Episode 200: Admit Defeat

  • A special intro, and David Heyman introduces the show!
  • We talk about MuggleNet 2.0.
  • Lots of Deathly Hallows news to catch up on.
  • Our thoughts on the MTV Movie Awards Deathly Hallows montage.
  • Reviews from the Wizarding World are starting to appear.
  • David Heyman confirms that they HAVE selected where the split will be in Deathly Hallows – hear him discuss how they made the decision.
  • David favorites book, villain, and what his patronus would be.
  • David tells us his favorite scenes from Deathly Hallows and why.
  • The props David has taken and his upcoming meeting with the prop department
  • David plays our Dueling Club segment with us. Micah chooses Bellatrix, David chooses Snape. David tells us why he chose Snape and why he would certainly defeat Bellatrix.
  • We bring back a classic segment: Make the Connection.
  • A few e-mails congratulate us on 200 shows.

Download NowRunning time: 1:54:26, 68.7 MB

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