Episode 144: Manly Mathematical Men

  • Eric crunches some numbers to compare wait times for movie releases.
  • What can we look forward to at the Potter Exhibition?
  • Potter leaves the NYT Bestseller list for first time in decade.
  • Fans think this is the end? LOL!
  • Hogsmeade is being built. We discuss, Micah tries to move on.
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  • Lots of MuggleMail based on last week’s show and more.
  • Chapter by Chapter covers Chapter 28 of DH: The Missing Mirror.
  • We discuss the cloak and why the Death Eaters couldn’t accio it.
  • Aberforth’s fight with the Death Eaters, his story, and an actor to play him.
  • The 2nd place winner in our MuggleCast Segment Contest is aired!
  • We play Sorting Hat, This Week in MC History, HUH?!, and Chicken Soup.
  • Andrew and Eric address some common issues with downloading the show.

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