Episode 177: The Astronomy Tower of Terror

  • MuggleCast is back in a pre-recorded format and we’re all about Half-Blood Prince today!
  • Micah gets us up to date with all the news over the past few weeks.
  • How’d Half-Blood Prince perform in the box office? Why did hamsters beat wizards in the second week?
  • Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVDs… is it too soon?
  • Theme Park news and Half-Blood Prince give us a new idea for a ride at the upcoming theme park.
  • Azkatraz recap! We had a ton of fun meeting and hanging with the listeners!
  • Our 4 year anniversary is coming up very soon. We discuss how we’ll celebrate.
  • MuggleMail addresses listener reaction to Half-Blood Prince.
  • The rest of our show goes through lots of Half-Blood Prince talk. Best film? Best acting? Scariest scenes? What did WB miss? We talk about it ALL!

Download Now Running time: 1:23:55, 38.5 MB

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