  • We take your live calls and Tweets.
  • Other news covers the release date change, Jamie Waylett, J.K. Rowling, Jamie Campbell Bower, HBP posters and the DH Epilogue.

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Episode 166: Appreciating the Moment

  • The latest Movie, Beedle, and Exhibition news.
  • Happy Birthday, Laura!
  • MuggleMail addresses our Beedle show.
  • Book Discussion: Was the final battle between Harry and Voldemort a disappointment?
  • We look at why some people were hoping for more.
  • We discuss the reasons why the battle was short, Harry’s signature spell, and much more.
  • A cool parallel between Snape’s lessons to Harry and the final battle.
  • Lupin’s influence on Harry throughout Deathly Hallows.
  • Holiday Discussion! Questions sent in via Twitter.
  • Voicemails address various topics.
  • Chicken Soup: Finals Edition.
  • What do with the MuggleCast Australia voicemail number?

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Episode 155: LIVE Teaser Trailer Discussion

  • It’s our first live show since March!
  • We discuss the just-released Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer.
  • Michael Gambon is different in this trailer. But how?
  • Hero Fiennes-Tiffen was a great casting decision.
  • We take your calls about the trailer.
  • Eric and Jamie have statements for the listeners in light of their absence.
  • Andrew tells a story of a recent natural disaster.
  • Spy on Spartz!
  • Contribute to Teddy Bears for Hope.

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Episode 148: POOF!

  • We kick off the show with talk about our future.
  • JK Rowling’s speech at Harvard was, well, awesome.
  • Harry Potter the MMORPG… would it be a success?
  • Portus 2008 is just over a month away!
  • 3rd Annual Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day was a success!
  • MuggleMail address some cool foreshadowing.
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 32, The Elder Wand.
  • We discuss the effect of Fred’s death on Harry.
  • Why did Voldemort use the Shrieking Shack?
  • McGonagall and her Beauty and the Beast magic.
  • Voicemails tackle a broad range of Potter topics.
  • Sorting Hat: Laura Mallory… the squib?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.
  • Mikey B! Mikey B! MIKEY B! POOF!

Download Now Running time: 1:27:00, 39.9 MB