Episode 294: The Cursed Child (SPOILER-FREE review)

Andrew is back from seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so the three amigos discuss the play in a spoiler-free manner. For our spoiler-filled review, please listen to Episode 295.

– Our spoiler FREE thoughts on The Cursed Child
– But first, a word about the horrific shooting in Orlando
– Andrew rocks out at Stonehenge with The Boss
– The Palace Theatre needs some AC
– An owl goes rogue during the play, and Micah gains a new favorite animal
– The Cursed Child – the immersive experience vs. the actual plot
– It’s unlike anything you’ve seen on stage — but that’s the problem with it being turned into a book.
– The actors – Hermione & Scorpius’ standout performances
– The plot debate (as unspoilery as we can be)
– #Wormtaily – we give our thoughts on JKR’s response to Hypable’s “spoilers”
– Poll: Have you purposely read Cursed Child spoilers?
– Andrew The Button Thief

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  1. Just wanted to commend you guys for staying classy about the Wormtaily debacle (because, TBH, I wouldn’t have been half as calm in your place). And thanks for doing a totally spoiler-free review, which is what I’ve wanted to hear, but was wary of seeking out on the Internet.

  2. I’ve read the spoilers, not by accident but purely with the intention to do so and you know what, Micah is right. Hypable has done an excellent job of not spoiling anything for anyone who doesn’t WANT to be spoiled. I would even extend that to include the fandom and it’s many news outlets as a whole. I haven’t come across a single thing whilst scrolling facebook etc, that would have been an accidental spoiler. I think as a fandom we are very protective of Jo’s wishes, but I feel like we deserve some credit for this one, not shame (#wormtaily). Given that this is a format that we won’t all be able to view, I see nothing wrong with letting those who want to know the story do so, so long as we don’t ruin it for those who do wish to be kept in the dark. I commend the job that Hypable, Mugglenet, and others have done in keeping the secrets, while at the same time giving those who desire it a fair and thorough analysis of the play.

    To another point, I can’t help but wonder if all the #keepthesecrets hype is in part due to the the seemingly canon offensive nature of the plot and the effect that it might have on the plays longevity and even scriptbook sales. Rowling has to know that the plotline would cause an uproar; it is already being declared a fanficy absurdity. Perhaps this is her way of trying to keep us from getting too carried away with the hate too quickly. If so, I think we can give credit to Andrew and others in this respect also. Despite the negativity, there has also been plenty of praise. I would still love to see Cursed Child, it sounds like a fantastic theatrical work in it’s own right. I’m still going to buy the scriptbook, because I can’t judge the story completely until I’ve at least read it myself. So whatever shade Jo might throw, y’all keep doing what you do. Honestly, the more she expands the canon and ventures into different formats with it, the more she exposes HP to the “Wormtails” of the world.

  3. Just saw the play. I completely agree with Andrew’s assessment, everything is great except for the plot, which at times was so farfetched and illogical that it just felt like a fanfic. Nevertheless, I still really enjoyed it and I encourage everyone to see it if they can.

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