Episode 161: Larger Than Life

  • It’s time for our annual Halloween show, and Ben is back!
  • Micah is now a Senior Staff Member of MuggleNet.
  • We talk about our upcoming show at Azktraz 2009.
  • MuggleMail addresses Episode 159’s hot topics.
  • Our main discussion is Halloween in the books.
  • Analyzing Episode 61: did we have anything right about ghosts pre-DH?
  • If you had to decide which house to be in based on the ghost, which would you chose?
  • Were there enough of the traditional Halloween characters in the series?
  • We discuss Snape’s vampire-like qualities.
  • What if: JK Rowling were a man? It’s a serious question.
  • Debate: The Potter series should be made mandatory reading in US public schools.
  • Bloopers!

Download Now Running time: 1:21:41, 37.4 MB

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