Episode 238: Reasonably Supple

  • Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has done extremely well at the box office. Is it a surprise?
  • Andrew is the only one in Pottermore so far. Eric and Micah ask spoiler-free questions about the site.
  • We run through what’s great and what’s not so great about Pottermore.
  • The Harry Potter Studio Tour has released concept art of the building as well as ticket prices. Is it worth it?
  • Fans of Dan Radcliffe get a trailer for his upcoming film The Woman in Black.
  • E-mails address last episode’s hot topics, thoughts on Pottermore, and more.
  • Micah interviews Will Dunn (James Sirius Potter) and Arthur Bowen (Albus Severus Potter) for MuggleCast.
  • Fun segments: What If…, Favorites, and The Dueling Club!
  • Twitter users tell us their thoughts on Pottermore.

Download Now Running time: 1:30:36, 43.5 MB

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