Episode 221: Podcasting Hard

  • News: Strange Magic, BAFTAs, Rowling’s projects and more.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Goblet of Fire 27-29.
  • Why do Ron and Hermione’s lake stories differ so greatly?
  • Should readers have taken issue with Rita Skeeter’s article on Hermione?
  • Things start to come together as Hermione questions Rita’s reporting…
  • …and Snape questions Harry about Boomslang skin.
  • We analyze Hermione vs. Hagrid’s response to Skeeter’s article.
  • Percy’s ignorance and obsession with the Ministry surfaces.
  • How did Fleur have such a good guess at what the Third Task would entail?
  • Our first look at how the Order of the Phoenix communicate after Krum is attacked – did you catch it?
  • Why didn’t Dumbledore take precautions and check the maze himself if he was so worried?
  • Foreshadowing: Snape is a bat, Ron does become a prefect.
  • Breaking the rules vs. blackmail: Is Hermione right in suggesting telling someone about Fred and George?
  • What is it with Moody/Barty Crouch Jr. suggesting students become Aurors?
  • We get our first look at “serious” Sirius the parental figure.
  • Why doesn’t Harry think that Wormtail’s blunder could be referring to Crouch Sr.?
  • Why does Fudge continue to make excuses for Bertha Jorkins? And then show blatant racism?
  • Your tweets on the Rowling TV movie and future projects.
  • Could Jo write under a pseudonym in the future?
  • MuggleMail: Hagrid’s story, Ghosts and Merfolk, Harry’s naivety and more .

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