Episode 166: Appreciating the Moment

  • The latest Movie, Beedle, and Exhibition news.
  • Happy Birthday, Laura!
  • MuggleMail addresses our Beedle show.
  • Book Discussion: Was the final battle between Harry and Voldemort a disappointment?
  • We look at why some people were hoping for more.
  • We discuss the reasons why the battle was short, Harry’s signature spell, and much more.
  • A cool parallel between Snape’s lessons to Harry and the final battle.
  • Lupin’s influence on Harry throughout Deathly Hallows.
  • Holiday Discussion! Questions sent in via Twitter.
  • Voicemails address various topics.
  • Chicken Soup: Finals Edition.
  • What do with the MuggleCast Australia voicemail number?

Download Now Running time: 1:31:48, 38.4 MB

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