Episode #606: A Harry Potter TV Reboot is Coming!? We React and Pitch Opportunities

This week saw news of a Harry Potter television series cascading across the interwebs as it seems like Warner Bros and HBO are in final talks to develop a straight adaptation of the original 7-book series, this time for TV! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they discuss the news, read a ton of listener feedback, and provide their must-haves for any live action Potter TV adaptation.

  • According to Bloomberg, a new Harry Potter television series which follows the storyline of the 7 books is nearing final talks over at Warner Bros. Discovery.
  • Given that the TV show would adapt the 7 books, whose final film adaptation was released in 2011, Micah asks “is it too soon?”
  • What steps would the television show take to distance itself from the HP films?
  • Would they ever adapt The Missing 24 hours?
  • Could we ever see new actors actually taking the place in our hearts of the actors who originated the role?
  • What role will the book series’ author have in the development of the show?
  • Laura senses a real opportunity for bringing fresh voices and more diversity into the Potter universe.
  • Check out MuggleCast Episode 483 in which we fan-cast an HP television show, and also Episode 566 where the hosts develop ideas for all new HP television series.
  • Eric gives his must-haves for the would-be TV adaptation. Number one: the color yellow?
  • Twitter feedback on this news includes: would we ever see an animated version?; problematic politics and the struggle to find joy with the series in 2023; is a Peeves backstory on the table?; what can the show learn from HBO’s House of the Dragon?
  • Facebook feedback includes: the stories we’d rather see told in the Wizarding World; embracing new cast members so soon after the films; and a cry for justice for Ron Weasley
  • IG feedback includes places we still want to see, and differing perspectives of characters.
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