Episode 220: Uncle Hagrid

  • Does the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 DVD look promising?
  • Our thoughts on the latest Wizarding World expansion rumors.
  • Mr. Universal has a good laugh at one of Eric’s thoughts.
  • MuggleCast has their Part 2 release plans set!
  • We’ll be attending LeakyCon 2011 and putting on at least one podcast.
  • Andrew explains why everyone should head to Orlando for the 5 day event. If you register, use referral code MUGGLE!
  • Chapter by Chapter covers Goblet of Fire chapters 24 – 26
  • This week’s Twitter Question and MuggleMail address hot topics.
  • Plugs: Essay Section, WrockBox, HYPE

Download Now Running time: 1:27:56, 42.3 MB

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