Episode #497: The First Movie’s Best Character Introductions, MuggleMail

  • Welcome Slug Club member Pablo to the show! Spanish language speakers, check out Pablo’s HP podcast Cuarantena 9 3/4!
  • In a bit of sad news, Hogwarts Legacy has been given a 2022 release window, not 2021 as we had hoped.
  • How will the hosts fill the time without the new game? By checking out other games like Micah?
  • The Sorcerer’s Stone movie turns 20 this year! To celebrate, we’ll be hosting discussions about the first film throughout the year!
  • The hosts discuss which character was given the best introduction in the movie.
  • The rest of today’s episode is all MuggleMail! The hosts answer your e-mails and voicemails
  • Why don’t we hear more about teachers’ spouses at Hogwarts?
  • Should Samuel L. Jackson voice the Sorting Hat on a new TV series? We listen to his audition tape.
  • Did Dumbledore fail to protect Frank and Alice Longbottom sufficiently in the wake of the death of the Potters?
  • 12-year-old listener Wyatt asks us, would throwing a Horcrux through The Veil destroy it?
  • The hosts ruminate on whether a Chapter by Chapter reboot lays in our future.
  • Quizzitch: Which actress reportedly turned down the role of the witch Sybil Trelawney in “Prisoner of Azkaban” because she did not believe boarding school life should be glorified?
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