Transcript #110

MuggleCast 110 Transcript

Interview: Kenneth Marut

[“Back to School” by Harry and the Potters plays]

Andrew: Okay. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Back to the show. That sort of ended abruptly, sorry about that. Jamie and Mikey are here.

Mikey: Yeah, I’m back.

Andrew: Okay, good. Got scared for a second. This is wizard rock! You know what I’m saying?

Mikey: Hey, so before we…

Andrew: What’s up?

Mikey: Wait, what are we going to talk about – anyway, [laughs] remember how I was talking about pizza last hour?

Andrew: Yes.

Mikey: I didn’t order any yet, but my roommates – and they were all like, “Dude, yeah. We should order pizza.” So in a bit they’re discussing what kind of pizza, so we’re going to order pizza in a bit. I’m going to eat pizza right now – or in a bit, on air live with everybody.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: So you guys should – if you’re in California, order your pizzas now.

Andrew: Okay.

Mikey: Eat with me! Eat with me!

Andrew: Awesome. Well…

Mikey: I like my pizza.

Andrew: Yeah, Jamie, you can join in on this. We are going to add to the discussion now, Kenneth Marut. I think that’s how you produce – pronounce his last name. Let’s get him in here. One minuto.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Kenneth!

Kenneth Marut: Hello?

Andrew: Hey! What’s up?

Jamie: Hey!

Kenneth: Cool. All right, this is great!

Andrew: [laughs] How’s it going?

Kenneth: Pretty good. How about you?

Andrew: Pretty good. Kenneth, people love you on MuggleCast.

Kenneth: Oh, that’s awesome.

Andrew: I’ll start off by saying that. You and your friend Andrew created the – what we’ve been calling Crackpot “Hedwig’s Theme”…

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: …that we’ve been using on the show since late August, September, of 2005.

Kenneth: That was about two years ago.

Andrew: Yeah. Well – yeah, we started using it then. When did you guys actually create it?

Kenneth: We did it that summer, actually, but we also – the first – when we came up with the idea, it was about a year before that.

Andrew: Okay.

Kenneth: So we had actually been playing it a year before we sent it to you guys.

Andrew: Yeah. And how long did it take you to actually create the whole thing start to finish?

Kenneth: About a day, I’d say.

Andrew: [laughs] Really?

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: Wow! Yeah, I was stalking your Facebook the other day and…

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: …you’re passionate about your music, aren’t you?

Kenneth: Oh yeah, I love it.

Andrew: And I’ve seen some pictures of you going all out on the guitar and stuff.

Kenneth: Oh yeah.

Andrew: It’s awesome.

Kenneth: I love it, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. And…

Jamie: Why did you want to do it? What sort of – what made the decision for you to record – re-record “Hedwig’s Theme” and rock it up?

Kenneth: Well, my friend Andrew and I, we always play music together and we’re huge Harry Potter fans, and so we just – I don’t know, kind of decided to put the two together and see what would happen.

Andrew: Awesome. And what was the kind of feedback you got when you guys started? Did you show it around to your friends or what?

Kenneth: Oh yeah, we did. Yeah. We did, and we would play it at – in high school, and…

Andrew: [laughs] I was going to say, you performed it live?

Kenneth: Yeah, we did. Yeah.

Andrew: That’s great. How many people – is it just you and Andrew playing that song, or are there – is there a bassist or…

Kenneth: Yeah, well what happened was – yes, Andrew and I played the guitars and the bass, and then we had one of our friends play the drums. And this was a while ago. I haven’t been in contact with him.

Andrew: Okay.

Kenneth: So it’s been a while. But yeah, it’s not us on the drums.

Andrew: Oh okay. And what does Andrew play?

Kenneth: Andrew plays the guitar.

Andrew: And what do you play? I thought you played the guitar.

Kenneth: Yeah, we both play guitar.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh okay.

Kenneth: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: That’s very cool.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: And let me just say that we get e-mails every week from people saying, “Where do I get the ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ song? Where do I get the ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ song?” But I’ll even show it to my friends in school, I’ve played it for them on my iPod, and people just – it sounds like I’m sucking up to you, but people just love it!

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: It’s fantastic! I mean, I don’t know what else to say. [laughs] You should be…

Kenneth: That’s cool. That’s cool. Thanks.

Andrew: You need to get in touch with WB or something, and do something with that.

Kenneth: Oh yeah. Yeah, that’d be something.

Andrew: [laughs] Was there any – have you found any rip-offs of your idea? I’ve never heard of – I’ve never really heard a rocked-out “Hedwig’s Theme” before.

Kenneth: No, so far I haven’t heard anybody copying us or anything, but…

Andrew: Mhm.

Kenneth: It’s been pretty good, though.

Andrew: Yeah. And a lot of…

Jamie: What’s next for you?

Andrew: Hmm?

Jamie: Sorry.

Andrew: No, go ahead. Go ahead.

Jamie: I was going to say, what’s next for you? I mean, are you going to do some more rocked-out Harry Potter music? Because I’d like to see an entire Order of the Phoenix soundtrack right now.

Kenneth: Soundtrack, yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. That could be a week’s project or something.

Kenneth: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I’d just have to get together with Andrew and we could have it done like that. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Are you guys in a band together or something?

Kenneth: Well, kind of, but he’s – right now he’s at Duke University, and I’m down in William and Mary in Virginia.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Kenneth: We’re kind of far, far apart.

Andrew: [laughs] Right, right.

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: Let me just say to the listeners right now, if there’s anyone who wants to ask a question to Kenneth, feel free to call in.

Jamie: E-mail it?

Andrew: Or e-mail.

Mikey: Hey Kenneth, I have a question for you.

Kenneth: Yeah, yeah.

Mikey: For a while on the Wikipedia page, it was said that the song was actually done by Andrew Sims. Did you get offended at all that people…

Andrew: I never claimed credit for that, for the record. [laughs]

Kenneth: Oh, Andrew.

Mikey: …thought Andrew was the one that did the song?

Kenneth: Oh man. You’re horrible.

Mikey: He’s trying to steal credit for what you did.

Andrew: I never ever claimed credit.

Mikey: I just want to know – what did they say? It was like on his two-watt amp or something. I don’t know.

[Kenneth laughs]

Mikey: Like “Andrew Sims was playing a rock-and-roll version of ‘Hedwig’s Theme.'”

Kenneth: I didn’t even know it was on Wikipedia. That’s kind of cool.

Jamie: Andrew…

Andrew: I think it…

Jamie: …there are loads of requests for you to play it. Is there any chance we can get a live listen?

Andrew: You know, I was actually just trying to get it up. If you give me a – you know what? Where is it – well, hold on.

Mikey: It’s not on Wikipedia anymore. I looked right now.

Andrew: No – yeah. Yeah, let me – I’ll work on getting it. I was going to play it after the interview or something, but here, let’s take a couple of calls here. Let’s see if people actually have questions about – for Kenneth. Peter?

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Peter?

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Peter?

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Not there. Let’s try this call. Hello?

Jamie: Hey.

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi!

Caller: Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah, what’s up?

Caller: Hey, my name is Camillo, I’m from Australia. I called – I sent an e-mail just before.

Andrew: Oh cool.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Hey, you have a question for Kenneth about his awesome “Hedwig’s Theme” song?

Caller: Yes, I do.

Andrew: Oh perfect.

Caller: It’s called “‘Arry,” yeah? It’s like Harry with an apostrophe at the beginning?

Kenneth: Right. Right, yeah.

Caller: Yeah. Well, I just wanted to ask if it was all right if I borrowed that riff, because…

[Andrew and Kenneth laugh]

Caller: …I wrote like a taped one with singing.

Kenneth: Uh-huh?

Caller: And it’s like the hidden track on my CD.

Kenneth: Oh nice. Okay.

Caller: But I didn’t even realize that it was a song by a band.

Kenneth: Oh yeah, don’t worry about it.

[Jamie and Kenneth laugh]

Caller: Are you sure?

Andrew: Just don’t make money off of it.

Kenneth: Yeah, just don’t make money off of it.

Caller: Oh, I won’t. I won’t.

[Kenneth laughs]

Caller: Can I just have a quick shout-out to the Vulture chat…

Andrew: Sure.

Caller: …that’s going on on Skype right now?

Andrew: Sure. You vultures, you’re crazy.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: All right.

Mikey: Who are these Vultures again?

Andrew: Oh, let’s not get into this.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: Thanks for calling! Let’s take some other…

Caller: Thank you.

Andrew: No problem.

Jamie: Hey, Kenneth?

Mikey: [whispers] I know who you guys are.

Jamie: We have a question – well, we have a sort of statement from Hannah L, who e-mails from Chicago, who said:

“Kenneth, I love ‘Hedwig’s Theme.’ Will you marry me?”

[Andrew and Kenneth laugh]

Kenneth: Oh wow, okay. It’s a possibility.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: You can play it at your wedding. You can – instead of the traditional sort of love music, you can play a rocked-out “Hedwig’s Theme.” That would be awesome.

Kenneth: Oh yeah, so romantic.

Mikey: Walking down the aisle.

Jamie: Walking – [laughs] yeah, exactly.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, that’s pretty romantic. Yeah.

[Andrew and Kenneth laugh]

Andrew: Here’s another caller. Hey, you have a question for Kenneth?

[Prolonged silence]

Jamie: Hey.

Andrew: Hello?

Caller: Hello?

Kenneth: Hello?

Andrew: Hi! You have a question for Kenneth?

Caller: Hey!

Andrew: Hey!

Caller: Yeah, I just wanted to know, what was the inspiration to make the “Hedwig’s Theme” so rock?

Andrew: Good question.

Kenneth: I guess – that’s a hard question.

[Andrew laughs]

Kenneth: I don’t know, I guess we just thought it would be a good idea. That’s a…

Andrew: That’s fair enough.

Kenneth: I don’t know.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Because it…

Kenneth: I can’t really put it any other way.

Andrew: Because all you hear is the John Williams version, and it definitely deserves a sort of…

Kenneth: Right, yeah. And you can get sick of that, and…

[“Waiting” by Green Day plays]

Andrew: Hey there. What is this? Oh, sorry.

Jamie: You sound awfully like Green Day, Kenneth.

[Song ends]

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, shut up!

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: I forgot to hit “Pause” on the radio break. Sorry about that. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sorry.

Kenneth: Yeah, turn it off.

Andrew: Very unprofessional here. Very disappointed in myself. Okay, cool. Well, thanks for calling in!

Caller: Yeah, sure.

Andrew: Let’s see, who else. Let’s get Ciara. Hey!

Kenneth: Hey!

Caller: Hi!

Andrew: Hi. you have a question for Kenneth?

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi. You have a question for Kenneth?

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi.

[Jamie laughs]

Caller: Hi. I can’t hear you. Can I turn up my volume a little bit?

Andrew: Sure, go for it.

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: You have a question for Kenneth?

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: [laughs] Do you have a question for Kenneth?! Come on! Work with me!

Caller: Yeah, sorry. I’ve never used Skype before. I just downloaded it like five minutes ago.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Jamie: Ooh.

Caller: But I was wondering…

Mikey: Wait a minute, you downloaded it? You mean you didn’t buy it?

Andrew: It’s not for sale.

Caller: No, I just [unintelligible] I don’t know.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: I clicked the thing that said “Mac.”

Andrew: Oh okay.

Mikey: Okay.

Caller: And I’m calling people on it. Is it free?

Andrew: Well, is it free, Kenneth? It’s free, right? I mean…

Kenneth: Yeah. I mean – yeah. I can’t make money off of it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I know I didn’t pay for it, so… [laughs]

Caller: If I call people on it, will it cost money?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Caller: It will?

Andrew: What’s that?

Caller: If I call people on it, will it cost money?

Andrew: If you copied it?

Caller: No, if I call people on it.

Andrew: If you call people on it?

Caller: Yeah, like I am now.

Jamie: Oh, you downloaded Skype five minutes ago, you mean?

Caller: I have no idea.

Jamie: Yeah, it’s a hundred dollars a minute. Quickly, quickly, quickly! Be quick, be quick.

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: I am so confused right now.

Jamie: No, I’m joking.

Caller: I kind of sort of am, too, but – did you guys originally write this just for MuggleNet, or did you just wanted to make a cool version of the “Hedwig’s Theme” thing?

Kenneth: We did it – yeah, we didn’t initially do it for MuggleNet, but we re-recorded it for MuggleNet. We have an older version of it from the year before.

Andrew: Oh really?

Kenneth: Yeah. And it actually had Andrew screaming various incantations.

Andrew: [laughs] Really?

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: Do you still have that, by chance?

Kenneth: Yeah, we still have that.

Jamie: Can we hear it? Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh!

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: Dude, can you send it to me? Can we play it on the show?

Kenneth: [laughs] Oh yeah, sure. It’s pretty funny.

Andrew: Okay. I’ll IM you my e-mail address.

Kenneth: Okay.

Andrew: Via Skype here. Let’s see. We’ll play that – [laughs] that’ll be pretty funny. Okay, well cool. Yeah, thanks for calling in, Ciara.

Caller: Oh wait! Guys, can I say something really quick?

Andrew: If it’s appropriate, yeah.

Caller: Yeah. Well, I just wanted to give a shout-out to everybody in the chat-room. They all wanted to say that Ustream loves Toots, which is your old nickname or whatever.

Andrew: Oh, loves Toots? Oh.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh. Well, thank you.

Caller: Everybody has been like dying for everybody who comes on here – everybody always gives shout-outs, but they never say that, and that was the thing that was planned.

Andrew: Oh awesome.

Mikey: Toots, really?

Andrew: Toots, that’s my radio name.

Mikey: I like Simsy. I like Simsy.

Andrew: That’s not a radio name, though. It has to be…

Jamie: Yeah, DJ Simsy is cooler.

Andrew: It has to be something a little better than that. Okay. Yeah, thank you for that.

Mikey: And Toots is that much better? Really?

Andrew: Yeah, Toots. I’m Toots.

Mikey: Oh gosh, you’re back.

Andrew: What’s up, Julia? This is Toots.

[Echoing sounds in the background]

Andrew: And that’s what we call feedback.

Jamie: That is feedback.

Andrew: Let’s get Sarah Alkin here. Hi, Sarah.

Caller: Hey, how are you?

Andrew: Oh, loud. Hi. What’s going on?

Caller: Nothing. I really love your show.

Andrew: Oh great.

Caller: You’re like the awesomest podcast ever!

Andrew: Oh, thank you.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Andrew: [laughs] Your audio is really loud. Do you have a question for Kenneth?

Caller: Yeah. Okay, just a second.

Andrew: Huh? What? Oh, connection lost. Oops. Let’s try Lauren here. Hi, Lauren.

[Echoing sounds in the background]

Andrew: Okay, here’s the thing: If you’re going to call in, mute your thing so we don’t hear that.

Jamie: While we’re waiting, Kenneth, I have one more question.

Andrew: Go for it. Forget about the callers for now.

Jamie: You should start up a wizard rock band now, and just do rocked-out versions of everything.

Andrew: That’s a good question.

Kenneth: That sounds good to me.

Andrew: What do you think of wizard rock?

Kenneth: Oh, I love it.

Andrew: Do you? [laughs] Awesome.

Kenneth: Yeah. I have like three Harry and the Potters CDs.

Andrew: Cool.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: May I recommend The Remus Lupins? Good band.

Jamie: And…

Kenneth: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Jamie: The Remus Lupins, and also Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls.

Kenneth: Okay, sounds good.

Andrew: I have…

Mikey: And you can’t forget – you guys can’t forget The Whomping Willows, because…

Andrew: The Whomping Willows? Yeah, very good too.

Mikey: …Whompy’s a tree. Matt’s a tree, so…

Jamie: And Mikey and the Bs.

Mikey: Yeah, the Mikey Bs.

Kenneth: I do like Draco and the Malfoys.

Andrew: Draco and the Malfoys are great, too. Yeah.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah. You should also download all the wizard rock singles from Andrew Sims.

[Kenneth laughs]

Andrew: Are you planning on taking a – what are you looking to do as a career?

Kenneth: I’m not sure right now, but right now I’m kind of – I’m planning to double major in music and physics, as weird as that sounds.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, if you’re passionate about music it makes sense.

Kenneth: Yeah. Not so much physics, but you know, I’ve got to do it.

Andrew: Right, right. Well, again, everyone loves your music. Thank you so much for letting us use it for the past three years. It’s really a perfect theme song for MuggleCast, and as soon as I heard it when – I guess someone e-mailed it in. Maybe it was you? Was it you?

Kenneth: It was Andrew.

Andrew: Oh, it was Andrew, right.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Andrew: As soon as I heard it, I was like, “This is great for the show, because…”

Jamie: “We have to use this,” yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. If we just played regular “Hedwig’s Theme” or any Harry Potter soundtrack song – it’s magical, it’s slow, it doesn’t really fit the theme of the show, but “‘Arry,” it really – is that the official name of it, “‘Arry”?

Kenneth: I guess so. That’s how we named it.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. [laughs] So thanks again, it’s really a perfect song for us to use.

Kenneth: Absolutely.

Jamie: Thank you once again.

Andrew: Yeah. Kenneth, thank you for coming on today. If there’s any more questions that the listeners bring in, we’ll forward them off to you.

Kenneth: All right, thanks a lot.

Andrew: Okay, no problem. And pass our thanks along to Andrew. Why isn’t he here? I thought he said he was going to be here.

Kenneth: Yeah, I thought that too, but he’s kind of busy right now and he doesn’t have Skype, and…

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. I’m just messing, it’s cool.

Kenneth: Oh yeah, yeah.

Andrew: But we owe you guys a – well, we’ll talk later. [laughs]

Kenneth: Yeah, okay. All right.

Andrew: All right, see you later.

Kenneth: All right, thanks a lot. Bye.

Andrew: Bye. All right, finally we had Kenneth on for an interview. It’s something we’ve been trying to do for a while, and he just so happened to e-mail me earlier this week. And actually, I shouldn’t have taken him off so quick. We’re – he says it’s okay to use his song, the “Hedwig’s Theme” as a ringtone. So soon, on that MuggleCast page I made, we’re going to have “Hedwig’s Theme” ringtones available as well. Okay? Jamie and Mikey, you still with us?

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Jamie? Mikey?

Jamie: Yeah, I’m here.

Mikey: That’s going to be cool.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. We lost you for a few seconds.

Mikey: Yeah, I’m here. You know what? I think I should put that ringtone on my iPhone.

Andrew: Yeah. I should, too. Because Apple screwed that up.

Jamie: Now wait, gentlemen. I thought you couldn’t do that. Oh, unless you illegally hacked it, of course.

Andrew: No, we can do it – yeah, you can do it illegally. Yeah.

[Jamie gasps]

Andrew: I have no problem saying it, because it’s Apple’s fault.

Mikey: And also, just so you know…

Andrew: Yeah?

Mikey: Apple said they don’t mind. The homeroom people that go ahead and open up their phones and hack it – I was last night playing with a friend’s phone – actually, you know Chris Kelly. I was playing with his phone. He totally – I was playing Mega Man on his phone – iPhone. [unintelligible] actually. It was pretty entertaining. Yeah, I think I might have to start opening up my iPhone and doing a lot more to it, but we’ll see.

Jamie: Hey, if you can play that on it, you’ve got to.

Andrew: We got this e-mail…

Mikey: I know.

Andrew: …coming in from Emily sent in via She’s from Michigan and she writes:

“Don’t mean to sound rude, but will any of the PotterCasters be on so you can PWN them at Book 7 trivia?”

Mikey: Wow.

Andrew: It’s funny you bring this up, because we actually wanted to do just that, but they don’t want to. So…

Jamie: We could try and give a call to John. See what he’s doing.

Andrew: I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t called in by now. I was really expecting that.

Jamie: Awww, Johnny! Come on – John, if you’re listening…

Andrew: [laughs] He’s not listening!

Jamie: …send me an e-mail.

Mikey: John Noe. John Noe.

[Jamie sings]

Mikey: Come on, John. Me and you. We can always call his counterpart.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: [laughs] His female counterpart.

Jamie: Hey, can we hear the…

Andrew: I don’t have it yet. I don’t have it yet.

Jamie: Okay, sorry.

MuggleCast 110 Transcript (continued)

Mikey’s Pizza Order

Andrew: It’s time now to move into a segment I like to do. Let me wet my whistle first, hold on one second.

[Drinking sounds in the background]

Jamie: Oh. That was weird.

Andrew: Okay. That was a long sip. It’s time for my “HUH?!”…

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: …e-mail of the week.

Jamie: Ha.

Andrew: Huh?!

Mikey: Wait. [imitating Andrew] Huh?!

Andrew: Huh?! Whaaa? Huh?! [laughs]

Mikey: All right. Andrew, Andrew…

Andrew: What?

Mikey: …if I can come up with something more random than this e-mail, I’m going to be really disappointed right now.

Andrew: If you can come up with it?

Jamie: It’s pretty random.

Andrew: What do you mean if you can come up with it?

Mikey: I don’t know, I’m just – I’m ordering my pizza right now. I’m not paying that much attention to you. Sorry.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Mikey: Wait, wait. Actually, actually, guys, what should I get? I added extra cheese to it, I’m ordering from Pizza Hut.

[Crinkling sounds in the background]

Andrew: Oh, God! You’re making me hungry. Now I have to eat this pretzel I have here.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Jamie: Mikey? Mikey?

Mikey: Yeah?

Jamie: First person to e-mail in with an ingredient, you have to get that ingredient on the pizza.

Mikey: [laughs] Oh no!

Jamie: [laughs] Come on, Mikey. Come on, come on. I’m checking it. I’m checking it.

Mikey: Sure, okay.

Jamie: Come on, everyone.

Mikey: First person to order – please order – put something in nice, guys. Like pepperoni.

Jamie: Yeah. Okay, Debbie K, first of all, says “Fish.” No, I don’t think so. Let’s get another topping.

Mikey: Come on. Debbie, you really want me to eat fish on my pizza?

Andrew: Anchovies.

Jamie: Okay, Mikey – yeah. Oh no, no, we got…

Mikey: No, anchovies are – actually, anchovies aren’t that bad, but no, no.

Jamie: The first one – okay, we have fish, anchovies, liver, pepperoni, olives. I guess pepperoni…

Mikey: Oh, I’ll do pepperoni, guys.

Jamie: Okay.

Mikey: Wait, who said pepperoni?

Jamie: That was Katie from the US.

Mikey: Katie from the US, I am going to go ahead and get pepperoni on my pizza because you said I can do that.

Jamie: There you go. Thank you.

Mikey: And Lexie from Los Angeles, anchovies, really? I’m looking at all of them right now. Pepperoni, olives, pineapple, pepperoni, [laughs] shiitake mushrooms.

Andrew: Ewww.

Mikey: I like that one. [laughs]

Jamie: Shiitake mushrooms. Get that one, please.

Mikey: But – no, it’s spelt very creatively.

Jamie: [laughs] It is spelt very creatively.

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: Well done.

Mikey: I’m looking at it – peanut butter, ooh. Peanut butter. Jules from Texas said “Peanut butter.” There is actually a place where you can get peanut butter pizza and they have, like, peanut on top. It’s really good.

Jamie: Awww! Oh, Mikey…

Mikey: Sweetcorn…

Jamie: …you’ve got to get pickles as well, considering the occasion, haven’t you?

Mikey: Pickles, yeah!

Andrew: Yeah, get pickles!

Mikey: Ham…

Jamie: Got to get pickles.

Mikey: I like ham pizza. Oh, I’m not an olives fan. All right. Anyway, I think I’m just going to go with – there’s pepperoni, ham – pork topping? What is pork topping, really?

Andrew: Well…

Mikey: All right, I’m just going to do – you know what? I’m going to do half pepperoni because I want half a cheese pizza. You know what I mean?

Jamie: Ooh.

Mikey: So I’m going to do half pepperoni and maybe half – yeah, just cheese. Add my current order. All right, now we’re done with my pizza talk.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay.

Mikey: Sorry.

Andrew: You know, actually…

Mikey: I’m not going to do barbecue pizza. I’m not doing barbecue chicken.

Andrew’s Huh?! E-mail of the Week

Andrew: Actually, we’re going to – what was I going to say? Now I forgot. I’m going to order my pizza very soon because I’m hungry.

Mikey: No, no, you were going to – you were talking about your wonderful – the…

Andrew: Huh?! e-mail of the week?

Mikey: …Huh?! e-mail.

Andrew: Huh?!

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Huh?!

Jamie: I refuse to do that.

Andrew: This comes from…

Mikey: Come on, Jamie.

Andrew: Celeste?

Mikey: Wait. No, wait, wait. Stop, stop. Jamie, you need to do it.

Jamie: No way, Mikey. Never ever.

Mikey: We can’t go until you do it. [laughs] Come on.

Jamie: I’m never ever going “Andrew’s Huh?!…”

Andrew: Jamie, you’ve done it before, haven’t you?

Jamie: I’ve done it a couple of times.

Mikey: But see – Jamie, Jamie…

Jamie: Very, very rarely.

Mikey: All right…

Jamie: Yeah?

Mikey: Look – all right, everybody e-mail in saying…

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: …we want Jamie to do the “Huh?!”

Jamie: No, no, please.

Mikey: Come on!

Jamie: Everyone, don’t e-mail in, please.

Mikey: [laughs] Please!

Jamie: I’ve always been straight with you. I’ve never ever liked it.

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: Anything but…

Mikey: Jamie, Jamie…

Jamie: Don’t e-mail in and say that.

Mikey: Jamie, Jamie…

Jamie: Yeah?

Mikey: Peer pressure. Peer pressure, come on. Right now, me and…

Jamie: I am…

Mikey: …Andrew are saying “Do it.” “Huh?!”

Jamie: No. I’m refreshing the e-mail inbox.

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: Please, please. I don’t like you if you sent an e-mail. No. Abby C., Caileen, Lauren. No, no, no.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: I’m pretty sure nobody is going to – like he’s not going to do it because once he says he won’t do it, he won’t do it.

Mikey: I know.

Jamie: Ooh, that’s being malicious, Andrew!

Andrew: No, no, no, no, no! I’m just saying that…

Mikey: Ooh.

Andrew: …when you say no to something, you are very stern about it.

Jamie: No, I’m not! I’m open to suggestions. I’m not stubborn.

[Prolonged silence]

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah, you are.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Jamie: No, I’m serious. That is not true. That is not true.

Andrew: Okay. So anyway, back to my Huh!? e-mail of the week. Comes from Celeste, I think her name is, of New Jersey. This is in response to Episode 107.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: She writes:

“I just wanted to say that I loved The Beatles’ ‘Love’ at the end of Episode 107. Two of my favorite fandoms coming together was awesome, and also the welcome of relatively new listeners like me. Keep up the great work.”

Jamie: Awww.

Mikey: Awww.

Jamie: Why is that weird? That’s not really a…

Andrew: It’s weird because it wasn’t The Beatles at all. It was actually “Good Morning Baltimore” from Hairspray.

[Jamie and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: So [laughs] I’m confused.

Mikey: Wait, wait, didn’t she say it was one of her favorite songs, too?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: So huh?

Mikey: I love The Beatles. I love The Beatles. No, she had the special Beatles edition episode.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: We only have four of them.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh right, right.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, so not…

Mikey: Huh?! [laughs]

Andrew: Not too sure about that. That’s one big “Huh?!” And another e-mail from Em of Washington in response to this twelve-hour show. She writes:

“Hi, I love MuggleCast and I can’t ‘see’ it on Saturday the 15th, so can you send it to me at…”

Her e-mail address.

“I love you all. Emily”


[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: What? Huh?

Mikey: I missed that, I was ordering pizza. Wait, what?

Andrew: Huh? What?

Jamie: I could get confused by it, though. I mean, if you were going to – I don’t know. I think that’s – hmm. It depends if she’s a new listener or not, Andrew.

Mikey: Did you – wow. You can order a side of anchovies for a dollar.

Jamie: Oh, you’ve got to do that, Mikey. So many people want you to get them. Peer pressure. Peer pressure.

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: E-mail in if you want Mikey to order anchovies with his pizza.

Mikey: Jamie? Jamie?

Jamie: Oh my God, they’re flooding in. Yeah?

Mikey: No.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew’s Pizza Order

Andrew: I’m going to order my pizza live on the show right now.

Mikey: Hey, wait, are you’re trying to steal away from my wonderful…

Andrew: No.

Mikey: I was…

Andrew: Well, I’ve got to…

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: You’ve got to wait for me to – by the way, listeners, coming up next hour, Pickle Pack…

Mikey: Oh actually, you know what? Hold on. Andrew…

Andrew: [laughs] What?

Mikey: …why don’t you make your order online and we’ll hit “Place This Order”…

Andrew: No!

Mikey: …at the exact time?

Andrew: That’s no fun. I want to do it on the air.

Mikey: No, no, let’s see – all right, fine. We’ll see whose pizza gets here faster.

Andrew: Okay, but I have to call. Okay, as soon as I place my order, then you hit “Submit.”

Mikey: Okay. Well, I’ll hit “Submit” when you call. Right when you call.

Andrew: Okay.

Mikey: Because I’m going to pay with credit card because I don’t have money with me. Where is my card – my wallet at?

Andrew: Oh yeah, I wanted to say next hour, Pickle Pack members. Your next – is – [laughs] sorry, let me try this again. Next hour, the five o’clock hour, will be Pickle Pack Hour where we’re taking calls from Pickle Pack members. So Pickle Packers, be ready. And you have to prove you’re a Pickle Pack member because Jamie in one minute will be posting a – no, that’s a bad idea. That actually – that wouldn’t work out. You have to give us your Pickle Pack username, and we’ll verify it. So only call in if you’re a Pickle Pack member.

Mikey: And I mean it. I’ll only talk to Pickle Pack members right now.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: In the next hour. If you’re not Pickle Pack member, I swear…

Andrew: Yeah, and we can verify.

Mikey: I’ll probably be like, “Why did you call?” No, I’ll still say hi because I like everybody.

Andrew: Yeah. Okay, here we go.

Mikey: But Pickle Pack members, this is supposed to be for you guys.

[Phone rings]

Andrew: All right, I’m calling up Papa John’s here. It’s here in Medford, New Jersey.

Mikey: Papa John’s Pizza Hut.

Papa John’s: Thank you for calling Papa John’s in Medford. This is Erica.

Andrew: Hi. Yeah, I’d like to place an order for delivery.

Papa John’s: Okay. What’s your phone number?

Andrew: It’s 609.

Papa John’s: Okay.

Andrew: 953… [muted]

Papa John’s: All right. And what’s your address?

Andrew: It is 4 [muted] Enclave. E-N-C-L-A-V-E.

Papa John’s: All right.

Andrew: Medford, New Jersey.

Papa John’s: And what would you like tonight?

Andrew: Okay, I would like a large cheese pizza.

Papa John’s: Okay.

Andrew: And also can I have a side of your cheesesticks?

Papa John’s: Okay.

Mikey: And anchovies.

Andrew: What? No anchovies. No anchovies.

Jamie: And a side of anchovies, please.

Andrew: No, no. None of that. Stop! And – sorry, I’m on a conference call right now. So I think – yeah, that’s all. That’s all.

Papa John’s: Okay. So you want a large…

Mikey: Anchovies…

Andrew: No! Ignore him.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: No anchovies.

Papa John’s: So you want a large [unintelligible] and a cheesesticks?

Andrew: Yes, please.

Mikey: And a Pepsi.

Andrew: Mikey, seriously stop!

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: Sorry about that.

Papa John’s: I’m sorry, did you say something else?

Andrew: No, no, that’s all.

Papa John’s: All right, your total is $19.67 and it should be about thirty minutes.

Andrew: Okay, great. Thank you.

Papa John’s: Thanks. Bye.

Andrew: Wonderful. Mikey, I didn’t appreciate that!

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: This is very serious!

Mikey: All right. Sorry, I’m hitting “Place This Order,” okay? Give me a second, it’s processing my order.

Andrew: Oh. Well, listen…

Jamie: Mikey, we should have been like, “I’ll have ten…”

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: Yeah. “Ten anchovy pizzas and…”

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: “…twenty with everything on it.”

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: “And my name is Andrew Sims, I live at 4 Enclave, New Jersey.

Andrew: I didn’t think that was very funny.

Mikey: I’m sorry.

Andrew: So…

Mikey: I’m sorry, Andrew. Will you accept my apology?

Andrew: Cool. My pizza, guys. I’m getting pizza. This is exciting. I made a poll on Ustream, “Who is the cutest of The Remus Lupins?” Alex is currently kicking butt right now, with 339 votes.

Mikey: Wait, did you have the “Mikey B” option, though?

Andrew: No, you can only have four options on the poll…

Mikey: Awww.

Andrew: …and I had to fit the actual Remus Lupins.

Mikey: It’s all right. I don’t think I could have won next to Alex anyway.

Andrew: Yeah. There was…

Mikey: [laughs] Oh thanks!

Andrew: Definitely not. We’ve had over 400 votes. Alex is in control of 375 of them right now, so – [laughs] I guess nobody really knows Toby, Tyler, or Brandon.

Jamie: Where is this poll?

Mikey: But Toby is like dreamy, come on. He’s the drummer, everybody loves the drummer.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Where is this poll, Andrew?

Andrew: It’s on Ustream.

Mikey: Oh wait, you know – wait, I’m just flipping through the e-mails real quick. Sam from Alabama:

“Make a poll, ‘Whose pizza will come first?'”

So Sam from Alabama, that’s his idea.

Andrew: “Andrew or Mikey? Start poll.”

Mikey: I’m going to go vote on this.

Andrew: I think – oh, I’m winning right now.

Mikey: Oh.

Andrew: Well actually, it’s neck and neck, but – okay, so…

Mikey: Guys, remember I ordered mine online with a credit card so it’s already paid for, I have a confirmation e-mail and everything.

Airport Security with the MuggleCasters

Andrew: Well, it doesn’t matter because mine’s going to be delivered in thirty minutes. Okay, you want to take some callers, get some discussion going on in here? We’ll take anything right now, whether it’s about the movies or the books. Lexi is calling back. Oh. Well wait, got to take this one first. Hello?

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi, welcome to MuggleCast Live!

Caller: Hi, I’m Monica.

Andrew: Hi.

Jamie: Hey.

Caller: Actually, I e-mailed in earlier, I don’t know if you’re reading them right now. We’ve already met, we met at the Michigan podcast. I was the one that talked on your iPhone with my friend Ryan.

Andrew: Oh. You talked on my iPhone?

Caller: Yes, I did.

Andrew: Why? I’m forgetting.

Caller: Because my friend Ryan was a Laura fanboy.

Andrew: Oh, oh, oh, oh! [laughs] We were talking about this earlier in the show.

Caller: That’s what somebody told me and I wasn’t home, I had to do community service for school.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh.

Caller: So…

Andrew: Cool.

Mikey: Wait, I’m still freaking out. Why is Andrew getting more results for the pizza? I ordered mine first, guys!

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Really?

Caller: I don’t know. Because they heard Andrew order, so…

Andrew: Maybe.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, how did that come – how did that sound on the stream?

Caller: It sounded funny except – I was like, “Is he honestly saying his number on the stream?”

Andrew: Did the whole number come through?

Caller: No, something got blocked out. I don’t know, I was…

Andrew: Yeah, good. Yeah, I meant to block it out. Okay. So good, that worked out well then. [laughs] Yeah, I like ordering pizza live when 800 – wow, we have 912 listeners right now.

Caller: And I’m shocked that I actually got on. I’ve been calling in for the past – I don’t know, since I heard that you guys talked about me and Ryan.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh okay. Well yeah, sorry about that. We’ve been disabling calls and stuff. But…

Caller: Oh.

Andrew: Yeah, so – yeah, that was a lot of fun. It was great seeing your guys’ reaction. [laughs]

Caller: It was – we thought it was so funny because we were like, “What is he doing?”

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: And then – yeah. And Ryan actually has talked to Laura a couple of times since then. She was really, really nice about the whole thing.

Andrew: Cool.

Caller: I want to know – can I ask you one question?

Andrew: Sure.

Caller: Is Jamie still there?

Andrew: Jamie? Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. What’s up? What are you doing?

Caller: I gave Ben a CD and we never heard about it again.

Jamie: You what, sorry?

Caller: I gave Ben a CD at the event and he was like, “Oh yeah, we’ll listen to it in the car.” We never heard about it.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Jamie: I can’t remember. You gave…

Mikey: No, I remember that CD. He’s like, “Oh, a fan gave me a CD,” and I think he put it on the side door or something like that to listen to it another time.

Jamie: What music was on it?

Andrew: It’s probably still in the car.

Caller: It was The Rocket Summer which is like – it’s kind of different but it’s his kind of music, I know it is.

Mikey: Yeah, I know.

Caller: And so…

Mikey: He kept the CD. I don’t think – we never listened to it in the car, but he’s like, “Oh, a fan gave me that,” and put it back in his bag when we got in the airplane. But then – did we tell the story of how we got all searched when we got to the airport?

Andrew: [laughs] No, we never told the story!

Mikey: [laughs] All right, let me tell it. Because I was first. Okay, so basically, because – we don’t know what happened to the CD, it might be in Ben’s bag for all we know. But basically what happened is we got to the – what was it? Philadelphia Airport?

Andrew: Yeah, we were going to Prophecy.

Mikey: We were going to Prophecy, everybody, and this is after our big old MuggleCast tour and everything, and we’re all going through security. And you know you have to take your shoes off and put your bags through. I had my camera there and my laptop. We had a lot of electronics between the four of us.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Mikey: Me, Jamie – yeah, all four of us. And so I go through, and I have long hair and I’m kind of dark-skinned, whatever.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Mikey: And they look at my passport and it’s me there, from California and I’ve been on a plane in Philadelphia, and they put me in the middle line where you go ahead and get asked, “Where are you going?” Like, “Toronto, Canada.” And he puts me in the middle line. Next…

Andrew: [laughs] Then they quarantine you!

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah, they quarantine me! I’m like, “Okay, whatever.” And then next comes Andrew down the middle line from Medford, New Jersey going to Toronto, Canada too.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: And then next is Ben and then Jamie. It’s like – so we have a guy from Kansas…

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: …England, New Jersey, and California all going to Toronto, Canada from the Philadelphia Airport. So we’re all like quarantined right now.

Jamie: Mikey…

Mikey: And then they proceed to – uh-huh?

Jamie: That was the weirdest thing ever because I wasn’t concentrating, I was so tired and…

Mikey: Yeah, I know. We were so tired because we drove all night. Well, Andrew drove all night.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I slept on his bed when I got to his house.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: We found ourselves just in this huge tiny thing. I was like, “Mikey, what’s going on?”

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: “Mikey, just sort it out, Mikey. Please just do something.”

Mikey: I’m like, “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine!”

Jamie: And he’s like, “Dude, don’t worry. We just stay here. It’s all going to be okay.” And then they brought out a proximity prober or whatever you call them, and then…

Mikey: Yeah, I was – well no, they even asked us, “We’re going to go through all your stuff, blah blah blah, and we’re going to search you. If you’re not comfortable with this, we can go ahead and do a private screening for you.” I’m like, “No, it’s fine right here! More people watching is better for me. I’m a little worried.”

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: I was a little worried. No, it’s because he’s like, “I’m going to search you completely.” He literally searched my entire body and is like, “I’m going to be touching you with the back of my hand,” so that way he doesn’t grab anything.

Andrew: Yeah, they were very clear. They were like, “I’m going to be touching you.”

Jamie: Yeah, they were.

Andrew: “I’m going to be -” what’s the word?

Mikey: Patting you down or whatever?

Andrew: Patting you down, yeah.

Mikey: Patting you down but they’re going to use the back of their hands so they don’t grab anything, and so – they were very clear about everything. But the four of us literally got completely searched.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: We got wanded and everything. Our shoes – I’m like, “Do you want me to take my socks off also?”

Jamie: And they were like, “Yes.”

Mikey: I was actually – yeah, they were like, “Take your clothes off.”

Jamie: “Underwear, too.”

Mikey: No, they only did that to you. But no…

Jamie: Yeah, that was right. Awww, I still can’t talk about it though, Mikey.

Mikey: Yeah, I know.

Andrew: And then the whole time they were talking to us as if they care about our lives. They were like – the woman was like, “So where are you guys going? Oh Canada, what’s up there? Oh Harry Potter, how did you get into Harry Potter? Oh, what’s your -” it just annoyed me so much and I wasn’t talking.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: You three did the talking.

Mikey: We were talking because they just kept asking.

Andrew: I was just fed up, I was annoyed. I just wanted to go to Canada.

Mikey: Yeah, it was one of those things where it’s just really, really funny. And they searched us and we were going to Canada, and all of us were screened as being terrorists.

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: So yeah.

Jamie: And the funniest thing was they picked up Mikey’s camera and were handling it quite roughly, and this is a nice, nice, nice camera.

Mikey: Oh my gosh, I was – no, but you got to understand. They were like – I’m like, “Oh, it’s a video camera.” They’re like, “Oh, what is it?” and I’m like, “It’s a video camera,” and they were like, “We’re going to have to turn it on and test it.” I’m like, “Please be careful, it’s an expensive camera.” And I’m telling them this, right? And they were like – they couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, so they just took my word for it that it was a video camera. So I’m like….

Jamie: Well, it didn’t exactly look like a food processor.

Mikey: Well yeah, it looks like a heavy duty video camera, right?

Jamie: Yeah.

Mikey: So it’s one of those things where it’s like – they search us so thoroughly and completely. My bag was there…

Jamie: I know.

Mikey: …and they took my laptop out and my GPS system and all the stuff that I had in my bag. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – we all had a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: [laughs] So we’re not lying. We’re talking about Harry Potter and we all had a copy of the book. All our different versions: my deluxe version, Ben’s normal version, and your guys’ British version. But it’s like all the books are there and everything, and they’re like, “What is this?” I’m like, “It’s a camera.” And I show them the shoulder brace I had and the hard drive – I showed them everything for the camera and they’re like, “Well, we still have to turn it on and test it to make sure that it’s a working camera, not a bomb.” I’m like, “All right.”

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: And they couldn’t figure out how to turn it on so they just took my word for it, which – I don’t know. Is that – I felt safe that they kind of screened and did all that stuff, but the fact that they took my word for it I was a little – I don’t know if I was happy because we got out of there sooner but I was kind of like, “They’re supposed to be checking for stuff.”

Jamie: It gives you great faith in the security system, doesn’t it?

Mikey: Yeah, it’s like what if it had…

Jamie: If you’re a terrorist, no one…

Mikey: Yeah, what if it was a stick of dynamite with a clock on it?

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: And it’s like, “What is that?” I’m like, “It’s a camera.” [laughs]

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: “It’s a digital camera, it’s the new one.” And they’re like, “Oh okay,” and just let it go.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Why didn’t they let you turn it on?

Mikey: Huh? Well it’s because…

Caller: Why didn’t they just let you turn it on?

Mikey: Oh, it’s because we’re not allowed to touch any of our – all right, when you get into these type of screenings – this is my first time I’ve ever gotten one of those screenings, by the way, so it’s not like I get flagged for terrorism at all.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: And I’m sure Jamie and Andrew don’t.

Andrew: No.

Mikey: I don’t know about Ben. I’m sure Ben gets stuff flagged all the time.

Andrew: Ben probably does, yeah.

Mikey: Yeah. [laughs] I’ve never been flagged before, but apparently we’re not allowed to touch anything so I’m like, “If you just – guys, please be careful.” I’m like – you can imagine, I’m standing a foot away from my camera telling them, “Don’t hold it there. Don’t grab that. That’s the lens. That’s okay to touch.”

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: I’m kind of like – they won’t let me go any further, there’s like an armed guard there holding me back making sure I don’t touch it, and I’m just like holding myself back from actually going ahead and telling them what to do with the camera. But yeah, we’re not allowed to touch any of our stuff. So we were sitting there shoeless, belt-less, wallet-less – they took our passports too, remember? They were like, “All right, which one is your passport?” I’m like, “The one that has my picture in it?”

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, it was really funny. They – yeah, it was a fun experience.

Andrew: Oh, it was a blast.

Mikey: I don’t know how we missed talking about this.

Caller: Yeah, I’m surprised.

Andrew: I don’t know, it’s just been forgotten. Did you enjoy that story?

Caller: Yes, I did.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: So Ben’s CD is somewhere lost in…

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: In security or he had it in his bag and it probably got crushed because they did not do a very good job of re-packing our stuff. I had to say, “Just don’t pack my stuff, I’ll do it.”

Caller’s Mother: Monica?

Caller: Yes, mom?

Caller’s Mother: Oh hi. [laughs] I’m sorry.

Caller: Can you get off the phone for a second?

Caller’s Mother: I was just going to call you on your cellphone to tell you we’re going to dinner at about 5:30.

Caller: Okay.

Andrew: Oh.

Caller’s Mother: At… [unintelligible]

Caller: Okay.

Caller’s Mother: So be ready.

Mikey: Okay.

Caller: Okay.

Caller’s Mother: Okay. Bye.

Mikey: All right.

Caller: Bye.

Mikey: Be ready for dinner!

Andrew: Can I come?

[Caller laughs]

Mikey: Where are you guys going?

Caller: I am sorry!

Andrew: No, it’s okay. I’m actually kind of hungry. Can I come with you?

Caller: Sure. You can come.

Mikey: I’ll have your pizza, Andrew. You just…

Caller: Can I say something also really fast? Because I am a Pickle Pack member and a friend of mine Lindsey Sims who I met through Pickle Pack is actually upset because she was the one who told me that they mentioned me, so she just left me an angry Facebook post and she told me that I sicken her because I called her “somebody.”

Andrew: Awww.

Caller: So Lindsey Sims, I give a shout-out to you.

Andrew: Shout-out! Lindsey Sims! Yay!

Mikey: You guys should go add me on Facebook. I want friends.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: I think I did and you never added me.

Jamie: Ooh.

Mikey: No, that’s not true. I add everybody.

Caller: Wait, let me check. I am on Facebook right now.

Mikey: Yeah, you really don’t have to.

Caller: Oh, you’re in the Apple network. Yes, you’re here.

Mikey: Oh yeah.

Caller: I am…

Mikey: Don’t – shh!

Caller: Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: [whispers] No one needs to know that.

Andrew: Anyway, thank you for calling in and we’ll talk to you later.

Caller: All right. Thank you so much for taking my call and look up “The Rocket Summer” because I wanted you guys to hear it because I thought that’s your kind of music.

Andrew: All right, we will. Maybe we’ll play a song from that during the live show here.

Caller: Yes, you should.

Andrew: And have fun at dinner, okay? Tell mom I said hi.

Caller: [laughs] Okay, thank you.

Mikey: Yeah, tell her we say hi!

Andrew: All right, bye.

Caller: All right.

Mikey: Bye.

MuggleCast 110 Transcript (continued)

Harry Potter Classes

Andrew: Excellent, excellent. Okay. So Mason, are you here?

Mason: Yeah.

Mikey: Masey! How are you doing, buddy?

[Andrew and Mason laugh]

Mason: How have you been, Mikey?

Mikey: Pretty good. [imitating Mason]!

Andrew: Mason is at Northern Arizona University and he…

Jamie: I have a story to tell about Mason very quickly.

Andrew: What is it?

Jamie: [laughs] Mason, you’re probably going to hate me after this, but…

Mason: All right.

Andrew: Perfect.

Jamie: …we were in LA and we found a couple of fake mustache type things. And Mason somehow – I don’t know how it managed – I wasn’t concentrating, and then suddenly Mason walked in and he had one of these fake mustaches on [laughs] and a shower cap from the bathroom. And also like a bathrobe type thing, and I was like, “Hi Mason, how’s it going?” And he just looked at me for like five seconds, grinned, and then fell forward flat on his face straight onto the ground. It’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Sorry Mason, but please don’t lie to me. My family are safe, aren’t they?

Mason: No, it’s cool. Yeah, I barely remember that, but yeah. No, it was a good time.

Andrew: [laughs] So Mason, in Northern Arizona University, you decided to – I just want to bring this up quick, you decided to try out a Harry Potter class thing.

Mason: Yeah, pretty much tried it out for one day, hated it, and then left. It was nothing I was expecting, pretty much.

Andrew: What happened, and what were they requiring and all that?

Mason: Pretty much you had to be the ultimate fan. I think everyone in there felt that they were the ultimate fan, and they try and compete against each other, and everyone’s always arguing and – I don’t know, it’s…

Mikey: Wait. Mase?

Mason: Yeah?

Mikey: All you had to say was [imitating Mason] “!”

Jamie: Yeah.

Mikey: And they would have been like, “Oh my gosh!” in awe.

Mason: Well, it was funny. The teacher was like, “Okay, new students. Introduce yourselves and say something interesting about yourself,” and I was like, “Well, I kind of do the GoDaddy ads on MuggleCast.”

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Mason: And the classroom blew up. It was horrible.

Mikey: Are you serious? Really?

Mason: Yeah.

Mikey: Were they like, “Oh! We like the other podcast better,” or did they say, “We love MuggleCast,” or what?

Andrew: Yeah, what do you mean by blowing up? Did they…

Mikey: They literally blow up.

Jamie: He killed everyone in his class.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: It was shocking.

Andrew: No, I mean, was it like, “Wow!” or was it like…

Mason: No, it was more or less like – I recall this one girl who was like – actually she – obviously she goes here but – she’s probably listening right now. She’ll probably hate me for this, but I mentioned that and she was like, “Oh my God! Can you keep talking? I don’t believe you!” And she wanted to hear my voice and I was just like, “No. No.” [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] That’s pretty funny. But you loved it, you loved the attention.

Mason: And for the people that don’t believe that I’m in that chat right now, that actually is me.

Andrew: Yeah, I was just going to mention, I understand that you’re trying to hand out my contact information right now.

Mason: Yeah.

Andrew: Sell it.

Mason: John Thrasher and I.

Andrew: Yeah, thanks.

Mason: He’s in here as well.

Andrew: I really appreciate that. That’s…

Mikey: Oh, if anyone wants anything…

Jamie: Or you could say, “GoDaddy.”

Mikey: …just add me I’ll definitely send it to you.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: I have photos, I have e-mail addresses, I have phone numbers. Yeah.

Mason: We also have Sam Friedman in this room. Her and John, neither of them will get on for some reason. I don’t understand that but…

Mikey: John who?

Mason: Thrasher.

Mikey: Oh.

Mason: One of Andrew’s buddies.

Andrew: Yup. John Thrasher is refusing to come on Skype right now, so he’s a girl. But anyway, I think with that – [laughs] talking to him on AIM. He actually – well, I tried to bring him on to talk about the story of another local college in Maryland, I think this is, where they’re doing a Physics class on Harry Potter. It’s at Frostburg State University, and let me try to find a good part of the article here. What?

[Someone in the background yells, “Did you order pizza?”]

Andrew: Yeah. Okay, my pizza’s here guys. One second. Mikey, I think I won.

Mikey: Awww, Andrew’s pizza is here. Actually, you know what? I’m so far away from the door I don’t know if my pizza has showed up yet. I should probably check.

Jamie: Probably, they’ll knock. [laughs]

[Prolonged silence]

Jamie: Oh, it’s gone all quiet. All quiet. Oh no, I’m on my own.

Mikey: Sorry, I’m back! I’m back. I’m back. I’m back.

Jamie: Hey, dude.

Mikey: Dude, what’s up? So my pizza arrived five minutes ago. That’s what we’re going to say. So my pizza beat Andrew’s.

Andrew: Mikey, I win. My pizza has arrived.

Mikey: I’m already eating pizza, man.

Andrew: No, shut up! [laughs] You did not get it!

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: So what were you guys talking about?

Mikey: I was saying how I beat you, that I’m eating pizza.

Andrew: Oh okay. Well yeah, I’m sorry about that. Oh good, John Thrasher has decided to call in now and we can learn more about the class at Frostburg. And then we’re going to go to break.

Mikey: I want to take a Harry Potter class!

Andrew: So thank you to the 330 people who voted for me in the poll, because I obviously won.

[Echoing sounds in the background]

Andrew: John! John, mute your audio.

John Thrasher: Yeah, sorry about that. I changed it.

Andrew: Okay, it’s okay. So tell us about this class in – Frostburg State University, it is?

John: Yeah, I went there in my freshman year. I actually didn’t take the class but – [laughs] I think that’s why you had me on here, though.

Andrew: Well no, I didn’t think you did but can you tell us more about it?

John: Well yeah, it’s just a Physics class and it’s apparently – I don’t know much about it but apparently it’s some class where you study the physics of how some of the magic would work, if it were to work.

Andrew: Okay.

John: Like that’s basically all I know. I’m looking for a description on the class right now.

Andrew: That sounds really deep. [laughs]

John: Yeah, it made national news and stuff. Like you saw that CBS news link.

Andrew: Yeah, I sent the link on CBS.

Mikey: Oh, I found the – I just Googled that right now. I saw it a second ago.

Andrew: Oh, they actually quote the professor. It says:

“This is not something where you just show up and talk about ‘Harry Potter’ books and get a grade. This is a college-level class.”

So – see, I don’t think that would appeal to most Harry Potter fans, to be honest with you.

John: That’s what I was thinking.

Mikey: Really?

Andrew: Yeah, because really it’s just – people just want to talk Harry Potter and…

John: Right.

Andrew: …as this college professor who’s quoted as saying, he says:

“This is a college-level class.”

You wouldn’t even – who knows how much you would even…

Mikey: But if it was like in a media arts class or something like that, like a film class or a media literacy or something like that, it would be a fun class then, because it would be like – be Harry Potter talk, and you would talk about foreshadowing and all that different stuff. Like the stuff that we noticed from the first book that was in the seventh book. It would be like, “Is there a way that you can actually have linked this before it happened?”

Andrew: Right, right.

Mikey: So, it’s still theories, so that would be what those type of classes would be. I think that would be kind of cool.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Going back and looking back at the first book, and being like, “Wow, that’s…”

Andrew: Cool? [laughs]

Mikey: Yeah, yeah. Cool, I guess.

Andrew: Yeah. Okay. Well, thanks, John, about that and seriously, why are you guys trying to sell my information? It’s not…

John: Oh. Well, I was trying to get on there and make a quick buck, actually, but I guess Mason and Sam Friedman beat me to it.

[Andrew and John laugh]

Andrew: Not cool.

John: I’m just saying. I was waiting for you to cover the microphone. I was like, “Bad idea! Bad idea!” but you were smart enough to…

Andrew: Yeah.

[John laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I muted it just in time.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: But…

Mason: If we actually…

Andrew: What?

Mason: If we actually gave out your cell phone, you’d kill me. You’d flat out kill me.

John: Yeah, that’s what I was saying to Mase. I was like, “He would murder us.”

Andrew: Well, because Ben already gave it out and I still get – I literally get calls daily from it still, from that one time he did, and it’s really annoying. And listen, if you call I’m just going to answer and be mad at you, so don’t call.

John: Oh, you’ll still call me, Andrew.

Mikey: Hey, Mase, Mase…

Andrew: Still what?

John: Nothing, nothing. Go on.

Andrew: Okay.

Mason: What up?

Mikey: Mase, you should send me a link to the chat. I can join in there. We can sell information on Jamie and Andrew.

[Mason laughs]

Andrew: It’s Ustream. It’s Ustream.

Mason: Yeah, it’s just the Ustream chat, that’s all.

Mikey: This Ustream thing confuses me. I don’t even want to deal with it.

[Mason laughs]

Andrew: Okay. Well…

Mikey: Somebody just link me, please. I’m so confused.

Andrew: We are going to – thanks John and Mason for coming on. We’re going to take a quick break.

Mason: [in GoDaddy voice] Yeah, no problem.

Andrew: [in GoDaddy voice] Yeah, GoDaddy.

[Mason laughs]

Andrew: We’re going to take a break. What you’re going to hear now – Kenneth sent it over to me – the original “Hedwig’s Theme” cracked out that he made, with his friend Andrew yelling incantations and stuff like that. So, very cool. You’re listening to MuggleCast. We’ll be back in just a few minutes.

Jamie: Stay with us.

[“‘Arry!” by Advanced Potions-Making plays]

[“Waiting” by Green Day plays]

[“Gryffindor Rocks” by Harry and the Potters plays]

Listener Calls: Elder Wand

Andrew: MuggleCast Live coming at you!

Caller: …going to die with him, but if Harry gets disarmed any time from now until he dies, wouldn’t the Elder Wand pass to someone else?

Jamie: I think it’s extremely sort of context dependent. Ollivander kept saying that wand law is not something that’s set in stone. It’s very intricate, it’s very detailed, it’s very subtle. One thing doesn’t apply to both – to two situations.

Mikey: Jamie, Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah?

Mikey: You’re missing the biggest point here: He’s Harry Potter, defeater of Voldemort. Do you really think somebody is going to be like, “I’m going to duel you, Harry Potter!” Come on, he’s Harry! No one’s going to come up to him.

Caller: Well, he’s an Auror!

Jamie: No, I bet they would. I bet they would. Do you know what it’s like, Mikey? Have you ever seen Highlander the movie?

Mikey: [laughs] “There can only be one Highlander!”

Jamie: There can only be one. There can only be one Elder Wand owner and Harry Potter is going to have to fight all of them to claim the prize.

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah, but come on. He’s like – right now – can you imagine Harry in his later years? People are going to be like, “You’re the great Harry Potter,” and he’s like, “Yeah, you got a problem with that?” and they’re like, “Oh no! Sorry, sir! Sorry!”

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: Come on.

[Eric laughs]

Mikey: He defeated the big, bad – it’s like, come on, really? Truthfully – let’s see, Dumbledore had the Elder Wand until his old age. Because why? No one is going to go up against Dumbledore.

Jamie: That is true.

Mikey: And it was a complete accident that Malfoy became the owner of the Elder Wand. He meant it to go to Snape, you know what I mean?

Jamie: Would you go up against Dumbledore, Mikey?

Mikey: Or actually to die with him. Yeah, but it was a complete accident. And Harry knows this, and again, come on. And Ginny is going to let anybody come up and pwn Harry? Really? Yeah, yeah. I don’t know, I’m hungry.

[Caller and Eric laugh]

Eric: It’s a fair point, Mikey.

Mikey: [laughs] We’re in hour five, guys.

Jamie: No, we’re in hour six now, aren’t we?

Andrew: This is the sixth hour. Yeah, but, Mikey, you haven’t even been here the whole time. Whatever! Me and Jamie should be the ones complaining.

Jamie: Yeah, Mikey! Yeah!

Mikey: I’ve been here since I woke up.

Jamie: Andrew and I are hardcore.

Andrew: Oh gosh.

Eric: Same here, Mikey. Same here, Mikey, only that was twenty minutes ago.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: So…

Jamie: What do you think about it then? What do you think?

Andrew: Yeah, let’s hear your thoughts.

Eric: Who? What? Me?

Caller: Well, I wasn’t sure, though.

Andrew: Or Eric, yeah.

Caller: Oh wait, sorry, me?

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, whatever.

Caller: Okay.

Mikey: We like you more than Eric.

Andrew: Well…

Eric: Yeah.

Mikey: Fine, I love her.

Caller: Well, I wasn’t really sure. So yeah, whatever.

Andrew: All right. Then Eric?

Eric: Oh. No, I think you guys gave a good answer for it, so that’s good. But whether or not – yeah. I mean, no, you’re right. Mikey’s right, everybody will just kind of back off.

Jamie: But Mikey is hungry so it changes what he thinks.

Eric: Okay, so if that translates to somehow that somehow people won’t back off, I’m going to say that people might back off with Harry. Or that Harry might bury the Elder Wand or something, or just get rid of it or hide it in a – so even if it is somebody else’s…

Mikey: Wasn’t he going to return it where it was supposed to be, like in Dumbledore’s grave?

Jamie: It’s going to be like Jumanji, so he’s going to bury it and it’s going to start booming and someone’s going to find it.

Mikey: Jamie!

Eric: Yeah! Yeah, exactly!

Mikey: Jamie, I just bought Jumanji on DVD. It was only $4.

Jamie: Did you really?

Mikey: Yeah, the collector’s series.

Eric: Just? Oh, come on, I’ve owned that DVD for like a year and a half. Come on.

Mikey: But dude, this is a collector’s series, all right? It was like $4.99. Jumanji! Oh, how I love Jumanji.

[Eric imitates drum sounds from Jumanji]

Jamie: “It’s a stampede!”

[Eric and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: It’s got Robin Williams, come on!

Eric: I know, I know.

Jamie: Yeah, he’s good in this movie. He really is.

Eric: Yeah. That’s an awesome movie.

Mikey: He is amazing. You know what other character I love of Robin Williams’, guys? And sorry, we’re totally off tangent.

Andrew: Flubber.

Mikey: The Genie from Aladdin.

Andrew: Oh yeah, the Genie.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Mikey: [singing] “You ain’t never had a friend like me!”

Jamie: [singing] “Nya, nya, nya. Wow, wow.”

Eric: [laughs] Mikey, you remind me of the Genie.

Mikey: Really?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: In a pleasant way.

Andrew: I agree.

Eric: In a very pleasant way. In a very kind of cool – cool hand Luke type, kind of way.

Mikey: Joking around, always happy?

Eric: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, I guess I could be the Genie.

Eric: Yeah, man.

Jamie: You can grant wishes as well, Mikey.

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah, that’s true! I do have magic powers.

Eric: And you do grant wishes. You do grant wishes.

Mikey: I’m kind of magical, so maybe I’m like the Genie.

Andrew: All right, Abby. Well, thank you for calling in.

Caller: Okay, thank you so much.

Andrew: You’re welcome.

Caller: Bye!

Andrew: Bye!

Jamie: Buh-bye!

Eric: Hey!

Andrew: Let’s hear more Pickle Pack members. Oh, and of course there’s a ton. Okay.

[Jamie sings]

Andrew: Hello?

Jamie: Hey.

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi. Pickle Pack username, please.

[Prolonged silence]

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: He hung up. That was weird.

Jamie: I guess she’s not a Pickle Pack member.

Mikey: My roommates are making fun of me.

Eric: Awww.

Mikey: They don’t like Harry Potter much.

Andrew: Hello, Pickle…

Mikey: I quote Paul Friedlander. You know Paul, Andrew and Jamie.

Andrew: Yeah, I know Paul.

Jamie: Yeah.

Mikey: I quote Paul Friedlander: “You are beyond a dork right now, dude.”

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: I’m like…

Eric: Oh dude, don’t quote him. Don’t give him that.

Mikey: No, no, I’m putting him on this so that way he now is part of MuggleNet. He’s part of Harry Potter now, right?

Jamie: That’s good.

Mikey: Don’t use my full name? His name is Paul Friedlander, everybody. His phone number is 909…

[Jamie and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: I don’t remember his full number off the top of my head. If you guys find him on Facebook or MySpace, send him messages and say, “Don’t make fun of Mikey, your roommate, please.”

Listener Calls: Dobby’s Death

Andrew: Caller, you’re live on MuggleCast.

Caller: Hi!

Jamie: Hey!

Andrew: Hi, are you a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: Yes, I am.

Andrew: What’s your username, please?

Caller: HPHorseGirl.

Andrew: Verified. Proceed with question.

[Eric laughs]

Caller: Okay, you guys were talking earlier about the Deathly Hallows movie.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: What do you think they’re going to do about Dobby? Do you think his rescue and death will be cut out?

Andrew: Oh.

Caller: Because as far as we know, we don’t know he works at Hogwarts.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. No, I think Dobby’s death is a little too important. I can’t see them cutting out any deaths in the book – in the movie.

Jamie: Why is it – it’s important in showing – the only thing I can see it’s important for, and obviously I’m not being mean to Dobby because he was an awesome character, but I thought the reason it’s important is because then Griphook trusts Harry and thinks he’s a wizard – a very strange wizard because he cares for creatures other than his own. And perhaps, if he hadn’t seen Harry bury Dobby in that way, perhaps he wouldn’t have agreed to go forward with the plan. Bless Dobby’s heart anyway, but you know.

Mikey: Every time someone talks about Dobby now after Prophecy, I just keep hearing the Draco and the Malfoys song. [singing] “Dobby.”

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: [singing] “Kicking Dobby. It’s my favorite hobby.” [stops singing] And I love Dobby, but now I kind of want to just kick him around sometimes.

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: Well, he’s dead. You wouldn’t have much trouble.

Mikey: Yeah. [laughs] Oh, kick him when he’s dead.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah. I was thinking he’s dead.

Eric: I was hoping that IMDB could shed some light on this and possibly, magically answer the question for us, but so far the actor Toby Jones who voiced Dobby is not listed as any kind of super preemptively – even for the sixth movie – for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Mikey: I’m going to go add that information right now to let all the fan speculation just roll up.

Jamie: I’ve met Toby Jones.

Eric: You really have?

Jamie: I have, yeah. He’s a surely nice guy.

Eric: Yeah?

Jamie: But he couldn’t do the Dobby voice because he had a sore throat that day.

Eric: [laughs] Oh, the one day you had to meet him, Jamie.

Jamie: I know, I know.

“MuggleNet. Hem, Hem.”

Andrew: I don’t believe that at all, by the way. I was surprised – oh, why am I forgetting her name? – Imelda Staunton did the voice for MuggleNet.

Eric: Yes, yes, Andrew! We know!

Jamie: Yeah, but she didn’t have a sore throat, though.

Andrew: I mean, I don’t mean to brag but that was sort of my thing. I sort of made that happen.

Mikey: Except I was the one that said we should have her do that.

Andrew: You did not! That was my idea!

Mikey: It was so my idea!

Andrew: You did not!

Mikey: It was my idea!

Andrew: No. Nope. Nope.

Mikey: No, no. All right, let’s see.

Andrew: I will…

Mikey: All right, hold on. Us on the red carpet, and when Andrew – what’s his name? – Emerson is like, “Hey, what should we have -” I’m like, “Hey, we should have her say ‘MuggleNet. Hem, hem.’ We should have her do the ‘Hem, hem.'”

Andrew: You are lying!

Mikey: I said, “We should have her do the ‘Hem, hem.'” You know that was all me, Andrew.

Andrew: I’ll call Emerson right now.

Mikey: Call Emerson. He’ll say, “Yeah, it was Mikey who said you should have her do the ‘Hem, hem.'”

Jamie: Oh whatever.

Andrew: Unless…

Mikey: Oh, come on.

Andrew: We need to solve this right now.

[Phone rings]

Mikey: Dude, trust me. Don’t try to take my – you know what? Just because you’re Andrew Sims…

Andrew: Thanks HorseGirl for calling.

Caller: Okay, thank you. Bye!

Andrew: Bye!

Jamie: Buh-bye!

Eric: Thanks!

Andrew: Okay, he’s at the Notre Dame game right now, but this is all too important.

Eric: Oh great, we’re going to get lots of sports fans.

Mikey: He’s not going to…

Andrew: Watch, he’ll say it was his idea.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Yeah.

Mikey: What are you talking about, guys? It was my idea. I’m the one interviewing. Oh okay, yeah.

Emerson: Hello?

Andrew: Yo, Emerson!

Mikey: Emerson, it’s Mikey. Hey.

Emerson: Mikey?

Mikey: So me and – yeah, me and Andrew are arguing right now.

Emerson: Okay.

Mikey: Who told you to ask – who asked – who told you to ask Imelda Staunton – to ask her to say “Hem, hem”?

Emerson: All right, say it again but really, really slowly.

Mikey: All right. Who told you to ask Imelda Staunton to get – to say “Hem, hem” for the premiere?

Emerson: Okay wait, who told me to…

Andrew: Who told you to tell Imelda Staunton to do the “Hem, hem” for the premiere – at the premiere?

Mikey: Remember somebody was giving you all the ideas, named Mikey?

Andrew: [laughs] No!

[Eric laughs]

Emerson: I think it was, yeah.

Mikey: Wait, wait, what was that, Emerson? Say it once more?

Emerson: That was you.

Andrew: No!

Mikey: Thank you.

Andrew: No!

Mikey: It was me, Andrew! I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Andrew: That’s weird, we just the lost connection with Emerson.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: What? No, I did!

Mikey: Dude!

Andrew: No!

Mikey: It was so me!

Andrew: I had that in my head.

Mikey: All right, you – maybe you thought of it, and I just happened to say it out loud. Oh, come on. All right, you know what, guys?

Andrew: I’m sorry, but…

Mikey: Andrew…

Andrew: …I’m not moving my position on this.

Mikey: I’ll say – Andrew needs all the – you know what? It was all you, Andrew. I’m sorry. I’m not being sarcastic at all. [laughs]

Andrew: Wait, what?

Mikey: I’m just saying – yeah, Emerson said it was me, man, because it was me. It’s all right.

Andrew: But that – I’m upset now. I could’ve sworn that was my idea. [laughs]

Mikey: Now, my question is, have you been telling people that it was all your idea?

Andrew: No, I haven’t. I just said that on the show to come off arrogant, but I’m sure that I said that.

Mikey: [laughs] No.

Andrew: I know that was my idea!

Mikey: [laughs] No, it wasn’t.

Andrew: Yes, it was. I know it. [sighs] Anyway, it’s Pickle Pack Hour here on MuggleCast. Let’s get some – wow, they’re all calling in really, really quick.

Mikey: Hey, guess what, guys?

Andrew: What?

Mikey: I’m eating pizza.

Andrew: Mmm, good. Hi, Hannah!

Caller: Hi.

Andrew: Hi. Can you turn your mic up a little bit?

Jamie: Hey, Hannah.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Hannah?

Caller: Hi.

Andrew: Hi. Can you turn your microphone up a little bit?

Caller: Yup.

Andrew: Thanks.

Jamie: Like a thousand…

Andrew: Like a thousand times, yeah.

Mikey: Hey, was that the first time Emerson was on this live twelve hour…

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Mikey: Is he going to come back on, or no?

Andrew: He’s – I don’t know.

Mikey: I like Emerson, he’s my buddy.

Andrew: Are you turning it up, Hannah?

Caller: Yeah, I think so.

Andrew: Well, just speak up really, really loud.

Mikey: Talk in a loud voice.

Caller: Okay, is that better?

Andrew: That’s better, yes.

Caller: Okay.

Andrew: Speak really loud! So, what’s on your mind? You’re a Pickle Pack member, I assume?

Caller: Yeah, I am.

Andrew: Good. What’s your username to verify?

Caller: HannahDundee.

Andrew: Okay, typing it in here. All right, verified.

Mikey: Wait. Hannah, are you from Australia?

Caller: No, I’m from…

Mikey: Oh. Because you said “dundee,” I was thinking Crocodile Dundee.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: That would’ve been cool. You’re still cool, but you know…

Andrew: So what’s going on, Hannah?

Caller: I don’t know, I’m just talking to some of my friends right now, and – I don’t know. What’s a good question to ask?

Eric: Do you not have a question prepared?

Andrew: Yeah, you should come prepared. This is a live program we do here.

Mikey: [laughs] Oh.

Eric: Yeah, we’ve got a schedule, come on. Seriously. We haven’t got all day. We only have the next seven hours.

Mikey: Because we’re so prepared for everything we say, and I just talk and I don’t really think.

Eric: No, I’m joking.

Caller: Okay, why do you think Jo didn’t put in – why…

Andrew: Do you want us to come back to you later?

Caller: Sure.

Andrew: All right. See you in a bit.

Eric: Okay, bye, Hannah.

MuggleCast 110 Transcript (continued)

Listener Calls: Favorite Harry Potter Books

Andrew: Yeah, come prepared with questions, folks. We’re doing a live program here. Here’s someone who I know will be prepared. He wasn’t earlier, but he’s learned his lesson. Lucas.

Caller: Yeah, people in the chat are asking if Ryan Sims can come on.

Andrew: Ryan Sims can come on, huh?

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: I don’t know, we’ll work on that.

Mikey: I like Ryan so much better than you, Andrew.

Andrew: Okay, that’s cool, I guess.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: You know what? Here, let me leave and I’ll have him host the show. We’ll see how well that goes.

Mikey: Dude, come on. Ryan with Jaime, Eric, and me, it’ll be totally fine.

Eric: Yeah, the Ryan Sims Sunshine Hour.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Lucas, do you have a question or do you guys…

Lucas: Yeah actually, I have a question.

Andrew: Okay, I’ll be right back then.

Lucas: Yeah, what are your guys’ favorite books now that you’ve finished digesting the seventh book and you’ve comprehended it all?

Eric: You mean favorite Harry Potter books in light of Book 7?

Lucas: Yeah.

Eric: Should I go first?

Mikey: Yeah.

Jamie: Sure.

Eric: I think probably – ooh, Book 3, then Book 6…

[Typing sounds in the background]

Eric: …then “4”, “5”, “2”, “1”, “7” – come back to me.

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: I’ll go. Mine is in reverse order. I think “7” was just awesome, “6”, “5”, “4”, “3”, “2”, “1”. I thought they just got better and better and better and better.

Mikey: You like – wait, hold on. Stop right there. You liked the Harry Potter – the first one less than you liked Chamber of Secrets?

Jamie: I – yeah, I liked – to be honest, I thought the first – I thought her writing improved exponentially from “5” onwards, and I enjoyed them. I thought the first four were awesome examples of storytelling, but the writing wasn’t amazing. But then, “5” onwards – “5”, “6”, and “7” I thought were amazing storytelling and also her character development – I know I sound like a boring old film reviewer, but her character development and how they’re portrayed, but I thought it got a lot better and her writing just got a lot, lot better as well. I thought it was extremely good. I thought – yeah, reverse order.

Mikey: Wow.

Eric: That’s really cool. You could never sound like an old movie reviewer, boring person, Jamie.

Jamie: Huh? No, I wish I could.

Mikey: He does sound – well, he’s got the British accent.

[Eric laughs]

Mikey: He’s got the British accent already.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Mikey: I like the fifth book the best, but I hated the movie, so…

Andrew: Lucas, what’s going on? You got a woodpecker outside your window or something?

Eric: Okay, who is typing?

Caller: No, I was typing because people in the chat are telling me to – yeah, people in the chat said to make a poll.

Mikey: Are they saying to make a shout-out here?

Caller: They’re saying make a poll for the books.

Eric: That’s the thing. We can’t…

Andrew: Sorry, what was your question?

Eric: We shouldn’t read comments…

Andrew: What was your question?

Eric: …from the chat.

Andrew: What was your question? I left when…

Caller: Oh, it was – yeah.

Andrew: What?

Jamie: Favorite Harry Potter book.

Andrew: Oh, there’s only four options. You can only make four options.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: So give me your top four.

Caller: Mine?

Andrew: Anyone. Well, what should we do? We’ll start with…

Eric: We can only make four options?

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: We’ll start with DH.

Eric: What kind of a poll is that? [laughs] We’re MuggleNet!

Andrew: No, no, no! This isn’t MuggleNet, this is over Ustream.

Eric: Oh.

Andrew: I’ll just do the most…

Eric: Do…

Andrew: Goblet of Fire through Deathly Hallows. Is that okay?

Eric: Yeah, okay.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay. Start poll. All right, new poll is now live. Okay, let me hang up on you and we’ll see – my brother is not actually here right now but we can call a phone number that he may be at.

Mikey: Ooh!

Andrew: He’s actually down in Ocean City, New Jersey right now. So we’ll do this really quick.

Mikey: Is your sister going to be there? Becca?

[Phone rings]

Andrew: My sister is in the room across the hall, actually.

Mikey: [in a silly voice] Becca!

Eric: Let’s get Becca on.

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Becca. Becca talks…

Eric: Am I the only person in favor of that? [laughs]

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Becca talks like this.

Mikey: [laughs] Let’s just have the entire Sims family on.

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Typical Sims girl.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Typical blonde, I mean. Sorry.

Mikey: Hot Sims.

Eric: Is she a natural blonde, Andrew?

Andrew: No. Yes, yes! Yeah, sorry.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: No, she just pretends.

Andrew: Hence why she’s so dumb.

Mikey: [laughs] Wow!

Andrew: I’m just kidding.

Eric: Wow.

Mikey: Are you calling all our blonde listeners dumb?

Andrew: Just kidding, just kidding. I don’t think they’re at our place down at the shore right now.

Eric: Yeah, they’re in the ocean.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, in the 50 degree ocean.

[Eric laughs]

Listener Calls: Remus Lupin

Andrew: Let’s get another MuggleCast caller in here right now. Elizabeth?

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi. Are you a Pickle Pack member?

Jamie: Hey!

Caller: Hi, I’m Elizabeth!

Andrew: Hi! Are you a Pickle Pack member?

[Echoing sounds in the background]

Caller: Yup, I am.

Andrew: Oh okay. What’s your name? What’s your username?

Caller: Wandless.

Andrew: Oh okay. Verifying, verifying. Okay, verified. So what’s going on?

Caller: Hi. I have a question.

Andrew: Okay, and can you mute your stream, please?

Caller: I have.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Now you did. Okay, cool.

Caller: With Remus Lupin, you haven’t talked about him much. Do you think that – how he sort of spazzed out on Harry, do you think that’s an accurate portrayal of his character? Because I thought that after the whole thing with Tonks he would have been cool about having a baby.

Jamie: That was – Jo is always keen to show that people human, and I thought that was just her way of saying that people – Lupin has always been so nice to everyone and all friendly, and he’s never got angry. And you’ve got to – occasionally, everyone snaps and everyone gets mad, and it’s such a sensitive subject for him and he feels so guilty about it that I think – he didn’t mean to snap at Harry, but – and Harry was kind of mean. Considering all he risked, to call him a coward is quite an insult.

Eric: Yeah.

Jamie: The same as Snape. And Harry is very, very, very quick to sort of criticize someone’s bravery when he doesn’t know the real story, and I thought – we can forgive Lupin that one indiscretion considering he’s had seven books of being nice and being friendly.

Mikey: Can you?

Caller: Okay, cool.

Eric: Well, since Book 3. I mean, I thought it was strange because he seemed to go – he seemed to undergo several different personal phases which where – as Jamie said, Jo wants to show that everybody is human. And that was cool. That was just really – the scenes with Lupin were really intense and really had me on the edge of my seat.

Jamie: I agree, yeah. I mean, it was extremely emotional but I just – for who Lupin is, I think it’s fine but – [laughs] so one outburst in all those books, considering his situation and the potential dangerous nature of the entire thing.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. And Harry had a lot going on at that time and I think it’s completely understandable that he would just freak out like that.

Jamie: Exactly, exactly. Why, what do you think, Elizabeth?

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah, I thought they were great, but then I think he just sort of – I didn’t expect it at all. It was very unexpected because I thought he would sort of be – I thought he had gotten over the whole prejudice thing after marrying Tonks.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know. I think it’s understandable, the outburst.

Jamie: I agree.

Andrew: Okay, anyone else?

Jamie: Everyone [unintelligible] that one indiscretion.

Andrew: Yup. All right. Well, thank you for calling in, Elizabeth.

Caller: Thank you!

Andrew: Bye!

Mikey: Bye!

Caller: Bye!

Jamie: Buh-bye!

Eric: It’s great to hear from these people.

Andrew: What did you say?

Eric: I said it’s great to hear from these people.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: I like how “Pickles” has become such a catchphrase that some people sign their e-mails as “Pickles.”

Andrew: I know. [laughs] Instead of “Bye” or…

Jamie: Yeah, “Pickles, John” or whatever.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Jamie: It’s funny. I love it.

Listener Calls: Harry Potter Encyclopedia

Andrew: Hi, Kayla.

Caller: Hello!

Andrew: Are you a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: Yes, I am.

Andrew: Okay, let me verify. What’s your Pickle Pack username?

Caller: It’s Kaylasing311.

Andrew:: Okay, I’m verifying, verifying, verifying. Okay, you’re clear. Proceed.

Caller: Okay. J.K. Rowling said she’s probably writing an encyclopedia, right?

Jamie: Yeah.

Caller: What would you guys most like to see in something like that?

Jamie: Everything.

Andrew: Well – yeah, this is Jo’s opportunity to finally get out all this information that she has and all of her notes that she always says she’s been keeping. All of her – all the questions on the – like backstory she’s wanted to reveal. Most notably, Dean Thomas is one person who she said has an interesting backstory. Maybe we’ll learn about that in the encyclopedia. So I think Jo needs to include anything and everything that comes to her mind, in all seriousness. There’s no point – if this encyclopedia comes out in say a year or two, maybe even longer, why not? Why not put everything out there?

Jamie: But Andrew…

Andrew: You’re moving from Harry Potter, now is the time.

Jamie: But I think this encyclopedia can go two ways: it can either go an awesome way like perhaps Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I doubt she thought much about fitting it in to the whole sort of book series but tried to just make it cool and interesting. Because it read like that. It read like – the creatures sounded very fun, very made-up, that kind of thing, which is good because I really enjoyed that book and I’m sure everyone else did. But the encyclopedia, I think she’s either going to fit it in perfectly with the story of the books, or she’s going to take it a very fun way and put backstory for everything and just show people as much of the universe as she can. But I don’t know, I think it depends on what she calls it as well. If she calls it Hogwarts: A History, then I think she has to make it true to the books. But if she calls it The Harry Potter Encyclopedia, then I think she can do whatever she likes, really. It just depends on what she calls it.

Mikey: Yeah, if it’s Hogwarts: A History, I want to know all about the founders, like a really comprehensive backstory.

Eric: Yeah.

Jamie: Precisely, yeah. I want her to write Secrets of the Darkest Arts and Moste Potent Potions.

Mikey: I would like to know a little bit more about the Marauders and their high jinks.

Jamie: Yeah, that would be awesome.

Mikey: That would be cool, yeah.

Andrew: Definitely. Hey…

Mikey: I think – well – oh, I was just going to say one more thing. I think she should just write a Harry Potter encyclopedia, and I really think it should just be kind of like one of those things where she should open up the universe to other authors, like George Lucas did to Star Wars, and have other authors write Harry Potter novels.

Jamie: Is she going to do that, though?

Eric: Yeah, but nobody can write as well as her. I mean, I’m not going to say nobody, but a lot of…

Jamie: No, loads of people…

Mikey: No, I’m not talking fan fiction, I’m talking like she approves all the stuff that’s written and let other real, professional authors tackle everything. Don’t get me wrong, fan fiction is cool, but if you have professional…

Jamie: Mikey?

Mikey: Yeah?

Jamie: Can I quote someone from chat-room quickly? Who just said, “Mikey, that’s a crazy idea!”

Mikey: Really?

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Anonymous, anonymous.

Mikey: Anonymous, anonymous? Oh, should I go to the chat-room right now and find out who’s talking on me?

Andrew: Hey, Laura is back now. Welcome back, Laura.

Laura: Hey everybody!

Andrew: Hi.

Eric: Hey, Laura.

Laura: What’s up?

Mikey: Hi, Laura.

Andrew: We’re doing a podcast, how about you?

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: I’m eating pizza right now.

Laura: Okay. Okay, what I meant was, what are we talking about?

Eric: We’re taking listeners, Pickle Pack…

Andrew: Yeah, it’s Pickle Pack Hour here on MuggleCast Live.

Laura: Oh yay!

Listener Calls: Snape

Andrew: Here’s another Pickle Pack member. QuidditchDestroyal – ugh. [in a sing-song voice] I can’t talk!

Caller: Hey.

Andrew: What’s up?

Caller: Hey, this is Tory from Pickle Pack.

Andrew: Hi.

Caller: My username is KishiShyron9112.

Andrew: Yeah, hold on, let me verify. Don’t say another word.

Caller: All right.

Eric: I’ve seen you before.

Andrew: I’m sorry, your username is not turning up any entries. I don’t think you’re a Pickle Pack member.

Eric: Ask a question before we kick you off!

Caller: Sorry?

Andrew: I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: She missed the joke.

Caller: I was going to say.

Jamie: [quietly] What’s wrong with [unintelligible] ?

Andrew: Get closer to your mic, Jamie. You’re like…

Jamie: Sorry.

Andrew: Fill it out.

Jamie: What’s wrong with [unintelligible] ?

Caller: Oh no, it’s actually a reference to this Harry Potter fan fiction, Shoebox Project. It’s really awesome. It’s like my favorite fan fiction ever, so yeah.

Andrew: Cool. So what’s on your mind?

Caller: I was actually wondering what you thought about the whole fact that the only reason Snape was good was that he loved Lily. Like I know the books are all about love and all, but do you think that was sort of demeaning to his character?

Andrew: Demeaning – sorry, can you repeat it again? Demeaning to his character that what?

Eric: Well, that…

Caller: The only reason he was – he turned out to be good was because he loved Lily.

Mikey: No, I think it adds…

Laura: [unintelligible] I mean, to love somebody is a wonderful thing, so I don’t necessarily think…

Mikey: I think it adds depth to his character.

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: He was such a jerk through the whole thing, and then finally he has this – he’s a big old softy. It’s like, “Oh, Severus. Come on, you’re not really that mean. You love Lily.”

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: I think it adds a little depth to him and makes him kind of like, awww, cute and cuddly, but greasy.

[Caller and Laura laugh]

Jamie: People think that Snape was acting only in his interests, but he wasn’t. Jo is trying to say that someone who is that self-centered, and Snape, although he’s a hero and although he’s incredibly brave…

Mikey: He’s still a jerk.

Jamie: Yeah. Love is his overtaking his whole desire to better himself and save himself, and that’s the whole thing in the books. And it shows that Dumbledore has gone through all seven books, just saying, “Harry, it’s all about you. You can love which means that you can save the day.” But it isn’t only him. Bad people can love as well, people can redeem themselves. But not Voldemort because he’s a psychopath.

Andrew: [laughs] Right.

Eric: Yeah, he can’t love. [laughs]

Andrew: Okay. Well, thank you for calling in.

Caller: Thank you. Oh, and one more thing: just a shout-out to the Vultures.

Andrew: Shout-out! Gak, gak, Pickle Pack!

Eric: Oh my God. We actually made through ten Pickle Pack members without a Vulture shout-out.

Mikey: You know what I love about the Vultures, guys?

Andrew: They don’t stop?

Mikey: Well, no, they don’t get on my case at all…

Eric: They’re incessant? They always want to have presents everywhere they go? The Blickes? The sense of community? The close sense of community? Sorry, Mikey, did you already answer the question a long time ago?

Mikey: Yeah, I did but you’re just rambling.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: That’s what I do, that’s why they made me…

Mikey: Yeah. See, I love the Vultures because they jump on all you guys about missing a day. But they never really get on me and there’s a reason for it, it’s because I don’t have a day. So it’s nice. I like…

Andrew: I’m fine though. I’m always reliable. Mostly.

Mikey: Mostly. For the most part.

Andrew: Caller, you’re live on MuggleCast. Are you a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: No.

Andrew: You’re not?!

[Jamie gasps]

Caller: No, my thing says not a Pickle Pack member.

Andrew: Well, what thing says not a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: Wait, I thought I changed my details, and I thought it said not a Pickle Pack member.

Andrew: I don’t check details, I just hit the answer button.

Caller: Oh. Well, sorry.

Andrew: Here, call back in a little bit, okay?

Caller: I will.

Andrew: Okay, thanks.

Caller: See you! Bye!

Andrew: We still love you. Bye!

Jamie: Buh-bye!

Andrew: Okay.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Mikey: I only love Pickle Pack members, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Oh, I love everyone and anyone!

Mikey: No, I love everybody too. But this hour, I only have love for Pickle Pack members.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, here, let’s try this for a second.

Jamie: And me, Mikey?

Mikey: Hmmm?

Jamie: And me, Mikey? You love me, don’t you?

Mikey: Well, Jamie, of course. You’re like an ultimate Pickle Pack member.

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: You do get in there, don’t you? You have access, right? I have access.

Jamie: Yeah.

Listener Calls: Curse on DADA Position

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi, you’re live on MuggleCast.

Mikey: Hi.

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi, you’re live on MuggleCast. Are you a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: Yes.

Andrew: Awesome. What’s your username? I need to verify.

Caller: AnimagusPadfoot.

Eric: Hello! How are you?

Andrew: Typing, I’m typing, I’m typing. Okay, verified. What’s going on?

Caller: I’ve got a question: Snape as a DADA professor, he was still at Hogwarts in Book 7. Did the – that didn’t really make sense to me, because of the curse and everything.

Andrew: He broke the curse. He broke the curse.

Eric: Well, the curse only says he can’t be…

Caller: But how? How did he break it?

Eric: The curse only says he can’t be DADA for two years.

Andrew: Oh, that’s true.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: He can’t hold that position for more than one year.

Caller: Oh okay.

Eric: And Snape was – I mean, that’s just speculation, but that’s what I guess, that it’s just that the actual Defense Against the Dark Arts position can’t be held for any length of a period of time. Also, Snape was at Hogwarts under Voldemort’s orders, or at least Voldemort thought he was, so if there was any kind of thing, then maybe that would happen. But yeah, he wasn’t DADA, he was a headmaster, so one of the Death Eaters or something probably would have taken those classes. Didn’t they say, though…

Jamie: The curse can be broken as well.

Eric: Didn’t Neville tell Harry, or Ginny, that it was just Dark Arts classes instead of Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Jamie: Yes. Yeah, that was in – yeah, the seventh book was just Dark Arts.

Eric: Yeah.

Jamie: Going on from there, I want to say that what I thought was awesome was Jo – sorry to completely change the point, but Jo in the seventh book completely made explicit the nature of Voldemort’s power and the scope of his magical ability. Like when Harry was in – there’s an awesome line when Harry is in Hogwarts and the castle shakes, and Harry’s like…

[Mikey laughs]

Jamie: He finally realizes that the castle was under the grip of more sinister enchantments than that of the Order of the Phoenix. Mikey, what’s funny?

Mikey: [laughs] Sorry guys, I’m going through an e-mail right now.

Jamie: [laughs] Oh.

Mikey: And there’s a picture from Andrea, from Venezuela, and she just put a picture. It says, “Book 4 is here,” and it’s “Mikey B and the pizza that was late.”

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Hold on, I need to – all right, I’m going to send a message to everybody here to take a look at this pizza. Who else do we have to add in? We have to add in some people. Everyone just…

Jamie: But yeah, that’s an awesome line, isn’t it?

Mikey: Yeah, sorry, I’m just laughing really hard on this because I was – it was funny.

Jamie: What were we talking about before? Yeah, the curse. And also, curses can be broken, so it’s like – Dumbledore was able to break through the ring curse, and I don’t think…

Caller: But how – okay, go. Finish.

Jamie: No, I was going to say that I don’t think that curses can last forever and they can be broken. I’m not sure how, I think curse law is exactly the same as wand law. Very, very subtle rules govern it that not everyone knows, and it’s extremely hard to find out exactly what’s going on with it.

Andrew: Right, right.

Caller: All right.

Eric: Well, in this case, Voldemort’s death broke the curse, according to J.K. Rowling.

Caller: Oh okay.

Andrew: Okay. Well, thank you for calling in.

Caller: Thank you.

Jamie: Thank you.

Andrew: No problem. Bye!

Mikey: All right, did any of you guys see that picture? “Mikey B and the pizza…”

Laura: Yeah, I just looked at it. I don’t get it, but…

Andrew: Where are you sending this? Oh, I got it.

Mikey: Yeah, I sent it to you.

Jamie: You didn’t send it to me.

Andrew: Oh my gosh! [laughs]

Mikey: Yeah, I did. It’s in the chat-room!

Andrew: Was this just made?

Mikey: This was just made. I was looking at the e-mails. That’s why – I was trying to pay attention and I was reading the e-mails, and I just started laughing because like, “Book 4 is here. It’s Mikey B. I really hope you guys take a look at it and all the others I sent before,” so I don’t know if she sent a bunch of e-mails.

Andrew: Is this a she? Because it’s signed “Andrew,” isn’t it? Or is it “Andrea”?

Mikey: No, Andrea. Andrea.

Andrew: Oh okay. Andrea, okay.

Mikey: Yeah, and apparently…

Eric: That’s such a beautiful name and a beautiful signature.

Mikey: Wait, hold on, “Book 4 is here.” I think she probably did one for each book, each hour we’re doing, guys, about something we’re doing. I think we need to go – I don’t know.

MuggleCast 110 Transcript (continued)

Listener Calls: Names of The Trio’s Children

Andrew: Search for her e-mail. Or call in and give Mikey your number so we know what to look for. Here’s someone calling in, Abbey. Hello, Abbey!

Caller: Hi!

Jamie: Hey!

Andrew: Hi. Are you a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: I am.

Laura: Awesome.

Andrew: Oh, what’s your Pickle Pack username? I need to verify.

Caller: It’s Abbey66.

Jamie: That’s a great word, Andrew. “Verify.”

Andrew: I’m sorry, it’s not turning up any entries.

Eric: You tried that the last time.

Andrew: It says you’re a registered Leaky member though.

[Jamie gasps]

Andrew: So we definitely can’t have you on then.

Jamie: Sorry.

Andrew: This is…

Caller: No, it’s…

Mikey: Uh-oh, uh-oh, Leaky!

Jamie: Ooh.

Andrew: Sorry, it’s – yeah, it’s just the system. It’s just what it’s telling me. I’m just kidding! [laughs] Let’s stop.

Mikey: You’re a big jerk-face, Andrew.

Andrew: I know, I’m silly.

Caller: I was just…

Andrew: [laughs] Go ahead.

Caller: I was just calling to see what you guys thought about the names of the kids in the epilogue, because I thought they were kind of stupid.

Jamie: Some were, yeah. Albus Severus was cry-worthy though.

Caller and

Laura: Yeah.

Caller: That one was by far the worst.

Eric: Maybe that was Jo’s last attempt to get us to cry.

Caller: And who wants to be brothers to the guy your grandparent was named to?

Jamie: Well, that is a fair point, but – I don’t know. Albus Severus, I thought personally – I understand some of them are pretty bad, like Scorpius.

[Laura laughs]

Caller: And Hugo.

Jamie: If my name was Scorpius, I think I’d probably kill myself.

Eric: And Hugo.

Caller: Where did Rose and Hugo come from?

Jamie: I have no idea.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: I feel like you can at least live with those, though, because they’re somewhat normal names. But on top of the fact that you’re already Harry Potter’s child and he named you Albus Severus, it’s just one more thing that you have to deal with, you know? Your dad is this famous guy that defeated this great wizard, so you must already get tons of attention, and then on top of it your name is Albus Severus.

Jamie: Well, Laura…

Caller: Yeah.

Jamie: …I have a story about that. One of my teachers from sixth form was a bit detached from reality in some areas. He had a daughter – his name was Neil Kelly. He had a daughter, and we were sitting in Politics one day – he taught Politics – and we were like, “Oh, congratulations. What did you call her?” And he says “Oh, we called her Grace.”

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: And the entire room just went, “Oh my God, you can’t do that to a child!”

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: “She better be beautiful, all the stick she’s going to get, it’s going to be unbelievable!” And he said “Well, I didn’t expect you to know who Grace Kelly was. It’s completely not your generation.” But yeah, we couldn’t believe he called his daughter Grace Kelly.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: Oh my gosh, that’s horrible.

Eric: Mika wrote this song about your teacher’s daughter?

Jamie: Who did?

Eric: Mika.

[Caller laughs]

Jamie: Sorry, who wrote this song?

Eric: Mika? M-I-K-A. Do you know that artist?

Andrew: Oh yes, you do, Jamie!

Eric: [singing] “I try to be like Grace Kelly!”

Jamie: He also does the news on this show, I think.

Eric: Yes.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: Yes.

Andrew: Oh, which reminds me, we’ve got to call him sometime, but we’re filled right now so we’ll do it later.

Caller: Yeah, I just frown.

Andrew: Huh?

Caller: I just felt sorry for all of the kids. And then Rose and Hugo – the only real reason J.K. Rowling would name her kids that was if she was a serious Lost fan or something.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh yeah!

Eric: Yeah!

Jamie: Maybe!

Eric: Yeah! Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, baby! Yeah.

Jamie: She should have called him Michael Dawson.

Mikey: They’re still “R” and “H”, Rose and Hugo, Ron and Hermione.

Caller: Yeah.

Mikey: There’s that, too.

Eric: Oh, that’s strange.

Mikey: There’s that too, guys. Plus – I don’t know. I don’t like the name Hugo. Anyone who is named Hugo, I like you, but the name is…

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: If your name is named Hugo, please call in. I want to know how you live your life.

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: Actually, I love the name Hugo. Now, if your name is Andrew, I am so sorry for you. I mean…

[Andrew pretends to laugh]

Mikey: It’s all right, Toots! It’s all right, Toots!

Andrew: Yeah, I’m Toots. I’m bringing Toots back. For the next six hours, I am Toots! Toots coming at you!

Jamie: Andrew, please don’t call yourself that.

Laura: I am not going to call you that.

Jamie: Thank you! Thank you! I love you.

Andrew: All right, that was Laura who said that.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Okay…

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: I love you still, Laura.

Andrew: Abbey, thank you for calling in.

Caller: Okay, wait, I have a question.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Caller: For Pickle Pack there is the Vultures, and what’s the other group?

Andrew: The other group…

Caller: Is it SPoT?

Andrew: What is it, Jamie?

Jamie: SPoT.

Andrew: And what is it for again?

Jamie: It’s for the T-shirts.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Jamie: When we post a question a thousand times a day, on the site, to win a T-shirt, you – people would go and find them very quickly, I think, and then e-mail in quickly to get a T-shirt. I think. I’m not too sure on their foundations.

Andrew: It’s something like that, yeah.

Caller: Oh okay.

Andrew: All right, Abbey? We’ve got plenty of people calling in right now.

Caller: Thank you.

Andrew: Okay, you’re welcome.

Jamie: Bye, Abbey!

Andrew: Bye! We’re literally getting an unbelievable amount of calls. I cannot believe how many people are calling in, because it’s…

Jamie: Andrew?

Andrew: What?

Jamie: I have to quickly interrupt. I’ve just seen in the chat-room – one sec, one sec, one sec.

Mikey: Oh, I should go back to the chat-room, huh?

Jamie: Hang on, hang on, hang on. I have a question that if someone is a Pickle Pack member but is too nervous to call in, then this person will then use their name and call in for them. But that is not allowed, so please don’t do that. We only Pickle Pack members.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Jamie: If you’re a Pickle Pack member.

Listener Calls: Meaning of SPoT

Andrew: Hi, Betsy!

Caller: Hello.

Andrew: Hi.

Caller: Can you hear me?

Andrew: Are you a Pickle Pack member? Yeah, I can hear you.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Awesome. I like your Skype icon, it’s like a pickle or something.

Caller: [laughs] Thanks.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: What’s so funny, Eric?

Eric: [laughs] I don’t know.

Andrew: Okay.

Eric: I just had – an icon with a pickle and it’s funny.

Andrew: You can laugh at the listeners later, if you want.

[Jamie and Mikey laugh]

Eric: I wasn’t laughing, I would like to hear Betsy’s…

Mikey: Wait, are you laughing at the Pickle Patronus?

Caller: What?

Mikey: Sorry, I’m lost.

Caller: I don’t know.

Mikey: I’m stopping.

Caller: I don’t know what’s going on.

Andrew: So…

Caller: I just wanted…

Andrew: Go ahead.

Caller: I wanted to tell you what SPoT really was.

Andrew: Oh okay, good. Let’s hear it.

Caller: It was made for the contest. It stands for the Society for the Protection of Tee-Peeps (T-Shirtless People).

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Nice.

Andrew: Okay.

Jamie: Ooh.

Eric: T-shirtless people.

Caller: And we were just talking on – we’re not really anything to do with…

Jamie: See, that sounds like you don’t have T-shirts, and you walk around bare-chested.

[Caller and Eric laugh]

Laura: Maybe they do, Jamie.

Jamie: Perhaps they do, you’re absolutely right.

Laura: Do you have a problem with that?

Eric: Yeah, would that surprise you, Jamie?

Jamie: Yes, Laura. Actually, I do. Yes, I do have a problem with that.

Caller: We’ve been through a few of the live [unintelligible] and – like different Spotters. And Ben is kind of scared of us.

Andrew: Ben is?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That doesn’t surprise me.

Caller: We would sit there and he would be like, “SPoT!”

Andrew: Yeah, he’s been running that whole thing. So…

Caller: Yeah.

Eric: So Andrew, has the T-shirt thing been fixed? Will there be anymore T-shirtless people? Or…

Mikey: I’m still waiting on mine.

Andrew: Well, I’m sorry to say that that contest thing is over, that giveaway.

Eric: Oh, I meant the regular Pickle Pack members. The ones who joined up, did they all get their shirts by now?

Andrew: Yes, they – oh, all the people who signed up for Pickle Pack? Mostly everyone.

Mikey: Except Mikey.

Andrew: There’s – Mikey – okay, Mikey – [sighs] can we just be honest? Because this is just a bad rep for the show if you’re just going to make it up. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah, he…

Andrew: Mikey, ladies and gentlemen, is not a Pickle Pack member paid for.

Mikey: I know, I’m sorry about that. I would have paid for it eventually, when I had money. I’m broke.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: [unintelligible] It really is. I didn’t pay for it.

Andrew: Actually…

Mikey: Actually, it’s all Andrew’s fault. [laughs] Andrew is the one that gave me the account.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, I did because you’re a host! You’re – things. [laughs] So…

Mikey: I do things. I get the idea to do the – to have Imelda Staunton go “Hem, hem,” right?

Andrew: Right. No! Not right!

[Mikey laughs]

[Andrew presses the Easy Button]

Andrew: [laughs] I think that most people have received their Pickle Pack T-shirts. I don’t want to talk about it on here, but…

Laura: I got mine.

Andrew: Oh okay, good. Some international people – most – everyone has them. [laughs] I think, hopefully.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Why do we have to discuss this on the show? Now I’m getting all sad.

Eric: Well, it’s Pickle Pack Hour. We should actually – in addition to taking comments from Pickle Pack, we should talk about Pickle Pack, I think, and where it’s come and stuff.

Andrew and

Mikey: Yeah.

Mikey: I got tattooed. I got a video of my tattoo process on Pickle Pack. I was pretty impressed with that, guys.

Andrew: Yeah, we haven’t…

Mikey: It hurt quite a bit. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, that was actually a hilarious video because Toby was there, too.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: He was just sitting there chilling. I’m like, “Toby’s there? What?”

Mikey: Yeah, Toby from The Remus Lupins was there, so was Kristina from The Parselmouths, and I don’t know if you guys noticed the guy with all the tattoos and the dreads, that’s Carlos. He’s in actually Sirius Black, and Dobby and the House Elves. That was his apartment.

Andrew: What do you mean his apartment?

Mikey: I got it done in his apartment.

Andrew: Oh!

Mikey: Because his roommate is a tattoo artist.

Jamie: Sorry. Mikey, you got – oh right. [laughs] Oh, I thought it was just like a group decision. You were just like, “Hey, hey…”

Mikey: No, no, it was at his place, and – yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, it looks like a real tattoo parlor or something. [laughs] But that was funny. Yeah, there’s tons of content going up on Pickle Pack. Thank you, Betsy, for calling.

Caller: Wait, Alice from England…

Andrew: What about them?

Caller: [laughs] She didn’t get her T-shirt yet.

Andrew: Oh. Well, tell her to e-mail – huh?

Caller: She lives in Leeds, England.

Andrew: Tell her her problem is that she lives in England.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Okay?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: So…

Caller: [laughs] Okay. Well, she hears you.

Andrew: Oh okay. Oh, I’m just kidding then.

Caller: And I wanted to give a shout-out to Katelin with an “I.” She’s stuck at work and she wanted to be listening.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: Awww. Shout-out! Sorry Katelin who couldn’t make it.

Jamie: What happened to the other eye?

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Mikey: Wow, that was…

Eric: Katelin with an “I.” Making fun of eyeless people here on MuggleCast.

Jamie: Hey, what do you call a fish with no eyes? A Fshhhhhhh.

Mikey: Oh hey…

Andrew: A – what? [laughs]

Eric: No, no, no. There’s a better joke than that. It’s the exactly opposite, Jamie. What do you call a ten-eyed fish? Fiiiiiiiiiish.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Andrew: I get it, that’s funny.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay, let’s take one more…

Mikey: Guys…

Andrew: What?

MuggleCast Fan Art by Andrea

Mikey: Guys, hold on. Remember how I was talking about how the Book 4 was “Mikey B and the late pizza”? I found the – Andrea has sent us every picture. Book 1 is – what is it? “Jamie Lawrence and the fan girls’ vegetables,” Book 1, and it’s a picture of Jamie with vegetables all around him.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: That sounds worrying.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Can you link us to these?

Mikey: Yeah, hold on, I think we should post these.

Andrew: Yeah, we should post them on…

Mikey: Yeah. On MuggleCast. And then Book 2 is Laura, and it says, “Laura Thompson and the unnamed radio show.”

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Mikey: Wait, hold on, I’m looking at number three. The third one is Andrew.

Andrew: Oh good, I was going to say, no more show until there’s one for me.

Eric: Wait, so is the next one me, then?

Mikey: I don’t know, maybe. Wait and see. Book 3 is “Andrew and the fake ticket to the J.K. Rowling reading hour”.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: So yeah – actually, you know what? Let’s just get a chat-room with every – with all of us in it so we can actually – give me one second, so I can send them all to you guys at once.

Eric: Yeah, let’s get more organized here on Skype.

Mikey: Yeah, we should be organized, guys.

Andrew: Yeah. What we’re going to do – someone create a group chat for us.

Mikey: I’m doing it right. Give me one second.

Andrew: Okay, good. And…

Eric: We should take…

Andrew: Let’s take one more Pickle Pack caller. Of course, don’t fret if you didn’t get through. We’re always going to be taking – oh wow, Skype is doing this differently now on me. Hold on one second. We’re going to be taking calls throughout the rest of the evening. We have six hours to go. According to the official Ustream countdown, we have six hours and three minutes left.

Jamie: Hope everyone is still with us and will be with us. We’re fine. These hours go very quickly. You look at the clock it’s twenty past.

Laura: I know.

Jamie: Then you look again and it’s thirty-five minutes past.

Mikey: These are actually pretty good.

Andrew: Okay, let’s take one more call here. Hello, caller!

Caller: Hi!

Andrew: Hi! You’re live on MuggleCast.

Caller: Oh my God!

Andrew: Oh man! How are you? Are you a Pickle Pack member?

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Good. Let me verify. What’s your Pickle Pack username?

Caller: HPotter2.

Andrew: Okay, you’re verified. What’s going on?

Caller: First I’d like to give a shout-out to the MuggleCast fan chat.

Andrew: Okay. Shout-out!

Eric: CFC!

Caller: [laughs] And to my friends Ashley and John.

Andrew: Awesome. And what’s on your mind today?

Caller: I just wanted to call and tell you guys that I love MuggleCast.

Andrew: Awww. Well, good.

Laura: Awww.

Andrew: Glad to hear you enjoy the show.

Caller: And I don’t really have a question because the question I had my friend Ashley had and she called a couple of minutes ago. So yeah.

Andrew: Oh okay. Well, that’s okay.

Jamie: Awww.

Andrew: Well hey, what’s your favorite song when you want to have a good time?

Caller: My favorite song?

Andrew: When you want to have a good time. Tonight.

Caller: I love “Loosen Your Tie” by The Remus Lupins.

Mikey: Yes, The Remus Lupins!

Andrew: Well, what if I said a song from the 80s that you really enjoy when you like to celebrate good times. Come on.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Come on?

Mikey: Celebrate?

Andrew: Come on. Come on.

Jamie: [singing] “Celebrate good times, come on.”

Andrew: What song? Come on, you have to intro it! Come on, pressure’s on!

Jamie: I don’t know how it starts.

Mikey: Wait, hold on, she likes listening to The Remus Lupins.

Caller: My computer is freezing, I’m sorry.

Mikey: Alex wants to come back on, guys.

Andrew: Okay. Well, after the break. After the break. We need to go to a break and regroup here.

Jamie: Andrew, can we have some Boys Like Girls, please?

Andrew: In a little bit, in a little bit. I got the songs already queued up here.

Jamie: It cut out anyway.

Andrew: Yeah, I let it go.

Eric: These images by Andrea are amazing.

Andrew: They are amazing.

Mikey: Yeah. The pictures are pretty darn good.

Laura: Yeah, they’re way cool.

Mikey: I’m pretty impressed.

Eric: They’re insane, I just…

Mikey: And actually – Eric, she e-mailed me specifically because I messaged her back, and she says she’s working on one like the Comic Relief that Rowling released. Book 5 is for Eric but nothing that’s funny has happened to you yet.

Eric: I know!

Mikey: I think it should be Eric Scull or – wait, wait, I’ve got to read them all quick, hold on. It should be Eric Scull and…

Jamie: Mikey, wait, wait. One second. Andrew, what’s happening now? Are we…

Andrew: Well, we’re going to – yeah, we’re going to go to break. We’re going to go to break.

Eric: I just need something funny to happen to me before we go to break.

Jamie: Eric, wait, wait, wait.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay then. We’re all waiting, so do something.

Mikey: [laughs] Come on, Eric. Eric, do something funny.

Eric: Oh, I thought I had funny things acted upon me.

Jamie: We aren’t even on air, so what difference does it make?

Andrew: We are.

Jamie: No, we’re not.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yes, we are.

Jamie: No, we’re not.

Eric: Wait, Jamie says we’re not. Why aren’t we?

Andrew: Oh, that’s weird. It’s – oh good, Skype – Firefox crashed. Well, that’ll be a good reason to not be on air. Why does it keep doing that? Well, it’s only the second time.

Jamie: It’s fine, it’s only every few hours.

Andrew: Yeah, I guess. Other – [laughs] other than that, I think it’s been going really well.

Laura: Yeah, apparently, Andrew, earlier when we thought we weren’t live, we were.

Andrew: Yeah, I think it was only for a real short amount of time, though.

Laura: Yeah.

Jamie: Why, what did we say?

Laura: I was dissing my school’s football team. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Oh.

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: We’re currently off air. Oh no!

Laura: [laughs] Whoops.

Andrew: Hold on. My shows.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Oh, Leo’s doing a show? We’re competing with Leo on Ustream? [laughs]

Jamie: And we’re winning.

Andrew: Yeah, we are winning. Not right now though because…

Mikey: Are we beating Leo? Really?

Andrew: Yeah, we have a louder “shout” than Leo does. Start broadcast.

Eric: Leo Laporte.

Mikey: Really?

Jamie: Andrew, can you put Boys Likes Girls on in this break?

Andrew: I can’t, I already got the thing – all right, we’re back! All the listeners are coming back in. Apologize for that. It was Firefox that crashed. That’s what happened that time before, too. So Eric, think up something funny. We got to go to break here. Come on, we got commercials. We got money to – I’m not making any sense.

Eric: Okay. Well, I thought funny things happened – did you guys each come up with your own things, or what?

Andrew: Sort of.

Mikey: No, she picked them. Well no, because – all right, let’s say – the perfect example is my pizza. Me and Andrew ordered a pizza at the same time, right? And I ordered a little bit before Andrew and I thought my pizza – I thought it was ensuring that my pizza was going to get there early before Andrew’s but Andrew’s came first, so mine is “Mikey B and the pizza that was late.”

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: And there’s a pizza behind me and I’m all sad looking.

Announcement: Pickle Pack

Jamie: Well, Andrew – Eric, while you’re thinking, we have an announcement to make…

Andrew: Oh, good point.

Jamie: …about Pickle Pack.

Andrew: Yes.

Jamie: So we posted a while ago on Pickle Pack about re-opening it, and after sorting out a few problems we decided that we are going to re-open it for two weeks. And then – and…

Andrew: Wait! Sorry, sorry, wait. I started the broadcast but I didn’t turn the audio on. I’m sorry. We’re live now! Sorry about that. Apologize.

Jamie: Okay.

Andrew: [laughs] So go ahead now.

Jamie: [laughs] Okay, okay.

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: We’re going to be re-opening Pickle Pack for two weeks soon, not sure when it’s going to open, but everyone’s membership is going to last exactly the same time so there will be no extra bonuses for people joining now. But we thought it is fair since some people did miss out and it’s just in time for Christmas as well, so there we go. Also, last thing, I have a vegetable for this hour. What was the last one I did? Okay, I can’t say it because…

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Jamie: …if people weren’t listening – this one’s – this hour’s vegetable is the famous onion. Don’t know if it’s famous.

Eric: The famous onion?

Jamie: It’s the onion. Okay?

Eric: Oh man, you’re going to make me cry, Jamie. You’re going to make me cry.

Jamie: Awww.

Eric: No, no, I actually – I’ve been wanting to cry all week because I’ve been so busy at university. This is the only thing I can think of, that’s quite pitiful. But every week I do my Blickle for Pickle Pack and it’s – you know, it’s just like this constant thing. I’m – if I do something interesting I’ll just bring my camera along and that’ll be that week’s Blickle, and it’s just – very lately, my second trimester of university here at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand is going really busy right now. I just had a Philosophy paper. It took me a whole week to do. And this week I have an English paper. It took me a whole week – or it’s going to take me a whole week to do. And then next week I have a paper as well. It’s just really, really busy, not even exam cram time, and I’ve been in school since February. So I don’t know how that can be turned into a really colorful picture by Andrea, but I’m hoping! I’m hoping for Book 5, some kind of craziness at uni study, grades…

Mikey: Guys, should we post these pictures on Pickle Pack for our Pickle Pack members?

Andrew: No, no, let’s do it for everyone since we already mentioned it. [laughs]

Mikey: [laughs] Oh yeah, we’re picking on this – yeah.

Andrew: That means like we’re selling her work then. [laughs]

Mickey: Oh yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Okay, so…

Eric: Use your creative intuition, Andrea! [laughs]

Andrew: We’re going to take a break. During the break we will post those links on Also, coming up in the next hour, we’re going to have a wizard rock hour. Alex Carpenter will be back, we’ll talk about – let’s talk about wizard rock! See where it’s going and stuff like that. Maybe we’ll get some other wizard rockers in. Also, we have a fandom discussion planned but maybe that will go into the next hour. It’s prime time here on MuggleCast, 6:04 East Coast time. You’re listening to Toots and a bunch of losers who like Harry Potter.

[Mikey laughs]

[Music begins]

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[“Celebration” by Kool & The Gang plays]

Eric: This was last week’s theme music.

[Song continues]

Jamie: What’s your favorite radio station? Your favorite radio city, the city by the bay, the city that rocks, the city that never sleeps!

Eric: That’s Starship, “Built This City.”

[Song continues]