Episode 137: Tripping Over Curtains – The Jim Dale Story

  • Portus 2008 public relations director Aziza Aba Butain joins us…
  • …to interview the narrator of the U.S. Harry Potter books Jim Dale.
  • Mr. Dale gives his thoughts on the recent Deathly Hallows split as well as the movies in general.
  • One of his sons is actually a movie helicopter operator who has worked on the Potter films.
  • What is his favorite Potter character voice? Which one is the hardest – or as he puts it – the most annoying to do?
  • He discusses how he prepares to record the Potter books: some water and a green apple anyone?
  • How long does it take him? More like how long is he given! The answer may surprise you.
  • How well does he know Stephen Fry and Mary GrandPre?
  • Does he ever read the books for enjoyment and what is his relationship with J.K. Rowling?
  • He denies using his relationship with Dumbledore to further his career.
  • Just what does he think about the HP fandom?

Download Now Running time: 59:59, 27.5 MB