Episode 216: Tweet At ‘Em

  • We’re live to discuss the year that was in Potter.
  • News covers video games, movie revenues, DVD release dates, casting and Oscars.
  • We play some of our favorite MuggleCast moments from 2010.
  • The fans hand out MuggleCasties to…
  • The Most Interesting Potter Star on Twitter and The Most Shocking News Story.
  • The Best Returning DH Part 1 Actor and Actress.
  • The Best New Potter Actor and Actress.
  • And The Best DH PT 1 Scene.
  • You might be surprised who wins this year’s J.K. Rowling Award…or not.
  • We review the top 7 stories of the year and let you pick the top four.
  • We discuss what to look forward to in 2011.

Download Now Running time: 1:24:54, 40.8 MB

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