Episode 149: I Love You, Laura

  • Micah graces us with his presence.
  • We review JK Rowling’s Potter Prequel.
  • Or wait… can we even call it a prequel?
  • Portus 2008 is coming up and it’s the definition of awesome!
  • More teaser trailer speculation.
  • Our 150th episode is next week and we have to celebrate!
  • MuggleMail: MC future, a song for Snape, and The Shrieking Shack.
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 32, The Prince’s Tale.
  • Andrew compares Voldemort’s midnight request to his one hour request.
  • The sudden change of mood within Hogwarts is striking.
  • Did Lupin and Tonks deserve a death scene?
  • Did they even deserve to die?
  • Snape’s Memories and their impact.
  • Favorites, Voicemails, and Chicken Soup!

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