Episode 203: LIVE From Infinitus 2010 and The Wizarding World

  • The MuggleCasters are in Orlando to podcast in front of a live audience! This episode actually includes two shows in one. The first show is from within the hotel where the Infinitus Harry Potter conference was held. The second is live from within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park! Join us as we talk about the latest Harry Potter news, our thoughts on the Wizarding World park, and much more.

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Episode 202: On His Knees

  • MuggleCast is LIVE on Ustream just one hour after the new Deathly Hallows trailer premieres to dissect every single scene! We figure out which scene each shot is from, point out some odd moments, wonder why this trailer covers Parts 1 and 2, and MUCH more. Get ready to have lots of fun watching the trailer with us!

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Episode 201: ButterSugarBeer

  • Andrew visits the Wizarding World and shares stories about the VIP grand opening, public grand opening, and the park itself.
  • How is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey?
  • Is the size of the park acceptable? How does it feel?
  • The secret attraction at the park that has no line and will entertain you for as long as you like.
  • Would a Harry Potter park make sense, business wise, in the United Kingdom?
  • Deathly Hallows filming ends, and stars comment on the feeling of closure.
  • We host a MuggleCast Mailbag segment to catch up on some e-mail!
  • We bring back our Debate segment: did Ron and Hermione have a happy marriage?
  • What if… we could use some Polyjuice Potion?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.

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Episode 198: Brick by Brick

  • Two news stories this week worth discussing, which is why we don’t do the show weekly no mo.
  • Micah tells us all about his experience playing the new LEGO Harry Potter video game.
  • We realize he was just at the LEGO sponsored bar the entire time.
  • This week we host our final Chapter by Chapter segment for Prisoner of Azkaban!
  • Why does Harry get so excited by Sirius’ offer when he hardly knows the man?
  • Eric points out a writing technique Jo used to uniquely describe Lupin’s transformation.
  • Why do Harry and Hermione leave Ron behind when a werewolf is on the loose?
  • Eric’s new least favorite character is Snape, and we debate why.
  • Why does the time turner transport Harry and Hermione to the Hogwarts main entrance?
  • Drunk Hagrid makes an appearance.
  • In the final chapter, this is the first time we hear of Trelawney correctly making a prediction once before. Why doesn’t Harry ask about the prediction?
  • Hermione finally admits she can’t handle all of her school work! Hurrah!

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Episode 190: Helping Haiti Heal, A Fandom Charity Event

  • This audio file includes several special episodes of the Harry Potter fandom’s favorite podcasts. MuggleCast kicks off this special four-hour event to help raise money for Haiti recovery efforts.
  • The Harry Potter Alliance has united with fan communities across the world, raising over $97,000 for Helping Haiti Heal! That money will charter an multiple cargo planes that will bring critical life-saving supplies to thousands of Haitians and more.

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Episode 189: High Roller

  • News: Potter auction, theme park update, Half-Blood Prince nomination and more.
  • What has been up with MuggleNet over the last few weeks?
  • MuggleMail covers Dumbledore and the Invisibility Cloak, magical pull, the Ultimate Editions in Australia and more.
  • We discuss the final three chapters of Chambers of Secrets.
  • Why didn’t Harry and Ron pay more attention to Ginny?
  • Did Harry and Ron use Professor McGonagall’s emotions to their advantage?
  • Why was Ginny being taken into the Chamber treated so lightly? From the owl home to asking Lockhart to save her?
  • We get our first real look at a Horcrux: Tom Riddle’s diary
  • Would any wand work against the creature whose feather or hair is in its core?
  • Why are Dumbledore and McGonagall just waiting idly around? Shouldn’t they have tried to help?
  • In one of Dumbledore’s quotes, we get a glimpse of Harry being a Horcrux.
  • Most Interesting New Character, Most Meaningful Moment and Best Quotes from Chamber of Secrets.
  • We take your tweets and e-mails on the final chapters of the second book.
  • British Joke of the Day returns.

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Episode 188: BobFail 2009

  • It’s time for our 2009 Year in Review episode!
  • The term BobFail is created on the show as Micah tells the story of putting a USA Today writer in his place.
  • The 2nd Annual MuggleCasties Awards are here!
  • We ask listeners to vote LIVE as we announced each category on the air. We then read the results and discussed if we agreed/disagreed with the consensus.
  • Best Harry Potter Video? Most Interesting Potter star on Twitter? All questions are asked and answered!
  • Who will win this year’s JK Rowling award?
  • What were the 7 biggest Potter stories of the year?
  • We recall the best MuggleCast moments of 2009.
  • We host a trivia contest where winners receive copies of Half-Blood Prince on DVD!
  • What things do we have to look forward to in 2010?

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Episode 186: Wearing Only A Smile

  • The Deathly Hallows trailer is released and we identify all the scenes!
  • Eric reveals that he hates all things trailers.
  • David Yates reveals nude scenes in Deathly Hallows. What’s the deal with these? Are they justified?
  • Thanks to all the listeners, we beat Tiger Woods and Santa in the Twitter trends!
  • Is that BLOOD on Hermione’s hands?
  • We review the various parts of the DVD. Which were bad, which were great

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Episode 185: Lady Dumbledore

  • What’s up with all the Ultimate DVD previews?
  • We learn about the initial relationship between David Heyman and Chris Columbus…
  • …and that Dan Radcliffe almost wasn’t Harry Potter.
  • Speaking of Dan, we discuss his upcoming appearance on The Simpsons.
  • MuggleMail covers the Deathday Party movie omission, Ben’s trend-setting, Muggle-borns and more.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Chamber of Secrets 10 – 12.
  • What is the deal with Hermione’s rule-breaking? Does it have to do with Malfoy?
  • Lockhart continues to show he’s a fraud. Why does no adult seem to notice?
  • Is the concept of The Dueling Club a good idea for the school and its students?
  • Why is Dumbledore so accepting of Harry’s lies?
  • Lady Dumbledore and Fawkes Gaga sing us some songs.
  • We discuss all the flaws with Polyjuice Potion plan.
  • Avada Kedavra, Imperio, Love Potion returns.
  • Vote for us at the 2009 Podcast Awards in the Best Produced and Entertainment categories!

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Episode 182: Tweets to Micah

  • JK Rowling creates a Twitter and hints at a writing project.
  • Will she use the Twitter account often? And what is she writing?
  • We predict when the Encyclopedia will be released (if that is what she’s writing).
  • Chapter by Chapter returns in a new format!
  • We start with Chapters 1 – 3 from Chamber of Secrets.
  • What is the deal with the Dursleys? They’re extremely abusive.
  • Does Dobby know about the Horcruxes from this early point?
  • Andrew points out an example of Jo forwarding a death in Deathly Hallows.
  • Listeners send in their questions about these chapters via Twitter.
  • Quote Quiz and Make the Music Connection return.
  • The show wraps up with MuggleMail and Chicken Soup.

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