Episode 189: High Roller

  • News: Potter auction, theme park update, Half-Blood Prince nomination and more.
  • What has been up with MuggleNet over the last few weeks?
  • MuggleMail covers Dumbledore and the Invisibility Cloak, magical pull, the Ultimate Editions in Australia and more.
  • We discuss the final three chapters of Chambers of Secrets.
  • Why didn’t Harry and Ron pay more attention to Ginny?
  • Did Harry and Ron use Professor McGonagall’s emotions to their advantage?
  • Why was Ginny being taken into the Chamber treated so lightly? From the owl home to asking Lockhart to save her?
  • We get our first real look at a Horcrux: Tom Riddle’s diary
  • Would any wand work against the creature whose feather or hair is in its core?
  • Why are Dumbledore and McGonagall just waiting idly around? Shouldn’t they have tried to help?
  • In one of Dumbledore’s quotes, we get a glimpse of Harry being a Horcrux.
  • Most Interesting New Character, Most Meaningful Moment and Best Quotes from Chamber of Secrets.
  • We take your tweets and e-mails on the final chapters of the second book.
  • British Joke of the Day returns.

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