Episode 198: Brick by Brick

  • Two news stories this week worth discussing, which is why we don’t do the show weekly no mo.
  • Micah tells us all about his experience playing the new LEGO Harry Potter video game.
  • We realize he was just at the LEGO sponsored bar the entire time.
  • This week we host our final Chapter by Chapter segment for Prisoner of Azkaban!
  • Why does Harry get so excited by Sirius’ offer when he hardly knows the man?
  • Eric points out a writing technique Jo used to uniquely describe Lupin’s transformation.
  • Why do Harry and Hermione leave Ron behind when a werewolf is on the loose?
  • Eric’s new least favorite character is Snape, and we debate why.
  • Why does the time turner transport Harry and Hermione to the Hogwarts main entrance?
  • Drunk Hagrid makes an appearance.
  • In the final chapter, this is the first time we hear of Trelawney correctly making a prediction once before. Why doesn’t Harry ask about the prediction?
  • Hermione finally admits she can’t handle all of her school work! Hurrah!

Download Now Running time: 1:26:42, 41.7 MB

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