Episode 175: Fireside Chats

  • We’re kickin’ it old school this episode with a traditional hosting panel.
  • We cover Deathly Hallows casting and Presidential set visits.
  • So much Half-Blood Prince news we don’t even know where to begin.
  • Will IMAX regret its contractual obligations?
  • Should the MPAA take notice of the BBFC’s 12A rating?
  • Does anyone care about the run-time with a two-part series finale?
  • MuggleMail on e-books and movie splits.
  • We introduce two brand-new segments you do not want to miss!
  • AudioFiction and Chicken Soup return.
  • Plus, Azkatraz is less than one month away!

Download Now Running time: 1:05:54, 30.2 MB

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