Episode 150: Cry Babies

  • It’s our 150th regular episode of MuggleCast!
  • Entertainment Weekly names Potter a classic. What IS a classic in this case?
  • Some moments make us realize how much we’ve changed. Or how mean we were.
  • MuggleMail answers some questions we had last week.
  • Chapter by Chapter, Chapter 34, The Forest Again.
  • Two people on the panel cried while reading this chapter.
  • We discuss Harry’s thoughts on death, his decision to tell Neville about Nagini, and the resurrection stone.
  • A connection between Harry walking with his parents and Narnia.
  • Did we think Harry was a goner at the end of this chapter?
  • We listen to some of the best MuggleCast moments as entered on by YOU.
  • Make the Music Connection returns with some currently hot songs.
  • Chicken Soup: Canine Edition.
  • The end of the show includes our thoughts on the show as a whole.

Download Now Running time: 1:23:50, 38.4 MB

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