Episode 217: Knock Knock

  • News covers DH box office update, a possible teaser trailer for Part 2 and more.
  • When can we expect the Encyclopedia, and what will we see?
  • We reach deep into our mailbag to answer your questions:
  • Just how do you pronounce Alexandre Desplat?
  • What was with the nursery next-door to Bathilda’s house in DH PT 1?
  • How, if at all does the Life and Lies of Albert Speer relate to Dumbledore?
  • Why didn’t you give any props to Alan Rickman in DH PT 1?
  • The Academy Awards, Kreacher, Hedwig and Dan’s acting round out the discussion.
  • Your Tweets cover our favorite books/movies, the Malfoy family and more.
  • And finally… Weird Places People Listen to MuggleCast.
  • See you all in 2011!

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