Episode 185: Lady Dumbledore

  • What’s up with all the Ultimate DVD previews?
  • We learn about the initial relationship between David Heyman and Chris Columbus…
  • …and that Dan Radcliffe almost wasn’t Harry Potter.
  • Speaking of Dan, we discuss his upcoming appearance on The Simpsons.
  • MuggleMail covers the Deathday Party movie omission, Ben’s trend-setting, Muggle-borns and more.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Chamber of Secrets 10 – 12.
  • What is the deal with Hermione’s rule-breaking? Does it have to do with Malfoy?
  • Lockhart continues to show he’s a fraud. Why does no adult seem to notice?
  • Is the concept of The Dueling Club a good idea for the school and its students?
  • Why is Dumbledore so accepting of Harry’s lies?
  • Lady Dumbledore and Fawkes Gaga sing us some songs.
  • We discuss all the flaws with Polyjuice Potion plan.
  • Avada Kedavra, Imperio, Love Potion returns.
  • Vote for us at the 2009 Podcast Awards in the Best Produced and Entertainment categories!

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Episode 184: Dear Emma

  • The cafe where JKR started Potter reopens – how should they recognize Jo there?
  • Auditions for the Wizarding World are coming up and Ben submits his audition.
  • Andrew’s story of proposing the Dumbledore’s Tower of Terror ride to Universal execs.
  • Deathly Hallows filming updates galore.
  • Ben debuts a brand new Top 10 List.
  • Chapter by Chapter highlights Chamber of Secrets Chapters 7 – 9
  • Hedwig holds a grudge against Harry. She needs to get over it!
  • A mini debate is sparked over Quidditch teams and what brooms they use – should all teams use the same brooms? “Broom Equality!” cries Andrew.
  • Listener Feedback addresses last week’s hot topics.
  • What if JK Rowling secretely released her next book under a different name?!
  • Ben writes a letter to Emma in attempt to make his feelings be known.
  • We’ve been nominated at the 2009 Podcast Awards! Thank you!
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon contest winners can be found at this link.

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Episode 183: Kah Noots

  • Emerson makes his pre-recorded MuggleCast debut!
  • Someone is almost fired by the boss after slacking off from his news duties.
  • News: Potter DVD features, Dan may be in a musical, and Deathly Hallows filming updates.
  • MuggleMail looks last episode’s hot topics.
  • This week’s Chapter by Chapter looks at Chapters 4 – 6 of Chamber of Secrets.
  • Tons of foreshadowing within Borgin and Burkes!
  • Gilderoy Lockhart – what’s his deal?
  • We take your e-mails and tweets about these chapters.
  • We ask Emerson about the origins of MuggleNet. How it started, how it grew, why it grew.
  • What is the all-time best moment Emerson has had with the site?

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Episode 178: Out of Diapers

  • HBP continues to make money at the box office while DH filming surges on.
  • Potter Exhibition is heading to Boston, but where will it go next?
  • Jamie Waylett isn’t returning for DH and Joshua Herdman reveals where the split will be.
  • What happened with HBP IMAX 3D? Andrew explains how it was a rip off.
  • Happy Birthday, Micah!
  • Micah and Andrew discuss the HBP video game.
  • MuggleCast turns 4; the listeners and hosts celebrate!
  • This Week in MuggleCast History, Make the Music Connection, Jamie’s British Joke of the Week, and Chicken Soup!

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Episode 176: LIVE in New York City!

  • MuggleCast is LIVE in New York City the day after the premiere to discuss what happened!
  • Andrew and Emerson conducted interviews from the red carpet and have some juicy details to share.
  • Having all the seen the film, we try to give our best spoiler-free review.
  • Fans ask us questions about the film one by one!
  • Emerson and Ben discuss their new book, MuggleNet.com’s Harry Potter Should Have Died.

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Episode 171: Trailer Idol

  • We’re live on Ustream to discuss the newly released Half-Blood Prince trailer!
  • Darkest yet? Darkest film yet?
  • We go through some of the new things that stood out.
  • Eric, having seen the film already, gives his (spoiler free) input.
  • Live calls come in from around the world, asking questions about the trailer.
  • We announce a special guest coming on a new MuggleCast episode this weeekend: Mary GrandPre!

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Episode 169: A Vision From Benlawney

  • We’re live to discuss the Japanese Half-Blood Prince trailer!
  • We attempt to hit 10,000 members on MuggleSpace while on the air.
  • Have Michael Gambon and Emma Watson changed their tune for this film?
  • And why again is this rated PG?
  • Live callers tell us what their favorite parts of the trailer are.
  • Are there any scenes we’d like to see cut?
  • What are they doing instead of Dumbledore’s funeral?
  • We give the MPAA a call to see why it was rated PG.
  • Hagrid calls in to ask Laura a serious question.
  • When will the next trailer be out? Ben has a vision.

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Episode 161: Larger Than Life

  • It’s time for our annual Halloween show, and Ben is back!
  • Micah is now a Senior Staff Member of MuggleNet.
  • We talk about our upcoming show at Azktraz 2009.
  • MuggleMail addresses Episode 159’s hot topics.
  • Our main discussion is Halloween in the books.
  • Analyzing Episode 61: did we have anything right about ghosts pre-DH?
  • If you had to decide which house to be in based on the ghost, which would you chose?
  • Were there enough of the traditional Halloween characters in the series?
  • We discuss Snape’s vampire-like qualities.
  • What if: JK Rowling were a man? It’s a serious question.
  • Debate: The Potter series should be made mandatory reading in US public schools.
  • Bloopers!

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Episode 155: LIVE Teaser Trailer Discussion

  • It’s our first live show since March!
  • We discuss the just-released Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer.
  • Michael Gambon is different in this trailer. But how?
  • Hero Fiennes-Tiffen was a great casting decision.
  • We take your calls about the trailer.
  • Eric and Jamie have statements for the listeners in light of their absence.
  • Andrew tells a story of a recent natural disaster.
  • Spy on Spartz!
  • Contribute to Teddy Bears for Hope.

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Episode 154: Teaser Teaser Trailer

  • One year has passed since Deathly Hallows!
  • Two co-hosts who haven’t been on in a while return!
  • We discuss the latest news stories.
  • The HBP IMAX teaser trailer blows us away.
  • Is WB getting themselves into a marketing mess?
  • Ben provides a reason for why WB is doing things this way.
  • MuggleCast Down Under footage now available!
  • MuggleMail addresses new and old topics.
  • Main Discussion: One year since DH and the state of the fandom.
  • How has the fandom changed in the past year?
  • How long will the Potter fandom exist like it does today?
  • What’s next for JK Rowling?
  • What’s next for MuggleCast?

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