Episode 207: Mother Knows Best

  • We discuss the newest reviews of Deathly Hallows, Part 1.
  • The trailer for Deathly Hallows, Part 1 is complete, but when will WE see it?
  • This week’s Chapter by Chapter segment focuses on Chapters 4 – 6 of Goblet of Fire.
  • The Dursleys can never have a peaceful encounter with wizards.
  • How typical of Harry to have a crush on his best friend’s sister.
  • Lots of hints about the future for the Weasleys in this chapter.
  • Why can’t Mrs. Weasley embrace her son’s interest in starting a joke shop instead of fighting it?
  • Jo shows here you don’t have to be academic to be successful. And to follow your passion!
  • … but there are some limits.
  • Some support for Mrs. Weasley and why she may be right to worry about The Twins’ future.
  • A bit of talk about the business side of running a joke shop.
  • In Chapter six we learn about more than just one mode of wizard transportation.
  • What’s our favorite mode of magical transportation?
  • We bring the use of Portkeys to a whole new level.
  • The awkwardness Amos creates.
  • The first mention of the Lovegoods! But we won’t see them just yet…
  • Matt predicted the Deathly Hallows split spot on Episode 140.. we replay the clip!

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