Episode 143: Point Number 4

  • News discussion: Rowling documentary, HBP video game, and court case transcripts.
  • To Micah’s dismay, a fourth news item is cut.
  • Episode 142 enters the Wall of Fame. The children cheer.
  • We take rebuttals on the trial and just when will the verdict be handed down?
  • Chapter 27: The Final Hiding Place.
  • How did the dragon fly over London and nobody noticed?
  • Harry sees into Voldemort’s mind and for the first time Hermione is interested.
  • We discuss Voldemort developing a very false sense of security.
  • Why didn’t Harry notice Voldemort only named six places the Horcruxes could be?
  • The race against time begins.
  • Voicemails return.
  • Make the Music Connection and Chicken Soup.

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