Episode #601: Is ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Easy For Non-Gamers Who Want To Explore? And More MuggleMail

On this week’s episode, we delve into our MuggleMailbag for the first time in 2023! Coming off our recent review episode of Hogwarts Legacy, listeners share their thoughts and discoveries about the game. And we properly wrap up our Chamber of Secrets Chapter By Chapter series by choosing ONE 7-Word Summary to redo, based on patron feedback. Join Andrew, Eric and Micah as they get caught up on their inbox this week!

  • First, our vintage segment “What’s Buggin’ Micah?” makes its triumphant return to the show.
  • MuggleMail starts with Hogwarts Legacy feedback. On PC, there’s a mod to mute the Floo Lady. Eric learns the composer of his first ever PlayStation game also scored Hogwarts Legacy. Can you get far in the game if you can’t do combat? And which common room would the hosts party in?
  • Chamber of Secrets comes to a close with MuggleMail feedback.
  • Did the Weasleys go to Egypt TWICE in one year?
  • More name origins for Gilderoy Lockhart
  • One listener’s thoughts on criminal justice in the Wizarding world.
  • There’s more to Hermione’s 2nd Year class signup sheet than we realize.
  • Did Tom Riddle spend more time making the diary so it could be more than just a Horcrux?
  • Was Dumbledore REALLY absent from COS? Did Hagrid ever find out who really opened the Chamber?
  • We choose a 7 Word Summary to redo, vroom vroom.
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul features an OG listener who now listens with her 8-year-old son.
  • Quizzitch: How long did Harry go without hearing from his friends until his thirteenth birthday? Submit your answer on the MuggleCast web site.
  • Next week:  We begin our Chapter By Chapter reread of Prisoner of Azkaban!
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