Episode 226: Permit to Podcast

  • Check out Hypable.com – a MuggleNet for the rest of the fandoms in the world, created by MuggleNet staff!
  • Jamie and Laura are back for this episode!
  • A trailer for ‘Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ will be released this Wednesday.
  • We review features of the ‘Part 1’ DVD and Blu-ray
  • Jamie educates us on the concept of TV licenses and reveals he lives in the stone age.
  • J.K. Rowling gained Steve Kloves’ trust after hearing one word.
  • New news from Jo is so slow these days we come up with a plan to start recycling.
  • Many listeners wrote in about last week’s discussion concerning a female lead character.
  • Our final Chapter by Chapter installment for Goblet of Fire!
  • What power to Fawkes put over Harry?
  • Dumbledore and the infamous gleam of triumph.
  • Does Fudge genuinely believe Voldemort is not back?
  • Through all this, classes are STILL going on?
  • Outside of magic, how smart are Hogwarts students?
  • It’s clear the Ministry is beginning to look very corrupt.
  • Make the Connection: Family Guy, Pokemon, and homeless people watching popular television.
  • We are split on whether or not cutting Pettigrew’s death from Part 1 was a good idea.
  • Twitter Question: What did YOU think of the ‘Part 1’ DVD/Blu-ray?

Download Now Running time: 1:16:33, 36.8 MB

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