Episode 188: BobFail 2009

  • It’s time for our 2009 Year in Review episode!
  • The term BobFail is created on the show as Micah tells the story of putting a USA Today writer in his place.
  • The 2nd Annual MuggleCasties Awards are here!
  • We ask listeners to vote LIVE as we announced each category on the air. We then read the results and discussed if we agreed/disagreed with the consensus.
  • Best Harry Potter Video? Most Interesting Potter star on Twitter? All questions are asked and answered!
  • Who will win this year’s JK Rowling award?
  • What were the 7 biggest Potter stories of the year?
  • We recall the best MuggleCast moments of 2009.
  • We host a trivia contest where winners receive copies of Half-Blood Prince on DVD!
  • What things do we have to look forward to in 2010?

Download Now Running time: 1:31:17, 58.4 MB

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