Episode 219: A Progressive Castle

  • The first still from Part 2 appears while Part 1 breaks more records.
  • Snape’s death scene is changed for Part 2, and we discuss if it was a good idea.
  • Chapter by Chapter covers Chapters 21 – 23 of Goblet of Fire.
  • What is it in Dobby’s character that makes him enjoy being free, unlike the other elves?
  • The Unexpected Task: a task even Muggles experience.
  • Why is The Yule Ball only open to students in Years 4 through 7?
  • Andrew has a solution to Harry and Ron’s find-a-date problems.
  • Hermione reveals she had her teeth shrunken. What else can be enlarged/shrunken?
  • The ups and downs of the Yule Ball.
  • Your Twitter responses to the question: What do you think of Snape’s death scene change?
  • MuggleMail addresses last week’s hot topics. Plus: Is the Tournament boring for attendees to watch?

Download Now Running time: 1:22:22, 39.6 MB

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