Episode 223: A New Leaf

  • Richard returns to the show and is turning a new leaf.
  • News: ‘Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ sneak peek, a Potter hotel, The Exhibition hitting NYC, and more.
  • Micah realizes what his next job may be thanks to a little destiny.
  • ‘What If..’ segment: What if Dumbledore had given Tom Riddle the DADA job?
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapters 32 and 33 of Goblet of Fire.
  • Why didn’t Harry put up a fight against Wormtail?
  • Harry sees Voldemort for the first time in human form.
  • Had Harry ever seen a photo of him? Did anyone ever bother to take a photo of him?
  • Did Voldemort act the way he did because of his feelings toward his mother?
  • Voldemort warns Wormtail about ever letting his loyalty waver again. Err…
  • Today’s Twitter Question: Your thoughts on the ‘Part 2’ sneak peek.
  • MuggleMail addresses last episode’s hot topics, a birthday, and Ben’s theory in Episode 1.
  • Andrew and Micah discuss their upcoming date in NYC on Wednesday.

Download Now Running time: 1:12:26, 34.8 MB

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