Episode 181: Nothing Less Than Ultimate

  • We discuss the recently announced release dates for the HBP DVDs..
  • …and get into all the details surrounding the Ultimate Editions.
  • Quick Deathly Hallows filming update.
  • Announcements include Infinitus, Twitter and Chapter-by-Chapter?!?!
  • Laura and Nick offer their thoughts on the theme park.
  • What would have happened if Harry chose the Hallows?
  • We tell what one thing we would change about the series and why.
  • Which professor (aside from Dumbledore) was the most influential for each member of the Trio?
  • What if Hermione had a brother or a sister, how would her character change?
  • This Week in MuggleCast history goes way back to our “lost” episode.

Download Now Running time: 1:16:28, 36.8 MB

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