Episode #611: Flight of the Friends (POA Chapter 8, Flight of the Fat Lady)

A Hogsmeade weekend approaches! Will Harry get his permission slip signed by a stand-in guardian in time? This week we are joined by Slug Club guest Ashley as we discuss Chapter 8 of Prisoner of Azkaban, Flight of the Fat Lady! We discuss Snape’s continued bad attitude, Lupin’s secret, and whether Harry could’ve gotten more out of him during their unplanned tea time. Enjoy!

  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 8: Flight of the Fat Lady
  • Welcome Slug Club guest Ashley! Host the show just like Ashley by joining us at Patreon.com/MuggleCast
  • 7-Word Summary, Justice for Micah Edition: Teachers forbid Harry from going to Hogsmeade
  • Snape picks on Neville worse than ever because he’s Snape. But does Trelawney pick on Harry due to her prophecy?
  • Did we ever have a teacher we were close with in the way that Parvati and Lavender are with Trelawney?
  • Is Oliver Wood justified in feeling desperate about this year’s Quidditch Cup?
  • Is McGonagall mean for not signing Harry’s permission slip? She knows about the Dursleys after all.
  • Hosts connect some great threads between Book 3 and Book 5.
  • Harry’s Hogsmeade FOMO hits us in the feels.
  • What makes Remus Lupin able and willing to say Voldemort’s name?
  • What If: Harry told Lupin about seeing the black dog off Privet Drive?
  • Is Hermione wrong to point out the evidence against Trelawney’s prediction about Binky? Could her doing so point to neurodivergent behavior?
  • Rename the Chapter returns! And hosts assign MVP of the Week.
  • Quzzitch: What does Hannah Abbott tell the students that Sirius Black can transform into?
  • Next week: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 9: Grim Defeat
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