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MuggleCast EP30 Transcript


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Hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the show! I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: And this is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussion, gossip…

Ben: Bottle caps.

Andrew: Bottle caps? I don’t even… [laughs]

Ben: Toilet paper.

Andrew: Whatever… Whatever you can imagine related to Harry Potter, it is in this show!

Ben: Paper towels.

Andrew: Well, almost everything. We’re getting there. We’re making our way until we can expand everything. [laughs] What am I supposed to say now?

Ben: He’s a little bit out of touch with reality people.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: Notice the verbal pauses.

Andrew: I forgot how we intro. I need like a teleprompter. [laughs] Before we go anywhere else, first let’s check in with Micah Tan for the past week’s top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: All right, Andrew.

Warner Brothers announced Wednesday that in its first 24 hours of being on store shelves, the Goblet of Fire DVD sold nearly 5 million copies. On this impressive accomplishment, President of Warner Home Video Ron Sanders had this to say:

We are extremely pleased with the out-of-the-gate success of the DVD release of Goblet of Fire. We knew fans really connected with this installment in the Harry Potter series, and that continued loyalty to the franchise has carried over to these phenomenal DVD sales figures.

The DVD was released in Canada and U.S. on Tuesday. Feedback has been strong as Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+ rating and Aced Magazine gave it a very positive review.

Speaking of Goblet of Fire, Warner Bros. released its final episode of their Goblet of Fire podcast. They wrapped things up with a small interview with the cast and included another clip from the Goblet of Fire DVD.

Forbes has published their annual list of the richest people in the world, and they have ranked JK Rowling at #746 with an estimated net worth of $1 billion! A passage from the write-up said:

Rowling sold 60 million books (referring to Half-Blood Prince) worldwide last year, bringing the tally to 310 million copies of Harry Potter books sold. The movie (referring to Goblet of Fire) pulled in $287 million in the U.S., the highest grossing film in the series after the debut film (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).

In addition to writing Book 7, Jo took the time to do some major changes on her website. There are plenty of new puzzles to solve. All the secrets we’ve heard of that have been verified to work can now be found on our updated Info section.

The interview J.K. Rowling did with TVR while visiting Romania earlier this year along with coverage of the trip, was aired TVR on Thursday night in Romania (which was roughly 4 PM here on the East Coast). Keep checking back to as we get video of this event.

The new member of MuggleNet’s network of sites is This site will be your one-stop place for news, pics, bios, interviews and more on the actress who’s set to play Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

A few weeks ago, the American book publisher Scholastic introduced a new addition to the Fun Stuff section with special downloads for each Potter book. Only Sorcerer’s Stone content was available when it first opened, but yesterday they introduced the Chamber of Secrets area. Sections for the other four books will be available in the coming weeks.

Kids television station Nickelodeon has commenced voting for its annual Kids Choice Awards. Goblet of Fire is up for Favorite Movie and the entire series is up for Favorite Book.

The Kids Choice Awards will be aired live from Los Angeles on April 1st.

Speaking of awards, Goblet of Fire picked up Best Movie and Ralph Fiennes won Vilest Villain when the 2006 AOL Moviefone Moviegoer Awards were revealed on February 28th.

That’s all the news for this March 12th, 2006, Episode 30 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show!

Announcements and Corrections

Andrew: All right, thank you, Micah. First of all, we owe everyone a little apology for not showing up last week.

Ben: It was all Andrew’s fault.

Andrew: It was just one of those weeks…

Kevin: It was all Andrew’s fault.

Andrew: [coughs] No, it wasn’t.

Ben: Yes, it was.

Andrew: It was just one of those weeks. Sorry, I had a life last week.

Ben: He had to go get tutored for his Pre-Algebra homework.

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Kevin: Because he can’t count.

Andrew: I’m in Algebra II, Ben. I’m in Algebra II.

Ben: Andrew can’t count.

Andrew: [laughs] It was just one of those weeks where we couldn’t all get together. The good news is that we’re not going to be skipping anymore weeks because I refuse to let PotterCast get an episode higher than us. That will not be happening!

Ben: Actually, so one week…

Andrew: What was that?

Ben: One week we’ll actually, probably do two episodes, so we one-up them.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah. We could always knock them off. You know?

Andrew: Knock them off what?

Kevin: We could crash one of their computers. Make it…

Andrew: Oh, right. No, that would be a good idea. They started like four weeks after us, but somehow they are still, they are right on our tail now. And I’m pretty sure we only skipped two weeks. I’m not sure how that happened. But anyway, a little correction from last week. Micah, would you care to elaborate?

Micah: Yep.

Andrew: Jumping the gun there, yesterday…or last week.

Micah: Yeah, you know, I apologize. Anna Friel is British not American. I read it on Leaky. Sorry.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Good one, good one.

Micah: So, credit them with the mistake just as much.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: You know, we’re not perfect. And then also, to make up for not being around last we decided that it would be good to give you guys a sneak peek of what our plans are for the show, because it’s been 30 episodes now. Congrats guys, by the way – 30 episodes! It’s impressive.

Laura: Yay.

Ben: Yay.

Kevin: Woohoo.

Andrew: It’s been 30 shows and it’s been the same format, we’ve been doing the same thing, week by week, and people enjoy it, people love it. You know? But, we want to add it. So, we have four or five new segments. They are going to be intermixed week by week. Some won’t show up one week, some won’t show up the other. Just want to go through them real quick.

New Segments

Andrew: The original segments will still be on the show, except for the Main Character Discussion – we’re expanding that into something even bigger. So, the first segment we will doing is Listener Rebuttal. And this will be the part of the show where listeners can send in e-mails in response to theories that we’ve discussed the week before. And we’ll response to the listener’s response, if it is needed. Because each week we get tons of e-mails saying, “Hey! I disagree. Hey! Just expand on that!” Blah, blah, blah. We’re going to start reading your e-mails to go a little farther into what we talked about. So, this way, this gets everyone else more involved.

And then the Editorial Discussion. Micah and Laura, you two are leading that…yes?

Laura: Mhm.

Micah: Yep.

Andrew: Can you quickly elaborate on that? Sorry to put you on the spot, but…

Laura: Basically, what we’re going to be doing – I don’t know if it is going to be an every week thing. We’ll probably alternate it, like you said.

Andrew: It’ll be… Yeah, it’ll be every other week.

Laura: Mhm. Well, we’re going to be going through the editorials on MuggleNet and picking out the best ones, and getting a hold of the people who wrote them, and just doing a short little, ten-minute interview with them, discussing some theories. So, it’ll be good stuff.

Andrew: Our Editorials Section on the site has become so big and popular – it’s just the perfect segment for MuggleCast.

Micah: Yeah, and is it this week? Are you going to do… Are you going to put it in this week or are we going to wait?

Andrew: Next week the first one is going to air.

Micah: Okay. So…

Andrew: You guys already recorded the first one.

Laura: Mhm.

Micah: Yep.

Andrew: So, everyone should look forward to that next week.

And then the Theory of the Week. This is a new, clever segment we sort of put together. Each week…or…well, when we decide to… [laughs] Each week we will be covering one theory that is popular in the Chamber of Secrets Forums ( –‘s official forums. Any theories that are in there that are being discussed heavily, that are getting a lot of buzz – we’re going to talk about in the show and put our spin on them.

And another one. This one was suggested by Emily, who as most of you remember was on the show a few weeks ago. I don’t know. I guess we’re going to make this the working title for now. I don’t know. I’m not really crazy about it. I don’t know if you guys are. The “What If…” Segment – where we take a situation and work out what would happen if something happened differently in the Harry Potter series. So, say for example as Kevin suggested [laughs] – What would happen if Ginny was not handed the book from Lucius Malfoy? [gasps] Well, we sort of all know what… [laughs]

Ben: Oh my gosh, then of Secrets wouldn’t even matter anymore.

Andrew: That’s sort of a goofy example. So, basically this will be the part of the show where we examine theories surrounding the “what ifs” of the series.

And then finally, what will be the pinnacle of the show: MuggleCast Chapter-by-Chapter. Where we go through every single chapter of Books 1-6 and discuss every little thing, well, relatively important little thing that has happened in that chapter. We’re going to do a couple of chapters per show depending how, what content was in each chapter. So, like say the final chapters of Book 5. Those were huge. Those will probably require their own shows. But like…

Kevin: And we’ll also provide an unabridged copy of the chapter for each of you.

[Silent pause]

Kevin: Not really.

[Kevin and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: We won’t. But this is going to be fun because…

Kevin: As we get arrested.

Andrew: …we’re going to get – basically, everyone who is listening is going to be on the same page as everyone else, as the hosts, as your fellow listeners. Everyone is going to know what’s going on, and we’re all going to have the same information in our heads because we’re all discussing the same things. And then ahead of time, we’re also going to let everyone know what chapters we’re going to be discussing next week. So, you too can read the chapters ahead of time and when we’re discussing you can be like, “Oh yeah, I remember that.” It’s going to be a lot of fun. There’s going to be some serious participation going on. So, we’re really looking forward to those. And just a reminder – this is not going to get rid of the “unpredictability” that has made this show so popular. We’ve gotten a few e-mails actually, people saying, “Is this going to take away from you guys going off and talking about whatever?” And no…

Kevin: We’re pretty sporadic people.

Andrew: Believe or not, we do plan some of this, laughs although it may not seem like it. So, this will all begin with Episode 31, just a week away.

News Discussion – Goblet of Fire DVD

Andrew: All right, now moving on to some discussion here. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Goblet of Fire DVD was released in the United States and Canada this week, much to the delight of fans across the United States and “Eh” Canada. So, initial thoughts.

Ben: See Andrew, here’s what happened. I was in a good mood and you had to go talking about the Goblet of Fire DVD.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Ben…

Ben: You just downright bummed me out.

Andrew: Wait, why? What was the issue? I liked it, personally.

Ben: It was terrible.

Andrew: Why do you say that?

Ben: Okay, so I go to Wal-Mart. First, I find the regular edition. I can’t find the Special Edition. I make my way up front, finally find it, and I go to check it out and this DVD is already cursed because my debit card doesn’t even work to buy this DVD.

Andrew: Ohhh.

Ben: When it has worked every time before this.

Kevin: That’s because you have no money.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: So, there’s the first thing that went wrong. Oh, funny!

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Geez, Kevin. That hurts. That hurts. And then so I come home and I finally start watching it, and since I’ve already seen the movie enough, I pop in the Special Features DVD. And it takes me three years to find the actual interviews. And then there are some really lame games on there. And it’s just really not that great. And I was pretty upset that I had to pay $23.00 for a DVD that, for a two-disc DVD set, when it used be just the normal edition had the deleted scenes and all that stuff.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s true.

Laura: Mhm.

Kevin: Yeah, that was a little annoying.

Ben: It was just a disappointment. I don’t know, it depends on… Little kids will probably like the games. Like if you have a little kid in mind, like Andrew does, then you’ll probably like those games. But…

Laura: Yeah, but I think we read that in one of the reviews that we posted on the site, who can actually navigate those games with a TV remote?

Andrew: DVD games never work out!

Laura: No!

Andrew: They are just… Yeah.

Kevin: They’re horrible. Yeah.

Laura: They’ve had them on the other Harry Potter DVDs and they’ve all been really bad. So, I don’t think there was…

Kevin: So, why would they try to put them in?

[Laura and Kevin laugh]

Laura: Fill up space? [laughs]

Andrew: Because it’s a marketing scheme. You look on the back of this cover, I guarantee you it is going to talk about the games. It does, but it doesn’t call them games. It just says… Well, it says “Dragon Challenge,” “Lake Challenge,” and “Maze Challenge.” They are to appeal to younger kids.

Kevin: Now what about, did you like the…

Andrew: Well hold on, wait a second, did anyone else play the games, because I didn’t. I had no interest in them.

Laura: I accidentally ended up clicking on one, but I didn’t play it.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, it just kept yelling at me.

Andrew: It wasn’t too specific. Like the interviews, they don’t say “Interviews.” They say, “In Too Deep – The Second Task,” which you get the idea, but it would be nice if…

Laura: I actually didn’t have a hard time navigating it. I found everything just fine.

Andrew: No, well Ben what were you saying, it took you three years?

Ben: See there’s, there’s Laura, there’s Laura trying to make herself feel socially superior to me.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: No, it said something like “Discussion With The Cast.” [laughs]

Ben: No, it didn’t. It said, “At Hogwarts – Take A Trip.”

Kevin: That’s true. Yeah.

Laura: Yeah it says, “At Hogwarts.” And then you click it. And then you’ve got all the little things and it says something with the cast.

Ben: Yeah, but who would think, who would think to click, who would think to click “At Hogwarts”? I clicked all the others before I finally got to “At Hogwarts.”

Laura: Oh, well that’s your fault. [laughs]

Andrew: Well, it would be assumed that “At Hogwarts” would be where all the main specials are because it’s Hogwarts.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: Oh okay, yeah. I just assumed that.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That’s what I did.

Laura: Yeah, same.

Andrew: I just looked at it and said – I said, “Dragon Area, Lake, Maze, Hogwarts – where would all the information be?”

Ben: Now that’s stupid.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Ben: No, you did not even think that.

Andrew: Well, it’s true. You shouldn’t have to think about it. [laughs]

Laura: No, you shouldn’t.

Andrew: I automatically clicked on “Hogwarts” because it’s Hogwarts.

Ben: Okay, but I have to make a comment that it is a lot better than the previous DVDs. Well, especially Two and Three weren’t bad…

Laura: Yeah, that one…

Ben: But One…

Laura: WAS BAD!

Kevin: Yeah, everyone complained about that.

Ben: You had to win…

Kevin: Yep.

Ben: You had to get through the Chambers and fight Voldemort. I don’t even remember if you had to fight Voldemort. You had to get past [in dumb voice] Fluffy, the three-headed dog.

[Micah and Laura laugh]

Ben: I finally did that.

Kevin: We actually posted a solution for that on MuggleNet because people were having so much problems – so many problems with that.

Andrew: Yeah, I remember that. You had to go through this whole thing just to get to the deleted scenes.

Laura: And they weren’t even that good.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: That was the problem.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Speaking of deleted scenes, I enjoyed them this time around. And I am glad they put it all into one video…

Kevin: I’m glad…

Andrew: …all into one video so you were forced to watch all of them.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: I didn’t like that. I liked being able to skip through, you know? Because some of the scenes are really crappy and they were cut for reason.

Andrew: But you still want to watch them all, don’t you?

Kevin: Yeah, you watch them all the first time, but after that, I mean if you want to see a deleted scene you go click that deleted scene. I think it’s just pure laziest to not make a menu for it and have a “Play All” option. [laughs]

Andrew: Now, the one deleted scene that was especially interesting was the whole Yule Ball one where the Weird Sisters are rocking out. Me and John from Leaky were talking about this earlier and did everyone watch it?

Kevin: Yep.

Laura: Yeah, I am glad they left that out. [laughs]

Kevin: I was too.

Andrew: I’m glad they left it out, but the intro was a much, much better one.

Laura: Ehhh.

Andrew: It didn’t just cut to some random rock guys…

Laura:I thought it was kind of lame. [laughs]

Andrew: …you know, playing out. Well, it stretching out six minutes was really lame. I mean, we’re all glad that they cut that out. That would have taken away from the movie so much.

Ben: Okay, are we going to get into this theory about video editing and what transitions are the best, right Andrew?

Andrew: Yes. No, I’m saying the intro was much better to the whole Weird Sisters thing.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: In the final cut, it just goes into some random rock concert, and you’re like, “What the hell is this? There’s no rocking at Hogwarts. It’s all classical music.”

Laura: That’s no true, they had the band.

Kevin: That’s not true at all. No.

Andrew: Where do…

Kevin: Didn’t you watch the interview?

Andrew: But, from a movie standpoint. Yeah, I watched the interviews.

Kevin: Where they said that it’s not all classical music.

Andrew: I know, but if you only watch the movies and then all of a sudden this rock-n-roll music starts showing up, you can’t tell me that fit into the movie.

Kevin: I think it did.

Laura: I thought it was fine. I didn’t see any problems with it.

Kevin: It’s a ball.

Ben: It’s supposed to be a concert.

Kevin: It’s a dance for teenagers.

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: Do you think they are going to be playing…

Andrew: Yeah, but at Hogwarts? Have you ever heard rock music… I don’t know, I just thought it was weird to me.

Ben: They’re not going to be listening to…

Kevin: Have you ever heard all teenagers listening to classical music?

Ben: No, no, they’re not going to be playing…

Andrew: I know all… No, but…

Ben: Really…


Andrew: Ever seen a teenager with a wand that can do magic? It’s completely different.

Kevin: So, that makes them all classical lovers?

Ben: Okay, no, not true, not true. No, Andrew, come on dude. They’ve had to, throughout the entire series, it’s a parallel to real life. Just because [imitating Andrew] no real teenagers carry around magical wands, [laughs] that doesn’t matter. What matters is teenagers, they start developing relationships with members of the opposite sex, like we saw in Goblet of Fire. And they like rock music. I don’t see what the big deal is.

Laura: Yeah, I thought it was good.

Andrew: I just thought it felt out of place.

Ben: It may seem out of place.

Laura: One thing that I really like when I was watching the deleted scenes was the fact that as I watched them, there weren’t any of them that specifically jumped out at me and said, “This should have been in the movie.”

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: With all of the previous movies there have been at least two or three scenes in the deleted I was like, “Why didn’t you put that in? That would have just, you know, two-minute scene – it would have explained so much.” But with this it was like, you know, these scenes weren’t bad, but I don’t think they would have added all that much. So, I think it goes to show that Mike Newell did a good job deciding what to cut and what not to.

Ben: Yeah, and actually on the DVD Dan Radcliffe said that when he was filming the movie there would be a time when he said, “Oh, I didn’t very well in that scene.”

Kevin: Oh yeah.

Andrew: I remember that.

Ben: When he goes back and watched it, he saw that they actually deleted it.

Andrew: [imitating Dan] “Oh, thank god they cut it.”

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Yeah. Speaking of that interview, what did you guys think of that interview?

Andrew: The main one?

Ben: The interview with Dan, Emma, and Rupert?

Kevin: I think it was pretty cool.

Andrew: I thought it was good. I think, eh…

Ben: I miss Lizzo. I miss Lizzo. [laughs]

Kevin: The whole fan, the fan question thing was awkward.

Andrew: Yeah, you know… Oh yeah that girl, P.S. that girl who was wearing the black shirt, curly hair. I don’t know if you remember specifically.

Kevin: Here, let me get her name.

Andrew: She actually found out about that contest through MuggleNet, which was pretty cool.

Laura: I remember that.

Andrew: I had actually talked to her. Yeah, remember? I think you were one of the people who… Well, no it might have been K’lyssa. But I talked to her on AIM and she was all excited. You know what else is pretty lame – Disc II, when you put it in, what do you get? Trailers for WB movies.

Kevin: I was going to say that!

Laura: Oh, I skipped that.

Kevin: That was the first thing I was going to say.

Andrew: It’s so dumb!

Ben: Okay, why does it matter thought guys, seriously? Why can’t you just press skip twice?

Kevin: You spend, you spend $7.00 more for the Special Edition and you stick in the Special Edition disc and you get advertisement.

Andrew: I know. Yeah.

Kevin: [imitating Ben] So?

Ben: So?

Andrew: It more understandable to play it at the beginning of the movie, not at the Special Features disc, that doesn’t make sense.

Kevin: I know.

Laura: Just press the “Menu” button.

Ben: Why does it matter though?

Andrew: Who wants to watch that?

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Why does it matter?

Andrew: You buy this…

Ben: You don’t have to watch it though.

Andrew: You spend this extra money…

Ben: It’s a DVD, you don’t have to watch it. The first complaint that I originally had with DVDs was that they didn’t have previews, and that’s when sometimes I say, “That’s a good movie, I want to go see that movie.” And so actually I like the previews sometimes. It wasn’t like it was some ad for, “Buy your Clorox Bleach Now.”

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Or George Foreman.

Andrew: So, you actually watched them?

Ben: “You buy my grill!

Andrew: So, you watched them?

Ben: Huh?

Andrew: You watched the trailers?

Ben: I didn’t watch them this time because I needed to start watching it so I could, to get ready for the show, but if I had more time, I would have watched.

Andrew: But Kevin made a good point.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: If you paid an extra seven bucks to get this one disk, why are they going to put more trailers on it?

Kevin: I say throw it on the first disk and then…

Ben: Why does it matter?

Andrew: Because!

Kevin: …and have them skip through that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: On the Special Features disk…

Ben: If you’re Warner Bros. and you have the opportunity to make, to make a few million, a few hundred thousand dollars just putting those two ads on there, and it’s not that big of an inconvenience.

Kevin: Yeah, but why not put it on the first disk?

Ben: Why not do it?

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: That’s kind of how I feel because there’s this nice little button on your DVD remote that says, “Menu.” [laughs]

Ben: That says, “Skip,” “Skip.” Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, I know. Yeah, when you press “Menu,” it skips it, but it was just out of place.

Ben: If it was mandatory for you to watch them…

Andrew: All right, okay.

Ben: If someone tied you down to you chair…

Andrew: All right, all right.

Ben: …and held your eyelids open and made you watch it.

[Ben and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Kevin.

Ben: Actually, a rep from WB came over and did that to me. Tied me down.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: The point me and Kevin are trying to make is that they’re just out of place. That’s all.

Ben: And the point I’m trying to make is that you can stop your whining.

Andrew: So, the rest of the behind-the-scenes stuff was good. Ran about five to ten minutes a piece. They all gave great looks into developing the movie.

Laura: Did you guys notice that during the features on the three tasks, there were a couple of bits that weren’t in the movie and they weren’t in the deleted scenes either? Like certain lines that people would say and they just sort of disappeared.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Laura: Like there was one with Voldemort when he was talking about – I forget. It was about the Lord give-ith or something like that. I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t in the movie and it wasn’t in the deleted scenes either.

Andrew: I just, the Quidditch World Cup, it jumps – the movie just jumps right into the Quidditch World Cup and everything moves so fast in that first ten minutes. Before you know it, you’re at Hogwarts…

Laura: Yeah, that’s the first 10 chapters, right there.

Andrew: Yeah, and plus I would have liked to see a little game play from the Quidditch World Cup because the intro to that is so huge. They spend more time with Harry walking up the steps getting to his seats than they do with the actual game play. [laughs]

Laura: Well, I liked how Mike talked about pulling out the central theme in the movie being a thriller, and how he sort of chose what was more important to emphasize that theme and I think that while the beginning does rush a lot, it was a necessity because there was no way…

Kevin: Yeah, definitely.

Laura: …that we were going to get everything in there. The book is just so massive, it’s just, it’s impossible.

Andrew: Unless you just expand it another ten minutes, which, you know, we could talk about that forever. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah. Well, it’s never going to happen. I mean…

Andrew: Yeah, there was no explanation with the Quidditch World Cup. They just showed up there.

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: So, unless you’ve read the book, you’re like, “What the…what is this?” [laughs]

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Is this football on brooms? What the…?

Laura: I had a friend who was like that. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh, really?

Laura: She was just sitting beside me just sort of staring at the screen like, “What is this?” She was pretty confused.

Andrew: Hey, hey. Guess who I am. [Impersonating Krum] “You have no business here. This room is for champions and friends.” [laughing] Who am I? Hey, I only said one line in the entire film.

Laura: I think you’re Fleur.

Ben: Stanislav Ianveski.

Andrew: I don’t know. I think he should have had more then one line. [laughs] Especially, you know, people were looking forward to seeing these three champions shine.

Laura: Yeah, but according to Hermione, Viktor is more of a physical being.

Andrew: Oh, right.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I almost forgot. [laughs]

Laura: I sort of have this visual of them throwing that line in last minute to explain the fact that he says nothing in the movie.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Like, guys, he’s not a talker. He’s just, you know, he’s touchy-feely.

Ben: He’s the strong and silent type. Another thing about Fleur I liked on the DVD was when they were doing the interview with her, she – we finally got to see some personality behind Clemence Poesy then what we’ve seen before, and I really like that because she is really attractive. Don’t tell Emma I said that, you know, but…

Laura: I actually kind of liked the whole thing with the champions. I thought it was a little drawn out, but they also seemed really funny. Like when I was watching it, they were all really – they had a good sense of humor and they weren‘t annoyed that they had this camera following them around.

Andrew: Yeah, who’s – excuse me for forgetting his name – who’s the guy who plays Cedric?

Laura: Robert Pattinson. He’s really funny.

Andrew: Robert Pattinson. [laughs] I should have asked Matt. Yeah, he was really loose. Like, I never expected him – because whenever you see him in the films he’s always, he’s not always like loose like he was. He was very fun. And WB, I’m sort of surprised WB would let that sort of thing go into the film, onto the DVD because that was really – you saw a lot of stuff. Like Leavesden Studios.

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: I like the part where, what’s his name? Pattinson ran up and tackled Ianveski, you know? Where he sort of ran into him? I don’t know, they were just like, playing around on set.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Yeah, when they were saying when that was their…

Ben: First day together.

Andrew: …yeah, first day on the set.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Any thoughts, Micah?

Kevin: Micah has…

Micah: No, actually I have kind of a story because I didn’t buy the right DVD.

Kevin: Okay.

Andrew: Oh no. No wonder you’re not talking.

Micah: And when I got home today and put in the DVD, I didn’t see any special features on there. So…

Andrew: You know, I’m sure a lot of people are going to be confused by that, because there’s never been three versions of it.

Kevin: Yeah. I think it’s stupid still.

Ben: The one that I saw was… Yeah, at my Wal-Mart, the Wal-Mart I went to, there were four of them because there was one that came with the Scene-It? DVD.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: In a dual pack.

Andrew: Yeah, and someone emailed us today…someone emailed us today about the Scene-It? thing. It doesn’t come with the special features. It’s just…

Laura: Oh my god.

Andrew: And the Scene-It?, it’s a demo. Well, here’s the kicker, it’s a demo version of Scene-It?. [laughs] It’s not even the real thing.

Laura: That Scene-It? game, I’m sorry, is really lame.

Andrew: I’ve never played it.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Remember in that hotel. [laughs] At the premiere, Eric – like right after the premiere.

Kevin: Oh yeah.

Andrew: I think it was premiere night. Eric’s like, “Let’s play Scene-It?! Let’s play Scene-It?!” [laughs] And we’re all like, “No!”

Kevin: Enough is enough.

Andrew: Overall, a good DVD right?

Ben: Yeah, it was all right.

Kevin: Yeah, I was a little disappointed with the features, but…

Laura: Yeah, it’s fair.

Andrew: It’s more than what’s been there in the past.

Kevin: Yeah, but the thing is that, when people are rating DVDs now, they expect special features without purchasing anything else.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Three or four years ago that was unheard of, all this special features stuff.

Kevin: Exactly. And on this DVD, if you buy the basic version, you get nothing. So, I’m sure they’re going to rate it…

Micah: That’s right.

Kevin: …a two out of ten.

Ben: Micah would know.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: They’re going to rate it horribly because it’s – DVD-wise, it’s crappy. It doesn’t include anything.

Andrew: I just don’t understand. Why even give people that choice to get the one without special features?

Kevin: You’d think they’d want them to spend more money.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, do the special features only, and make $7.00 for every million more people that are doing the special features, but everyone does.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Not to mention…

Andrew: Plus there’s…

Laura: …every store I went into, had the normal edition out front. You had to go and find the Special Edition.

Kevin: Yep.

Laura: It was hidden.

Main Discussion – The Last Character Discussion

Andrew: Yeah. [groans] But anyway. So, moving on to the main discussion of this week, this is kind of sad because this is our final main character discussion. Where we go in-depth on a specific Harry Potter character…

Ben: Awww.

Andrew: …within the series. We’ve done a – how many characters have we done?

Laura: We’ve been doing it since like Episode 11.

Kevin: Have we? That long?

Andrew: That’s it? [laughs]

Laura: I think so.

Kevin: I thought it was shorter than that.

Micah: Yeah, I don’t even think we did Harry Potter.

Andrew: I thought it was since Episode 7 or 9.

Laura: No.

Kevin: No, it’s not.

Andrew: What did we talk about? Yeah, we didn’t do Harry Potter. There’s always room. We’ll continue it after chapter-by-chapter.

Micah: He gets talked about by everyone else, so we don’t need to do him.

Andrew: Mhm, exactly. Yeah, he always gets in somehow. After chapter-by-chapter, which will take, oh god, at least 20 shows.

Kevin: Well let’s count up the…

Andrew: More than 20 shows, more like 50.

Kevin: Let’s count up the chapters.

Andrew: Don’t quote me on it, I think there’s 160 chapters, something like that. 160.

Main Discussion – Sibyll Trelawney

Andrew: All right, so our main character discussion this week and the final one until Episode 4000, is Professor Trelawney. A good way to end it off because she’s not that huge of a character, but she…

Kevin: Yeah, she is.

Andrew: …she’s pretty important in the series.

Kevin: A little vital.

Andrew: She’s done…

Laura: Only a little.

Andrew: Well she’s… Yeah.

Laura: It’s not like she has anything to do with anything important.

Kevin: Nothing.

Micah: No.

Ben: Don’t be lame, Laura. Don’t be lame.

Andrew: It’s not like she created a prophecy or spoke of one.

Ben: Okay, enough. Enough.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Andrew, give me some general information about Trelawney. Please! Please, Andrew!

Andrew: Ben, if you insist. So, Sybill Patricia Trelawney: extremely thin, wears large glasses that magnify her eyes, usually draped in a large number of spangled shawls, beads, chains, bangles — What the heck are bangles? — and rings. She’s a pureblood and she’s the great-great-granddaughter of the celebrated seer Cassandra Trelawney — who, uh, one of the questions that we have ready, uh, is related to — right, Micah?

Micah: Yep.

Andrew: Care to start us off?

Sibyl vs. Sibyll

Micah: Sure. So the Sibyls in Roman mythology were a group of seers. And what some people have done with this is in particular in the Aeneid, there’s a Sibyl who meets Aeneas before he goes to his journey in the Underworld and she is responsible for guiding him through the Underworld to meet his father. And a lot of people have said, “Well, can something similar happen with Harry in the Final Book?” You know, can Trelawney sort of guide him, maybe not necessarily talking about going through the Veil or anything like that, but is she going to be responsible for guiding him on his journey in Book 7?

Kevin: I hope not.

Ben: I don’t think so.

Kevin: She’s a pretty dull character in my book.

Ben: I think that… Okay, even though J.K. Rowling uses a lot of references to mythology and all of that, I don’t think that she’d choose a mythological ending necessarily, though.

Kevin: Yeah, same here. I don’t see that happening.

Ben: Because, she uses things and she gets ideas and borrows ideas from it, but I don’t think she’d actually wind up using, like, inclusion from one of those stories.

Laura: Yeah. And if you think about it, she’s already sort of filled that purpose because she’s not directly leading Harry through the series, but she’s sort of provided, the, you know, the…

Kevin: Catalyst.

Laura: Yeah, thank you, Kevin.

Micah: Yeah, I agree with Ben. I think it’s just used because of the name itself has some connection to prophesizing and things like that. So, I don’t know. To go any deeper would probably be the wrong way to go, especially since Trelawney is such a whacked-out character.

Andrew: Yeah. That, and I think people kind of blow it out of proportion because there’s so many people who are into mythology who read these books because they’re really into the whole literary analyzation and all of that. I just think people take it a little too far.

Laura: I — I agree with that because I like mythology but I’m not going to sit here and say that, you know, the entire Harry Potter series is determined by what happened with their mythological equals, you know?

Andrew: Mhm.

Kevin: I think it would be very disappointing too.

Laura: Yeah. It’s like, if you want to know what happens to Harry at the end…

Kevin: Just read The Odyssey!

Laura: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Go read The Odyssey! [laughs]

Kevin: Not to mention mythology tends to relate to everything because that’s the whole point of mythology. It was, you know, mythology used to be considered a religion, whatever was myth, or is myth now was a religion then, you know? And it was a code of ethics, and it had to relate to something, so you would assume it would relate to daily life.

Trelawney: Fake Seer?

Micah: So, we’ve seen her throughout the series make two prophecies. But, she doesn’t seem to be able to be good any other time. So, is she a real seer? Or does she just predict things when she’s not trying to?

Kevin: Well, she’s obviously a real seer.

Ben: Agreed.

Laura: Mhm.

Kevin: She just doesn’t have the gift constantly. I don’t think…I think that in the series, people have the misconception that seers can just walk around and just suddenly go into a trance and, you know, predict the future.

Ben: Right.

Kevin: Because I think…

Ben: Sorry, Kevin, go ahead.

Kevin: …I think it’s more of a random thing.

Ben: Right. Like Kevin was saying, I think it’s not really that she can do it when she wants to. It’s when she has something true to predict about the future then she will, but other times…

Laura: Yeah, but it’s also, she kind of feels the pressure of people around her expecting her to be able to, you know, go around and just tell the future at the drop of a hat and so she makes stuff up.

Kevin: And not to mention, the one – one of the main prophecies she created is secret, you know? So, no one knows about — maybe some people know, but not the general public, you know? The general public doesn’t know that she actually created THE prophecy that, you know, dictates how Harry is going to defeat Voldemort or Voldemort will defeat Harry.

Micah: Right, well, she doesn’t even know that she created the prophecy.

Kevin: Exactly. So it’s sort of, like, you know, it’s sort of somewhat sad because she’s trying to live up to her, you know, relative’s name and she already has without realizing it.

The Prophecy: The Easy Way Out?

Micah: So, this is actually something we haven’t talked about very much on the show, but it’s obviously the whole kind of, I don‘t know, backbone of the series, the prophecy. Do you guys think that Jo took the easy way out or is there still more to this prophecy that we don’t know?

Andrew: I don’t understand what you mean by “easy way out.”

Micah: Well, I think people were expecting more out of it, and it turned out to be just as it was written.

Andrew: Well, she got cut off.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, she didn’t get cut off, but the guy who overheard it…

Laura: Snape.

Andrew: …was, uh, thrown out a window or something?

Laura: Yeah, Snape was thrown out.

Kevin: No, I think he’s referring to the overall prophecy, the one that Dumbledore showed Harry.

Andrew: Oh. Which one? Is that it, Micah?

Micah: Yeah.

Kevin: Yes, because people were expecting that… The wording of the prophecy seemed as though it could be taken multiple ways and people were – I’m assuming Micah is referring to the fact that J.K. Rowling probably, it hasn’t truly been confirmed yet, probably, you know, she went with a base meaning of the prophecy, the one that was the obvious choice of meanings and not the alternate choice, if you know what I mean.

Andrew: Well, that’s sort of like the whole – well, that’s not really a good example.

Kevin: Well, at the same time we haven’t had confirmation that she has. So, I mean people may think that she took the “easy way out,” as they call it, but we don’t have any confirmation of that.

Laura: I just don’t get why people are calling it “the easy way out.”

Kevin: I know! She created the prophecy!

Laura: I thought it was a pretty straight-forward thing and it was about time we figured out what Harry needed to do, you know? It would have – I think it would have been a little late to introduce that in the sixth book. So, maybe people were expecting a little more since she did it in the fifth book, but I thought it was fine.

Micah: Yeah, I mean..

Andrew: Well, Micah, didn’t you just say that it was open so that people could take it different ways?

Micah: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say is that maybe that’s the creative part of it – that it’s open to interpretation and the whole reason that… Go ahead.

Andrew: That’s true. That’s Jo’s style isn’t it? To leave things open? To leave things a mystery? So, I don’t really think it’s…

Micah: Well, yeah.

Andrew: So, I really don’t think it’s that much of a surprise.

Micah: Yeah, but she sort of took it and opened it to interpretation in the book itself, do you know what I mean? Like, if it hadn’t been heard the way that it was heard and the actions that were taken weren’t taken, then we’d be on a totally different path. I mean, maybe just the big thing about the prophecy was that it could have been interpreted a different way and it wasn’t. I didn’t have a problem with it. I’m just saying when you read editorials and things like that and people’s response to that book in particular, it seemed like they were upset that there wasn’t more to the prophecy. You know? Some huge twist.

Andrew: Maybe it’s just people going out of spite that, “Oh gee, I put so much thought into it and then it’s as simple as that? What the heck?”

Laura: I don’t know. I thought there was a pretty big twist in the fact that the prophecy didn’t have to come true.

Micah: Yeah, that’s why I’m saying.

Laura: We found out that it was all about choice…

Kevin: Yeah that’s true.

Laura: …and if Voldemort would just say, if he would just say, you know, “I don’t want to do this,” then nothing would have happened. I thought that was a pretty big twist.

Micah: Right.

Kevin: Yeah, but I think they were expecting something like Neville is the actual person and…

Laura: You know, people still think that.

Kevin: I know.

Laura: And I’m like, “What would be the point of writing this series about Harry if in the end…”

Kevin: If it turns out to be Neville.

Laura: [laughs] I know! It’s like Harry just gets to sit back and do nothing in the seventh book.

Kevin: I mean, yeah, I still maintain that I think Neville is going to play a part, but…

Laura: Oh, I do too. Yeah, no doubt.

Kevin: But I don’t think he’s going to play a huge part. Or, you know, maybe a huge part, but not the Harry Potter part.

Prophecy Recall

Micah: We sort of touched on this a little bit before when we said that she didn’t remember the prophecy, but do you think anything would be different if she did?

Kevin: Absolutely.

Micah: What do you think would be different?

Ben: Because what would happen is, she’d be captured by Voldemort and Voldemort would try to extract the memory from her.

Kevin: Well, I think that’s, well, I think that’s one of the reasons why. I think that even though she doesn’t remember it, she still has some of it in her mind, and I think that’s why Dumbledore keeps her there and protects her. But, I think it would be different in the sense that she wouldn’t… Maybe not the book be different, but maybe the character itself would be significantly different in the sense that she doesn’t have to prove herself, you know what I mean?

Micah: And she’d also be aware of what she’s responsible for.

Kevin: Exactly.

Micah: So, she is at risk and that’s why she’s at Hogwarts. I don’t think any of us disagree with that.

Kevin: Right.

Laura: No, I think that’s, that makes perfect sense.

The Hog’s Head

Micah: Okay, so going back to the prophecy for a minute. The whole mystery that sort of exists surrounding the night at the Hog’s Head…we know that Trelawney said that it was a cheap place for her to stay, and let’s not go into that…

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: [laughs] …but, why does Dumbledore use the Hog’s Head for the interview? You know, is it…?

Ben: I don’t know if there’s really a reason behind it.

Micah: Is it because we think his brother is the bartender?

Andrew: Well, wouldn’t it be just because Trelawney is already there in the first place?

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: That too.

Andrew: And it’s just at her convenience that she’s already there. I mean, in another sense, if you are all in depth you can think well, maybe Dumbledore was there so it wasn’t like a – it was just an average, typical location it wouldn’t have been out of place or, nobody would have thought anything of it.

Laura: Well, we also know that the Hog’s Head is kind of a shady place now, but maybe it wasn’t then. Maybe it was an okay place to go, you know. Obviously, if Dumbledore turned up in there now, people might kind of you know, turn their heads, but…

Ben: Well, especially since he’s supposed to be dead, but…

Laura: Well, yeah. You know what I mean…

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: I knew that was coming. Okay, no…

Andrew: Heads would definitely turn.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: No, but say it was like the Three Broomsticks then, you know. No one would think, you know, anything of him showing up there.

Micah: Right.

Ben: And what’s – now, are we sure that Dumbledore chose the location?

Micah: No, I mean…

Laura: We don’t know.

Ben: Because she – I mean, she’s a pretty strange person. She could’ve…

Micah: Yeah, she was staying there. That was the whole point.

Kevin: Oh, so…

Micah: And it’s not like Dumbledore – he didn’t know that the prophecy was coming, he was just interviewing her for the job.

Kevin: Exactly, yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

Kevin: If he had known that I think he would’ve brought her to a little more secure location. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah.


Micah: Throughout the series it seems like the whole idea of divination and prophecy just isn’t a respected subject and, you know, what is she saying, Jo in particular, about this subject? I mean, Hermione doesn’t like it, she’s smart. McGonagall doesn’t like it, she’s smart. Why does this subject just get absolutely no credibility whatsoever?

Laura: I don’t think it gets credibility from the more logical characters.

Ben: Because it’s such an unpredictable branch of magic…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: …like McGonagall said. Where… You know, you’re predicting the future, and it’s, you know it’s sort of like – hate to draw a comparison – sort of like art class in high school, choir in high school…

Andrew: Oh no.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: I mean, a lot of people take it but it’s not, you don’t really, it’s hard to find someone who’s really, actually gifted at it.

Andrew: Oh, that’s not true. [laughs] If you’re taking that class, that means you’re into it, especially in high school.

Ben: I disagree.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Some kids get shoved into that class.

Laura: That depends, we had no choice.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: I got stuck in art for three years.

Andrew: Well, oh okay. At my school, it’s not required.

Kevin: Sometimes, it might be the better of the two evils, you know?

Andrew: [laughs] I was thinking it wasn’t required. I thought it was just an elective.

Laura: Well, I think there’s a lot to be said for the fact that it’s very unpredictable and, you know, despite what Hermione says, I’m sure that there’s some resentment there that there is a subject she can’t do.

Andrew: I think it’s sneezed upon in Hogwarts because it’s taught by Trelawney and she’s always making these false predictions and so everyone’s like, “What a joke!” [laughs] This class is a joke.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: And Hermione dropped out of it, so obviously she’s ticked off by the teacher and she probably doesn’t like the class. I don’t really think it’s because she couldn’t do it, I think it’s because she couldn’t – was it because she couldn’t stand the teacher? I thought that was like the…

Kevin: Yeah, I think it was, yeah.

Laura: Well she didn’t like her, but at the same time Hermione could never have any type of vision in the crystal balls or anything. Like it always…

Kevin: Yeah but, if you notice, it’s not so much that she couldn’t see things, it’s because she didn’t believe in it, so she was sort of stopped by herself.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: And at the same time, Trelawney would sit there and tell her, you know, you’re not gifted at this subject, basically insulting her and you know, yeah it’s probably true to an extent and I think that kind of hit home for her – definitely touched a nerve.

Kevin: Yeah but I don’t think she resents the subject though.

Laura: I think she resents it because of Trelawney. Like, I don’t think that she hates seers, but when she thinks about transfigura – not transfiguration, excuse me – when she thinks about that subject at Hogwarts and she sort of thinks about it along the lines of Trelawney’s teaching it, she doesn’t like Trelawney, therefore she doesn’t like the subject.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s true.

A Bottle Of Sherry

Micah: In Half-Blood Prince, Trelawney is, you know, she’s hitting the bottle a little bit.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: She is. She is wandering around with that bottle of sherry and, do you guys think that maybe she saw something that we don’t know about–maybe she had one of her visions perhaps, that would bring that on? Or is it just the whole kind of stress of what’s been going on over all?

Kevin: I think it’s just the stress.

Andrew and Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: That’s what I first thought.

Laura: Well, I noticed that she wasn’t the only one drinking a lot. There was a lot more alcohol consumption in that book than there have been in any of the other books.

Andrew: [laughs] Was there? I don’t remember that.

Laura: Yeah there was. Anytime it talked about a teacher or an adult, they were always drinking something alcoholic and I think it just goes to show that times are getting hard, people are getting stressed out, people are scared.

Ben: Yeah, that is a really good point, Laura.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: That’s so funny.

Laura: Well, it’s true. [laughs]

Andrew: Harry Potter finally is cool with teenagers.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Now we see why Jo wrote it in. Who are we kidding? It’s for all of these teenagers…they can relate now. [laughs] I’m not encouraging anything. I’m not suggesting anything.

Firenze vs. Trelawney

Micah: Following Book 5, we see Firenze also come in and start teaching Divination. And we know that the Centaurs have a different type of way that they go about making prophecies versus the way Trelawney does. What do you guys think? Is one of them more accurate than the other?

Ben: Well, certainly Firenze would be because he’s a Centaur and they are gifted at that. And, he’s probably more accurate more of the time than Trelawney is. Trelawney is sort of – she’s a bit shaky, you know? Every once and a while, she’ll pop up with an actual prophecy but, Firenze, he’s not telling us as much as he knows, of course, but I think he knows quite a bit. More than Trelawney, at least. Anyone disagree?

Laura: No, I don’t disagree at all, in fact, I think that’s kind of a disadvantage that the characters have – that the Centaurs won’t tell them what they know.

Ben: Mars is awful bright tonight.

[Everyone laughs]

Trelawney’s Future Role

Micah: We kind of debunked the whole idea of Trelawney helping Harry out in Book 7. Is she going to play any role or is she done now?

Andrew: So, wouldn’t she make for a good character to be killed off by now?

Laura: Well, she might, but I personally am not going to cry if she dies. [laughs]

Kevin: [laughs] No.

Andrew: Well, yeah. I don’t know, I just picture this mass murder happening in Book 7.

Laura: Well, I think it’s definitely true that she needs protection.

Andrew: Like Voldemort has a hit list.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: That’s why Dumbledore didn’t want her to leave Hogwarts whenever Umbridge was trying to kick her out.

Ben: Guys, we have to stop talking about Book 7. It’s just getting me so depressed.

Andrew: Why? Because it’s the end?

Laura: Because it’s almost over! [laughs] It’s going to suck.

Andrew: I don’t know how you people can think that when it’s over a year away still. [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah I know. But that’s…I’m looking forward to it.

Laura: Okay, come on. It’s coming…

Andrew: God only knows what going to happen.

Laura: It’s coming up on a year since Half-Blood Prince came out. I mean, time just flies, it’s so sad.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: We’re going to have to plan something for that too.

Andrew: Rumor has it that Jo is going to invite everyone to her house. This big fiesta party.

Laura: Awesome.

Micah: Nice.

Kevin: Awesome.

Ben: I don’t know if that’s true or not. I think Andrew just…

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Yeah, we’re going to podcast from her living room.

Andrew: Yeah. Could you imagine Eric in the presence of J.K. Rowling?

Kevin: Oh, geez.

Andrew: I can’t.

Kevin: I don’t think he’d be able to talk.

Andrew: He would put on such an act. He would put on such an act.

Kevin: No, he would see her and then just drop to the floor…

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: …and just…

Laura: That’s what I would do. I would faint. [laughs] It’s really sad.

Emma Thompson

Micah: All right, so wrapping it up, Emma Thompson as Professor Trelawney. What do you guys think of her, so far?

Ben: Actually…

Kevin: I think she is pretty good.

Ben: Coincidentally, she was on David Letterman the other night, but regardless of that…

Andrew: Re-run or?

Ben: It was a re-run, yeah. But…

Andrew: What was she promoting?

Ben: I don’t know, but she looked a lot different than what I saw in the movie. It was really weird.

Andrew: Of course.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I hear Ralph Fiennes looks nothing like he does in the movie.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: He actually has a nose. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] And hair!

Kevin: It’s amazing!

Ben: But yeah, I think she has done a really good job. I thought she was excellent.

Kevin: Yeah, I like her character.

Ben: It was kind of confusing, I don’t know. I didn’t really expect when she did the prophecy, to be [speaks in hoarse, creepy voice] “Ahhh, the Dark Lord will rise at midnight and the servant…”

Andrew: I thought that was the perfect…

Kevin: I thought that was pretty good, yeah.

Laura: I thought that was good.

Ben: [Speaks in hoarse, creepy voice again] “The Dark Lord…”

Andrew: Because she is a crazy woman. And she… [laughs] Okay!

[Everyone laughs]

[Andrew still laughing]

Kevin: Because she’s a crazy woman…

Andrew: And she was… Yeah, she was really emotional with it. I mean, it fit her perfectly. [laughs] And everyone’s like, who is this woman? I thought it was good.

Ben: [Speaks in hoarse, creepy voice again] “The Dark Lord…”

Andrew: Okay, enough.

Ben: Sorry. Got a little taken away there.

Voicemails – Will Minerva Give Sibyl The Boot?

Andrew: And now let’s move on to one of the best parts of the show – the voicemails – where you guys send in your questions. We’ll do a couple of Trelawney questions first. Kevin Steck…

[Audio]: Hi, this is Taylor Neumann from Eaton Rapids, Michigan. In Book 7 since McGonagall is the new Headmaster and hates Trelawney, do you think Trelawney is toast…bye-bye? I think she is, I think she is toast that is burnt. Okay, thank you. And the runners up in the MuggleCast segment, do they still get a t-shirt? Because I entered and I want a t-shirt and I want to have clothes when the world ends because I don’t really have money to buy them from you, but I will soon. Love your show, bye.

Andrew: Taylor Neumann from Eaton Rapids, Michigan, I am sorry but we can’t give shirts to every single person who sent in a segment. However, your segment will be aired on the MuggleCast feed and show – in a special show.

Kevin: Which we have to do.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yes, which we won’t do until the other four runner-ups are played individually.

Laura: With that, I do not think that Trelawney is toast because McGonagall is not someone who’s going to throw someone out of the school just because she doesn’t like her. She’s a fair person, and I just don’t see that…

Kevin: I think so too, yeah.

Laura: …in her character.

Andrew: And she would do what’s in the best interest of the students.

Laura: Yes, not to mention what is in the best interest for…

Andrew: Which might not be Trelawney, but…

Laura: Well, what’s in the best interest for just the current situation because we’ve already specified that Trelawney is in danger, you know? She leaves Hogwarts, where is she going to go?

Ben: Yeah, that’s true. That’s why she was able to hang around in Book 5 anyways.

Laura: Mhm.

Kevin: And also, I think that McGonagall would never go against what Dumbledore thought.

Laura: No.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: And Dumbledore was obviously putting her up in the school to protect her, so I’m sure she has some idea of why she’s there, so…

Voicemail – Is She Safe? What’s The Deal With McGonagall And Trelawney?

[Audio]: Hey, this is Sara and I’m from Canton, Georgia. My question is about Professor Trelawney and the reason she’s still at Hogwarts. Do you think it has anything to do with her past and trying to – and Dumbledore trying to protect her? And also, do you think McGonagall has a grudge against Divination or actually against Trelawney herself? Thanks, I love the show.

Andrew: She has something against Trelawney herself, because she just thinks Trelawney is crazy.

Kevin: Yeah she thinks she’s…

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: It’s nothing, well it is personal, but…[laughs]

Laura: I don’t think that it’s anything big…

Andrew: Right.

Laura: …she just thinks that she’s full of crap.

Kevin: Yeah and I think that that’s what bothers McGonagall. I think she values honesty and Trelawney is dishonest constantly, you know?

Laura: Yeah and I mean, she takes teaching very seriously.

Kevin: She does, yeah.

Laura: And when you have someone like Trelawney running around, predicting the death of a student every year, you know, that would tick someone like McGonagall off.

Micah: Yeah, and she probably thinks that Transfiguration contributes to these kids’ education far more than Divination does, so to have somebody going around and teaching this stuff just doesn’t sit well with her.

Ben: Can you even earn an O.W.L. in Divination?

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Okay. I drew a blank there, sorry about that.

Andrew: Why wouldn’t you?

Ben: I don’t know, maybe…

Laura: They took the O.W.L.s for Divination so I’m assuming you would take the test to earn one.

Kevin: So, and also I think we all agree that she’s there because Dumbledore wants her protected.

Micah: But see, here’s the thing though. [laughs] We know that Snape or, most likely it was Snape that told Voldemort the part of the prophecy, but do we know that Snape told him who it was though that gave the prophecy?

Laura: Do we even know if Snape knows who gave the prophecy? I mean…

Micah: That’s what I’m saying.

Laura: Who knows if he even remembers what she looks like, or anything like that?

Micah: Yeah, I mean, did he even give that information off to Voldemort?

Laura: Yeah.

Micah: So is she really in danger?

Kevin: I think…

Micah: In that sense.

Laura: Well, I think, just the general idea that Voldemort would want to know who…

Kevin: And keeping tabs on her…

Laura: …you know, made the prophecy, that’s just…

Kevin: If for some reason, if for some reason more information comes out where Snape reveals to Voldemort, or someone reveals to Voldemort that she did in fact give the prophecy, then Dumbledore would want to know exactly where she is, you know?

Micah: Right, and that…

Kevin: It’s easier to protect someone when you know where they are, rather than having to hunt them down. Not to mention that she is a true seer, so she does, you know, fit the part.

Micah: Well, I mean, could that be a reason why Dumbledore trusts Snape? Because even though Snape gave up on the prophecy, he didn’t give up who the person was who was responsible for giving it.

Kevin: It’s possible, but we don’t have any information that tells us. I would think that, as a Death Eater, if he was a Death Eater at the time, he would give all the information. I don’t see Snape withholding information from Voldemort as a Death Eater.

Laura: No, I think he probably told him everything he knew.

Kevin: Spilled his beans, yep. Just my opinion, though, I mean.

Voicemail – What House?

[Audio]: Hey guys, this is Erica from Las Vegas. Just want to say I love your show, you guys are awesome. I have a quick question – I was just wondering which house do you guys think Trelawney was in when she went to Hogwarts? I was trying to think about it and I can’t find any of her traits that we know of that would place her in any particular house. And also, do you think we will ever see her use a wand, because we never actually see her doing any spell work or anything. Also, a suggestion for listener challenge may be do an impersonation contest of HP characters or something, I don’t know. Not to try to copy PotterCast, but I think that it would be pretty funny and maybe get some folks going, and please do another Leaky Mug, I miss those. Thanks, and I hope I’ll see you guys at Lumos. Bye.

Laura: You know, I think it’s really hard to place her, but if I had to go with my first inclination, I would say Ravenclaw.

Kevin: I would too.

Andrew: Same.

Micah: Yep.

Kevin: Agreed. I don’t know why, she just seems like a Ravenclaw.

Laura: I don’t think she’s stupid. I think she’s probably fairly intelligent, she’s just probably – well, she is very disconnected from the real world.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: And you see a lot of intelligent people are disconnected from the real world, so, like Luna.

Andrew: Take Ben Schoen, for example.

Ben: Oh, ouch.

Laura: What?

Micah: That’s exactly what I was going to say.

Ben: Well, at least I’m intelligent.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Didn’t someone draw a connection between, if you’re in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, you’re not like, popular or anything?

Laura: What?!

Kevin: No, what they said…

Laura: Popular?

Andrew: I think I heard that on PotterCast to be honest with you. [laughs]

Kevin: I think they said, what did they say? They said…

Andrew: Who’s they?

Kevin: I can’t remember where.

Laura: Well, Cho’s popular.

Micah: Cedric’s popular.

Kevin: I can’t..

Andrew: I don’t know… Someone – I thought I heard someone say that. And they made a good point of it, but I can’t remember who it was.

Micah: Luna’s clearly popular.

Kevin: No, I think they were saying that, typically…

Andrew: They just don’t fit in?

Kevin: No, it’s not that they don’t fit in, it’s that they don’t come to the foreground very often. They have…

Andrew: They just sort of hang around in the back.

Kevin: Exactly, they…

Andrew: But, I mean that’s real…

Laura: Yeah, but…

Andrew: Isn’t that how Jo made them? Because I would think…

Laura: Yeah, because the main conflict is between the Gryffindors and the Slytherins.

Kevin: Exactly. But I…

Andrew: Well, not only that, but that could also be disproved because we’ve also seen of Cedric and Luna out of different Houses.

Kevin: Yeah, I think the point they made was that they can have very good abilities, but they never really show the abilities the way Slytherins or Gryffindors do. Exactly.

Andrew: So they’re modest?

Kevin: Unlike Slytherin.

Laura: I don’t know, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I mean, look at that Zacharias Smith kid.

Kevin: Yeah, I know there’s exceptions to it, but in general.

Andrew: All right, so now let’s move on to some general voicemail questions.

Voicemails – Horcruxes or Voldy First?

[Audio]: Hi, this is Nolan from Savannah, Georgia. The general agreement is that Harry must destroy all the Horcruxes and then go after Voldemort, but why is that? After all, the last time Voldemort was beaten it took him 13 years to get his body back. Why doesn’t Harry beat Voldemort first and then destroy the Horcruxes at his leisure without the Dark Lord breathing down his neck? Thanks, love your show.

Ben: Okay, well there’s like a big flaw with that idea is that, to my knowledge after he would kill Voldemort, Voldemort would he become one of the Horcruxes? Isn’t that right?

Kevin: I think the Horcruxes link him.

Laura: It would be anti-climatic.

Kevin: No, for one, I think that…yes, it would be anti-climatic, but I think that, the way I understand it, the Horcruxes, so long as a piece of your soul exists after you die, like at the point when you die, it holds you to living, if that makes sense. And, I think that the way she wrote it, it would make it so that, if he killed Voldemort and then destroyed the Horcruxes, or Horcri, he would still be – Voldemort would still be bound to the earth until he was destroyed again, at least the way I understand it.

Ben: I think so, yeah. I think I can see what you’re saying.

Kevin: And I think that’s… Not to mention, I would – it would be pretty crappy for the book. [laughs] So…

Laura: Yeah. Imagine reading Book 7 and having Harry kill Voldemort at the beginning.

Kevin: Yeah.

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Kevin: It would serve a…

Laura: It would be pretty lame.

Kevin: Yeah.

Micah: Well, do we even know…

Andrew: Opening page…

Micah: Do we even know, do we even know that Harry could kill Voldemort without going after the other Horcruxes? I mean, the first time it happened, it was kind of just – it was ancient magic that destroyed him. It was kind of just an accident, really.

Kevin: No, it wasn’t ancient magic, it was the Avada Kedavra charm, or spell. It was the ancient magic that deflected it back to him that protected Harry.

Micah: I don’t know. It just seems that that’s the way the books have been set up. That he’s going to have to destroy these things before he gets Voldemort. Because, like you were saying before, he can just travel from place to place to place. I don’t know, maybe it just makes more sense to go for the Horcruxes first and then go after Voldemort. I think in general, it just weakens him, probably, as an individual, even mentally, for Harry to go up and say, you know, “You really have nothing else to turn to. Once I kill you, you’re going to be dead and that’s going to be it.”

Kevin: Yeah. I think so too. I think the – I think it’s going to be one of the main reasons why Harry is going to be able to defeat Voldemort is because Voldemort is, he’s a very focused individual. And I think this will be enough to throw him off balance. And I think it’s going to come down to that throwing off-balance that’s going to make it so that Harry can defeat him.

Voicemail – Voldemort As A Ghost?

[Audio]: Hi, I’m Marshall from New York, and I was just wondering: If Harry manages to kill Voldemort, wouldn’t he just come back as a ghost because he fears death and the people who become – the people who turn ghost are the people who fear death?

Kevin: I don’t think people who fear death necessarily come back as ghosts.

Laura: Well, I don’t think he’ll come back as a ghost simply because of the fact that he split his soul into so many pieces.

Kevin: [laughs] That’s true.

Laura: I think a requirement for coming back as a ghost is that your soul is whole, I mean…

Kevin: He’s going to be coming back as what, 13 ghosts?

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Right. Well, isn’t what Nearly Headless Nick said was that…

Kevin: Something has to bind you to earth.

Ben: …that – yeah, they have to leave something on earth. Like, they’re not ready to move on yet. It’s not necessarily that they fear death, it’s more of, “I have unfinished business here.”

Kevin: Well, I think Voldemort would be a candidate for that. I mean, his unfinished business is taking over the world. [laughs]

Ben: Oh yeah! So, could Voldemort become a ghost and then rally Death Eaters around him even though he couldn’t actually do anything himself?

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: It could be Harry Potter, the sequel.

Laura: I just, I don’t think so. I have a feeling that you can’t have your soul be fragmented…

Kevin: Yeah, I agree with Laura.

Laura: …and come back as a ghost.

Kevin: I don’t see – I think it’s sort of you’re damaging yourself.

Micah: But don’t a lot of people think that the final battle’s going to take place somewhere in the Ministry of Magic near the Veil? So if he goes through the Veil, can he even come back if he wanted to, as a ghost?

Ben: Well it depends on whether he’s truly dead or not. Right guys?

Kevin: It’s true.

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: Well, if you fall through the veil, you die.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Sirius is dead as dead and he didn’t become a ghost, so…

Ben: Yeah, but Dumbledore’s not, right guys? Dumbledore’s not dead, right, Andrew?

Micah: No, he’s still kickin’ somewhere.

Andrew: [laughs]

Kevin: But I agree with Laura. I think that in order to be a ghost, you have to be somewhat whole in your soul. Haha! That rhymed.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: Okay.

Laura: You’re a poet and you know it!

Kevin: I know!

Andrew’s Listener Challenge – Second Place Contest Winner

Andrew: Now, moving on to one of the newer parts of the show – The MuggleCast Create Your Own Segment Contest – blah, long title – Winners. Last show, we played the first place winner, which was Order of the iPod by Anthony. And this week, we have the second-place winner, who is…drum-roll, please…

[Faint drumming noises]

Andrew: Taaa daaa! Katy Cartee. We don’t have an official title for her segment, but it’s a really good one. Laura, Micah and I judged them. So, here it is right now: Second-place winner, Katy Cartee.

Katy: Hello MuggleCast and fans! My name is Katy Cartee. I’m 26 years old, and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’ve been listening to MuggleCast for a few months now. I really love it. I really, really love Harry Potter, obviously, and wanted to participate in your competition! I think MuggleCast has just about everything that a podcast should have. But one thing I think it’s a tiny, teensy bit lacking in might be music. Now, I know you’ve got the music that plays the beginning and sometimes at the end and so forth, which is great. And whoever composed that is a genius! Love it. But you don’t have any singing! And I love to sing, and I make up my own songs sometimes. So, I thought it might be funny to make a little parody song for you guys, having to do with Harry Potter. I was inspired by a man named Steve Goodie, who made several Harry Potter parodies that are hilarious that you can find online, and thought I would just do a little kind of tribute to him and to all the Harry Potter fans, and make my own. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it!

[Music begins]

You say, I only do what I want to
You say, I break rules all the time, so

I’ve always known what I had was special
Always knew I didn’t quite belong
And now that I’ve left those Muggles
I realize that they treated me wrong
I don’t miss them
No, I don’t miss them

You say, I only do what I want to
I don’t listen hard
To all the precautions that are given by Professor Dumbledore every year
Stop berating me, I don’t really care
I’m sick of hearing negatives
No, no, bad

So I put on my dad’s old Invisibility Cloak
And I walked out through the school
Ran into Filch, so I had to run away
Found the Mirror of Erised and wanted to stay

There was my parents who were gazing down and smiling
Just as they were the day I was born, well, well
It’s not that I don’t want to leave them
But I don’t

And I thought I’d stay forever
But Dumbledore arrived
He said this mirror, it is clever
But it won’t take me anyhow
Or anywhere
But down

I guess that I was naive and maybe I was not strong
I thought, “Hey I can leave, I can leave”
But Dumbledore knew I was wrong
Because I miss them
Yeah, I miss them

He said, “I’ve watched you for a long time
Now this mirror must go
It won’t be here tomorrow
I’m sorry, Harry, no, I know it’s hard to lose”
And I say, “okay”

And you say
I only do what I want to

[End of song]

Andrew: All right! So once again, that was Katy Cartee. Thank you very much to her! Next week we will have the Honorable Mention. Who will it be? It was a really good one, and we gave them Honorable Mention. Oh wait! No, no, no, no. I’m sorry. Next week we have the third-place winner, and then the week after that will be the Honorable Mention. Who will be third place? Who will be Honorable Mention? Find out…next week. Well, you’ll find out third place next week. And then by the way, guys, we have gotten so much feedback all about last week’s winning segment, Order of the iPod by Anthony, like I mentioned earlier, that he and his friend Mike, who was the voice of Harry, are up for creating more of these segments! So I said, “Hey! That’d be cool. Do one maybe once a month, or so.” So, he’s going to do them once a month. They’re going to be interviews with the characters, and those two are really funny, so…

Laura: [laughs] Yeah.

Kevin: [laughs] They are.

Andrew: I never told you guys. I kept it a [whispers] secret.

[Kevin gasps]

Laura: I know!

Andrew: So, we’ll look forward to that. That’s just going to be an extra little thing, a lot of fun, bring some extra humor to the show.

Laura: So much stuff that you reveal on the show is stuff that we don’t know until we’re recording!

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: I forget!

Kevin: Thanks a lot!

Andrew: Because, listen. We never – we never talk to each other during the week. All I do is say…

Laura: I know.

Andrew: …”Hey, when do you want to record?”

Kevin: He’s always nagging us.

Laura: I know. These people are really disillusioned if they think that we sit there and talk to each other.

Kevin: Oh, speaking of which…

Andrew: Oh. Well, now I’m revealing stuff that I never tell you… [whispers] I’m pregnant.

Kevin: …did you guys see that list that’s going around with our AIM names on it?

Andrew: Yes.

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: What?

Kevin: Here, let me get…

Andrew: It doesn’t bother me, though, because everyone knows it anyway. [laughs] And I have it blocked if you’re not on my buddy list.

Laura: I’ve never given mine out! How the hell did they find it?

Andrew: The chat room.

Kevin: It’s your… Yeah, it’s your…

Andrew: Ooo, Laura’s getting a little [makes a cat noise]! [laughs]

Laura: Oh! Is it the public one?

Kevin: Yeah, it’s your public one.

Laura: Oh, okay. I was about to be like, “Oh man!”

Kevin: They have my private one on there.

Heartwarming E-mail Of The Week

Andrew: So that just about wraps up the show for this week. This show marks the end of MuggleCast – Revision A.

Laura: Mmmm…

Andrew: Starting with Episode 31, we begin a new era in MuggleCasting. It’s not going to be completely different. We’re still going to have the same stuff. We’re still going to be just as awesome, hilarious, and coolest people alive…ish.

Kevin: [laughs] I’m glad you added the ish.

Andrew: So, I’m going to start and end the segment this week. It’s called the MuggleCast Heartwarming E-mail of the Week. This one comes from Christina Branco, 15, of Portugal. Subject: Thank you, MuggleCast. By the way guys, it’s an uppercase “C”, not a lowercase “c.” [sighs] People these days.

My name’s Christina, 15 years old and from Portugal. Last Friday I had a major accident on a go-kart that could have put me on a wheelchair, but thankfully I’m getting a lot better and can walk for a little at a time now, with some pain obviously.

The reason I’m e-mailing you guys is to thank you for your company during my 4 days at the hospital — I had nothing to do, laying on a bed for hours and hours, but I had loads of MuggleCasts that I hadn’t listened to (because of all the schoolwork) on my iPod, so I listened, agreed or disagreed at your theories, laughed at your jokes, forgot about my pains and worries for a while.

I sincerely wish all the best for you guys, and keep up the fabulous work!

Andrew: Isn’t that nice?

Kevin: Awww.

Laura: Awww! Well, we wish you the best. Hope you get better soon!

Andrew: Yeah. It’s always great to hear the stories of how we’re – [laughs] I hate to be, like, “We save people!”

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Just to keep people entertained through the low points.

Kevin: You’re going to sound like Dr. Phil.

Andrew: Because…

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Oh my god. No.

Show Close

Andrew [Show Close with music in background]: People are always saying, “Awww, thanks! You guys make my week with these shows.” It just makes us feel good that we’re…

Kevin: Influencing your life.

Andrew: So everyone, that does wrap up the show for this week. I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck. [laughs]

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: We’ll see everybody next week for Episode 31.


[Groovy music starts]

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast! My name’s Jason Lance, and I’m from Albuquerque. I’d like to give a shout-out to everyone over here, and especially to a friend of mine named Bobby, who I think is obsessed with Emma. Even more than Ben. He’s got pictures of her on his car and he wrote “I love Emma” all over it. Yeah, I just want to say I love your show, I just started listening to it a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s great. Keep up the good work – yeah! Bye!

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast people! This is Brock from Australia. I got through on the 1-218-20-MAGIC (62442) line! I’m so excited! It took me so long, I had to call international calls and…phweph. Yeah, a long story. But it’s so awesome! Go MuggleCast! Yay. I’ll leave you now. Bye bye!

[Audio]: Hi, my name is Kevan. I’m from Hawaii, and I’m six years old. Just to tell you, I love your podcast. My favorite caster is Kevin because my name’s Kevan too. I love Harry Potter! Talk to you later. Bye!

[Audio]: Hi guys, this is Danielle from California. I just wanted to say, Ben, I found out from the Leaky Mug mini that you like the show The OC. And I’m sorry, but that’s THE dumbest show ever. And I live in Orange County, and it’s nothing like that. I mean, I live ten minutes from the beach, but that’s probably the only thing that’s the same. It’s filmed in, like, Malibu and Canada my friend told me, so it’s nothing like it is here. And…yeah. I just wanted to say don’t watch it. Please. Okay. Bye.

[Audio]: Hello. My name is Ibrahim Asadullah. I’m calling from Milton, Ontario. I just like your shows and I love Harry Potter. It would be really nice if you got my call on your next Harry Potter – on your next MuggleCast. Thank you, and bye bye.

[Audio]: Jacie: Hi, this is Jacie and Grace from London, England, and Grace is three years old. And I think she’s your youngest listener, so here’s what she’s got to say!

Grace: Hello, I’m called Grace, and I’m three, and I love MuggleCast.

Jacie: Yay! [laughs]

Grace: I think we did good.

[Groovy music ends]


Andrew: Eric’s like, “Let’s play Scene it? Let’s play Scene it?” [laughs] And we’re all like, “No!”

Ben: That was pretty funny.

Andrew: And then him and the Leaky Mods went up to their room.

Ben: Who was it – okay. Who was it that went up to, that came with me up to the other room? This is off topic, but it was me, and we were down in the…

Andrew: Me.

Ben: We were down in the – yeah, you went up there with me? And they were all like, uptight and stuff.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [laughs]

Ben: And they seemed upset that I was completely…yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, I was, like, trying to crack a joke, and, like, nobody laughed. [laughs]

Ben: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: That was like at what, 2:00 AM or something?

Ben: They were like, “We’re leaving.”

Andrew: I’m pretty sure we walked…[laughs] yeah. Ahhh, good times.


Written by: Micah, Ally, Martina, and Sarah