Episode 147: Ben Ten

  • Ben returns to co-host an episode of the show!
  • The press prints a misleading headline with the Rob Knox story.
  • Is the Sorcerer’s Stone re-release something to be excited about?
  • JK Rowling is wring a Potter prequel.
  • SuperCon, John Hurt hints at a return, and more leaked HBP photos.
  • Global Wear Your MuggleCast T-shirt Day is June 2nd!
  • MuggleMail covers some topics on Episode 146.
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 31, The Battle of Hogwarts.
  • We discuss Voldemort’s Midnight Ultimatum.
  • Andrew thinks Voldemort is too cool for a symbolic Midnight request.
  • Ben’s Top 10 List.
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.
  • Bloopers!

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