Episode 187: Magic is Muscle

  • News: Potter top Twitter trend, HBP screening, DH filming update and more.
  • We touch briefly on the SS and CoS Ultimate Edition DVDs.
  • Laura and Mikey give their thoughts on the DH trailer.
  • Muggle Mail includes Harry and the Sorting Hat, petrified people, wizard genetics, and health at Hogwarts.
  • Chapter by Chapter returns with Chamber of Secrets 13-15.
  • Is there a secret to each Chapter 13 in the Potter series?
  • Does Harry have a Horcrux moment when he first encounters Riddle’s diary?
  • Why doesn’t the Trio just present all their findings to the staff instead of getting into more danger?
  • Did Dumbledore sense the presence of a deathly hallow in Hagrid’s hut?
  • And did the governors really believe Hogwarts would be safer without Dumbledore?
  • Also, why is Chapter 14 called Cornelius Fudge? We don’t think it makes much sense!
  • Was Malfoy asking Snape about the headmaster’s position foreshadowing to DH?
  • Were the students really safe being escorted around by professors?
  • We meet Aragog. Hagrid continues to underestimate the danger of certain creatures.
  • Ford Anglia to the rescue! Did it grow a mind of its own?
  • Thanks to everyone who vote for us at the 2009 Podcast Awards!

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