Episode #403: Partygood (HBP Chapter 15, The Unbreakable Vow)

  • Welcome Slug Club member Kristy to the show!
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Half-Blood Prince Chapter 15, The Unbreakable Vow
  • 7-Word Summary: Harry parties hard when with Luna Partygood
  • Harry has taken to secret passageways to avoid his admirers – is he overreacting?
  • Ron’s behavior toward Hermione: toxic masculinity or teenage immaturity?
  • Hermione cautions Harry about being a target for Love Potions. Are Fred and George creating a security risk at Hogwarts?
  • Argus Filch and Madam Pince? OTP or a casual Harry joke? What would Mrs. Norris say?
  • Why Luna is a better friend to Hermione and Harry than we may realize
  • Why does Harry immediately regret asking her? Why didn’t he ask Hermione? Why didn’t he go stag?
  • Hermione announcing her date for all to hear – over-the-top or perfectly justified?
  • Slughorn’s Christmas party: vampires, drunk seers and the Rotfang Conspiracy
  • The hosts and patrons take a crack at titling Harry’s biography
  • Draco gatecrashes and we discuss why Snape shows a hint of fear
  • Should Draco take Snape up on his offer to help?
  • Connecting The Threads: Harry The Auror. What other professions could he have pursued?
  • MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter
  • Voicemails cover Tom Riddle The Obscurus, old Illustrated Edition predictions, Cursed Child Australia and more
  • Quizzitch: What Christmas gift does Harry receive from Kreacher?
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  • Bonus MuggleCast: Is Ginny a Mary Sue? Available at Patreon.com/MuggleCast

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  1. Hermione good. Ron bad. How predictable. Hermione throws something in Ron’s face, yas, slay queen. Ron does it, toxic masculinity. This fandom has become awful.

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m from Elkton, like Kristy! I live in Arlington, VA, now. But I am oh-so-familiar with the trying-to-describe-where-it-is routine. “It’s along I-95 just before you hit Delaware. Just west of Delaware and south of PA.” *Blank stares in return.*

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