Episode #610: Severass Snape (POA Chapter 7, The Boggart in The Wardrobe)

Waddiwasi! On this week’s episode, grab your wand and get ready for the best magical classroom session to date …following the WORST magical classroom session to date! We compare and contrast Snape and Lupin’s teaching styles and the impact it has on the students of Hogwarts!

  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 7: The Boggart in The Wardrobe
  • 7-Word Summary: Neville fears rebuke when Snape “poisons” Trevor
  • We compare and contrast Harry’s worst class to date (Potions) with his best class to date (Defense Against The Dark Arts)
  • What do we make of Snape’s treatment of any student that is not in Slytherin?
  • We analyze the effects of bullying vs. collaboration in a classroom setting
  • What types of emotions does Snape elicit from Harry? Neville? Hermione?
  • Snape The Enabler creates an unsafe learning environment for his students
  • Micah plays devil’s advocate and rationalizes Snape’s actions toward both Neville (paying attention to detail) and Hermione (listening to the teacher)
  • What is the world is up with the Shrinking Solution?
  • Do Lupin and Peeves the Poltergeist share a history?
  • We contrast Snape’s treatment of Neville with Lupin’s desire to instill confidence in him (very reminiscent of how Harry works with Neville in Order of the Phoenix)
  • Does Lupin’s past with Snape inform his instruction to Neville about his Boggart?
  • Should Lupin have explained to Harry why he didn’t let him have a turn at the Boggart?
  • Connecting The Threads includes taking a look at the non-practical nature of Harry’s first class in Order of the Phoenix and a very important Boggart scene with Mrs. Weasley
  • Odds & Ends cover the origin of Boggarts, Draco’s knowledge of Sirius Black, Hermione’s secret, rat references and more!
  • Quzzitch: What is the name of the Fat Lady’s close friend?
  • Next week: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 8: Flight of The Fat Lady
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